30 August, 2012

Review -- WHITE COLLAR 4.07: 'Compromising Positions'

I regretfully announce to all those who watched 'Compromising Positions' that this was not the worst episode of 'White Collar' this season. Just seven episodes into Season 4, this clunker should represent the low-point of the early going.

But sadly that is not the case, because what happened in last week's installment wasn't a horrible nightmare -- it actually happened. 

To be fair, this episode wasn't all that horrendous. It did give us a few goodies: the return of Sarah and the crazy-awkward-amusing-humorous fake sex scene with Peter, Neal up to his usual shenanigans behind Peter's back and Neal enjoying himself as a witness in a trial.

After last week's debacle, I was at least hoping for a good case-of-the-week. While it was a bit different and entertaining at times, it ultimately failed. This chick, the fixer, knows everyone and everything about everybody, but didn't know about the existence of Neal Caffrey? Not buying it. While she didn't fall for the compromising pictures trick, she did fall for Peter/Mozzie's plan which she seemed way too smart for. Another thing that enraged me: the defendant at trial reacting to Neal being an FBI informant. He was looking nervous and talking loudly to his attorney, basically admitting his guilt to the jury. Totally ridiculous. All bad guys know to sit still and not react -- that jury is watching your every move.

And how many damn times do we need to see a new character introduced warn Peter about Neal eventually getting Peter into trouble with his antics?

The key the upcoming episodes, and essentially the rest of this season, is where the season-long arc goes. Who killed Ellen? can we trust Sam? What are we going to discover about Neal's father and who can and can't we trust within the FBI? I dont know how this will all play out, but all this crap reminds me of the 'Castle' arcs. It's just cliche to have corrupt cops/FBI agents and conspiracies involved in a show like this.

I would say this show can do better, but Season 4 so far has given me no reason to think it can.

I'm worried.


--NEAL (to Mozzie): "Before you go assassinating apples in Aruba, I need you to help me."

--PETER: "Which gives us creative license to make those photos real."
--ELIZABETH: "What?"
--PETER: "No, I mean, not real. Look real. Real-looking. And you can completely be there."
--ELIZABETH: "In the photos?"
--PETER: "No, No, I mean you can watch."
--SARAH: "Yeah, because that won't be awkward."

--NEAL: "Romance-novel cover right there."

--NEAL: "OK, I think we got it. That's a wrap."

PETER (to Mozzie): "Where did you come from?"
MOZZIE (to Peter): "Forty-five years ago, an enigma gave a paradox a very special hug."


--I'm surprised it took this long for the show to put Neal into a courtroom again. It was fun seeing him as a witness.

--Question: Do people want to see Neal and Sarah back together? Or do we want to see him involved with different chicks on a regular basis, a la 'Seinfeld'? I most enjoy when he's single and often gets linked to the guest stars in the episode.

--This week's installment of 'Eli is a creep': I would love to see him with Alex, who will be returning to the show soon. Not only is she stunningly breathtaking, but her character is fun, they have lots of history and she is basically the female version of him. Fun all-around.

THE SCORE: 57 out of 100

The case was iffy and we didn't learn anything new whatsoever. The only thing giving it this high of a score is that scene with Peter and Sarah.


28 August, 2012

Guest Review - BREAKING BAD 5.07: 'Say My Name'

I thought Shawn Mahone had died when he didn't send in his review yesterday but apparently he was on some fake Euro "holiday." So here is another review about the guys who knock. As always, I don't proofread his work so if he says something stupid, I am sure I can get his address so you can firebomb his house. --HGF

RIP Mike, RI Fucking P Mike! I knew deep down that Mike's fate was doomed from the season premier...Breaking Bad had to kill someone and they would never kill Jesse or Hank and I knew with every passing episode and the hints that pointed to Mike's eventual demise that he would go sooner or later. It could have been the legacy costs or the pointing of his gun to Walter so many times or just Walt saying in 5.03 that Mike was flying to close to the sun but I just knew it was coming but knowing and seeing are two different things altogether and watching Mike die hurt. It was beautifully shot and executed and his death was quiet and serene and perfect but it still fucking hurt!

Watching the making of the episode on the AMC website you can tell that this hit the cast and crew hard and Jonathan Banks who plays Mike is a big softy and he got emotional too, we are nearing end times story wise and I can only see more and more deaths occurring over the remaining 9 episodes of this show, so there is a lot more pain and heartbreak left and tension and drama and just shit hits the fan awesomeness!

