27 November, 2012

Furycast 58 - The Last Podcast on Earth, Take 1

VladyGG and HGF discuss how much the listeners rule; Yvonne Strahovski and DEXTER; bunch of movies; who will direct STAR WARS; Tenacious D does jazz; plus more.

If you listen, we love you. If you don't, we hate you... unless you decide to listen, then we unhate you and choose to love you instead.

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26 November, 2012

Review - The Walking Dead 3.07: "When The Dead Come Knocking"

I'll try and cut to the chase since I'm writing this review high on Thanksgiving leftovers. This episode took some time to get going but finished strong and set up what looks to be an exciting mid season finale. Aside from the very start, the beginning of this episode seemed a bit slow, including that oddly extended Carol reunion. I can understand the group's reluctance to let Michonne in fully, but that whole sequence took more time than necessary. I also couldn't figure out why Michonne wouldn't just speak up about having seen Maggie and Glenn get nabbed and the Governor's camp.

The highlight of this episode was undoubtedly the dual interrogations of Maggie and Glenn. Glenn taking on the walker while duct taped to the chair, and eventually using said broken chair as weapon was a walker fight for the history books, especially that primal scream at the end. And the Maggie looked as uncomfortable and disgusting as it was intended to be.

Other than a fondness for Dallas Robert leftover from "Rubicon" I wasn't overly interested in the Milton/Andrea scenes. The prison rescue group's encounter with the heard in the forest also felt dim in comparison to that solo Glenn fight. The conflict between Daryl/Merle is shaping up to be one of the more exciting elements with each having to decide between their blood relationship as brothers and the relationships they've made through shedding blood together with others. I give this one a 70 out of 100. A strong finish and it leaves me with a good feeling about things to come.

 Extra points:

 - "You do whatever you're gonna do; and go to hell."- Maggie

- "I telecommuted to work."- poor Milton!

 - My one weakness for Woodbury would be getting to have a turntable during the apocalypse.

 - Gunshot wounds barely even slow Michonne down!


22 November, 2012


To all our friends, followers, readers, fans, and especially to those who donate (so, Daniel for the most part) HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Now, since we will not be posting anything new until Monday morning, enjoy these videos that represent what I will be doing for the next few days.

Eat well. Be merry. And dream of large women.

BATTLEFIELD 3 "Jump! Fire! Die!"
ARMED ASSAULT 2 "There Will Be Blood"


21 November, 2012

Review - CASTLE 5.08: 'After Hours'

As usual, I'm going to start with the positives ...

General Beckman!!!

If you have no idea what this means, you are dead to me, dead to Geek Furious and dead to all that is right with this world.

If you DO know what I'm talking about, you were probably just as excited as I was when Bonita Friedericy appeared in Monday's episode.

Like me, however, that might have been all you were excited about during 'After Hours'. Because it pretty much stunk.

Season 5 has been terrific thus far, with very few complaints -- so I'm not going to get too angry here. Although, that's two straight clunkers. The Beckett-Castle relationship has been fun and done well in the early going here, but I could have done without the ridiculous fighting and the ridiculous counseling from the witness/bad guy. So lame, unoriginal and tired.

Also lame ... the crap with Castle's mom and Beckett's dad. Puke. And who didn't see them bonding throughout the episode over the disappearance of their children? If those two end up as an item at any point this season, I'm going to give that episode a 0 out of 100.

And for those who were genuinely surprised by the twist of who killed Father McMurtry, apparently you haven't watched much television before. Because there is one rule in TV: If you recognize a guest star (and that guy has been in every damn show in the world), then you know he's not just there to play some stupid small-bit part in the episode.That dude wouldn't have taken that role as simply a witness on the run -- there had to be more to it than that and there was.

Three more problems: it doesn't matter that the cell phone was locked. All phones, even when locked, have an emergency call option on the screen that does not require the password to be used. So although I enjoyed that little sequence with Castle and the phone, it made no sense. Another thing that bothered me was that there were essentially no good lines/dialogue whatsoever. I usually list a tone of good quotes below, but there were no good options this time.

