29 June, 2012

Wilfred 2.02 - "Letting Go"

Having skipped over last week's "preview" of WILFRED's season 2 premiere which was actually the premiere but at a different half hour... which still makes no sense, today I tackle the actual premiere of an episode at the correct hour that continues from the events of the previous episode that was the premiere at... whatever. What exactly was FX thinking?

In the first episode of this season, Ryan escaped the mental hospital to return home and rediscover the basement he had found missing in the season 1 finale.

When this second episode starts, months have passed and his neighbor Jenna --apparently preggers in the last episode-- and her boyfriend are planning on moving to LA and getting married, even though Jenna has learned she isn't carrying Drew's spunkchild. We quickly discover that all isn't perfect in romance land.

Wilfred also seems to be in love with Drew and pretending not to recognize Ryan. Though the pretending doesn't last long as Wilfred tells Ryan that their relationship is damaged.

Meanwhile, Ryan's work buddy, Amanda, comes onto him like the ladies do when they want something. But his head is too full of misery over Wilfred and Jenna that he shoots the willing victim down.

As Ryan tries to find out dirt on the Jenna and Drew relationship, Wilfred flips the plot on him and makes it about them becoming better friends. This is obviously just Wilfred's usual manipulation of Ryan but the human buys into it virtually every time because he's a total perceptive lamer. This leads the two to enter into a doggie competition that will prove Wilfred's worth to Drew and Ryan's friendship to Wilfred... though, it's really just about what Wilfred wants and how he can use Ryan to get it while making Ryan feel like it is about strengthening their friendship.

When Wilfred realizes he can't win, Ryan suggest juicing up with some supplements. Wilfred suggests juicing up with hardcore performance enhancing steroid shit.

At the competition, Ryan discovers that by spending so much time with Wilfred he has helped Jenna and Drew repair their relationship. He then decides not to give his little antagonistic buddy the 'roids and instead uses a leash to motivate Wilfred's natural rage toward them to victory!

Except it kind of backfires as Wilfred goes kookoo for the Coco Puffs, pisses at the crowd, and generally wrecks the obstacle course. But when Drew mocks his "participant" award, Ryan gets his buddy back.

Wilfred then schemes to get rid of Drew.

Ryan asks out Amanda.

Quoting Wilfred
Drew: Wanna play catch? Huh? Come on.
Wilfred: Hells yeah! Catch is the shit!

Wilfred: Come on, Wilfred! Get your head in the game!

Wilfred: I remember you, Ryan. Memory is like the Packers when they're behind by two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. It comes back.

Ryan: So how have you been?
Wilfred: Wisconsin was kickass. There was a beautiful lake there. I took 37 shits in it.

Ryan: Wait. Wilfred, I need you.
Wilfred: Well I don't need you, Ryan woman, hear me roar. You're on your own.

Ryan: Look, Amanda, you seem great.
Amanda: Ooh, this is awkward. You know, I'm just gonna go have sex with whoever's in the mens room.

Ryan: Okay! Can we just s-slow down for a second?
Wilfred: Why? So we can spend the whole day talking about your problems, you selfish prick? I'm not Dr. Phil, okay? I'm Doctor Wilfred. And I only call myself that when I'm DJing.

Wilfred: It goes both ways, Ruhruhruh-Ry Sharona.

Wilfred: Lets on the count of three both say what we can bench. One, two three, thirty-five pounds. Hey! You didn't say it. Oh, oh what are you ignoring me now? Y-you better than me, you beautiful golden head prick?

Wilfred: See what I did there? I got super tired, stopped running, and started dry heaving. I've gotta not do that.

Wilfred: There's only one way I can win this competition. You need to put a jar of flesh-eating bacteria all over Jellybeans' legs and genitals.

Wilfred: I'm gonna need the good shit.
Ryan: You mean real steroids?
Wilfred: I'm talking about the back alley shit. The shit that Kathleen Turner uses. Think you can handle that bro?
Ryan: Wilfred, I...
Wilfred: See, this is how friendships work, Ryan. I scratch your back, you scratch the area directly above my penis until my leg goes apeshit.

Needy drug dealer: Hundred fifty bucks. And a hug.
Ryan: A hug?
Needy drug dealer: A long hug. I want it to be tender like we're sisters at a funeral.

Wilfred: We get it Beans. We all know you got tasty balls. No need to flaunt it. Jesus! Is there no limit to this guy's arrogance?

If I had to rate this episode, and Wilfred's leash says I do, then I'd give it:

90 out of 100

A nice return to form of the show I love. Tons of great lines and a funny episode that has a nice little message about friendship. Awwww.

