29 May, 2012

Chuck 91 - 1.06: Chuck Versus The Sandworm

In the show’s sixth episode Halloween comes to the Buy More for the first time, and Chuck learns a hard lesson about the spy world.

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Now, for episode 6 of 91:


Scene 1
A young, nerdy looking guy, carrying a laptop is seen breaking out of what appears to be a secure, underground bunker. He takes out a federal agent along the way and after bursting through the door he realizes he’s on a deserted coastal highway.

Scene 2
An irate female customer approaches Chuck at the Nerd Herd Desk
Customer: Excuse me! Is there a trick to getting some help around here?
Chuck: (smiling politely) Other than being charming and beautiful; no mam.
Customer: (holding up two digital camera boxes) I need to know which of these to buy: the 3000Z or the 3000ZX.
Chuck: Excellent question; uhh you need to talk to one of our green shirts about that. I can actually call one to assist you; I’m not a salesman, I’m actually part of the Nerd Herd.
Customer: You must be soooo proud of yourself.
The customer walks away angrily
Chuck: I wouldn’t go so far as to say proud....
After the customer walks away Chuck notices there are no green shirts working the sales floor and the other customers are all looking for help.

Scene 3
Hearing noise in the hallway Chuck walks back toward the break room where all of the Buy More employees have gathered
Buy More Employees Chanting: Mys-tery Cris-per! Mys-tery Cris-per! Mys-tery Cris-per!
Chuck: Guys, guys, sorry to break up this..
Lester: You want in it’s gonna cost you five bucks.
Chuck: What’s going on?
Morgan is standing in the middle of the break room shirtless and wearing a Samurai bandanna.
Morgan: The final round. Mystery Crisper.
We see a shot of Jeff opening the dingy looking break room fridge.
Jeff: The Great Crisper: where employee food goes to die.
Lester: Put the shield down.
Morgan pulls down the Samurai bandanna over his eyes as a blindfold.
Chuck: Guys, there’s gonna be a riot on the sales floor if you don’t get back to work.
Morgan proceeds to pull a random container out of “The Great Crisper”. Jeff opens the container.
Lester: He wants his weapon.
Jeff hands Morgan a spoon. Morgan eats a glob of disgusting looking green goo from the container. The employees cheer him on.
Anna: (dreamily) Morgan is sooo awesome! He can eat anything!
Big Mike bursts into the break room and everyone disbands. Big Mike asks Chuck to come to his office. Along the way Harry Tang taunts Chuck about getting the Assistant Manager promotion.

Scene 4
Chuck walks into Big Mike’s office.
Big Mike: Get in here Bartowski!
Chuck: Yes sir.
Big Mike: Tell me; what’s the best part of being Buy More brass?
Chuck: The power... the money... the ladies?
Big Mike: The medical. I couldn’t give a rodent’s behind about this job; but this, my body, is my temple and I must treat it as such.
Chuck: Is that... is that all sir? Cause I really should get back to work...
Chuck: Ok
Big Mike: There’s a guy coming in here from corporate to interview you and Tang for the assistant manager’s spot. Now, Tang has the charm of a prostate exam; for some reason people seem to like you. If the HR guy likes you the job is yours, so is the medical. Don’t screw up.
Chuck: I’ll uh, I’ll do my best.
Big Mike: Make sure Morgan does his best too. That kid is gonna be the anchor around your neck Bartowski.

Scene 5
Chuck enters the apartment and finds Ellie decorating for the annual Halloween party.
Chuck: Huh, well we don’t have enough actual cobwebs already.
Ellie: I’m just getting ready for our annual Halloween party. What time are you uh, getting here?
Chuck: Oh you know what, I might be late. They finally scheduled that promotional interview thing for that afternoon.
Ellie: Well we can just make it an assistant manager party too then.
Chuck: Sure, yeah, if you feel like jinxing it.
Ellie: You’re just finally growing up aren’t you? (Ellie jokingly grabs Chuck’s cheeks like a little kid) Do you think that this year would be a good time for you and Morgan to have separate costumes?
Chuck: Excuse me, but what’s wrong with our costume?
Ellie: Uh I’m sorry, but the whole two-man sea cucumber thing is kind of creepy.
Chuck: First of all, it’s a sandworm ok; Shai-Hulud to be specific. And second of all; Dune fans have been going nuts over our costume since the 8th Grade.
Awesome enters the living room wearing his costume: a pair of nude boxer briefs with a decorative leaf attached to the front.
Awesome: Chuckster, guess what I am?
Chuck: You’re... naked?
Awesome: I’m Adam, you know, like Adam and Eve, Adam. Wait till you see my snake.
Chuck: I don’t wanna...I don’t wanna see your snake.
The three discuss Chuck’s upcoming interview before he gets a call from Big Mike instructing him to go find Morgan, who is supposed to be working a double shift.

Scene 6
Chuck finds Morgan at the Pier playing video games against the younger nerdy guy we saw earlier breaking out of the government bunker. Chuck flashes on the guy and realizes he is a wanted man named Lazslo Mahnovski. Lazslo sees Chuck’s watch, which he built for the CIA, and thinks Chuck is an agent sent to retrieve him and runs away.

Scene 7
Chuck returns to his apartment looking for Sarah. Ellie and Awesome are hanging out on the couch in the living room.
Chuck: (hurriedly) Hey... umm is Sarah here?
Awesome: She’s waiting in your room.
Ellie: Is everything ok?
Awesome: Said she had a surprise for you. Get in there slugger.

Scene 8
Chuck finds Sarah waiting in his bedroom.
Chuck: Hey, who is this Lazslo character? He just id’ed me as an agent.
Sarah: Relax, we’re looking into him, and you did the right thing.
Chuck: I did.. I didn’t DO anything; I just flashed on the guy!
Sarah: You followed protocol and I’m gonna check in with you first thing in the morning.
Sarah goes to walk toward the door, but Chuck stops her.
Chuck: Wait, wait, hold on. Look, if it’s cool with you, could you hang out for a little while?
Sarah looks at Chuck wondering about his request.
Chuck: Look Awesome and Ellie think that I’m kind of.. getting lucky in here, and I wouldn’t wanna disappoint...
Off Sarah’s surprised look.
Sarah: Oh, ummm... a..how long do you..want me to stay?
Chuck: 42 minutes and 15 seconds.
Sarah looks surprised at Chuck’s response
Chuck: Arcade Fire’s first album; it’s like an auditory aphrodisiac; (off Sarah’s look); you’re not really ready for it yet.
Chuck puts on “The Weight of the World” by Editors instead and they sit on the bed awkwardly.
Chuck: Why were you waiting for me in my room anyway?
Sarah: Well...I wanted..to surprise you.
Sarah picks up a picture in a frame that she left on Chuck’s nightstand.
Sarah: Uhh it’s, it’s us at Comic Con, what do you think?
The picture is a doctored photo of Chuck and Sarah at Comic Con dressed as Han and Leia from Star Wars.
Chuck: It’s, it’s great!...but we’ve never actually been to Comic Con.. have we...wow we actually.. look like a real couple...
Sarah: Well we are a real couple; we’re.. just a different sort of couple.
Chuck: That we are.

Scene 9
Chuck is in the break room making himself coffee when Casey enters; clearly angry.
Casey: You! What do I have to do to get timely intel outta you Bartowski.
Chuck: Look, I briefed Sarah last night, alright.
Casey: Ohhh, I’ll bet you did slugger.
Chuck: I thought we were all supposed to be part of the same team here huh; Team Chuck.
Casey: We are, but I’m starting to feel like the guy who always gets picked last, and I don’t like feeling like Team Chuck’s little fat kid.
Chuck: Ok, you know what? The next time I have a flash I’ll come straight to you Casey.
Casey and Chuck discuss what he told Laszlo and Casey yells at Chuck for compromising his own identity and Sarah’s.

Scene 10
Back on the Buy More sales floor Chuck catches Morgan trying to sell a video camera to some young boys by videotaping an attractive woman in the store. Chuck and Morgan fight about Morgan being immature and Morgan walks off. Jeff and Lester however, applaud Chuck for acting like an assistant manager should.

Scene 11
Casey uses the Home Theater Room to have a conference with General Beckman. Beckman reveals that Lazslo is a prodigy, and an NSA weapons engineer who escaped from a secret facility; and that he killed two of his handlers. She orders Casey to bring Lazslo in.

Scene 12
A man in a clown mask jumps out and suprises Chuck in the Buy More parking lot.
Chuck: Oh ha ha, nice try buddy, but a Halloween’s tomorrow ok.
The man pulls out a gun
Chuck: (hurriedly) Or today; or today; it could be today if you want it to be today!
The man pulls off the mask and we see that it’s Lazslo
Lazslo: I didn’t kill anybody!
Chuck: Look, I...I.. I never said you did.
Lazslo: Then why am I on the FBI list?
Chuck: I don’t know, just calm down.
Lazslo: I was framed ok! You have to believe me; I am not a murderer!
Chuck: Ok, ok I believe you, but FYI you’re kind of acting like a murderer.
Lazslo tells Chuck that he knows Chuck told Casey about him because he hacked into the Buy More Home Theater Room feed which he helped design. While Lazslo is temporarily distracted Chuck tries to wrestle the gun away from him, but ends up pinned on the hood of the Nerd Herder.
Chuck: Is that a water gun?
Lazslo: NO!
Chuck: I’m pretty sure it’s dripping on my face.
Lazslo lets Chuck up
Laszlo: I’m sorry. Name’s Lazslo, and I need help.
Chuck: What the hell am I supposed to do?
Lazslo: You’re on the inside. You have access. Unless you help me clear my name, they’re gonna keep chasing me. You’re my only hope. But first....I could really use some pancakes.

Scene 13
Ellie and Awesome enter the courtyard and see Morgan sitting by himself on the fountain. They ask about Chuck and Morgan tells them Chuck is probably off doing something “mature”. Awesome suggests they help Morgan out.

Scene 14
Chuck and Lazslo are having pancakes at the Continental Hut of Hotcakes
Chuck: What else did you make for the CIA?
Lazslo: Whatever the jobs called for actually. I mean if an agent wanted thermal vision Ray Bands or he wanted a parachute disguised as a backpack, I’m the guy they called.
Chuck: You’re like a real life Q!
Lazslo looks confused
Chuck:.. you know
Lazslo still looks confused
Chuck: You know Q? The guy who used to make all the gadgets for Bond? Q?
Lazslo: Bond was that spy guy.. right?
Chuck: What have they been keeping you in a friggin cave?
Lazslo: Underground lab actually. For the last ten years; all I did was work in that lab pretty much... well that and play videogames. But a... no friends; no family...
Chuck: No Bond; no wonder you blew up all of your research and busted out of there; that’s just inhumane.
Lazslo: So what kind of work do you do?
Chuck: You know it’s kinda... it’s kinda...uh complicated.
Lazslo: Right, but you gotta be some kind of a genius? A prodigy? I mean the feds don’t bother recruiting somebody; guarding them with undercover agents; unless you’re super good at... something. What are you super good at?
Chuck: Let’s just say... I’m a... computer guy.