So was Mike's death contrived? yes! I have to believe (although I have not read any comments online) that some fans will accept that Mike would not want to get Jesse caught and could not risk Saul but Walter White! He would accept the help from Walter fucking White? I suppose maybe Mike did get too close to the sun but still Mike was a pro and one who made very few mistakes and I just do not know if this was a fitting end for him. I am not saying that the way the show allowed for him to have a quiet and respectful death (I was waiting for Walt to shoot him again so kudos for Walt for letting him go without plugging him with another bullet) was not beautiful and incredibly poignant I just felt the machinations of it all and the plot logic and character logic seemed faulty. I mean simply put why not just have Jesse not in Saul's office when he calls? Urgh....

Walt, Walter, Heisenberg....what is there left to say for a man who has sunk so low and knows that he is going to hell and gleefully accepts it? The opening of the episode was pure macho bullshit ("Say my name!") but I loved it because that is some serious ass payoff to watching this character devolve. Basically the Phoenix crew is now his bitch and now he is going to up production to 100 lbs every cook and he is going to attempt to take over the drug world in the south. Good luck with that! But will he do it with Jesse or not? Jesse is now fully onto the bullshit that is Walter White, that there is no end, that Walt does not give a shit about the kids that die or the people they hurt or the wife who hates him or the fact that he has lost his kids or that he is just a ticking time bomb who is pure evil at this point. Jesse finally sees it, he finally sees the truth and confronts Walt and actually gives up his money...if it means his way out of Walt's life then so be it but we shall see because I think these two have a few makeup's and breakups before the series end. I have a feeling that they will band together over these 9 guys issue or something I am not sure about. I mean will Jesse stop Walt from having them killed? he has to right? I mean after all his epiphanies lately about Walt would he let him just kill another 9 guys for his own selfish needs? is Jesse finally going to say no we do not do this we take the rap for the bullshit we have pulled...is this the moment where Jesse finally teams up with Skyler and tries to take Walt out? hmmmmm.

Hank got in shit for having a hard on for Mike...I wonder if all that confiscated 5 million dollars will shut his boss up...they talk about funding and cash and budgets and man hours and all that shit well now they have a ton of fat stacks to put away from a big score and Hank was proven right so we shall see how that pans out.

A great episode that had wonderful moments and was wonderfully shot, I do not think Walt turned up to meet Mike to kill him, I think he took his gun to threaten him but not kill him. I think his pride and ego killed Mike and you could tell the look on his face when he shit mike and the looks on his face when Mike died. They were regretful and sad and he knows that he has fucked up and that this is another secret that Jesse and him will have between them. Mike had to go sadly and so does Skyler and I just do not know where this all goes but I am looking forward to the finale where Walt goes to Lydia and tries to off Mike's guys via Todd's uncles prison connections? I think.

Todd learning the process.....yeah that is going to fuck up sooner or later. Saul!!!!! I so needed your comic relief buddy! He was right though about the other lawyer...as Jesse said in season 2, in this business you do not want a criminal lawyer you want a criminal lawyer yo! I hope Saul makes it to the end, I think he will.

Episode rating 98 out of 100

See you guys for the finale I look forward to it and hope they can pull it together even through all these seasonal bumpy plot points that have been rushed or not well executed. I think they have done ok but more time would have helped smoothed stuff out but that is all cool....we are getting 16 more episodes more that the ratings deserve so I hold hope.


Furycast 38 - Such a Pussy Riot

In this podcast, Jess and Magnus discuss many topics. View the list below for the information and time.

Be aware that there are some SPOILERS in those topics (noted).

00:00 - 00:29 Musical Inro - Bloc Party, Kettling
00:30 - 01:04 Intro to the Intro
01:05 - 01:29 Musical Intro Continued - Bloc Party, Kettling
01:30 - 02:22 Podcast Opening
02:23 - 06:17 UK show SURVIVORS; mostly talk WALKING DEAD (season 2 spoilers)
06:18 - 06:42 TRUE BLOOD (I guess you could call this spoilery, kind of)
06:43 - 07:10 WALKING DEAD again with season 2 cliffhanger spoiler
07:11 - 13:34 GAME OF THRONES mostly book talk with some spoilers
13:35 - 15:28 UK show LUTHER
15:29 - 16:37 UK show SHERLOCK and Benedict Cumberbatch's new show PARADE'S END
16:38 - 18:15 HBO, critics, our hate for BOARDWALK EMPIRE, and NEWSROOM
18:16 - 19:04 Olivia Munn (the problem with... and when she works)
19:05 - 19:52 Danica McKellar
19:53 - 27:51 UK show THE INBETWEENERS vs. US version (spoilers discussed)
27:52 - 28:53 MISFITS and THE OFFICE US remake discussion
28:54 - 31:54 OUT OF THE WILD - VENEZUELA discussed with some spoilers
31:55 - 33:18 LILLYHAMMER
33:19 - 33:54 ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT on Netflix
33:55 - 37:58 ALPHAS
37:59 - 38:36 The blue eyes of the LOST cast
38:37 - 41:51 The BBC America show COPPER
41:52 - 46:03 FOX pilot episodes for THE MINDY PROJECT and BEN AND KATE
46:04 - 49:14 Jarring cut into a COMMUNITY season 4 discussion
49:15 - 51:49 General babble about people's TV and political choices.
51:50 - 53:12 Pussy Riot goodbye.