Also, Amanda is a slut. My type.


27 June, 2012

TV Guide Talks Yvonne Strahovski on DEXTER

There's a spoiler heavy interview with the DEXTER show runner over at TVGuide.com that you can check out at this link. In it we find out a lot more about Yvonne's character:

"She plays this woman named Hannah, who took off from this small rinky-dink Florida town and ran off with this older guy and they went on this wild killing spree. So when they got caught, she turned state's evidence on the boyfriend, he went to jail for life and she started a new life. Years later, she's in her 30s and she will intersect with Dexter."

There is more info about her character in the article. Follow the link above for more.

So, what do you think? Are you more or less excited to watch?


21 June, 2012

Twitter Down 21 June, 2012

If you have been trying to log in since around 12:00 EST, then you are probably not having much success. There is currently no word from Twitter on the outage. Stay tuned for any updates!

13:15 NYC time UPDATE: Twitter.com service seems to be fully restored. We shall never forget where we were the day Twitter.com went dark... for an hour. Note that Twitter may go down in other parts of the world over the next hour but should be back up within an hour.

13:08 NYC time UPDATE: Aaaand... Twitter.com seems to be back up. Still some delays in tweeting.

12:53 NYC time UPDATE: Log in via https://mobile.twitter.com/ to continue to Tweet during this outage.

12:49 NYC Time UPDATE: Twitter has acknowledged the downtime and posted:

Users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter. Our engineers are currently working to resolve the issue.


19 June, 2012

Review - FALLING SKIES Season 2 Premiere: The Good, the Bad, and the Uuuugly

And they're back! More after the jump!

I admit it. I had grown a bit tired of this show toward the end of last season. Sure, I enjoyed elements of it a lot and thought it had potential but I also felt like it had started to wear out its welcome toward the end.

So season 2 begins having left us on a cliffhanger and wondering just what the hell the aliens are up to in their scheming ways. Here is a breakdown of what I thought was good, bad, and just damn ugly about the two-episode premiere.

1. 10 second recap of the previous season. Good because I had totally forgotten what happened.

2. The CGI is awesome!

I'm just kidding.

3. That Sawyer/Han Solo wannabe is still fun.

4. The kid with the Canadian accent who once had one of those stupid spine-stickers on him is kind of badass, provided he never speaks because once he does he sounds Canadian and we all know what that means. Right? I mean, everyone below the pipeline.

5. The cute blond chick that suddenly disappeared in season 1 --because what this show needed less of was cute blond chicks- is back! All be it in flashbacks.

6. Will Patton! I loved him in ARMAGEDDON!

7. As with season 1, I love how the show utilizes kids as part of the paramilitary force. That makes things more believable and easier to invest in on an emotional level.

8. The show is shot well.

9. The military planning stuff actually makes sense and is well written.

10. ER doc being suspicious of being brainwashed by the aliens... it's not great writing or anything, just appropriate. That's exactly what I would think.

11. Cute medic super religious chick is majorly adorahot! Even when filthy. Especially...

12. Alien eye-parasites are much cooler than spine suckers.

13. Is ER doc brainwashed?! Is he not?! Oh nos! Tension!

14. "Don't shoot, Ben. Once is enough I think." Hahahahaha! Oh snap. Burn Canadian-accent!

1. 10 second recap of the previous season. It made me realize how completely devoid of meaningful content season 1 was.

2. Those things that attach to your spine and suck out your will to be human weren't deleted. I just think they look idiotic and unnecessarily add to the camp nature of the show. It's like someone in the art department was thinking "remember that thing in Wrath of Khan? It was small right? And it was barely seen. LET'S MAKE IT HUGE AND STUPID LOOKING!" And then one of the non-writer executive producers saw it and declared it the best idea ever and thought it should be a major part of the show. Because non-writer executive producers are brilliant.

3. Will Patton is still on the show. I hate Will Patton. His face is stupid. His voice is annoying. And he can't act. Plus, he was in THE POSTMAN. And that movie sucked just a little bit more than Will Patton does in everything he has ever done. Why does he always sound like he's drunk? He didn't have like a stroke or something because then I look like a major dick right about now. I mean, more than I do saying that I hate Will Patton and that he sucks at everything.

Mind you if I ever run into Will Patton I'm going to tell him I loved him in ARMAGEDDON. I didn't but I'm going to tell him I did. Why? Because it would kill me to say anything good about THE POSTMAN and I have no clue what else he's ever done. I'm basically judging his entire career, his face, and his voice based on one role.

WATERWORLD ruled! Because he wasn't in that.

