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01 May, 2012

02 May, 2012

03 May, 2012

03 May, 2012
CHUCK Month: Change A Life - With @LittleChuckFan

07 May, 2012
CHUCK Month: Remembering Chuckfest!

15 May, 2012
Geek Furious the Podcast Episode 23 (VIDEO) - Top 10 Sarah Walker in Action Scenes

22 May, 2012
CHUCK Season 5 DVD Sales Better Than Previous Seasons

25 May, 2012
Geek Furious the Podcast Episode 26 - TOP 10 Chuck Bartowski in ACTION SCENES

The CHUCK 91 Articles are accurate dissections of scenes and dialogue.

CHUCK 91 - 1.01: Chuck Versus the Intersect
CHUCK 91 - 1.02: Chuck Versus the Helicopter
CHUCK 91 - 1.03: Chuck Versus the Tango
CHUCK 91 - 1.04: Chuck Versus the Wookiee
CHUCK 91 - 1.05: Chuck Versus the Sizzling Shrimp
CHUCK 91 - 1.06: Chuck Versus the Sandworm

All site reviews of the lovely CHUCK
(this site wasn't born until after season 4 had ended)

CHUCK Vs. the Zoom - 5.01: What's Up?
CHUCK Vs. the Bearded Bandit - 5.02: Kung Fu Chaos
CHUCK Vs. the Frosted Tips - 5.03: the Intersect Problem
CHUCK Vs. the Business Trip - 5.04: Stay at Home, Woman
CHUCK Vs. the Hack Off: 5.05 - It's Naked Time!
CHUCK Vs. the Curse - 5.06: What's in Bartowski's P.A.N.T.S.?
CHUCK Vs. the Santa Suit - 5.07: A Tale of Two Kisses
Chuck Vs. the Baby: 5.08 - All This is But a Dream
Chuck Vs. the Kept Man: 5.09 - It's Sexy Time
CHUCK Vs. Bo - 5.10: The Frosted Tips Strike Back
CHUCK Vs. the Bullet Train: 5.11 - RuhRoh!
CHUCK Vs. Sarah: 5.12 - The Penultimate Episode
CHUCK Vs. the Goodbye: 5.13 - Skinny Love

21-days of CHUCK articles starting 5 January, 2012 and ending 27 January, 2012 to celebrate the final season of the show.

21-Days of CHUCK! Day 1: What's in a Name?
21-Days of CHUCK! Day 2: To Ship, Not to Ship, or CRAZY SHIP?!
21-Days of CHUCK! Day 3: The Chocolate in Bartowski's Peanut-butter.
21-Days of CHUCK! Day 4: The Bracelet is Important!
21-Days of CHUCK! Day 5: Computer in da Brain, Driving Peeps Insane!
21-Days of CHUCK! Day 6: Clueless in Burbank, the Jeffster Story
21-Days of CHUCK! Day 7: Gimme Dramedy or Gimme Nuffin'
21-Days of CHUCK! Day 8: Buy More, 'Til You're Poor
21-Days of CHUCK! Day 9: From Lieutenant to Colonel, the Life and Times of John Casey
21-Days of CHUCK! Day 10: Sarah's Dysfunctional Family
21-Days of CHUCK! Day 11: Chuck's Functional Family
21-Days of CHUCK! Day 12: The Beard Will Die for You
21-Days of CHUCK! Day 13: Bromance is Sexy
21-Days of CHUCK! Day 14: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Skirts
21-Days of CHUCK! Day 15: The Captain Believes in You
21-Days of CHUCK! Day 16: A Castle is Not Just for Royalty
21-Days of CHUCK! Day 17: Michael Tucker Lives Big!
21-Days of CHUCK! Day 18: Eleanor Woodcomb is a Hot Mama!
21-Days of CHUCK! Day 19: The Villain is the Hero of His Own Story
21-Days of CHUCK! Day 20: Sarah Walker, Warrior Princess
21-Days of CHUCK! Day 21: Chuck Bartowski, the Nerd Becomes the Hero