Also, Castle essentially handed over Beckett on a silver platter to Mickey Dolan. Dolan read Castle like a book, figuring out where Beckett and Leo were hiding. Castle should have turned away from Dolan, not enabling him to get a read on him like that.

Turns out chivalry is dead, after all.


--BECKETT: "Dude, where's the car?"


--Ah, the old fake-an-injury bit works every time.

THE SCORE: 54 out of 100


19 November, 2012

Review - The Walking Dead 3.06: "Hounded"

This weeks episode sets up a couple of key plots for the last part of the season, but before I talk about those, a few rants:

1. Maggie and Glenn, two of the only people in this group aside from Daryl who contribute anything, disappear for far longer that a simple supply run should take and not one person notices? Not even a: "Hey, haven't those two been gone pretty long?" from anyone? I understand based on past events it's somewhat reasonable to assume they were just taking their sweet ole' time and abusing the free supply of condoms at the local abandoned grocery store, but COME ON PEOPLE!?!? Not to mention said people includes Maggie's father and half sister!?!?

2. ANDREA! This is one of those situations where no matter how attracted you are to somebody every fibre of your being should be telling you: "Don't have sex with them! Don't get involved!". Warning signs Andrea! He's impeccably dressed during the zombie apocalypse; he hosts a monthly zombie fight club; he's BFFs with Merle; he offers you whisky at all hours of the day whenever you come to see him. I understand that Andrea has probably hit a wall like everyone else and maybe she's kind of sick of just surviving all the time, which is why she's sticking around Woodbury, but for god sakes woman- trust your instincts and use some common sense!

Plot wise this episode set up the two situations which will probably carry us through the end of the season. Rescuing the now captured Glenn and Maggie from Woodbury; and the eventual meeting/confrontation between our beloved prison dwellers and the Governor and his forces, plus the Dixon brothers reunion. Other than that the episode was just sort of filling in gaps. Michonne gets to show off her skills again; I like that even with a bullet wound in her leg Michonne can take out like three walkers AND evade Merle in the woods! I also enjoyed the Daryl and Carl scene, which not only gave us a glimpse into the Daryl backstory, but gave us some insight into how Carl's dealing with everything. Rick working out his issues by phoning the dead was ok, and at least he's finally acknowledged poor little Ass Kicker. 

I give this one a 65 out of 100- not much exciting happened but I'm understanding of the fact that they are setting things up for the final four.

Odds and ends:

- "She sent us a biter-gram y'all!"- LOLZ!

- Teenage wall guard girl= the Dana (Homeland) of WalkingDead. I hope you get zombie-chomped Katniss Everdeen wannabe!

- Oh and Carol's alive! In case you cared. Also, why was she just chilling in a closet in an abandoned part of the prison? Was she that injured she couldn't limp over to where everyone else was?

- On the Talking Dead after show they took a poll about what most people would do if Rick told them he was getting calls on the prison phone and 45% of people, the majority, answered "Order pizza". This was one of my suggestions last week and its nice to know I'm not the only person (at least out of those of us dorky enough to be watching a post-episode fan show) who really loves pizza that much. 


Furycast 57 - Shuttlecock Your Turkey



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16 November, 2012

Review - FRINGE 5.07: 'Five-Twenty-Ten'

In this week's episode, something happens. Then something else. Finally, something happens that makes you go "wooooo!" as you wait weeks for whatever comes next.

I truly don't have much to say about this episode. So let me sum it up in some bullets.

  • Walter's complete brain makes him do bad things and love won't change that.
  • Peter can see the future and shit because he's turning into an Observer.
  • Olivia is worried about Peter.
  • The Observers still haven't gotten around to noticing those Etta "Resist" signs. I suppose they could think they are advertisements for a new deodorant for the dead.