Scene 15
Morgan is pacing in the living room while Ellie is sitting on the couch.
Morgan: Ellie, let me ask you a question. Am I the kind of person you would categorize as immature?
Ellie: Do you really want me to answer that?
Morgan: Yes, be straight with me; fire away, both barrels
Awesome walks in and saves Ellie from having to answer Morgan
Awesome: Would you mind stepping in the kitchen for a moment Morgan.
Awesome actually takes Morgan back to the bedroom
Morgan: Ellie’s room (inhaling deeply and exhaling).. wow
Awesome: There comes a time in every man’s life when he reaches....well a crossroads. A time when he must ask himself: am I a tucker? I’m talking about your shirt Morgan. I wasn’t always a tucker ya know; then one day; it just happened.
Morgan: How do you know it’s time?
Awesome: Just feel it. Go ahead tuck ‘er in; see how she feels.
Morgan: I dunno; nah, I’m..I’m just kinda happy with how my shirts.. hang there..
Awesome: Come on; you’re safe in here.
Morgan: ah....
Awesome: Go ahead.
Morgan: I... if I’m
Awesome: Do it!
Morgan tucks his shirt in
Awesome: mmmhmm
Morgan: I dunno... I kinda feel like...like my junk’s out there for the whole world to see.
Awesome: Maybe that’s the point Morgan, maybe that’s the point.

Scene 16
Back in the living room Morgan and Awesome continue to discuss how to be a man and Awesome tells Morgan that a man always speaks his mind, and also instructs Morgan on how to use hair product. We also see them back in the bedroom where Morgan is looking at himself in the mirror with his now newly tucked in shirt.

Scene 17
At the pancake house Chuck and Lazslo discuss how Lazslo was recruited as a child because an agent saw him playing Tetris in an arcade at the pier when he was younger. Lazslo tells Chuck if he could do things over, he would never have gone to the pier that day. As they get the check Lazslo asks Chuck to pay and gives him a doodle he has been drawing on a napkin as an IOU. Laszlo also tells Chuck he can’t trust his handlers.

Scene 18
Because of what Lazslo told him Chuck returns to his apartment and starts looking for listening devices and surveillance equipment. He finds several throughout the apartment. Chuck looks around his room and sees the Comic Con picture Sarah gave him earlier. He opens up the back of the frame and finds a bug in it.

Scene 19
Chuck, upset over finding the bugs, goes over to Casey’s apartment to confront him.
Chuck: (holding up the bugs) What the hell are these?
Casey: Seems you already know Chuck.
Chuck: I can’t believe you’ve been prying into my most intimate moment...you know what I swear to God if I find out you’ve been spying on my sister; I will kill you Casey!
Casey: Intimate moments...not really an issue thus far, at least not in the sense of traditional, two-person intimacy.
Chuck: (mockingly) eh he he he! Do you have any idea how violated I feel right now?
Casey: You feel violated? No, no, no, my ears feel violated; cause they have to listen to you and that moron Morgan yammering on for four hours about what sandwich you’re gonna take if you’re stranded on a deserted island.
Chuck: What? Are you nuts!?!? Nobody was talking about sandwiches for four hours, come on...
Casey plays a recording of Chuck and Morgan discussing what sandwich they would take on a desert island. Chuck is telling Morgan that mayonnaise won’t fare well in the tropics.
Chuck: Well I’ll have you know I stand by my mayonnaise theory; and you’re still a giant douche for spying on me like that.
Casey: Well if it’s any comfort Chuck, we planted those bugs to protect you. How did you find the surveillance anyway?
Chuck: Oh, a little birdie named Lazslo told me.
Casey: What? You contacted Lazslo and didn’t tell me?
Chuck: (angrily) I’m sorry Casey, did I violate your trust?

Scene 20
Sarah is clearing tables at the Weinerlicious. The agent we saw earlier from the bunker walks in. Sarah is suspicious and goes for a knife that she has tucked away thinking the agent is a threat.
Sarah: Willkommen to Weinerlicious! I’m sorry but we’re geschlossen; and that’s German for closed.
The Agent displays a CIA badge.
Agent: That’s really adorable. Nice cover Agent Walker; you have a sec?

Scene 21
Chuck returns to his room and Lazslo is waiting for him there. Lazslo asks Chuck what he told his handlers and Chuck says he told them Lazslo was innocent. Lazslo is upset with Chuck for telling anyone about him and asks for Chuck’s help to hide out someplace. Chuck tells him he knows of a place he can hide.

Scene 22
Sarah is talking with the Agent at the Weinerlicious and looking at a file on Lazslo
Sarah: So this kid just escaped?
Agent: Look we tried everything we could to prevent this whole thing from happening.
Sarah: And what exactly is ..this?
Agent: A mentally unstable weapons designer, off his meds, and currently running around Los Angeles.
Sarah: Right, and how do you know all of this?
Agent: Lazslo was my asset. I was the one who found him; I was the one who trained him, and I’m definitely the one who’s gonna be bringing him back. Look, I’m just gonna be completely straight with you, Walker; we believe that he’s looking to make a bomb, and God help whoever’s in his way when Lazslo decides to go off.

Scene 23
Chuck has taken Lazslo to the Buy More to hide out for the night

Scene 24
In the Home Theater Room, Chuck is helping Lazslo set up to stay the night
Lazslo: This is great! I’ll be out before you guys open, and if everything works out: you will never see me again! Thank you Chuck, for everything, I..I really appreciate it.
Chuck: Yeah, definitely, good luck...disappearing Lazslo.
Lazslo: Oh, and I hope you don’t mind, I kinda helped myself to the whole a.... “Le Bond Oeuvre”
Chuck: Ahhh, check you out! What, a...“A View to a Kill” ,that.. that’s a bold choice.
Lazslo: Why? Is it a good one?
Chuck: Oh dude, Christopher Walken playing some evil Nazi villain, and Grace Jones as some roid-raged, sex assassin. I think actually, on second thought, I’m gonna stay for the beginning.
As they sit down to watch the movie Chuck gets a call from Sarah on his cell. Lazslo tells him he can’t answer it, otherwise the government will know his location. Chuck declines the call and Lazslo also asks Chuck for his watch, which Lazslo destroys; becasue of the transponder. Lazslo tells Chuck he also broke into Chuck’s Nerd Herder and disabled the GPS tracker, so no one in the world knows where they are right now.

Scene 25
Sarah, knowing Lazslo’s plan, is driving and trying to reach Chuck on his cell. She leaves him a voicemail telling him to go to his car; lock the doors; and wait for her to get there.

Scene 26
Back inside the Home Theater Room; Chuck and Lazslo have finished the movie.
Chuck: What did I tell ya! Max Zorn is one of the greatest bad guys of all time.
Lazslo: You think Walken was the bad guy?
Chuck: (laughing) What are you kidding? I mean; he did try to sink California into the Pacific Ocean; what do you think?
Lazslo: Don’t you get it Chuck! Zorn is like us! The Nazis used him for his superior gifts the way our government uses me and you!
Chuck: I don’t...
Lazslo: Too bad Zorn didn’t have this home theater system. Screw flooding Silicon Valley! Do you know what we can do with this system if we really wanted to Chuck?
Chuck: ...watch more movies?
Lazslo: I haven’t gotten a chance to play with this bad boy since I designed it.
Lazslo pulls up a satellite feed and some other information on the screen using the remote
Chuck: What is that?
Lazslo: Strategic Air Command. They keep a fleet of B2s in Guam, kept on nuclear alert, just in case.
Lazslo activates the fleet of B2s
Chuck: What are you doing?
Lazslo: Putting my tax dollars to work Chuck! Would you like to play a nice game of thermonuclear war! How bout Texas? What did Texas ever do that was so great!
Lazslo puts in the coordinates for Texas
Lazslo: 9 hours, maybe we should pick somewhere closer. In honor of Max Zorn; let’s see how fast they get to San Francisco.
Lazslo modifies the coordinates
Chuck: (hurriedly) Hey, hey, hey..um..uh. what about.. uh.. let’s watch “Goldfinger” huh?
Lazslo: What’s it about?
Chuck: A.. again..it’s..it’s about this bad, misunderstood, guy who..just wants to blow up the world. It’s right up your alley, I think you’ll really like it.
Lazslo: We can always play later.
Lazslo terminates the orders to the B2s
Chuck: We can! We can play bom..bom..bomb..thing later. I’m gonna go get us some more popcorn, so why don’t you..you go ahead and start without me and I’m, I’m gonna be right back.

Scene 27
Outside the Home Theater Room Chuck checks his phone and he has 34 new voicemails. Most of them are from Casey threatening Chuck if he doesn’t call him back. Chuck goes through them until he finally hears the one from Sarah instructing him to go to his car and wait for her.

Scene 28
Chuck runs out the front of the Buy More and gets into his car, locking the doors. Unfortunately, Lazslo is already in the car. Lazslo asks Chuck who called him and Chuck reveals that it was Sarah. Lazslo tells him he shouldn’t have done that. Sarah and Casey also show up with Lazslo’s handler. Lazslo escapes, with Chuck in the car, by activating a secret steering wheel on the passenger side of the Nerd Herder.

Scene 29
Sarah, Casey and Lazslo’s handler chase after the Nerd Herder. Chuck also tries to get control of the Nerd Herder from Lazslo. Eventually, Lazslo activates a button on the steering wheel which ejects Chuck’s seat from the Nerd Herder. Chuck is unharmed and Lazslo takes off in the Nerd Herder.

Scene 30
The next morning at the apartment Sarah enters Chuck’s room. Chuck is putting on a tie; getting ready for the Assistant Manager interview at the Buy More.
Sarah: Hey, you look nice.
Chuck: Thanks, I feel like crap. I screwed up; I severely pooched the Lazslo situation last night.
Sarah: (straightening Chuck’s tie) Yeah,well...today you have a job interview.
Chuck: Do you...do you think I care about making lower management at a Buy More!?!
Chuck sits down on his bed
Chuck: Are you kidding me!?! I aided and abetted the escape of the next Ted Kaczynski Sarah!
Sarah sits down in the chair across from Chuck.
Chuck: I just..I can’t believe that I was so wrong about that guy. No wonder you bugged my room; I’m an absolute idiot.
Sarah sees the Comic Con picture and the frame she gave Chuck in the trashcan, realizing Chuck figured out what she did.
Sarah: You know..just because you trust people; it doesn’t make you an idiot.
Chuck: Yeah well, I should’ve trusted you guys a little more. (looking sincerely at Sarah) I’m sorry.
Sarah: Well..Casey got a signal on your car. Somehow the GPS got turned back on and Lazslo is heading east. (comfortingly) So I’ll call you from the road, and don’t worry, we’re gonna bring him in Chuck. Good luck today.

Scene 31
Morgan walks into the Buy More dressed professionally in a tie and vest. Big Mike, dressed as a pimp, thinks the outfit is a Halloween costume, but Morgan tells him it’s not. Jeff and Lester also ask Morgan if he’s up for a Holiday edition of Mystery Crisper, and he declines. Chuck also asks Morgan about his outfit, but Morgan is still upset with Chuck and tells him that he’s not the only one concerned about looking professional, as he walks away.

Scene 32
Chuck is swiping his ID over by the Nerd Herd desk when Harry Tang, dressed as a cowboy, surprises Chuck causing him to drop his wallet. Tang taunts Chuck about the interview before walking away. When Chuck picks up his wallet he sees the doodle that Lazslo gave him as an IOU. Chuck flashes on the design and realizes it is the layout of the Santa Monica Pier.

Scene 33
Chuck is heading out of the Buy More while talking to Sarah on the phone. He tells her that Lazslo is headed to the pier. Chuck tells her that he thinks Lazslo wants to blow up the pier since that’s where he was recruited and that there is a big Halloween party there every year. As he is heading out Chuck runs into Big Mike.
Big Mike: Where do you think you’re going!?!
Chuck: Um...hey Big Mike, can I, can I borrow another Herder.
Big Mike: All the Herders are out. You’ve got an interview this afternoon or did you forget?
Chuck: No..I..I just..something came up.
Big Mike: Is that something more important than being assistant manager? Is it more important than handing over your promotion to Tang? Please Chuck, is it more important than Big Mike’s relaxation?
Chuck: Look Big Mike, there are just some things in life that are more important than the Buy More.
Chuck runs out the front door
Big Mike: You mean like fishing and danish?