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24 August, 2012

Review - SUITS 2.10: 'High Noon'

Who says USA is afraid to go away from the status quo? After just three minutes of the mid-season finale of 'Suits', they made a SHOCKING (!) move and removed Jessica from control of the firm -- changing everything we've come to know and love about this show.

I mean, it was intense! Harvey tried to convince Jessica to quit the firm and take a year off of being a lawyer. That would have REALLY shook things up on this show. Instead, Jessica convinced him to relax for a bit, wait and not make any major life decisions when he was angry. Then, he decided to piss in Hardman's office.

And then, after a brief stoned period, Mike and Harvey figured out (in about 10 minutes or so) how to return 'Suits' back to what it was during the first three minutes of 'High Noon' and every other previous episode. Congratulations, USA, you've done it again. You should be proud.

Another thing to be proud of: The CRAZY twist at the end that had Rachel knock on Mike's door, only to find that he had another woman in his bed. And to think, I totally thought the knock on the door was going to be the pizza guy. Boy, am I dumb. I thought Mike and Rachel were going to be together forever without any more distractions/interruptions/obstacles/break-ups or significant others.

Crazy twist #3: Louis begins the episode totally against Harvey and ends the episode on his side. That's a storyline and avenue they just haven't explored yet on this show. Once again, original writing at its finest.

The only good part of the episode was the revelation that it was Hardman that planted that document. It was one of those "Oh, shit" moments that we love so much about TV. We are surprised and delighted at those developments and simultaneously question why didn't see that coming because they dropped subtle clues (like Hardman finding the dirt on Tanner himself) on us. That was a cool way of further paying off those good episodes earlier in the season regarding the Tanner-Specter storyline.

But that's not enough to save this episode. Going into the mid-season finale, we KNEW that there would be a Rachel-Mike cliffhanger, we KNEW that Pearson was going to re-gain control of the firm and force Hardman out and we KNEW that Louis would switch his allegiances. So how great can the episode be if it plays out exactly the way anyone with a brain knew it was going to?



--JESSICA (to Harvey): "You don't make major life decisions when dealing with a loss." (Cut to Mike buying weed ... oh come on, that's not a major life decision!)

--TESS (to Mike): "I'm married." (Hey-oh!)

--LOUIS (to himself): "If you were a narcissist with great hair, what would your password be?"

--MIKE (to Rachel): "You think not kissing is gonna make that any better?"


--A generally decent guy, acting like a tough-guy douchebag and treating women like shit because he suffered a loss and is just being vulnerable and doesn't want to admit it ... that never happens on TV!

An emotional guy, acting like a tough-guy dick when dealing with a death in the family? That never happens on TV

--OK, seriously, Tess looks like she's Donna's younger sister. They HAVE to be related. I don't care if Donna's real name is Sarah Rafferty and Tess is played by Elizabeth Hower.

--Every time they tease the can opener thing I get excited we're finally gonna learn about it. But then I realize, they will drag THE SHIT out of this like they do Mike/Rachel and Mike/his secret being found out. Curse you, USA.

--Shaquille O'Bryant. Haha.

THE SCORE: 56 out of 100


Review - WILFRED 2.10: 'Honesty'

Tackling a plot point from the previous season, Ryan and Wilfred try to help Jenna elevate her career following her "squishy tits" meltdown.

We discover that Ryan's company was burned by insider spying. His dad takes the case and Squishy Tits asks Ryan if he can talk to his dad to get her an exclusive, helping her troubled career.

Meanwhile, when Wilfred gets scratched by a cat, he kidnaps a bunch of kitties as payback. Ryan sees this as an opportunity help Jenna without having to talk to his dad. But when the story doesn't inspire Jenna, Ryan lies about having talked to his father for her.

Later, Jenna calls Ryan to tell him that she received an email with proof that a maniac has kidnapped the cats and will send her a video of their murder. Clearly Wilfred is the culprit, though since this is all some craycray manifestation of Ryan's mind, his guilt-ridden loony mind is the twisted catnaper.

But at least Tits has her big story now.