The only truly effective thing that this episode did was shit on the ridiculous notion often bandied about by television people that a 13-episode season means meatier episodes and no fluff.

Clearly they could have dished out a majority of this shit in one act. Instead, they stretched it out for an entire episode. Lame.

If I had to rate this episode, and I truly don't, I'd give it:

60 out of 100

What did you think?


14 November, 2012

Review - CASTLE 5.07: 'Swan Song'


That's my expert analysis/review of Monday's episode of 'Castle'. They don't pay me for nothing, folks.

I love when shows experiment with different formats/structures/styles and tamper with the norm and try to get away from the mundane each and every week -- but that was lame, tired, unoriginal and simply not a strong effort.

It was funny for a few minutes with Esposito pining for the camera every chance he got, but the same bit with every other character got old. And got old fast.

It was nice to have more Ryan and Esposito in the episode, but there was basically no Castle whatsoever. Yes, he was on the screen a fair amount, but he did essentially nothing in all of his scenes. Nothing particularly memorable or hysterical, at the very least.

And if this whole episode was just about mocking the "mockumentary" style TV shows like 'The Office' and 'Modern Family', it wasn't funny or clever in doing so.

It had a couple moments, but not enough. Kinda disappointing considering how strong this season has been so far -- especially the last two installments.

Oh well, no big deal. Not every episode is going to be good.


--ESPOSITO: "Boom. We got you now, bitch? Can I say that?"

--BECKETT: "That's not the only thing on that video being faked."


--If I got $1 for every time someone awkwardly looked into the camera, I could be able to afford to write these reviews for free.

--No. Way. In. Hell. Would. Cameras. Be. Permitted. In. The. Precinct. For. That. Stupid. Documentary.

--Makes sense Ryan and Esposito were so gung-ho about the cameras and attention, they never get enough screen time in a normal week.

--That was so obviously fake gun fire coming from that apartment. Esposito can't get anything right.

--Enjoyed Beckett's "Thank you" and high five with Castle into the camera at the end. Didn't love her locking the cameraman in the closet, that was obvious.

--Esposito was definitely the episode MVP.

THE SCORE: 47 out of 100


Furycast 56 - Strahovski vs Torv

VladyGG and HGF talk about the most recent sex scandals; FRINGE; DEXTER, including Yvonne Strahovski's decision to not go nude; FIREFLY; STAR WARS; REVOLUTION; RED DAWN; C. Thomas Howell; TWILIGHT and Kristen Stewart's naked sex time in ON THE ROAD; and various other things and sub-discussions.

This could be the best podcast I've ever done... with VladyGG.

Press play!

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12 November, 2012

Furycast 55 - Greatest Podcast Ever Part VII


Jess and Magnus talk BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: BLOOD & CHROME, WALKING DEAD, PARKS AND RECREATION, REVOLUTION, STAR WARS, ELEMENTARY blahblahblah stuff stuff, Yvonne Strahovski crying and sex scenes, and so on and therefor plus HOMELAND, MY SO-CALLED LIFE, STAR TREK, CHUCK yaddayaddapoopmonster there and back again, and Brad Pitt's sucking of Billy Bob Thorton's blood vile around Angelina Jolie's neck, runonsentences plus more. AND A FUCKIN' OUTTAKE THAT WILL FLIP YOUR TITS OFF!

This is the greatest podcast in the history of womankind! If you don't listen to it, your dick will become a pooh-C.... and just think, I edited out 15 minutes for being too hardcore.


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Review - The Walking Dead 3.05: "Say The Word"

I almost made this review one sentence long and all caps, something like "MICHONNE SLAUGHTERING THE CAGED WALKERS IS FUCKING AWESOME!". Because otherwise this episode seemed like a whole lot of show and not much movement. Virtually the whole episode is dedicated to the menial task of getting baby formula, and the mysterious event taking place in Woodbury; only one of which has a halfway decent pay-off. But I'll run through a few things I enjoyed, and others I didn't.