Scene 34
Chuck is looking around the front of the Buy More and he spots Morgan’s bike on the bike rack. He takes it and rides off.

Scene 35
The HR guy from Buy More corporate is looking for Chuck
HR Guy: Bartowski?
He looks around and sees Morgan nearby
HR Guy: Excuse me, you, in the Gordon Gecko costume, have you seen Chuck Bartowski? It’s time for his interview.
Morgan: Nah, I actually don’t know where Chuck’s been keeping himself these days. Sor..Sorry.
Tang: I guess your boyfriend just couldn’t take the heat huh?
Tang is standing behind Morgan
Morgan: I’m sure he’s got a perfectly good excuse.
Tang: Sure he does. First, Chuck bails on you and your stupid space penis costume, and then he doesn’t even have the stones to show up for his interview. What a loser, even by your standards. If I were you, I’d start interviewing for a new best friend...Mm..Mm..Morgan.
Morgan: Let me ask you something? What do you know about Chuck Bartowski?
Morgan flips Tang’s cowboy hat as a joke as he walks away

Scene 36
Morgan walks into the office the HR guy is using for interviews.
HR Guy: You’re not Bartowski.
Morgan: Actually, I.. I’m here to interview on my friend’s behalf.
HR Guy: Look...
Morgan: Please, please just hear me out ok. I know that the virtues that make for a good Buy More manager are the same virtues that make for a best friend. Now, Chuck and I may have our differences, but I can tell ya this about him:
As Morgan is listing Chuck’s virtues we see shots of Chuck racing on the bike to get to the Santa Monica Pier.
Morgan: Chuck is..is brave. Chuck is loyal. You know Chuck can quote “Wrath of Khan” word for word. And Chuck is courageous. Chuck’s got a wicked vinyl collection. And..Chuck has the wisdom to not eat garbage from the break room crisper. If you want my open, and honest, and direct opinion; the best man for this job, is a man by the name of Chuck Bartowski.
Morgan gets up to shake the hand of the interviewer.
HR Guy: Some speech. Chuck Bartowski sounds like a..hell of a guy. When he comes in tomorrow; he’ll be working for one, Harold Tiberius Tang. God help you all.

Scene 37
Chuck arrives at the pier and finds the Nerd Herder parked underneath it, along with Lazslo. Lazslo has set up the self destruct function on the car and he tosses the keys to Chuck, who arms the bomb accidentally when he catches them. Lazslo tells Chuck what he just did and that he wants to punish the government for recruiting him when he was a kid.

Scene 38
Casey and Sarah have arrived on the pier above. Casey calls Chuck and tells him that someone armed the Nerd Herder to self destruct. Chuck says that he armed the bomb.

Scene 39
Chuck and Lazslo are underneath the pier. The bomb on the Nerd Herder is ticking.
Chuck: Disarm the bomb right now!
Lazslo: You disarm the bomb!
Chuck: How?!
Lazslo: It’s easy; (Lazslo pulls out a pair of wire cutters and hands them to Chuck) cut the wire.
Chuck: Which one?
Lazslo: The red one.
Chuck hesitates.
Lazslo: (loudly) You gotta cut a wire Chuck!
Chuck: Would you stop! What if I cut both of them?
Lazslo: Oh, like Sean Connery at the end of “Goldfinger”.
Chuck: What did you just say?
Lazslo: (loudly)Cut the wire Chuck!
Chuck: The other night you said you’d never seen “Goldfinger”, so how would you know what Bond does at the end of the movie?
Lazslo: (yelling) Cut the wire or we’re dead!
Chuck: You lied to me Lazslo! You knew I’d believe you, when you said you just wanted to live a normal..peaceful life. And you knew that I’d believe you about cutting the wire, but you were wrong Lazlso.
Sarah: Chuck!
Sarah and Casey show up and run toward the Nerd Herder, guns drawn.
Chuck: Wait! Wait! Stay back!
Lazslo: (screaming angrily) Cut the red wire Chuck!
Chuck instead cuts the green wire which disarms the bomb. Sarah and Casey arrest Lazslo.

Scene 40
Chuck returns to the Buy More looking disheveled. Tang informs Chuck that he got the job. Anna Wu also tells Chuck that Morgan tried to talk the HR guy into giving the job to Chuck and that someone stole Morgan’s bike. Chuck realizes what he did and runs off.

Scene 41
Ellie and Awesome’s Halloween party is going on. We see Morgan waiting inside with the Sandworm costume and another shot of Chuck riding home on the bike. Chuck rushes through the courtyard looking for Morgan and then finds him inside. They see each other across the room as Chuck comes through the door.
Morgan: I didn’t think you were coming.
Chuck: I’m sorry, I got held up. Morgan, I think you should be the head this year.
Morgan: Really, I...

Scene 42
Chuck and Morgan parade the Sandworm costume around the courtyard at the party. Ellie stops them to ask Chuck if he got the Assistant Manager position.
Chuck: Uh..the short version is that I didn’t get the job.
Ellie: What?!?!
Chuck: I..I kinda skipped out on the interview
Ellie is about to respond when...
Sarah: (off camera) It..was my fault.
Sarah appears wearing the Princess Leia slave girl outfit from the fake Comic Con picture.
Morgan: (seeing Sarah) Heelllooo.
Sarah: (to Ellie) I had a.. I had a personal emergency, and Chuck really came through. (smiling at Chuck) He probably won’t admit it but your brother is kind of a hero.
Chuck: (To Ellie and Sarah) Would you excuse us.
Chuck and Morgan converse inside the Sandworm costume.
Chuck: Hey buddy..you mind if we take a little five minute break?
Morgan: Are you kidding me? Take ten if you need it.

Scene 43
Sarah and Chuck walk into Chuck’s bedroom.
Chuck: So..a.. where’d you get the costume?
Sarah: Well, the CIA can make anything.
Sarah walks around the bed and pulls a camera out of her purse
Chuck: What are you..what are you doing?
Sarah stands next to Chuck and holds the camera out in front of them
Sarah: Uhh..smile. (nudging Chuck)..smile
She takes a picture of her and Chuck together
Sarah: (sincerely) I uh..I wanted to give you a new photo of us, and I figured that it should be something...real.
Morgan: Chuck!
Morgan appears at the window behind Chuck and Sarah. The crowd is chanting.
Morgan: They’re calling for the worm bro.
Sarah: I’ll uh..I’ll see you outside.
Sarah leaves Morgan and Chuck alone. Morgan sits on the window and Chuck pulls up a chair next to him.
Morgan: What are you guys uh..what are you guys talking about?
Chuck: Oh nothing, just uh...you know...Sarah was just telling me, (loudly, because he knows Casey is listening) that if she were stranded on a desert island, she would bring roast beef.
Morgan: She didn’t say roast beef.

Scene 44
We see Casey next door in his apartment listening to Chuck and Morgan’s conversation.
Chuck: Oh she totally..she completely... she completely said roast beef.
Morgan: That is terrible, ah that’s a terrible sandwich, that’s terrible. You know she’s..she’s smart; she’s sexy, and kudos on the costume, looked fantastic, but who brings roast beef to a deserted island? That’s a terrible choice. (jokingly) You know what? You gotta dump her.


This episode sets up two important themes that would come up throughout the series later on: Chuck’s trusting nature; and his friendship with Morgan. Lazslo is the first bad guy Chuck encounters that he can really empathize with, and the episode demonstrates how easily Chuck’s trust can be taken advantage of. But as Sarah hints at; it’s also one of the things that separates Chuck from the traditional spy world. The B story revolving around the Sandworm costume is one of the first times the Chuck/Morgan friendship is tested, and it established the depth of Chuck’s loyalty and devotion to his long-time friend. The episode is also packed with some great nerd references from Dune to Star Wars (and Star Trek).


26 May, 2012

2012-2013 PILOT SEASON - NBC: Review (Fall and mid-season schedule)

NBC may have the fewest viewers but they often have the best shows... that no one watches. In this upcoming season, they have picked up some interesting and some not-so-interesting shows, and at least one potentially great one.

Here are my quicky opinions on each.


1600 PENN (mid-season)
A show about what it would be like if the president of the United States had kids who didn't know how to behave themselves properly. It is actually funny (though dumb) and instantly has likable characters. 87 out of 100

SCRUBS meets season 2 of BREAKING IN meets animal doctors. It has a few fun moments and I suppose it could become funnier but the pilot is very predictable. A monkey steals the whole episode. 75 out of 100

GO ON (fall)
Horrifically realized show about a man dealing with loss, who ends up in a support group for people dealing with loss. There is virtually nothing original here --and when there is a dash of it, it feels contrived- and Matthew Perry is mostly unlikable in the role. Perhaps it gets better but this was picked up because of the star and nothing more. I can't see any way this will do well unless people really like depressive shows about a dude with a douchie attitude. 50 out of 100

Lame multi-camera laughtrack show about guys with kids, that is another NBC attempt at making bad CBS type television that interests the masses. I'm not sure the people who watch NBC will find this kind of thing interesting. Though I found it painful to watch, there is some fun chemistry/dialogue between the couple with four kids, but otherwise... lame. 60 out of 100

I guess this is NBC's answer to MODERN FAMILY that has a somewhat ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT feel, about gay men finding a surrogate mother for their baby, with Ellen Barkin as a bigotted grandmother scene-stealer. A very good pilot episode that feels very much like something Ali Adler would write (after writing that I checked... she is one of the creators... man, I'm good). It has potential (though that scene in the park where people talk to the camera like they are making a commercial should be cut). I will be checking it out. 88 out of 100

NEXT CALLER (mid-season)
A show about a satellite radio show. The host is a caveman and the co-host is a liberated woman. Dane Cook's in it so naturally some will flock to it while others will never watch it and claim they saw it anyway and that it sucked. The second group would be closer to the truth. It's just not that funny... or well acted... and lacks likeable characters. 65 out of 100

SAVE ME (mid-season)
When a woman has a near-death (or death) experience with a sandwich, she turns from a psycho alcoholic to a sober and euphoric prophet of god. Very well acted. Too interesting for network TV and will likely die in the ratings because of it. 90 out of 100


The opening of this show, about rescue services, is so dumb it should be on CBS. The rest of the episode does get somewhat better but I can't seem to shake the feeling that these guys watched a lot of RESCUE ME and thought to themselves "this would be so much better if it wasn't as much fun!" The fire fighting scenes are exciting but you know subsequent episodes will be filmed for less money and therefor the fire fighting stuff will start to look cheap. 75 out of 100

DO NO HARM (mid-season)
This show is about a doctor who has a split personality problem. One personality is a seemingly nice guy. The other is bad boy who gets laid a lot and hurts people. The two can kind of see/feel the others' perspective but are distinctly different. It has that guy from RESCUE ME in the lead role and that chick from LAW & ORDER. I will be surprised if it does well on NBC. Should be on USA. Still, it is a very interesting show, especially when their worlds collide. 84 out of 100

INFAMOUS (mid-season)
A crime drama where the cop is old friends with the filthy rich people she's investigating. Blahblahblah. So bored. I'm sure someone will find it interesting, just not me. 60 out of 100

WALKING DEAD meets LOST minus the zombies and island. It feels epic. Great acting, music, pacing, writing, cinematography, story and whatever else goes into making a show awesome. Unlike some pilots where you are left thinking "this could be good once they get comfortable telling the story" this one feels excellent from beginning to end. J.J. Abrams (LOST, FRINGE) and Eric Kripke (SUPERNATURAL) may just have created the next big thing. Please, TV gods, let this be successful. 98.4 out of 100


25 May, 2012

Geek Furious the Podcast Episode 26 - TOP 10 Chuck Bartowski in ACTION SCENES

Eli and Magnus (aka HGF) list off their top 10 Chuck Bartowski in action scene and also note some of the fan choices. This is a VIDEO podcast. That means you watch it, silly.