Since Ryan can't confess the truth to Jenna about his part in her on-air meltdown, he goes with the more logical option and makes the cat-killer video. But when Wilfred isn't happy with the creative process, he sends Jenna some artsty version in its place. She doesn't react well to that and tells Ryan it is the end of her career which forces him to admit the truth to stop her from quitting. Jenna reacts badly to the news.

The lesson? LIVE THE LIE! The truth will not set you free. Though, it will free up some me-time since no one will be your friend.

Actually, by knowing the truth Jenna is able to put together a serious story about drugs that look like candy. She then confessed to Ryan that she used him because of his crush for her. They hug. All ends well.

Ryan: What the hell is going on? Why are their cats in a pit in my basement?!
Wilfred: Why, Ryan? Because they took everything from me!

Wilfred: Do you remember the scratch on my face, Ryan?
Ryan: The one that's still there? Yes.

Wilfred: Well who's meowing now, bitches?!
Ryan: There's six cats in there. Which one scratched you?
Wilfred: Does it matter, Ryan? They've all scratched someone!

Ryan: Maybe there'll be a feel good ending. Like all the cats are found safe.
Wilfred: Or sex-butchered by a psychopath.

Ryan: There is no cat-killer video! Jenna is gonna be humiliated all over again. And this time she'll give up her dream!
Wilfred: Well maybe she wouldn't be so hard on herself if someone came clean and told her she's not responsible for destroying her own career!
Ryan: [disgusted] We're making the cat-killer video aren't we?
Wilfred: We are!

If I had to rate this episode, and a set of tits that go squish say I do, then I'd give it:

90 out of 100

Wilfred's meltdown during their attempt at shooting the cat-killer video should become an Internet meme any day now... well, it would if anyone on this goddam planet had any goddam sense! You're not goddam children anymore! You're goddam grownups! Make your goddam meme now! You goddam sluts!

Please have your cats put down before it's too late.

I can't believe I almost wrote a review.

UPDATE! Now with the cat-video shoot meltdown video (until FX takes it down).

- Watch More Funny Videos


22 August, 2012

Review - WHITE COLLAR 4.06: 'Identity Crisis'

I love treasure-hunt episodes. I mean, secret codes, spies AND invisible ink? Jackpot. (Not to mention a Mozzie-centric installment of 'White Collar'!)

But somehow, with all of those goodies, 'Identity Crisis' managed to fuck everything up. I don't think I've ever had to swear in any of my reviews, but this piece of garbage necessitated that I do.

Holy shitsnacks, that was terrible. I love the type of episode that they went for, but that was a bigger miss than Roger Clemens' upcoming comeback tour in the Independent League.

That was the worst bad guy in TV history. So bad, in fact, that not only can I not remember his name (and I JUST finished the episode), but he's not even listed on being in the episode on the IMDb page for it.
Not only did he not even kill Mozzie and Tempest, when he could have just gotten the box himself, but he HELPED Mozzie back up from the ditch! He made a stupid comment about Mozzie being the rat and then somehow completely misfired several shots at two people close to him.

The whole story was ridiculous and stupid, Neal did practically nothing in the episode and I could go on and on about how much of a waste of time that episode was -- but I'm not going to further my torture by dedicating any more time to it.


--PETER (to Mozzie): "You're the last person who should be quoting common sense."

--NEAL (to Peter): "This spy thing means more to him then he lets on." (Umm, I think it was pretty obvious to everyone how much it did. Such embarrassingly bad dialogue in this episode.)

--MOZZIE (to Bad Guy): "Come with me if you want to live." ( I rest my case)

--ME (to you): "That sucked."


--'Read between the lines' was a phrase coined by George Washington? Cool.

--'722' looked just like Mozzie.

--Mozzie's puppet show FTW! Seriously, how great was his little figure of himself?

--I'm not a gun guy, but I love the sound a weapon makes when it is holstered.

--This week's installment of 'Eli is a creep': Mircea Monroe looked hotter on 'Chuck' then she did here. But a nerdy spy is pretty hot, too.

THE SCORE: .723 OUT OF 100 (see what I did there?)

I don't have a strong memory, so I could be forgetting an episode or something, but I think that was the worst episode in the history of the series. If you liked it, you are a sick and twisted individual.

While I was trying to be funny about the score, that's no joke. It was less than a 1/10.