I liked the opening with the suburban looking scene in Woodbury, for me it emphasizes Michonne's uneasiness with the whole idea of the town being a really nice looking cage (also somewhat analogized with the caged walkers). Rick and everyone else may be living in an actual prison, but they have a freedom that the Woodbury clan doesn't. Second, I'm glad the baby is fine but already this worries me. I'm not opposed to the show focusing on the more everyday aspects of survival like getting food, water etc.; but this episode really dragged out what seemed like a pretty simple supply run. Babies, as in real life, can drag shows down, hopefully this will not be the case for Little Ass Kicker. Rick going insane was sort of what I expected so we'll see where things go next week on that.

I'm continuing to enjoy the Governor's true nature being revealed piece-by-piece, first with his daughter at the beginning and then with the gladiator style death match at the end. David Morrisey does a good job of maintaing the calm exterior and making the crazy aspects seem totally normal, which in turn makes it creepier. The fun of the match made up for the boredom of watching Woodbury take a day off, at least more so than finally seeing Maggie find baby formula in a cabinet. I'm also glad Michonne gave Andrea that ultimatum and didn't stick around, I'm betting she's going to find the other group next week which should move things along. And based on her reaction to the zombie fight club and the previews it doesn't look like Andrea will be far behind her. 

I give this one a 70 out of 100- who was phoning Rick in the prison? Pizza delivery? Telemarketers? The aliens?

Quotes, fun facts, whatnot…

-The Governor: "She's all personality that one."

-Was anyone else expecting a horde of toddler zombies to be in that creepy daycare center? After expressing that thought out loud during the episode I realized that is probably the most terrifying type of zombie I could imagine: literal ankle biters! 

-Daryl is quickly climbing the list to the title of  "Perfect Man": rugged, heroic, quiets crying infants...

- Merle, king of zombie fight club!

-Apparently that thing Rick picked up off the ground was the bullet that Carl shot Lori with- "Bullet that Saved the World" eh Fringe peeps?

- For Sons of Anarchy fans: Merle's opponent was Hector Salazar aka the dude who kidnapped Tara at the end of S.3.


09 November, 2012

Review - FRINGE 5.06: 'Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There'

Dear friends, I was unable to write a review last week due to a megastorm that knocked out power across the area. I did discuss what I thought of the episode in our latest podcast but decided not to catch up with a written review. If you were disappointed by that, then I apologize for failing your expectations.

My recent complaints have been about Olivia's lack of a primal grief over her daughter's death. As I stated on the podcast, there is no believable reason for this. Sure, Olivia did have something in last week's episode that one could say was a nice moment for the actor/character but it wasn't primal grief. It wasn't about losing control. And when people lose someone they can't replace, they have those moments even if they are emotionally protective. Humans can't control themselves in those moments. The grief escapes.

So I went into this episode very disappointed by how the writers have treated Olivia's reactions (minus that one moment, as I indicated), but very happy with the Pacey Poof material. Not much changed this time around. The episode starts with Peter still holding onto his grief and Olivia still acting much too amiable about the whole thing. Sure, the two share a nice moment together but Peter continues to deliver an appearance of stress, anger, and grief while Olivia has a much too accepting disposition. As if she finds all of this a bit cute or sweet. It feels unnatural.

As for the rest of the episode, Walter's hunt for his hidden puzzle pieces was interesting in that I wondered where it was going but also silly in that he didn't realize how dangerous it would be to go out alone to do it.

Though, an even bigger and growing issue I have with this season is how slow and incapable the Observers seem to be whenever the show needs them to be, and how quick and capable they seem at other times.  I am not sure if this whole evil Observer story line will pay off well down the line, but they were so much more interesting when they seemed like detached time travelers who existed for some less-than-evil purpose. Now they are nothing more than more strangely dressed agents from THE MATRIX.