Also, it wouldn't hurt to share it with the planet!


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Also, comment below about what you thought of the podcast BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, tell us what top 10 CHUCK list you want us to do next. This is the only time anyone will ever listen to you... so make it count!

Also, CLICK HERE for the Top 10 Sarah Walker in Action Scenes if you haven't done that already.


23 May, 2012

Chuck 91 - 1.05: Chuck Versus the Sizzling Shrimp

At first glance, this episode may seem like just a mission of the week. By the end of it, the seeds of some of the most important aspects of the show's mythology have been planted.

In the article, a "SCENE" number is determined by the writer of the article but should be when a location is changed, or a part of a location is changed, or when the main characters change at a location. Descriptions of the scene will be in italics. Actions by the character within the dialogue will be noted in parentheses. Comments by the article writer will be in brackets (such as when dialogue can't be understood).

No more delaying. Let's get to it, episode 5 of 91:

Open on the Buy More parking lot. Cut to the Nerd Herd Desk.
Morgan: (from behind a "Bamboo Dragon" delivery and take-out menu) Chinese.
Chuck: Chinese?
Morgan: Oh, yeah, man. It's what "An Evening of Morgan" is all about (turning to see Sarah walking into the Buy More, in her Wienerlicious uniform drinking a beverage through a straw). You didn't forget to tell her, did you? About "An Evening of Morgan"
Chuck: No. No, no, no, of course not. No. (offscreen, as camera pans to Sarah walking towards them) She's been looking forward to it all week. (camera returns to Chuck who imitates Sarah) "Ah, we're gonna hang out with your...funny little friend!"
Morgan: Yeah, yeah, she says that?
Chuck: Yeah.
Morgan: Good, good, good. Make sure her head's in the game, okay? This is kind of her big shot to prove to me she's got something to bring to this relationship. You feel me? (reaches across the Nerd Herd counter to bump fists with Chuck)
Chuck: (bumps Morgan's fist) Ah, hey! Nothing but feeling you.
Morgan: (as he walks away) Good, good, good. (to Sarah) "An Evening of Morgan" will begin at seven sharp. Bring your A-game. (to Chuck) Love you, pal.
Sarah: "An Evening of Morgan"?
Chuck: Okay, so, here's the thing. Uh, he's my best friend and I haven't really gotten to spend any time with him or Ellie this week, and so he really wanted the whole bunch of us to hang out tonight.
Sarah: For "An Evening of Morgan"?
Casey: And I thought being stationed at the Chiapas for six months was brutal.
Chuck: If you're so sad about not being included, Casey, you can just say so.
Casey: Dinner with you and Morgan? (hisses) I'd rather Afghani warlords bleed me from my liver. (leaves)
Chuck: He's a happy person.
Sarah: Mmm-hmm.
Chuck: I appreciate that about him.
Sarah: Mmm.
Chuck: And he works hard. So...
Cut to Chinese consulate in Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA.
A man walks out to his waiting consulate car. He answers his ringing cell phone and begins to talk in Chinese to his "paranoid" sister. He tells her that he got her messages and that he is not in trouble. He nods to the driver of the consulate car who is going to get the door for him. Just as this is happening, a white van stops right next to the car. The camera cuts to two masked men jumping out of the van shooting the driver and kidnapping the man. The camera focuses on the man's phone which he dropped. His sister's voice can be heard asking if her brother (Lee) is alright. The door of the van closes to reveal the "Bamboo Dragon" Restaurant logo.