20 August, 2012

Guest Review - BREAKING BAD 5.06: 'Buyout'

Shawn Mahone writes about some dudes who make drugs and kill kids. His views are his own and do not represent the opinion of anyone associated with this blog, nor anyone with taste for that matter. That's not to say he has bad taste. It's just to say I don't proofread his work so I have no idea what he may be writing. --HGF

At Comic Con Aaron Paul said that the best way to describe this season would be that it is eerie and by eerie he means the fans would feel the same feelings they endured at the end of Crawl Space. There have been some minor eerie moments throughout the season mostly whenever Walt is holding baby Holy like a bond villain such as Bloefeld holds his white cat and cackles, lol. But tonight during that intense, comic, devastating dinner scene I finally understood what he meant. This is the first time that Jesse has been in met Skyler since the second episode of the series and it is fucked up, back in that previous episode she was the wife who was worried about her husband, she was the wife that Walt took all these risks to provide for after his death and now Jesse knows that she is the wife who wants Walt dead and hates him with a passion. Jesse always thought that Walt was in this for the family and now realizes that he is in this for himself and that just ratchets the tension up ten fold! That dinner scene was funny as fuck and Aaron Paul was amazing (truth in advertising yo! lol) but he must know that the shit has hit the fucking fan!

We open this episode with the quiet and wordless music that played over the team ripping the bike apart and then shoving it along with the poor 14 year old into barrels ready to pour acid over and dispose of, just heartbreaking. We finally get to see Walt opening up and exposing how low he has sunk in this Endeavour to be Heisenberg the drug kingpin, telling Mike and Jesse that this killing was justified and that Todd's life should be spared....Wanker. The seeds have been sewn a long time ago that Mike and Jesse know that Walt is a nut job who has lost his morals but man was this painful to watch.

This whole episode was about Mike and Jesse trying to get out and Walt through his own prideful bullshit refusing to accept that the best thing is for him to get out too, he just will not let it go and we see just how resentful he has become. Grey Matter, he checks every week the stock price, he tortures himself and in turn he tortures everyone around him because he hates that a long time ago he fucked up and cashed out, he should blame himself but he blames Elliott and Gretchen for his failures and now Jesse and Mike are paying the price because this man will not let go.

Mike is being tracked by the DEA constantly and knows it is only a matter of time, Jesse cannot stand the death of another child and wants out and the potential buyers of the precursor will only buy the whole batch if the blue is off the street and so we come to the point where Walt gets what he wants and the episode ends. Walt was great as MaGyver thought, no?

My prediction is that Walt will try and get into business with the potential buyers but that is pure speculation on my part, I have no fucking idea though. We shall see what happens but right now we may have wondered how Walt ended up on his 52 birthday on the run with a huge gun....not anymore...the picture has become so much more clearer...sadly. Everyone is going to die! Well maybe not everyone but enough people if no one kills this man right now.

Episode Rating 92 out of 100

I waxed and waned on the rating...I said earlier that I am a little concerned with the season pacing and this episode had a bunch of pacing issues...Jesse's transition from one emotional level to another was a gut punch to me. Mike being all pissed after a weak of DEA tailing? really? Whatever. But I learned to get over it especially when my favorite comic character Saul turned up...man was he funny. These last 2 episodes are going to be fucking insane and I look forward to every minute of them, let's hope the body count is not too high (Sklyer please die!) but I do not expect too much problems, remember we have 8 full episodes after this and I have a feeling that the remainder of the series will be Walt making Jesse and his family's life a living hell....oh Walt you magnificent bastard! Never have I wanted a character to die so bad! Bitch!


17 August, 2012

Review - SUITS 2.09: 'Asterisk'

My take-away from 'Asterisk': Melky Cabrera should have retired two days before the episode aired.

Seriously, how crazy is it that the DAY BEFORE 'Asterisk' came on, a prominent Major League Baseball player got busted for performance-enhancing drugs? Reminds me of the time on 'Chuck' where John Casey pulled out a photo of Osama Bin Laden for target practice a short time after he was killed in real life.

Aside from the crazy timing of that storyline, that might have been the worst case in the history of law shows .. and that's saying something. But this episode wasn't about that (just one of the several reasons why that storyline shouldn't have been in the episode at all) and the resolution of what this episode was really about won't be until next week. So if you're expecting a good final score of this episode, I suggest you don't scroll all the way down the page.

While it seems fairly obvious what the end-result of this battle between Pearson-Hardman will be, it's not a guarantee what will happen regarding Louis' possible senior partnership. I like Litt the most when he's playing his jealous/winy/slimy self, so I'm not sure I want to see him get the promotion. If he does, we'll just have to settle for how much fun Louis has with Harvey when they are on the same level/playing field. That rivalry is the gift that keeps on giving and I don't expect that to change even if Louis' position does.

If I were Louis, I wouldn't vote for either of these assholes. Hardman couldn't care less about Litt, tried to frame him and is clearly using and manipulating him -- and very well, I might add.. And Jessica has been an unappreciative bitch to him since the series began. I like how Jessica said she doesn't respond to threats, but she's perfectly OK to make them herself.