Let me mention some things I did like: the previously mentioned moment between Peter and Olivia; the way the alternate world worked differently on technology; Peter irritatingly pushing Walter through the time warp (toward the end) as Walter tries to do his little dance shuffle; though the setup to it happening was silly, the Pacey Poof Neo Vs. Agent Observer fight was pretty cool, and I think they even used a musical nod to THE MATRIX in there; Peter's new powers!

On that last point, the Observer's warning about what Peter has done to himself is likely to turn into something completely fuckin' stupid as these things usually do.

If I had to rate this episode, and some little albino boy says I do, then I'd give it:

78 out of 100

This show has seen better days. And worse. I gave the episode an extra 3 points for the final minutes which had some nice John Noble acting.


Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome (Episodes 1 & 2)

After sitting in limbo for the past year, this once supposed-to-be new BSG series now turned web series has been unleashed! Check out the first two episodes below. More will be released over the next couple of months on the YouTube channel Machinima Prime.


07 November, 2012

Furycast 54 - Yvonne Strahovski Nude

VladyGG and HGF talk about the presidential election, plus HOMELAND, DEXTER, REVOLUTION, and FRINGE.

WARNING! I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU LISTEN TO THIS! It is the worst podcast of all time. You have been warned.


You can also DOWNLOAD this podcast as an MP3 by right clicking on this link and saving it to your hard drive.

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Review -- CASTLE 5.06: 'The Final Frontier'

Things I do not like: Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Blade Runner, Firefly, Deep Space Nine and all that other garbage. Just because I may write for GeekFurious.com, doesn't mean I am a geek.

(Although after writing this, I suspect I will no longer be writing for the Web site. HGF is very spiteful like that.)

But all this doesn't mean I didn't love Monday's new episode of Castle. Because my disdain for sci-fi nerd shows aside, "The Final Frontier" was one of my favorite TV shows at its best: quirky, silly, funny and charming.

Because it was so entertaining, I won't let the ending bother me. Sure, that was some of the worst acting ever by Lieutenant Chloe and her reasoning for committing murder was uttlerly ridiculous -- but I can live with it.

Six episodes into Season 5, I think we all have to be thrilled with how strong the show has been thus far and how well they've handled the Castle-Beckett relationship. So far, the writers have had fun with the following:

--Caskett trying to keep the relationship a secret
--Having them be flirty and sexual and enjoying each other's company
--Tackling jealousy issues
--Giving each other a hard time

No real complaints on my end thus far in Season 5. Do you have any?


--CASTLE: "Listen, if you want your very own signed copy of Storm Season, I'd be happy to arrange a private signing."
--BECKETT: "Cap your pen, Castle. There's been a murder here."

--BECKETT: "In your dreams."
--CASTLE: "Look at my life, all my dreams come true."

--PERLMUTTER: "Detective Beckett and non-detective Castle."

--CASTLE: "A real sci-fi murder at a sci-fi convention -- this just keeps getting better!"

--ESPOSITO: "You took my p-p-pen"

--ESPOSITO: "Yeah, I could probably see you as an elf, or a hobbit."

--CASTLE: "OK, so if I wake up bald tomorrow, you'd still be attracted to me? ... Oh, my god, you wouldn't!"

--BECKETT: "You wanna make out, Castle?"

--BECKETT: "Castle, are we going to make out?
--CASTLE: "Maybe we should start with the marathon."


--The fan playing Lieutenant Chloe at the convention? BABE. Maybe it was just the costume that did it for me, who knows.

--The bald guy in the beginning that discovered the dead body is a dead-ringer for Jim Rash (Dean Pelton on Community)

--Beckett is such a fanboy. First it was of Richard Castle and his novels and then it was Nebula 9.

--I love how Perlmutter disrespects Castle all the time.

--Hot damn, Esposito always gets hit on by witnesses.