Evening in Chinatown. Sarah, Morgan and Chuck are walking along the street, Morgan has both his arms around the other two.
Morgan: "An Evening of Morgan" will consist of three acts. Act 1 - dinner.
Sarah: What are we having?
Morgan: A little delicacy called sizzling shrimp. That's right, that's right (pokes Sarah in the stomach as he speaks). We're gonna pack our bellies full of shrimp we're gonna make a seal jealous!
Sarah: Wow, sounds like quite a night.
Morgan: Oh, and that's just the beginning. Dinner will be followed by a screening over at Chuck's for the greatest kung fu film ever made...
Morgan and Chuck: Enter the Dragon!
Chuck: (in a voice that sounds like a badly dubbed martial arts actor) Prepare to die, my bearded friend.
Morgan: Bring it. C'mon, c'mon. What are you doing? ow! (Chuck and Morgan mock kung fu fight with Morgan being quickly overpowered. Sarah laughs at both of them.)
Morgan: And the third act can only be found here in Chinatown. There he is. Be cool. Camera cuts to a guy in a black ski cap and napsack making a deal with another man.
Chuck: Hey, wait a minute. (turns Morgan around) I thought you were off this stuff, buddy.
Morgan: (offscreen, as camera focuses on Sarah's face) Yeah, well, I'm sorry, Chuck, right? Daddy needs his fix, you know?
Chuck: (offscreen, as Morgan and the man in the ski cap nod to each other) Dude...(camera returns to him) you know how I feel about fireworks!
(camera cuts to Sarah, smiling)
Morgan: You know what? To defeat fear, one must embrace fear.
Chuck: I'd rather embrace my limbs, specifically all of them. (offscreen, as he turns Morgan around) No fireworks, no sale.
Morgan: (to Sarah) Well, can I say something? This evening gets an asterisk, okay? We still got our shrimp, though! (raises his hand and high fives Sarah).
Sarah, Morgan and Chuck are walking outside the Bamboo Dragon restaurant which has a "Closed for Private Party" sign on the front door.
Morgan: Ah, no, no, no! (seeing that it's closed) You're kidding me. They, they can't be closed. "An Evening of Morgan" has to at least include sizzling shrimp.
Sarah: Morgan, it's okay. We'll do it another time.
Morgan: (starts to walk backwards and then turns to walk towards the restaurant's back door) No, no, I got this. Lucky for us, I got connections.
Chuck: (as he and Sarah follow Morgan) Well, you gotta give him points for effort.
(Morgan walks to the stairs where he takes a key that was hidden under one of the steps)
Morgan: My friend Juan he is a dishwasher leaves his key for me in case of emergencies.
Chuck: Hey, we gotta make this quick. Ellie is waiting for us.
Sarah, Morgan and Chuck enter the Bamboo Dragon kitchen through the back door.
Morgan: (making monkey noises) Hear that sizzle? It's like the sound of angel's laughter (moving his hands like a conductor). Wait (goes to his friend to pick up his order). Chang, remember me. Sarah and Chuck just look on.
Chuck looks around to see a Chinese waitress. She holds her hand out to check on an order. The inside of her arm has a tattoo of a Chinese character which prompts him to flash.
Chuck: That waitress...(offscreen, as camera pans back to the waitress) she's Mei-Ling Cho, Chinese intelligence. (camera returns to Chuck) Never set foot on U.S. soil before.
Morgan: Sizzling shrimp anyone? (carrying two large bags of Sizzling Shrimp).
Sarah: (staring at Mei-Ling) My God!
Morgan: (oblivious) Well...you just call me "Morgan", babe, but I, uh, I appreciate the enthusiasm.
(camera pans back to Chuck and Sarah looking concerned)
Cut to Casey's apartment
Casey: (offscreen, as he places a picture of Mei-Ling Cho in Chuck's hands) Is this the woman you saw tonight? (camera pans to Chuck and Sarah)
Chuck: Yeeahh?
Casey: Read through these... (slams a number of thick folders on Chuck's chest)
Chuck: Uhh..
Casey: Twice. Let us know if you flash on anything. (to Sarah) Call the Director. Tell him we got a priority code orange.
Chuck: Uh, guys, is, is there any way this can wait 'til morning 'cause I kinda have a priority code Ellie and Mor...gan. (offscreen, as camera pans to Casey standing up) They're waiting for us for dinner.
Casey: China's top spy is here in Los Angeles. We don't know why she's here, what she's planning to do. (offscreen, as camera pans to Chuck) You, my friend, are the only one who can figure that out. (slams his hand on the folder still in Chuck's chest) That's your priority. Copy?
Chuck: (squeaking) Copy.
Morning in Los Angeles. Cut to the Bartowski kitchen. Ellie's eating cereal at the counter as Chuck comes in.
Chuck: Hey, sis. (goes to grab a bowl and a spoon) 'Mornin.
Ellie: Mmm-hmm. (she seams annoyed at Chuck and does not want to make eye contact).
Chuck: Or not. Could you pass the Berry Loops?
Ellie: (takes her bowl to the faucet) Are you sure you don't want any sizzling shrimp?
Chuck: Riiighhht.
Ellie: You know 'cause we have a whole lot of that left over.
Chuck: 'Cause I got back late last night. (follows Ellie into the living room)
Ellie: Huh. This is the point I'm trying to make.
Chuck: And you're making it very well, I want you to know that.
Ellie: You know, it's one thing to let several pounds of shrimp go to waste, and it's another to stand me up, but to leave me? With Morgan?
Chuck: …And I, I feel terrible about that. (offscreen, as camera pans to Ellie) Believe me, I do. You know how much I adore sizzling shrimp...and you. More specifically, you. It's just ...Sarah wasn't...feeling well...and...
(camera pans to Ellie's concern)
Ellie: Oh, what is it? I'm a doctor.
Chuck: (thinking hard for an excuse) I believe...uh, she had a spastic colon.
Ellie: Yuck.
Chuck: I know. A girl that beautiful with a colon that spastic.
Ellie: Well, you know what tomorrow is? (Heading for door to leave for work, apparently satisfied with Chuck's explanation.)
Chuck: Absolutely. Yes. It's our, our very own October-version of Mother's Day, and I, I wouldn't miss it for the world, I swear.
Ellie: I should hope not, but then again, I never figured that you would pass on sizzling shrimp either. (closes the door)
Chuck: Spastic colon? What the?
The Buy More. Cut to the Nerd Herd desk where Chuck is working on the computer. Casey walks by the counter carrying a mobile phone box. He discretely taps on the Nerd Herd counter and motions to Chuck to follow him. Chuck jumps up and joins him.
Chuck: So I went over the Department of Defense files on Mei-Ling again this morning. Sorry, no flashes.
Casey: Well, she's here for a reason. Maybe you'll flash on something tonight.
Chuck: Tonight?
Casey: Yeah, we're running a surveillance op on her. We're gonna tail her, see if you flash on anyone she's talking to. Might tell us why she's here.
(Chuck is getting enthusiastic about the notion of going on the mission.)
Chuck: My first stakeout. Okay, okay. Yeah. What do I need to bring? Sweater? Light jacket?
Casey: No, you just bring that computer in your head, huh?
Chuck: Okay, you know what, I have a lot more to offer this team other than the Intersect. For instance, what are we doing for tunes tonight? I could make a stakeout mix.
Big Mike: (offscreen) John. (Chuck and Casey look sideways.) Need all the green shirts in my office. (camera pans to Big Mike) On the double.
(camera pans back to Chuck)
Chuck: Hm, have fun. (Casey thrusts the box he was holding into Chuck's stomach as he leaves) That's really not fair..uh...
Cut to Big Mike's office. He is hanging a white board that reads "Sales Competition" on the wall.
Big Mike: Sales are down, people. There's too much horsing around. (walks along a row of green shirts including Casey and Morgan) What this team needs is some good old-fashioned motivation.
Morgan: I couldn't agree with you more, big man.
Big Mike: 24-hour sales competition starting now. First prize - iPhone. (cut to the green shirts smiling and nodding) Second prize - large pizza, two toppings. Third prize--
Morgan: Don't even say small pizza, all right? Cause that's not a prize. That's, that's a punishment. (offscreen, as camera pans to an agitated looking Big Mike) I ate a small pizza and I'm still hungry and angry. (camera returns to Morgan) And you wouldn't want me hungry and angry 'cause then I get kinda cranky. (shot of the others looking at Morgan) Then I get a little mean. Then I get sleepy.
Big Mike: Third prize is you get to keep your job.
Morgan: Oh.
Big Mike: Last prize - you're fired!
Morgan: Doesn't look like much of a prize either, am I right? (seemingly worried as he turns to look at the other green shirts)
A montage of Morgan's ridiculous salesman techniques with various customers. This shows how terrible he is. All leading up to Big Mike confronting him on the sales floor.
Big Mike:Grimes! (offscreen, as camera pans to a surprised Morgan) You are the worst salesman that I've ever seen! (camera returns to an angry Big Mike) Vultures are circling. Get it in gear!(camera cuts back to a dejected looking Mogan who watches Big Mike walk away).
Cut to Chuck working on the Buy More sales floor as Morgan runs toward him.
Morgan: We're in trouble, Chuck. Harry Tang's plan to eliminate us has gone into full effect.
Chuck: The sales competition?
Morgan: Yeah, man. I think you can carve out an hour after work? Help me with my sales technique?
Chuck: Tonight?
Morgan: (offscreen) Yeah.
Chuck: I'm sorry, buddy. I, I - no can do. I already made plans with Sarah tonight.
(Morgan's shoulders drop)
Morgan: Okay, all right. Tomorrow. Me and you - a little Morgan time, huh?
Chuck: (distraught, he doesn't want to let Morgan down, but he has no choice) Tomorrow, I've got Mother's Day with Ellie. I can only miss that if there was a major national emergency. (Morgan looks at him) So to speak. (clears throat)
Morgan: Listen to me, Chuck. Dude. It's me, all right? (camera pans to Chuck) Now I'm begging you here. I'm, I'm on my knees, you know? Hat in hand, that sort of thing. (camera returns to Morgan) Help me, Chuck Bartowski, you're my only hope.
Chuck: Okay, okay. I'm gonna go out with Sarah tonight. I'm gonna try to wrap that up early enough to get back here and help you and then (slowly, apparently pleased with the way his plans turn out) I'll hang out with Ellie tomorrow...yeah, yeah. I think, I think I can make that work.
Morgan: I knew I can count on you, bro. (leaves)
Chuck: I hope so.
Evening in Los Angeles. The alley behind the Bamboo Dragon restaurant. Chuck, Sarah and Casey are in a truck. Chuck is in the back seat, poking his head between Sarah and Casey who are sitting in the front.
Casey: Hey, we got a bogey at six o'clock here.
(camera pans to a the truck's side view mirror where a man is approaching the truck. Cut to Sarah looking over her shoulder and Casey hiding his gun underneath his jacket)
Man: (carrying a bag with the Bamboo Dragon logo on it) Excuse me. Someone sent in an order of sizzling shrimp. A Mr. Carmichael?
Chuck: Yeah, yeah, that's me. That's me. (Chuck pops up between Sarah and Casey to grab the bag) I'll take that. (camera pans to Casey's annoyed expression as Chuck takes the bag from the delivery man and paying him) Thank you very much. You go ahead and keep the change. (camera pans out to Sarah who begins to turn her head away and slightly smile and an annoyed Casey looking at Chuck)
Man: Thank you.
Chuck: Have a good night! (Casey closes his car window as Chuck looks at both him and Sarah) What? It's for Morgan. I called it in.
Casey: (practically gritting his teeth) The idea behind a stakeout is to remain inconspicuous, you moron.
Chuck: Uh, hello? That's why I used an alias.
Cut to a limo arriving in front of the Bamboo Dragon restaurant.
Sarah: Hey, I think we have some company.
Camera pans to a a group of men wheeling out an old man in a wheelchair to the limo. Another one of the men opens the door for him.
Chuck: (offscreen) Who's that?
Cut back to Chuck, Sarah and Casey inside the car.
Casey: Old Ironside is Ben Lo Pan. Is the local big shot businessman. Owns, like, half of Chinatown.
Camera pans to the limosine driving away, Mei-Ling exits the restaurant looking back at the limo with a determined expression on her face.
Sarah: And there's Mei-Ling. (cut to Sarah)
Camera pans to Mei-Ling getting on a motorcycle and putting on her helmet.
Sarah: We're on. (cut to Casey and Sarah strapping on their seatbelts)
Camera pans back to Mei-Ling leaving on the motorcycle.
Chuck: (offscreen) Hey, hey, hey, she's gonna get ahead of us.
Camera pans back to Chuck, Sarah and Casey.
Sarah: No,we're good. Always leave a 30 yard cushion from your target on a tail. She's following Ben Lo Pan's limo.
Chuck: Oh, a tail on a tail? Does, does that mean like a 60 yard cushion, or would you say the regular tail rules apply in this situa...(Casey pushes Chuck back into his seat with his hand)
Evening in Los Angeles. The camera follows Me-Ling on her motorcycle following the limo. The limo stops and she drives by and parks in a nearby alley. Camera cuts to Casey's truck pulling up and Chuck, Sarah and Casey rolling down the windows watching Mei-Ling. She takes out a gun.
Casey: Glocks and a crotch rocket, my kinda gal.
Camera focuses on the insignia on the handle. Cut to Chuck flashing on it.
Chuck: Those aren't glocks. They're Chinese army issue pistols. (camera cuts to Mei-Ling climbing a pole on the side of a building to a fire escape) She's not here on a spy mission, she's here to assassinate the guy in the wheelchair.
Casey: You sure?
Chuck: Yeah. Pretty sure. (taps his head) You know, locked away in the brain here. I mean, I'm not bragging. The Intersect's doing (cut to Mei-Ling making it to the top of the fire escape) all the heavy-lifting.
Sarah: Okay, we can't wait for the cops. By the time they get here Mei-Ling (cut to Mei-Ling continuing to climb up the fire escape stairs) or Ben Lo Pan may be dead or both.