4. The American flag on a soldier's uniform should face in the opposite direction as if the flag is being blown by the wind as its wearer surges forward in battle.

5. At times the CGI is baaaad and the physics of things look goofy.

6. The episode 1 story is awkwardly told jumping between ER doc's flashbacks and the present world. It's not that it is confusing but just weirdly executed. At no point did it feel like the episode was improved by this technique.

7. These idiots bunch up way too much in the open. Spread out! One alien Jesus bolt from the sky and you're all dead!

8. Wouldn't the aliens blow up every bridge FIRST? That's what we did in Iraq. We would have done it in Afghanistan but their engineers just recently invented the wheel. Tune in around 2035 for bridges.

9. Pet peeve more than "bad"... why are people always chambering rounds in their shotguns or cocking their pistols? It's one of those really stupid things that have become way too accepted in the biz. You know like bullets that can kill you while you're underwater even though MYTHBUSTERS debunked that years ago. Come on Hollywood! The density of water either slows a bullet down so much it can't impact anything beyond a few inches, or the bullet shatters on impact. But I digress...

1. When that doctor from ER is shot early in episode 1, we see some blood gushing out of his wound. Eeewwz.

2. The cute blond chick is used as a sock puppet for the aliens. This makes her scenes nearly unspankable.


3. Dirty socks, dirty clothes, unbrushed teeth, beards, and bad hair. That's good uuuugly.

4. Canadian-accent kid's back is getting creepier.

If I had to rate these episodes, and the alien overlords are mind-controlling me to think I do, then I'd give episode 1:

75 out of 100

I didn't love season 1 but it seemed to improve once I watched episode 2.01. I had a hard time caring at all about doctor ER's life threatening wound or his new buddy who rides away. Plus, the whole story just played out too conveniently. Granted, people seem to love this shit and barely tune(d) in to watch MAD MEN or BREAKING BAD or JUSTIFIED or THE WIRE. So maybe the writers are onto something.

And episode 2:

85 out of 100

Without the weird flashback/present storyline the show found some swagger, but the VFX didn't improve any.

Still much better than THE POSTMAN. I'll tune in next week to see what happens next.

Comment below... let me know what you thought and if I should keep writing about this show. Not that I will listen.


COMMUNITY Wins Best TV Comedy Series at the Critics' Choice Awards 2012!

That's the only important thing that happened there.



12 June, 2012

Updated CHUCK Season 5 DVD Sales Numbers - 4th Week on the Charts

In an unprecedented turn of events, CHUCK Season 5 has stayed on the top 30 DVD sales charts for four weeks running!

In its 4th week on the charts, it comes in 29th place. Source: The-Numbers.com

Chuck: The Complete Fifth Season sold 18,871 units in week 4 of release for a total of 123,080 units sold to date. That's a reported revenue total of $3,273,159.

Only about 10 times that needed in sales to get that movie! Keep buying. Keep spreading the word!

Previous articles about this subject:
22 May, 2012
CHUCK Season 5 DVD Sales Better Than Previous Seasons

06 June, 2012
Updated CHUCK Season 5 DVD Sales Numbers - First 3 Weeks


DEXTER Season 7 Gets Yvonne Strahovski

Being reported all around the Internet and on your Blackberry is the news that the beautiful, brilliant, and super-duper-sexy Yvonne Strahovski will be stealing every scene on DEXTER next season.

Unfortunately, I quit that show last season when it not just jumped a shark but then cut its wrists in the water so the shark would quickly find and eat it!

Here's what Showtime is saying about Yvonne's future Emmy role:

Her character is named Hannah McKay and she is "a strong, independent woman with a past that she's struggled to put behind her. As a turn of events leads Miami Metro Homicide to ask for her help in solving some old cases, Dexter works with her and begins to wonder if there's more to this woman than she's professed."

There will obviously be nakedness and sex. Meaning crafty editors will later use these scenes in a CHUCK fan video.

DEXTER starts 30 September, 2012, at 9pm on Showtime (which, interestingly enough, is one day after Chuck Bartowski's birthday).

So what say you?

2013 Summer Movies in Review


11 June, 2012

Review - MAD MEN Season 5 Finale

Well that season seemed to go by quickly.

But what did it all mean?

Don's rotten tooth becomes too painful for him to handle and has to be pulled. Unfortunately for Don, tormented souls and regret can't be so easily extracted. With the guilt of suicides on his mind and the disappointment of not being able to truly control his world, Don returns to the place where he feels most comfortable. Boozing, smoking, and cheating. Because even though Don is a man who suffers his demons, he is also a man who finds ways to smother himself in his own needs so that he never has to reflect too much on his responsibility for the course of his life and how it has affected others badly. All he can really do is consider how much helping those he loves results in them leaving him. And so his chance encounter with Peggy is likely reflected in the final scene. Having just helped to make his wife's dreams come true, he awaits the dread of what is to come when she realizes she no longer needs him.