--Castle wants to un-see his daughter in that skanky costume, but I'm just fine with it.

--Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that Head Geek Furious has his own laser dungeon?

--I thoroughly enjoyed Castle freaking out about not having worn protection.

--If I got $1 for every time Castle accidentally solved a crime, I could buy a couple $5 footlongs from Subway.

--Loved Castle's reaction to the captain taking out the chick with a body slam and twirling the blaster on his finger and holstering it. ... Loved Castle's mad-dash to the elevator and him trying to close the doors more quickly. ... Loved Castle's reaction to Beckett's costume.

--If I missed subtle or non-subtle references to those shows you love so much, it's because I don't watch that crap. So sue me. However, I did pick up on the obvious Firefly references: "We're canceled after 12 episodes and "That Joss Whedon show".

THE SCORE: 89 out of 100


06 November, 2012

Furycast 53 - New Star Wars in 2015 and the Story of Ewok_Pudu

In this episode, VladyGG and HGF talk about the new Star Wars trilogy (trilogies) starting in 2015; the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney; the story of Ewok_Pudu; who will direct; and some potential spoilers about the future movies. Plus tons more about Star Wars in general. ALSO, there are outtakes at the end (around 1 hour and 8 minutes) using a lesser quality recording. It is mostly stuff we talked about after ending the podcast.

Press PLAY!

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05 November, 2012

Review - The Walking Dead 3.04: "Killer Within"

This weeks episode ends with a shocker, the prison group gets a mysterious new enemy, and the body count rises! We get to check in at both camps this week, but more of the action takes place at the prison. Andrea and Michonne are at odds over what do next: stay in Woodbury, or go back out on the road. This argument felt a little tired to me and seems to just be a rehash of the argument over whether or not to stay at Hershel's farm from last season. At least it seems like it won't drag on for as long as that previous debate. The more interesting part of this story was Merle and Andrea's conversation about how she was left behind, and her feelings about why no one in the group came back for her.

Meanwhile Rick and the others are trying to make their happy little federal penitentiary a bit more homey, but things get interrupted when an unseen intruder opens one of the gates and lets in a pack of walkers to wreak havoc on our survivors. It turns out it was the prisoner Rick banished last week. The set up for this scene was good and I liked how Rick, Glenn and the others were somewhat trapped on the other side of that fence and had to watch, briefly helpless, as Hershel and the others tried to get away. Also, T-Dog's final sacrificial act of helping Carol through the prison was a nice tribute to him as a character, even though he was one of the show's least used characters. By far the bigger piece of action was Lori going into labor while fleeing the walkers with Maggie and Carl. But Lori's final contribution might have been one of the show's best dramatic moments, her conversation with Carl and the final birth scene as a whole was spectacular.

This episode touched on a lot themes the show has dealt with before: Rick's moral conflicts as a leader, the trustworthiness of other survivors and the ruthless nature of the walker world. But this episode had high enough stakes to make those themes seem fresh and worthwhile. But it does raise a question which often come up with this show: does it need to kill someone off every week to make the emotional stakes high enough? And can it do those themes justice in the weeks when it's not racking up such a high body count?

I give this episode a 90 out of 100- it started off a bit slow, but the ending was no doubt a memorable one.

Highlights, quotes:

- Is Carol really dead? It felt like we weren't supposed to believe she was.

- Michonne's plan- a nice tribute to Left4Dead and a few other members of the zombie genre

- Merle: "How come you and I never hooked up?"
  Andrea: "You called me a whore and a rug muncher" (Or maybe because you are creepy and racist Merle!)

-  The Governor: "We should visit Augusta; take only the women and let them play. It'll be historic!" - I would totally go on that outing even though my golf skills are minimal.


Furycast 52 - We Are Back!