Casey: Mei-Ling could be a small part of a larger operation. (offscreen, as camera pans to Chuck) We need her alive we need to find out what she knows. (camera returns to Casey) We catch her, a Chinese spy has a lot we'd love to hear. All right, Chuck, pull the car around front. (he and Sarah get out of the truck)
Chuck: Oh, around the front, then what do I do?
Sarah: Stay in the car.
Chuck: My four favorite words.
Bartowski residence. Ellie is on the couch in her scrubs watching TV as Morgan walks into the house.
Morgan: Hi ho.
Ellie: Chuck's not here, Morgan. (avoiding eye contact with Morgan)
Morgan: My four favorite words. (sits down next to Ellie)
Ellie: (looking disgusted) Get out.
Morgan: Not favorites, but at least we're dialoging.
Ellie: He's on a date with Sarah. I'll tell him you stopped by.
Morgan: I would appreciate that. He's supposed to be helping me by now. If I don't become a better salesman by tomorrow night, I could get fired. Although, I guess I could just crash here until I land on my feet.
Ellie: (still not looking at him) As inspired as that makes me to help you, I would rather just change the locks.
Morgan: I'll let myself out.
Ellie: (finally turns to look at him) Now my four favorite words.
(Morgan leaves.)
Chuck is sitting in Casey's truck, having a difficult time trying to eat sizzling shrimp with chopsticks.
Chuck: (talking to the shrimp) I'm gonna get you, I'm gonna get you. (cut to him holding the shrimp with his fingers and initiating the voice of the shrimp) Oh, don't eat me. (in a different voice) Oh, you're dead. (shot of him inserting a CD and bobbing his head to Hall & Oats'"Private Eyes) Stakeouts are kinda fun.
Cut to inside the Chinese club which Sarah and Casey are trying to get into. A bouncer is letting a lady enter the club ahead of them.
Sarah: It's crowded. Can you see her?
Casey: (offscreen, as camera pans to the bouncer closing the door) No.
Bouncer: (looking at them) Hey, in the list?
(Casey goes to take something out of his front pocket. The bouncer immediately pulls a gun on both of them)
Bouncer: Hands in the air. Now!
Casey: Easy, (camera cuts to both Casey and Sarah raising their hands) federal agents.
Bouncer: Against the wall. (motioning them to move to the wall)
Sarah: Come on, you're making a big mistake. (as she and Casey back up an put their hands against the wall) Your boss is in danger.
(Casey looks at her and she quickly nods back. He turns and grabs the bouncers gun and punches him. Sarah kicks him in the stomach.)
Camera cuts to inside the club. Ben Lo Pan is playing cards with a group of men. Camera pans on Mei-Ling walking in and pulling out two pistols and aiming them at Lo Pan's table. Sarah and Casey burst through the door.
Sarah: Gun! (camera cuts to Mei-Ling shooting one of the men at Lo Pan's table)
Camera cuts to Ben Lo Pan frantically wheeling himself away as Mei-Ling begins a fire fight with his men. She shoots one of them and dives behind the bar. Casey and Sarah overturn a table for cover. Casey begins firing.
Cut back to Chuck in the front seat of the truck as he eating and listening to a call in radio show
Radio Announcer: Let's go to Tommy from Canoga Park.
Chuck: Uh! (rolls his eyes, licks his fingers)
Radio Announcer: Dr. Stewie has some questions about his fantasies.
Cut back to inside the club. Casey runs for cover where Sarah is hiding behind a couch. He exchanges fire with Lo Pan's men.while exchanging fire with Ben Lo Pan's men. One bullet hits the pillow of the couch they are hiding behind.
Sarah: They think we're with her.
Casey: What?
Sarah: They think we're with her. They're kill shots.
Casey: (getting angry) I hate playing nice! (shoots one of Lo Pan's men in the leg)
Cut back to Chuck in the truck still listening to the radio call in show. He looks up in alarm as he hears the gunshots.
Chuck: Gunshots. Gunshots. Listen to Sarah and Casey and stay in the car.
Cut to inside the club. Mei-Ling peeks from behind the bar. She sees Lo Pan trying to wheel himself away yelling for one of assistance from one of his men. The man runs up to push him. Mei-Ling shoots the man in back. Lo Pan continues to wheel himself out the door. Cut to Sarah and Casey still hiding and ducking gunfire.
Cut back to Chuck in the truck. The radio call in show is still playing. He look out the window and sees Lo Pan trying to wheel himself away.
Chuck: Hey. The wheelchair guy. (gets out of the truck) Hey, let me help you get out of here!
Ben Lo Pan: Yeah, help me! Help me! A lady is trying to kill me! My car, this way.
(Camera cuts to the black limo.)
Chuck: Yeah.
Cut to inside the club. A hand opens the door to a storage closet. We see the Mei-Ling's kidnapped brother Lee, bound and gagged. He starts struggling as two men pick him up and take him away.
Cut to one of Lo Pan's men shooting at Mei-Ling who runs from the bar and leaps over a couple of tables and behind the man is shooting at her. Two more men shoot at her and end up hitting some windows above her. She runs out the door kicking another man to the ground.
Cut to Chuck wheeling Ben Lo Pan to his limo. His men are waiting for him by the car. Lo Pan orders them in Chinese.
Chuck: Here! Here you go! Here's your guy... (He gives Lo Pan to his men who begin to put him in the limo. He turns around to see the kidnapped man from the consulate being dragged out.) Hey, why is he tied up?
Ben Lo Pan: Throw him in the trunk!
Lo Pan's men do as he orders as a confused Chuck watches.
Chuck: In the trunk? That's not very...nice. Why would you...
Camera cuts to Mei-Ling running out the exit and firing at car. Chuck screams and ducks as the limo takes off. Mei-Ling turns her guns on Chuck.
Mei-Ling: Where are they taking him?!
Chuck: I don't know, I don't know!
Mei-Ling: You work for him?!
Chuck: What? No, no, no! Wait, hold on a second. (stands up and holds his hands up) I just, I was just trying to help an old guy in a wheelchair (cut to Mei-Ling breathing heavily, her guns still pointed at Chuck) who puts people in trunks.
Mei-Ling: (apparently convinced, she lowers her weapons)You idiot! That old man is Triad. (cut to a shocked Chuck) Chinese mafia. That was my brother he threw in the trunk.
Chuck: Your brother? You, you were trying to...
Mei-Ling: Rescue him. (cut to Chuck gulping) Until you got in the way.
Sarah: (offscreen) Federal agents! (camera cuts to Sarah and Casey appearing guns drawn, from the club exit) Drop your guns!
Chuck: No, no, no, no, no! (Mei-Ling runs away) Stop, stop!
Sarah: Chuck, are you okay? Are you hurt?
Chuck: No.
Casey: What the hell just happened?
Chuck: She was trying to rescue her brother. (camera cuts to Sarah) I guess I was wrong. I blew it.
Morning in Los Angeles. Cut to the Bartowski house front door. Chuck opens the door, surprised to see Casey waiting for him outside. He quickly looks back in the house before closing the door.
Chuck: What are we carpooling now?
Casey: Just heard back from Washington. They confirmed Mei-Ling's story. Her brother Lee Cho is a low level bureaucrat (cut to flashback of the kidnap scene from earlier in the episode) from Beijing. He was kidnapped on a business trip to LA by the local Triads.
Sarah: (offscreen) The ah…Chinese received a ransom call (Chuck jumps from surprise as Sarah appears in front of him) asking for the release of a (as she talks, she starts removing lint from Chuck's shirt and fixes his hair. Chuck is bewildered) of a Triad captive in Beijing. They refused. (cut to flashback of Mei-Ling's attack of Lo Pan at the club from earlier in the episode) Mei-Ling was here on her own. Her government never signed off on a rescue op.
Chuck: (cut to a flashback of Lo Pan from earlier in the episode) What's the connection with the guy in the wheelchair?
Sarah: (offscreen, as scene continues) The feds have always suspected that he had Triad roots, (cut back to Casey, Chuck and Sarah walking out of the apartment complex. Sarah has her arm around Chuck's) but they could never prove it.
Chuck: Okay, so what do we do now?
Casey: Nothing. We stay out of it.
Chuck: Wha, hold on a second. I watched that guy get stuffed into a trunk and it's because I (pointing at himself) got it wrong.
Casey: We're not gonna start an international incident over something not even the Chi-Coms care about. Let it go, Chuck, huh. (leaves)
Chuck: Sarah, I screwed up, okay? It's my fault. Her brother's gonna die and it's all my fault.
Sarah: No, it's her fault. She went off the grid and she disobeyed orders coming here.
Chuck: Yeah, but her superiors didn't even give her a choice! Come on! Sarah, I'dve done the same thing if it was Ellie, I'dve done the same thing! Minus the shooting (pretends to shoot with his finger) apart the club part.
Sarah: I know how you feel. It was hard for me, too, when I first started, but the truth is, we can't save everyone, Chuck. (leaves)
Cut to the Buy More employee lounge. Camera pans down on a sullen Morgan as he's staring at something. Cut to the 24 hour Sales Competition board on the wall. Camera pans down the board to reveal Morgan has made no sales Cut back to Morgan as Jeff and Lester appear behind him from both sides.
Lester: (as he puts his hand on Morgan's shoulder) Whoo...Big Mike must not have been clear about how the sales competition works, the idea here, Morgan, um, is to 'sell' things.
Morgan: I can't get fired. How will I eat? I'll, I'll starve…on a soupline. I HATE soup.(turning to look at Jeff) All right?
Lester: (offscreen) Hm.
Morgan: (turning to look at Jeff) Soup is not a meal; wha…it's hardly an appetizer, for God's sake! I ca…
Jeff: Can I have your locker, dude?
Lester: Ah, I call his Buy More windbreaker.
Jeff: Fine, but I get his nametag.
Lester: Fine.
Morgan: Can I say something?
Jeff: Mmm?
Morgan:You guys need me, okay? 'Cause with me gone, someone else is gonna be the butt of all the jokes. Let me tell you something, Jeff. You don't want to carry that mantle. (Jeff widens his eyes) Maybe, you do want to carry that mantle?
Lester: (nodding) We will take that mantle.
Morgan: Really?
Lester: Yes.
Morgan: Listen, you're not gonna let me take the bullet on this one, right? Guys!
Jeff: Yes.
Lester: Absolutely. Nice knowing you.
(they both leave as sad Morgan shakes his head and stares at the board)
Cut to Chuck at the Nerd Herd desk where the phone is ringing. Chuck answers it.
Chuck: Nerd Herd. Bartowski speaking.
Mei-Ling: (through the phone) I'm looking at you right now.
Chuck: (laughing mockingly) Oh yah, you're looking at me right now. Heh, heh, heh. Who's this? (about to take a bite off his burger)
Mei-Ling: (through the phone) Let's just say you owe me for ruining my rescue operation.
Chuck: (suddenly stops from taking a bite) Mei-Ling. (he looks around and snaps and waves his hand at Casey who's nearby with a customer)
Mei-Ling: (through the phone) Put your hand down! (Chuck quickly jumps up from his seat realizing she is watching him. He looks nervously around for her.) If you signal your friend, it's the last thing you'll ever do. By the way, nice mustard stain. (Chuck looks down at his tie which has a mustard stain. He looks around again.)
Chuck: Where are you?
Mei-Ling: (through the phone, as Chuckglances over to the entrance at three giggling girls) Not with the sorority girls.
Chuck: (looks around) Uh, what exactly do you want?
Mei-Ling: (through the phone) The Triad's put a clock on my brother's life. He dies in nine hours if I don't do something.
Chuck: Okay, yeah, about that, about that, listen, I'm, I'm really really sorry. If there's anything I can do to make up for it...
Mei-Ling: (through the phone) Help me rescue him.
Suddenly, Morgan slams his hands onto the Nerd Herd counter. Chuck jumps in surprise.
Morgan: I'm a dead man. Dude, I'm last place in the sales competition. If you do not help me. I'm gonna get fired.
Mei-Ling: (through the phone) One word to him and you're a dead man, too.
Chuck: Not now, Morgan, please. I have a really really upset customer. (sends Morgan away who throws up his hands in exasperation) Listen to me, listen to me. I'm a good Samaritan. I just helped the wrong guy. I, I help people run computers, not rescue operations.
Mei-Ling: (through the phone) I tailed you with your handlers. You have a team watching your every step, which means you can (camera pans out to show Casey walking toward his direction, not knowing Mei-Ling is on the other line) help and you will. I'll be in touch soon. (hangs up)
Chuck: Hello? Hello? (looks at the receiver and hangs it up)
Chuck: (to Casey) Want a hot dog?
Casey: Huh?
Chuck: It's an emergency.
Exterior of the Wienerlicious. Cut to the inside where Chuck, Sarah and Casey are sitting around one of the tables. Casey's eating a hot dog.
Chuck: So, listen, I've been thinking a lot about last night. And you know, you guys were talking about how the spy could be valuable to us. So I was thinking, what if we could convince her to, I don't know, like give up some...secret stuff…or...
Sarah: You mean defect?
Chuck: Defect, yes! People do that kind of thing all the time, right? The Hunt for Red October, uh, White Nights. (counting on his fingers as Casey stares blankly at him) White Nights? Gregory Hines, Baryshnikov, dancing their way to freedom?
Casey: (sarcastically) Well, as long as you've done serious research on the subject. You get her to defect, I'll help rescue her brother personally. (takes a huge bite off the hot dog)
Sarah: Why are you bringing this up?
Chuck: Well, she sort of, uh, just...called me.
Casey: She called you? (with food in his mouth) Where?