As for those crazy 'shippers out there (you know who you are), you must have loved what you saw this week. Mike and Rachel had some nice moments together and the big emotional scene at the end is probably what will drive these two crazy kids back together. The second they were checking out that apartment for the first time, I knew: it was gonna be Mike and Rachel living there together, not Mike and Grandma.

R.I.P Grandma.

On a more positive note: congrats Rachel on becoming a lawyer. Now the show just needs to get a new hot paralegal to take her place and piss off all the 'shippers. Ha!


--DONNA (to Harvey): "I heard that little shit re-did my filing system."

--MIKE (to Harvey): "You're not gonna tell the bar association that I deserve an asterisk, are you"

--HARVEY (to Mike): "Good. Fine. Go. I wouldn't want her to think I'm a hard-ass."


--Donna strutting her stuff > Louis strutting his stuff

--It took Donna all of two minutes back at the firm to prove her worth, tipping off Jessica at what Hardman was up to.

--Harvey driving 65 in a school zone ... I like his style.

--I kind of want to stop the run of creepiness on my Suits and White Collar reviews lately, but I'm sorry, I have to say it: Rachel looked incredible in this episode. DAMN.

--After watching Mike and Rachel hug for like 20 seconds at the end, it made me realize that I could really use a hug right now too.

THE SCORE: 59 out of 100

This episode had its moments and highlights, but the case was TERRIBLE and the real action comes next week in the mid-season finale. This was just a typical sub-par precursor episode. So don't you dare quibble with my score.


15 August, 2012

Review - WHITE COLLAR 4.05: 'Honor Among Thieves'

Neal Caffrey's heist at the art gallery > Walt and Jesse's train heist on Breaking Bad' this week.

Now that I've grabbed you attention and sparked your outrage, I don't really believe that. 'White Collar' and BB are vastly different shows, but that doesn't mean this week's episode of the former wasn't compelling in its own way.

'Collar' is at its best when Caffrey is on his worst behavior. Looking back through the first three seasons, all the best episodes consist of Neal (and Mozzie) stealing things, deceiving Peter, working an angle and generally getting themselves into trouble.

In 'Honor Among Thieves', Neal was at his best Neal self. He tried to get the information he needed regarding Ellen's murder using Peter's methods, but once that failed he turned to other means. Using Mozzie's awesome toys and the motivation that Rebecca Mader's character blackmailed him into, Caffrey's heist of the mobile was smooth and fun to watch.

Peter, on the other hand, wasn't as impressed when he figured out that Neal did the heist...

"I'm tired of this. I've covered for him, I've fought for him and I almost lost my job because of him."

Peter was fired up and gung-ho about busting Neal, but lo and behold, it only took a few minutes and one phone call from Caffrey to soften him up once again. (I'm shocked that Peter relented!) Not only did he relent on arresting Neal, he immediately changed his demeanor and became genuinely giddy about giving Caffrey the flash drive.

So beautifully played by Neal, who got exactly what he wanted by lying, deceiving, stealing and pretending to do the right thing afterwards. And THAT is what's so great about watching that character do his thing and why this show can be so much fun.


--PETER (to Jones): "Who would stop in the middle of a museum robbery to get a date? .... Don't say it."

--NEAL (to Jones about Diana): "She plays with her hair when she's nervous."

--PETER (to Jones and Diana): "I'm tired of this. I've covered for him, I've fought for him and I almost lost my job because of him."


--That cemetery at the beginning of the episode looks exactly like the one in the movie 'Double Jeopardy'.

--The "Headless Conman." Greatest. Invention. Ever.

--Ah, I knew it! If I knew she was doing something shady with his hair, how could Neal not?

-- I say this every week and I know it's getting old, but I have to say it again: Mozzie is the best.

--I love shady women. Especially when they are hot. Rebecca Mader's character was fun.

--Tiffani Thiessen (a.k.a. Elizabeth Burke) looks fantastic this season. And this week's installment of Eli's creepiness is complete.

THE SCORE: 87 out of 100


13 August, 2012

Guest Review - BREAKING BAD 5.05: 'Dead Freight'

Shawn Mahone refuses to stop watching this show and even worse, he won't stop writing about it! I didn't write anything this week but his rating for the episode is one I almost agree with (though, I'd give it 2 points lower). So, enjoy this review. -- HGF

After HGF posted my last review I added some thoughts on how Jesse is no longer the one in this business for the fat stacks and the honey's and that Walt is the one who has become reckless and that it makes me laugh to think how far these two yahoos have come over the course of the series and in the shows time over the course of the year, that is until now.....that last 30 seconds are going to haunt me for a long, long, long time.