Jess and Magnus discuss DOWNTON ABBEY, NEW GIRL, THE MINDY PROJECT, PARKS AND RECREATION, 30 ROCK, HAPPY ENDINGS, THE WALKING DEAD, and tons of political and social science stuff (republicans, religious types, and general conservative leaning individuals should just skip that final half hour). We also briefly mention the new STAR WARS trilogies.

Unedited podcast. EXPECT SPOILERS FOR EVERY SHOW DISCUSSED! Maybe someone can put the times in for me in the comment section so I can list them for everyone. I am just too lazy to do it right now.

You can also DOWNLOAD this podcast as an MP3 by right clicking on this link and saving it to your hard drive.

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03 November, 2012

Review -- CASTLE 5.05: 'Probable Cause'

ATTENTION: THIS REVIEW WAS TO BE POSTED TUESDAY but the storm prevented that from happening. I apologize. Blame the gods. -- HGF

I sincerely hope your power wasn't off Monday night.

If it was, you missed one of the best 'Castle' episodes ever -- but then again, if you're reading this, your power is on and you watched it already. (And if you have no clue what I'm talking about, watch or read the news, you idiot.)

Point is, that episode was a doozy, and I feel badly for the people who were unable to watch it.

Stupid me had forgotten about the 3XK killer from Season 3, Episode 6 (a terrific episode), so bringing that storyline back was smart, unexpected, dramatic and intense. Of course, with the way 'Probable Cause' ended, it's probable that the writers will ruin it and bring him back once again even though he should be very dead. Although, if Castle was right, and that whole thing was orchestrated to get them all to the bridge, 3XK was probably wearing a vest and could have survived getting shot like five times. I suppose.

(Why can't anyone really be dead on TV shows when shot? Bryce Larkin and Daniel Shaw, anyone? And if anyone complains about my lack of a "Chuck Spoiler Alert", you only have yourself to blame having not watched the entire series by now.)

Now that I've mentioned how much I love the episode, it would only be appropriate, given the bitch that I am, to complain a little bit about it. Although Beckett insists how she believed him the whole time, it seemed like she, along with Ryan and Esposito, had their moments of doubt. I mean, seriously, c'mon.

As viewers we obviously knew that Castle was innocent from the beginning and going to get absolved from the crime, but the show did a good job of keeping it tense and us guessing throughout. Kudos for that. However, I can't help but wish they made this one a two-parter with Castle being kidnapped and Beckett going on a Sarah Walker-esque rampage trying to find him. ("Giant Brunette Shemale of New York" doesn't quite have the same ring to it as "Giant Blonde Shemale of Thailand", does it?)

Quibbles aside, that was a great episode, highlighted by the fact that it came out of nowhere. I would really love to know what you all thought about it, so blow up the comments section.


--BECKETT: "I know him, Laney. He is an immature, egotistical, self-centered jackass sometimes, but he's not this."

--ESPOSITO: "I know how you feel about the guy -- I love him too. But there's nothing we can do."

--CASTLE: "This is so much less fun than the other night at your place."

--GATES: "The DA is calling it a prisoner's escape. They've issued an APB and instructed me to begin a man-hunt ... Well as far as they're concerned he's well-connected, knows our procedure and has substantial resources."

--CASTLE: "You wouldn't happen to have his contact information, would you?"

--BECKETT: "You shot him, he's dead. It's over."
--CASTLE: "For now."


--How come the viewers always know when there is impending danger (the bridge scene at the end), but the cops don't?

--Damnit, Beckett, how do you fall for the 'I'm faking being dead' maneuver?

--Apparently a psychopath serial killer can write crime novels just as well as Castle. The writing was seemingly good enough to make the police think it was Castle's work. It doesn't bode well for his skills if they can be duplicated by a novice.

--A lot of planning went into this frame-job. Gotta respect it.

--Castle is a better cop than Beckett more often than not.

--I want to know who owed Castle a favor and helped him escape the transfer.

--POLL: Do you want them the show to bring back the 3XK killer or do you think that it's not feasible he survived?

THE SCORE: 92 out of 100