Chuck: At the Buy More. (shot of Casey eyes widening as he stops chewing) And I think she might have been in the store, too, 'cause she knew my every move. She even knew that I had mustard on my tie. (raises his tie) (Sarah and Casey bolt from their chairs) What, hey, where - hey wait a minute! (turns to watch them run out)
Interior of the Buy More. Casey is quickly walking around quickly looking for any sign of Mei-Ling. Sarah is doing the same. Cut to the Nerd Herd desk. Morgan walks by Chuck.
Chuck: Hey, hey, Morgan. Hey, buddy. Listen, I'm, I'm really sorry about last night. I got home really late...
Morgan: (waves his hand to dismiss the matter) Yeah don't sweat it man. It's just my livelihood at stake.
Chuck: (enthusiastically) What about tonight? Maybe after Mother's Day?
Morgan: Working double shifts. You know it's my last chance to kind of make enough sales to uh (distracted by a potential customer walking past him) not get fired. (quickly leaves after the customer)
Jeff: Chuck.
Chuck: (totally surprised) Ha..wha?!
Jeff: There's a delivery of hard drives in the storage cage you need to sign for.
Chuck: Great, thank you...Jeff. (squints his eyes at Jeff and leaves)
Camera pans to Casey walking up to Jeff
Casey: Where's Chuck?
Jeff: Storage cage, signing for a delivery.
Casey: (checks his watch) The deliveries come at six.
Jeff: Guess they got here early, dude.
Casey immediately runs off.
Cut to the Buy More storage cage. Chuck enters looking for the messenger. Sees someone with her back to him.
Chuck: Oh, hey, I think that's for me? (the messenger turns around, it's Mei-Ling with a gun hidden under her clipboard, pointed at Chuck) Please tell me that's not real. (Chuck looks down at the gun, then up at Mei-Ling) The gun, not the clipboard.
Mei-Ling tosses the clipboard aside and jabs the gun in Chuck's stomach.
Mei-Ling: Real enough?
Chuck: Listen, listen, they agreed to help if you would just defect.
Mei-Ling: What?
Chuck: It's really not that bad here, you know. The Chinese food's pretty good. Have you tried sizzling shrimp?
Camera cuts to Casey and Sarah running in, guns aimed at Mei-Ling.
Casey: Drop the gun, drop the gun!
Mei-Ling twists Chuck around and puts her gun to his head.
Chuck: Hoo, hoo.
Sarah: Let go of him!
Mei-Ling: Shoot me, I shoot him.
Chuck: Hey, hey, I got an idea. How about a new plan that involves less shooting? Casey, Casey, you agreed to help if she defected, right?
Mei-Ling: I would never!
Casey: Why? Too much loyalty to your government? (offscreen, as camera pans to Chuck and Mei-Ling who is struggling with the decision) The same one that left your brother for dead?
Mei-Ling: If I defect, I can never go back to China. I will never see my brother again.
Chuck: And if you don't, you'll lose him forever and you don't want that. Guys, promise Mei-Ling you'll help rescue her brother if she defects, please! Please?
Casey: Promise. Now let the kid go.
Mei-Ling: How do I know I can trust you?
Sarah: You don't have any other choice.
Mei-Ling considers and releases Chuck by pushing him away.
Chuck: Ho! Okay.
Sarah and Casey lower their guns.
Cut to the interior of Casey's apartment. The camera pans around as he rolls out building plans out on top of a case/ as he and Sarah and Mei-Ling discuss strategy.
Casey: This is the floor plan of Ben Lo Pan's estate.
Mei-Ling: My intel says they're holding my brother here. (points at a spot on the plan) Near the center of the mansion.
Casey: Getting in is one thing. Getting out is going to be a real trick. Lo Pan's got a private army of security guards. When those alarms go, there's going to be on us like white on...
Sarah: (interrupting him) Thank you, Casey.
Cut to Ellie coming into the Bartowski front door holding grocery bags. Cut to Chuck greeting her from the kitchen.
Chuck: Hey, what up, sis?
Ellie: (smiling) Oh, good. Did you remember to defrost the chicken?
Chuck: You know that I did. And you know why? Because it's Mother's Day and I am here for you.
Ellie: (still smiling) The prodigal brother returns!
Chuck: You need some help?
Ellie: Yes. (Chuck helps her with the grocery bags) So, this will be fun. Just you and I. It's been a while.
Chuck: It's been too long. But tonight is all about brother/sister bonding. You know. Catchin' up...catching up, by the way, with no distractions. (his cell phone rings, Ellie to turns to look at him with slightly annoyed look. Camera cuts back to Chuck looking at his phone trying to decide if he should pick it up or not) And as soon as I answer this call, I will turn it off, I swear. (cut to Ellie looking annoyed) Hello?
Casey: (through the phone) It's Casey. (cut back to Chuck) Get over here. We want to see if you flash on anything. (Chuck hangs up the phone)
Ellie: What was that?
Chuck: Nothing, nothing. It's Casey. John Casey, my cow-orker, (shot of Ellie nodding, she remembers him) he needs some help with, uh, the, the, decorating tips.
Ellie: Like color swatches? I can help with that.
Chuck: No, no, no, no, no. You don't wanna do...no, that's very thoughtful of you. I really appreciate that, but he's a guy's guy, you know. He wants a man's opinion. He's a hunter, so he's really into hunting and he doesn't, he doesn't quite know which deer to mount on...
Ellie: Ew, God! Well, you have a couple of hours before dinner, so I need to focus on the kitchen, anyway.
Chuck: You sure?
Ellie: Yeah. Oh, you know what? Why don't you take him (taking something out of the fridge) some of my special guacamole? You know, as a house warming gift.
Chuck: That... wow, thank you, sis. That's really thoughtful of you.
Ellie: Just make sure to keep it away from Sarah, though. This is definitely not good for her spastic colon. (shot of Chuck looking confused, then suddenly remembering)
Chuck: Yes! You're..Got it. Right. The..spastic... (Ellie hands him the dish) Okay. I promise I will be back by eight. I promise. (leaves)
Cut to Casey's apartment. He answers the door as Chuck's knocking.
Chuck: Hi, oh hey. I brought Ellie's secret recipe. (Casey leaves the door open. Chuck enters and closes it behind him) Just trying to help the mission any way that I can. Can't really stay.
Casey: (walks back to where Mei-Ling is standing by a board with maps and Sarah is working at a computer) Alright, there are at least ten guards that we know of. Stationed at these points here (points at one of the maps), here (points again) and here (and again). Camera cuts to Chuck watching them.
Sarah: (offscreen) The security cameras are (camera cuts to Sarah looking at her computer screen) TKX50s. They're a little outdated, but they're equipped for remote access. Either of you familiar with them? (Casey and Mei-Ling shake their heads)
Chuck: (offscreen) I am. (cut to Chuck with his hand raised) Yeah, we, uh, we used to sell them at the Buy More. I did a bunch of installs a few years back. They're pretty easy to access.
Mei-Ling: Good. Every warm body helps.
Chuck: I'm sorry, me? No, no, no, no, look, it...as much as I wish that could help you, I can't. I made plans with my sister. They are none negotiable. (cut to various shots of the other three looking at him) But, of course, I know that you wouldn't be in this mess if it weren't for me. I want to be with my sister and you obviously really want to be with your brother. We're like one big wacky transatlantic family. (cut back to all three of them still looking at Chuck) I owe you. I'm in.
Sarah: Okay, fine, but you don't leave the van under any circumstances.
Chuck: I just need to be home by eight...if that's at all possible.
Cut to a black van slowly pulling up to Lo Pan's estate. Casey, Sarah and Mei-Ling jump out of the van, split up and infiltrate the estate to override the surveillance cameras. Chuck drives the van a distance away, parks and goes to the back of the back where the monitoring stations are up to ensure that successfully have visuals.
Chuck: Oh! Hey! We have lift off!
Cut to the Buy More audio video department. Jeff is taking a long slurp from a Large Mart Big Gulp cup. Cut to both Jeff and Lester sitting in two easy chairs.
Lester: (once Jeff finishes) Oof! Half a big gulp! New record! (goes to bump fists with Jeff, but Jeff give him a high five)
Jeff: I am Spartacus! (Lester is shaking his hand apparently in slight pain and nodding at him)
Morgan slowly approaches them.
Morgan: Ah hey, guys. Uh...kinda need your help.
Lester: Oh, last in the sales competition, Chuck not here to bail you out this time?
Morgan: Why else would I be here?
Lester: You know, by helping you out, aren't we...aren't we messing with the laws of nature? I mean the weak die, and...the strong prevail.
Jeff: Who are we to play God?
Lester: (nodding at Jeff) Mmmhmm.
Morgan: Yeah. Um, I'll give you half my pizza if I get in second place.
Jeff and Lester: The wounded raccoon.
Morgan: Don't know what that is. But whatever works. (sees a customer and walks toward her, checking his breath while Jeff and Lester look on) It's a great product, huh? It's 2 GB memory, extended warranty...
Woman: Yeah, it's a little pricey. But you know what? I'll take it. It's a gift for my sick nephew.
Morgan: Oh. (looks around) Sick nephew, huh? Um, tell you what, uh don't tell anybody...but it's on sale in Large Mart. Save yourself 50 bucks.
Woman: You'd give up a sale just to save me $50? That's so sweet.
Morgan: (bashfully) Ah, it's just a...
Woman: You know what? Here. (hands him her card) Call me sometime. For coffee.
Morgan: Wow. I will. Coffee. That sounds great.
Cut to Jeff and Lester who are standing nearby.
Lester: (tauntingly) Look at the little man. So weak, so pathetic.
Jeff: And you wonder why you're last in sales and about to get fired.
Camera cuts to Morgan and the girl looking at them.
Lester: Maybe if you spent your time selling merchandise instead of trolling for phone numbers, you wouldn't be flat broke (Morgan is signaling him to stop but he goes on) and living with your mother, and be forced to, (cutting to Lester mimicking putting food in his mouth) to pick leftovers out of the garbage so you could eat.
Camera cuts back to a speechless Morgan, and a clearly concerned woman.
Woman: (to Morgan) Can I have my number back please?
Morgan: Think, well let me just...(she takes her card and leaves) Are you kidding me? What was that?
Jeff: The wounded raccoon.
Lester: Yeah, you, you berate and humiliate the salesman in front of the customer like so, which I thought we did very well, and the customer feels so bad that they'll, they'll buy anything. It's the (make the quotation marks with his fingers) pity sale.
Jeff: (nodding) I always wondered if it worked. Guess not.
Lester: No, it does not. It does not. Wow. (Lester signals to Jeff. The two leave. Morgan is left alone dejected)
Cut to Chuck in the back of the van watching the monitors.
Sarah: (through the camera) All right listen, the guards are looking at a static loop. (camera pans to show Sarah looking directly at the camera) You're our eyes, Chuck. If you see any trouble coming you let us know.
Chuck: Got it. Let's just make this quick. 7:15 is my curfew.
Sarah: (through the headphones) Okay, we're going inside.
Casey: (through the headphones) Chuck, what do you see?
Camera pans to show different images on the different monitors.
Chuck: Uh, let's see...okay, I've got, I've got one guard, by himself, at the security monitors.
Casey: (through the camera) Thank you.
Camera pans to show the monitor showing Casey knocking out the guard.
Chuck: Ow! Oh, oh, ow! Good, good, good work, but let's not cocky, huh, team?
Casey: (through the headphones) Shut up, Chuck. What's next?
Chuck: Right, right. Looking, looking, looking...okay, okay, I've got, I've got three guards in the kitchen...area.
Sarah: (through the headphones) I see them.
Chuck: Be careful. They're, they're bigger than the first guy.
Cut to various shots of Mei Ling, Casey and Sarah taking out Lo Pan's men. Cut to back to Chuck watching them on the monitors making kung fu noises.
Chuck: All right, kicking butt.
Casey: (through the headphones) What happened to "don't get cocky"?
Chuck: My bad. Professional faux pas.
Cut to back to Casey, Mei Ling and Sarah making their way through the estate. Cut to the van where five of the six monitors Chuck is watching suddenly go offline.
Chuck: Wait. Hey, hey, hey! What happened? I, I lost all visual on the security cameras. Guys, guys...
Cut to the three agents slowing coming into Lo Pan's study.
Chuck: (through earpiece)...all I can see is what Casey's lipstick camera is picking up.
Camera pans to show Lo Pan reading a book by his desk.
Casey: (offscreen) Put down the book, Ironside. Hands up.
Lo Pan puts down the book and turns to look at them. Suddenly, doors open and a large number of armed men come in and surround them.
Cut back to Chuck watching this on the monitor.
Chuck: Guys, if you're seeing this, you might wanna run!
Cut to back to Lo Pan's study, where the agents are surrounded.
Casey: You think?!
Ben Lo Pan: Perfect timing, Mei-Ling.
Cut back to the van.
Ben Lo Pan: (through the camera) Your government had just refused my final offer...
Cut to back to Lo Pan.
Ben Lo Pan: ...for your brother. (Lee is thrown to the floor in front of them. He calls out to his sister as Mei-Ling pulls him up while muttering back in Chinese.) Hopefully, they will change their minds, now that I have two American agents to barter with.
Lo Pan's men remove Sarah and Casey's earpieces and camera. Cut to back to the van where Chuck sees the last monitor go dark.
Chuck: Sarah? Oh, no, no, no! Oh, no, no, no! (goes to the driver's seat and looks up at the house to see Casey, Sarah, Mei-Ling and Lee being escorted out to a van by a large number of men).
Cut to Sarah and Casey. They glance at each other, Casey nods and Sarah tries to run but is subdued. While Lo Pan's men are distracted, Casey brings his watch to his mouth.