We can say that all the people that have died on screen in front of us by either Walt or Jesse pulling the trigger have not been innocent, in some way they have been complicit in their own downfall and we could accept their demise and move on. The plane crash victims we never saw and the show made a point of never detailing exactly who was on board at the time (men ? women? children?) so we could kinda put that aside and move on. We could move on from the drug dealers who killed Thomas because we never saw it or saw Brock ill from being poisoned or being poisoned or any other death like Gale or the drug dealers or the cartel or the cousins, etc....but fuck me if we cannot put aside a kid getting gunned down in the manner it went down. Fuck logic that says if I were a drug kingpin I would do the same because the kid has to go, fuck that it is only a show and reality does not matter, fuck that it allows Walt, Mike and Jesse and more specifically Walt to live and fight another day...fuck all that because that moment or more importantly how the characters respond to that moment will determine just how low Walt and Jesse will go and how much darkness these 2 infuse around the New Mexico area and I am worried that they will forge forward...heartbreaking, just heartbreaking. Walt and Jesse can no longer deny that they are different from Gus if they just put down the loss of a child due to cost of business and I can no longer think back and laugh or smile at any of this series anymore because I can no longer accept the price that people on this show have to pay so that Walt and Jesse can become more and more powerful. Shit! Mother Fucker! shit!!!!!!!

Serial killers who are nuts would be proud to claim the amount of deaths these two proactively or inactively contributed over the year, the amount of death on their shoulders must be running near the 1000 mark when you consider all the gang violence, plane crash, death of the cartel, death by Walt and Jesse, death by product....these two are no longer yahoos but Americas most wanted...they sit at the top of the fictional pile of Breaking Bad world of scumbags!

But putting aside my personal feelings (and my overall love for children and hate to see any pain or misery come to them) maybe that is the point, maybe that has been the whole point throughout the series. Walt has been building to this moment from season 1. He killed bad guys, then got Jesse to do it, then he did it without even flinching, then he poisoned kids, then he watched and said nothing when Todd did it. Breaking Bad has been telling us for 5 seasons now that this moment was going to come and they prepared us and warned us and it is only our own fault if we cannot accept where this series is heading. Walt will survive to the last episode and most likely last scene because Bryan Cranston is the lead and thus it is his show and it is his story. Whatever happens now it is only going to get darker and that has me worried for everyone. I do not think Skyler is going to make it to season 6 or 5.1....she is smoking way too much and Walt oddly ceded to her demands very quickly and that makes me think that he knows he cannot reason with her and that it is time for her to go....Rican cigarette anyone? so I think she is gone. Mike is gonna be gone and I do not think he will make it to the end of the season based on the conversation Walt had with Lydia. Jesse will survive because Aaron Paul is too good an actor to be left out of the series and Hank will survive because he will be the man who ends Walt's crimes and looks after his kids. Even Walt Jr is defying his parents way too much...one wonders if he moves back home and hides and hears the truth? hmmmm.

The train caper was excellently shot, directed, acted and edited. It was tense, intense, suspenseful and brilliantly executed and I enjoyed all involved having fun while doing this great heist. Walt again pushed it to the limit and they eked out every last drop of drama they could get and I loved every moment of that sequence.

Walt and Hanks conversation was a little weird and odd and I kinda do not buy Walt being that risky but since Jesse has come up with the best ideas this season because Walt has lost his mind I can to a degree buy his recklessness of leaving his finger prints all over Hanks office.

Walt and Skylers conversation.....BORING.....SNOOZEFEST.....Whatever, just kill her already Walt...Hank and Marie can look after your kids and considering how Bitchy and cunty your wife is that maybe the better option! Speaking of which....

The mention of the movie Heat was very apr├Ęs pro for this particular episode...a Heist that went wrong because of the new guy....lol...good stuff and very subtle.

I know I came down hard initially, I really loved this episode once I calmed down and thought more rationally....the shot to the gut at the end of the episode really got to me and it threw me off because of my feelings for children overall...never hurt a child...but this show has earned that moment and it has earned everything that comes its way and so as I watch this unfold I know it is going to be insane. I do not recognize Walt or Jesse anymore, I cannot even believe a single word that is coming out of Walt's mouth, all season he has been mixing truths with lies to everyone....I do not know what to believe...fuck...I do not even know what he fucking believes anymore. Ever since he has taken over from Gus he has not been himself at all, he does not think things out, he is reacting irrationally, he is talking down to people like Mike and Skyler, he is enjoying the thrill of being the man in charge...he has lost his mind....he is now Scarface...

But the sad thing is that Scarface refused to hurt children...Scarface has a way to go to catch Walter White or is it Heisenberg? I just do not know anymore....Brilliant.