If I had to rate this episode, and an electric shock therapy treatment is in the cards if I don't, I'd give it:

85 out of 100

It sets up the future growth of the business while also foreshadowing the doom of Don's marriage, if not his life. It also leaves Joan and Pete dangling, neither sure what they could have done to head off their own regret. Peggy and Roger, on the other hand, seem to have found some kind of happy place for themselves. Whatever can Don do to destroy that next season? I'm sure he'll find a way.

If I had to rate this season, and a ghostly suicide beckons for it, I'd give it:

90 out of 100

It isn't the best of the series, and perhaps it is what some would call its worst, but saying MAD MEN has a "worst" season is like saying that peperoni pizza without extra cheese is worse than with extra cheese. I mean come on. It's still a damn good pizza!


09 June, 2012

THE HOBBIT, Production Video #7

I keep missing these by a few days but so do some of you so I keep posting them in case you missed them.


You can also click this link to watch it on their Facebook page.


08 June, 2012

Furycast 29 - Nothing but CHUCK Again?

In this episode, HGF and Vlady GG go crazy... that's about the best description for what happens in this one. There's also some CHUCK talk. I can't promise it is good... I also can't promise it isn't great.

Autoplaying for some strange reason...

OR... you can RIGHT CLICK and SAVE to download the MP3 (the much cooler method THAT EVERYONE SHOULD BE USING BECAUSE IT SOUNDS SO MUCH BETTER!).

Or you can click this link and subscribe via iTunes.

Songs by Appearance (spoilers)

Slaughter - Desperately from the (1990) album Stick it To Ya 00:30 - 3:39
Def Leppard - Photograph from the (1983) album Pyromania 3:40 - 7:35
Foo Fighters - Rope [edited] from the (2011) album Wasting Light 7:36 - 11:40
Soundgarden - Room a Thousand Years Wide from the (1990) album Badmotorfinger 11:41 - 15:42
Metallica - Leper Messiah [edited] from the (1986) album Master of Puppets 15:43 - 18:11
U2 - Angel of Harlem from the (1988) album Rattle and Hum 18:12 - 21:55
The Naked And Famous - Young Blood from the (2010) album Passive Me, Aggressive You 21:56 - 25:42
Metallica - Cyanide from the (2008) album Death Magnetic 25:43 - 30:33
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California from the (2006) album Stadium Arcadium 00:00 - 00:29 and 30:34 - 31:49


06 June, 2012

Updated CHUCK Season 5 DVD Sales Numbers - First 3 Weeks

Just checked the Season 5 sales numbers and noticed a change in the reported week 1 numbers. I have corrected this in the earlier article but have also decided to include the week 1-3 sales numbers.

Chuck: The Complete Fifth Season
Week 1 - 57,217
Week 2 - 21,612
Week 3 - 27,580

As you can see, week three sales actually increased from the previous week by 27.6%. That puts the total over 106,409 units sold so far.

Keep buying and some day fans may get that movie!


04 June, 2012

Furycast Episode 28 - Game of Thrones 2.10 and Tyrion Has a Cool Scar

@GeekFurious, @JessicaSisk, and @PunkaTess discuss the season 2 finale of GAME OF THRONES, sometimes called episode 20 of GAME OF THRONES by weird people.

OUTTAKES AT THE END! Also, things I forgot to include in the edit:

1. The opening is from a season 1 DVD/BD commentary.

2. The Sword songs played in the podcast are:

Maiden, Mother & Crone from the album Gods of the Earth (2008)
To Take the Black from the album Gods of the Earth (2008)

I am going to give you all more options than you ever wanted for listening to this podcast. You can use the old method.

Autoplaying for your inconvenience.

Or you can RIGHT CLICK and SAVE to download the MP3 (the much cooler method).

Or, you can utilize this YouTube link (so 2011).

Or you can click this link and subscribe via iTunes.


Chris Hardwick's All-Star Celebrity Bowling Season Finale: Team Nerdist Vs. BREAKING BAD

The greatest show on YouTube saved arguably the best for last as Team Nerdist faced Team Breaking Bad. What happened? Who won? Who got kissed? And did someone spoil the series just to punish their opponent?! Find out below!

Be sure to subscribe to the Nerdist Channel by clicking this link.