Casey: (into his watch)Chuck, it's Casey. Don't talk.
Cut to Chuck listening intently and clearly anxious.
Casey: (through a speaker) I can't hear you. Go home.
Cut to Casey talking into his watch.
Casey: I repeat, go home. Don't call the cops. Don't do anything. (a guard grabs him)
Cut to back to visibly worried Chuck.
Chuck: Casey? (camera cuts to Sarah and Casey being loaded into the white van) Casey? (he looks back at the van and gulps. As the van drives away, the camera pans to the "Bamboo Dragon" insignia on the side) They're taking them to the Bamboo Dragon. Okay, okay, all right. What are the rules for tailing? Tail rules. 30, 30 yards...or was it 30 feet? I should've taken notes. Oh, God!
Cut to evening over the streets of Los Angeles. The Bamboo Dragon van pulls into the alley next to the restaurant. Chuck parks the van safe distance from the restaurant and heads to the back door. He looks through the window in the door and sees the four being shoved to the freezer while Lo Pan watches. His phone rings. He moves away from the door sees that Ellie is calling him.
Chuck: (silences the call) Ellie's gonna kill me. Sorry. (he turns and sees the same guy selling fireworks from earlier and smiles)
Cut to casa Bartowski. The camera pans to dinner table where Ellie has prepared a wonderful meal.
Ellie: (leaving a voice mail) Hey, Chuck, it's Ellie. Well, you've officially missed Mother's Day, which is a first, I might add. I just, I don't know what happened to you. Tonight, or in general. You know the least that you could've done was call. Well I...(shaking her head) anyway, um, (sighs)...forget it. Bye.
Cut to Morgan coming into the kitchen.
Morgan: Let me guess. Chuck's not here, right?
Ellie: That is becoming common around here.
Morgan: Yeah, tell me about it.
Ellie: I can't believe Chuck missed Mother's Day. (walks up to the kitchen counter) You know, all I wanted was for him to meet a great girl and he finally did and now, I never see him.
Morgan: You know what? Maybe we should sit Chuck down and force him to break up with Sarah. You know, dump her completely. Who needs her? Heh. Kidding, kidding. Kinda.
Ellie: It's not that I'm not happy for him. I just miss him.
Morgan: No, I get it. (comes and sits next to Ellie) Chuck's been through some tough times...getting kicked out of Stanford and then Jill breaking up with him...you know. You got him through all that and no one knows that better than he does. Believe me.
Ellie: (she smiles at him and engages him in further conversation) How are things at work?
Morgan: Oh, awful. Thank you for asking. You know, there's this, uh, sales competition and I'm pretty much last.
Ellie: So, what are you gonna do?
Morgan: Same thing I always do, get fired.
Ellie: Are you sure that you wanna do that?
Morgan: Truth is, Chuck and I always complain how boring the Buy More is. So, tomorrow, I'm gonna go up to Big Mike and do the only honorable thing left to do.
Ellie: What's that?
Morgan: Well what any respectable warrior like Bruce Lee would do - fall on my sword. (Ellie looks at him questioningly) Harakiri. Fire myself.
Ellie: You mean, resign?
Morgan: Yeah, okay. That sounds better, I guess. (they share a smile)
Cut to Chuck carrying a bag full of fireworks. He stops next to the white van.
Chuck: Oh, God, please let me keep my fingers! (He lights one with a long fuse right next to the Bamboo Dragon van) Come on! Come on! G'oh God! (he puts the lit firework in the bag with the rest and places the entire thing in the front seat of the van. He then runs to hide behind a wall) Okay, okay, okay, ah, okay, okay, okay, okay.
The fireworks go off in the van and the explosion attracts four of Lo Pan's guards out of the restaurant to the van. Chuck smiles at his handywork. He uses the distraction and rushes into the restaurant to open the freezer. He opens the freezer door just as Casey is about to attack him.
Chuck: (to Casey) No, no, no.
Casey: (to Chuck). Shhh.
Chuck: (to Sarah as she's running out of the freezer) You can yell at me later.
Cut to the outside where the guards start to head back in to the restaurant. Cut to Casey freeing Sarah's wrists while Chuck does the same for Mei-Ling and Lee. Mei-Ling says something to Lee and she runs off with Casey and Sarah.
Chuck: (to Lee) This is the part where we hide. (Chuck motions to him to duck down)
Fight scene in the kitchen between the three agents and Lo Pan's men. Chuck and Lee watch the fight from their hiding place. Chuck suddenly sees Lo Pan trying to get away.
Chuck: Ben Lo Pan's getting away. (Cut back to the fight scene then back to Chuck and Lee) Wait here huh, wait here. (taps Lee on the shoulder as he gets up to go after Lo Pan. Lee nods).
Cut back to the fight scene and then to Chuck grabbing the handles of Lo Pan's wheelchair and turning him around away from the exit.
Chuck: Forget it, Ben, it's Chinatown. You ever see that movie?
Fight scene ends with the three agents victorious.
Cut to evening outside the Bartowski complex. Cut to Chuck coming through the front door. He turns on the light and sees an upset Ellie in her pajamas sitting at the table with a cup of tea.
Chuck: Ellie. Ellie, I'm so, so, so sorry.
Ellie: What happened, Chuck? Were you kidnapped or something?
Chuck: Me? No, no. I, uh, I went over to Casey's...
Ellie: (sighing) I went to Casey's, Chuck. No one was there.
Chuck: Oh.
Ellie: When did we start keeping secrets from one another?
Chuck: You know what? If you'll just, (sits down at the table) if you'll just let me explain...
Ellie: There's no need. I figured it out. (cut to a shocked Chuck) I know.
Chuck: (wide eyed) You do?
Ellie: You haven't have had a girlfriend for a long time. And you're in love.
Chuck: (relieved chuckle) Yeah. I am?
Ellie: But lying to me? Missing our most important day like, like you're in high school? I mean, do you even know that Morgan's about to be fired?
Chuck: Ellie, I can't apologize enough. I...everything that you're saying is right. I guess that I'm just so, um, I'm, I'm so head over heels, um, that I'm not thinking straight, you know.
Ellie: Listen, I know that this is the first big thing to happen to you in awhile. And you feel like your life isn't going anywhere and your job's not either, and you're not Superman out there saving the day, (Chuck is looks down uncomfortable) but you're a good person, Chuck. You're a good brother and you're a good friend. Don't lose that.
Chuck: Do you think, do you think that maybe we could, uh, reschedule Mother's Day? For like tomorrow? I know that that is ridiculously unorthodox. I, I get that. I know that it's my fault that we even have to do it, but, uh, I mean it is our holiday, so I think we can make up our own rules?
Ellie: If I say yes,(standing up) you'll be there?
Chuck: I promise.
Ellie: You know if there's anything going on with you...life, girl, job...you can come to me? (camera cuts back between Chuck and Ellie a few times before he nods. Ellie mouths "yeah" then leaves Chuck alone with his thoughts)
Cut to the Buy More. Morgan's carrying a piece of paper as he walks into Big Mike's office and places it on his desk. Big Mike is playing with an electric fishing rod.
Big Mike: What's that?
Morgan: My letter of resignation.
Big Mike: You getting another job?
Morgan: No.
Big Mike: Didn't think anyone else was stupid enough to hire you. So, what's up?
Morgan: I'm last in the competition. Yeah, I know that it's a shock that I'm the last. But here we are. I now fall on my sword, head high, dignity intact. It's the shaolin way.
Lester: (at Big Mike's doorway) Hey, Morgan, there's a whale on the line (pointing outside) demanding to see you.
Morgan: A fish is calling?
Lester: No, you bearded buffoon, a big spender. She wants to see you at check-out.
Cut to the Buy More check-out. Items are being rung up. Morgan arrives as the camera pan ups to reveal Ellie's the customer.
Morgan: Ellie?
Ellie: Hey. I already know what I'm getting Chuck and Devon for their birthdays, so I figured I'd do some shopping early.
Cashier: That'll be seven hundred and thirty three dollars and forty cents, ma'am. Did anyone help you?
Ellie: He did. (motioning towards Morgan)
Morgan: I love you. (Ellie smiles) (Morgan runs back and sees Big Mike who's walking the floor) Ah, big man, not quittin'. No.
Big Mike: Good. You're my only Hispanic on the sales team. You quit, the affirmative action goons will be all over my ass.
Morgan: O...kay. Well, listen, I sold over seven hundred dollars worth of stereo equipment. Puts me in second place. Means somebody owes me a pizza with two toppings. (singing "toppings" and pointing a Big Mike's chest)
Big Mike: Pizza's for me, partner.
Morgan: Do I get an iPhone?
Big Mike: I don't even get a free iPhone, you think I'm going to give you jerks one?
Morgan: There are no prizes?
Big Mike: ...And no one's getting fired. The competition was to get you bums to work harder. Looks like it worked. (walks away)
Morgan: Yeah, but... (as he turns and watches Big Mike leave. He looks at Ellie who smiles at him. He smiles back at her)
Cut to late morning over Los Angeles. An empty parking lot. Lee is hugging Mei-Ling goodbye in front of a black car as Chuck, Sarah and Casey look on.
Chuck: (to Casey and Sarah) Look, I'm, I'm sorry, you guys. I know that you wanted me to go home, but I just couldn't, you know.
Casey: You just turned one of China's top spies. (eating what appears to be a fortune cookie)
Sarah: (smiling)...And you helped save her brother. So good work, Chuck.
Chuck smiles as Lee's car pulls away. Mei-Ling starts walking towards them.
Chuck: (holding onto a clipboard) Well, I better be going. I've got my own family reunion to attend.
Mei-Ling: (walking up to Chuck) Thank you. Chuck (smiles)
Chuck: Oh, yeah. Don't, don't mention it. You're welcome. Uh, but before you go, would you mind, uh would you mind signing this? (shows the clipboard)
Mei-Ling: What is it?
Chuck: Oh, it just says that I was offsite fixing your computer and that you were satisfied with the level of customer service I provided. (he smiles)
Cut to Los Angeles, late afternoon. Chuck comes through the front door at casa Bartowski with champagne in his hand.
Morgan: Hey, Chuck! (with food in his mouth)
Chuck: Morgan. Morgan, what are you d...buddy, I know that I haven't been around lately and/or really been the best of friend, but, uh, (Morgan shakes his head) you know that Ellie and I...
Morgan: Mother's Day, man. I know, I get it, I get it.
Ellie: (comes in) It's okay, it's okay. I invited him.
Morgan: (puts his arm around Ellie) Huh. Yeah, yeah. And I told you he's going come walking through that door didn't I? (pats Chuck's cheek) He's such a good kid. (takes the bottle from Chuck's hands) Let me get some glasses. (leaves to go to the kitchen)
Chuck: What the...?
Ellie: We bonded over an "I miss Chuck" moment.
Chuck: Did ya? (laughs, then looks around) Where's, uh, where's Awesome?
Ellie: He couldn't get off work. (knocking at the door) But that must be Sarah.
Chuck: Wha? You invited her, too?
Ellie: Well, I mean, she's your new best gal. How could I not?
Chuck: Ellie, you know you'll always be my best gal.
Ellie: Don't take this the wrong way, Chuck, but I hope not.
Chuck: (backing toward the door) Morgan, now Sarah, it used to be just the two of us.
Ellie: Well, we're growing up.
Chuck opens the door. Sarah comes in.
Chuck: Hey.
Sarah: Ellie invited me. She, uh, (waves hello to Ellie who waves back) insisted that I come. So, uh, Mother's Day.
Chuck: Yes. Mother's Day, that's right. You don't really know...Mother's Day is the anniversary of the day our mom left us. Our dad was here, but he was never really 'here'. So now every year, we celebrate the day we learned how to take care of ourselves... (Sarah smiles)
Ellie: And rely on each other. (walking up to them with a cheese platter)
Morgan hands glasses of champagne to Chuck and Sarah as they follow Ellie to the living room.
Chuck: (looking around) I think we're gonna need some more champagne.
Cut to the courtyard in the Bartowski complex. Chuck is sitting with his feet up on the fountain with a glass of champagne in hand. The bottle is at the edge of the fountain.
Chuck: Ah, I heard you came in second place, thanks to Ellie.
Morgan: Chuck, I've been, I've been slow playing her for years, you know, and just sort of waiting in second position until she (sits down on the edge of the fountain) pretty much couldn't resist me anymore.
Chuck: Is that right?
Morgan: Yeah, yeah. I would however like your blessing before I marry her.
Chuck: Oh. Well, you know whatever Ellie wants.
Morgan: I know, but are you ready to be my brother-in-law? Have a few Morgan Bartowskis running around, or... Ellie Berettas.(Ellie is quietly walking up behind him) I, I would change her last name to Beretta for her, you know. Cause I think she deserves a last name that cool, mm, you know, like Ellie MacGyver or Ellie Headroom...Ellie Rambo. She's behind me right now, isn't she?
Chuck: Mmm-hmm.
Morgan: Heard everything?
Chuck: Pretty much, yeah.
Morgan: Okay. I guess I'm going home. (leaves)
Chuck and Ellie laugh as she sits down in Morgan's vacated spot.
Chuck: I can't believe it. For twelve whole hours, my best friend and my sister actually got along.
Ellie: A Mother's Day miracle.
Chuck: Happy Mother's Day.(they toast)

Just a run of the mill spy story but what the episode does really well is establish how much Chuck's spy life is beginning to affect his personal life with Ellie and Morgan. The episode does present the all important facts that Mama B left the kids and Papa B was "there" but not "there". They could be taken at face value, but we now know how important both of these things turn out later on down the series.