Episode Rating 99 out of 100

Rian Johnson saved last episode ass in a big way and so did Cranston....this shitted all over the last one by a country fucking mile! Vince Gilligan brother...fuck the family concentrate on the drug business...come on!


10 August, 2012

Review - SUITS 2.08: 'Rewind'

How you feel about 'Rewind' depends on whether or not you're a person who loves flashback episodes or hates them.

I don't know where I stand on those types of episodes, but as the reviewer of Suits, I should probably take a stance one way or the other, huh?

In this particular installment, I was perfectly fine with it. Because not only did it answer some questions, give us some background and share a few fun moments, but it also helped leapfrog us into the next storyline of Pearson against Hardman.

Things we learned about:

*How Mike got his start into taking tests for people and why he did it
*How Mike met Jenny and how she ended up with Trevor
*How the firm found out about Hardman's embezzlement, what he was doing with the money and how they dealt with him
*How Harvey climbed to partner
*How Donna knows everything
*Why Zoe left the firm
*Harvey's relationship with his father (boring)

Some of those I could have done without and slept just fine, but in a normal episode we probably wouldn't have learned about any of these things, so 'Rewind' wasn't a waste of time. But nor was it as great or memorable as I think some fans were expecting it to be.

Moving forward in the storyline, it seems fairly obvious the end result will be Pearson > Hardman. After all, he's a guest star on this show and Gina Torres is one of the main cast members. And let's be honest, USA shows don't tinker with the status-quo for longer than two episodes. It will be interesting to see how it plays out and the drama that the firm will go through over the next few episodes before the hiatus.

One last note: Seriously, how great is the chemistry between Harvey and Donna? They were at their best in this one. And thankfully, we'll get to see more of that sooner rather than later.


--HARVEY (on phone): "No team from Boston is going undefeated when the road goes through New York." (Ha! Suck it, Boston fans! FYI ... I was born in Boston and spent the first 25 years of my life in Massachusetts. I don't like New York teams, either, though.)

--DONNA (to Rachel): "You're weird. We'll be friends."

--DONNA (to Harvey): "Finally, an office big enough for your balls."

--HARVEY (to Jessica): "One more thing: I'm getting Donna back."


--Two episodes in a row quoting 'A Few Good Men'. I could get used to this!
--People with photographic memories make me sick. I hate them. Not only are they brilliant and not only do they automatically own tests, but they have a fool-proof way to pick up chicks.

--I know it's a small world, but I hate when shows do the whole "they've actually crossed paths before!" No, that never happened. And if you're going to do that stupid thing, at least make it funny or clever. That was neither.

--This episode set a record for sheer volume of beautiful women. No complaints here.

--Poor Scottie Pippen.

--How dare Zoe tell Harvey how to deal with his father's death.

--Not only did we not learn what exactly the Can Opener Ritual is all about or what it entails, but now we don't know how the thumb tacks are involved in all of this. I am bewildered.

--If you DO love flashback episodes, take a look at this. (And in particular, notice to the second one in the slideshow)

THE SCORE: 81 out of 100


Rating Wilfred 2.08: 'Truth'

Why do you think no dogs died in the Holocaust? Because we knew it was coming. -- Wilfred

FX says: Wilfred's nemesis makes an offer that rocks Ryan's world.

I say: We don't have In-N-Out Burger here in the NYC area. That sucks. We don't even have Chick-fil-A here for me to protest in front of or anything. Hell, we don't seem to have ANY fast food restaurant with a hyphenated name!

Wilfred: Do you not hear me, man?! Doomsday is upon us! A massive apocalyptic nightmare so unimaginable, grown men will weep like children. And the children that they weep like will eat other children. Oceans will boil over. And fiery death will rain from the skies! AND THE GROOOOOUND WILL SHAKE UNTIL THE EARTH ITSELF WILL BE GLEANED INTO TWO!

95 out of 100

Thought provoking and disturbing on some level but with little bits of tasty goodness just around each corner.

What do you think?


07 August, 2012

Review - SUITS 2.07: 'Sucker Punch'

Who doesn't love a good rivalry? David vs. Goliath; Red Sox vs. Yankees; Kristen Stewart vs. Robert Pattinson, Liberty Ross, the tabloids and all of America -- for example. Great rivalries is what made the most recent episode of 'Suits' so great.

Although the impending Specter-Tanner trial/rivalry (triavalry?) was the basis for 'Sucker Punch', it was really more about pitting everyone at Pearson-Hardman against each other and airing out grievances. Louis went after Harvey; Harvey went back after Louis. Louis also went after Mike, Jessica and Donna. Hell, even Jessica went after Harvey. All this made for some compelling and entertaining television.

My first reaction after the episode was that they copped out of this storyline and removed all the real drama by settling the case and not going to a real trial. So while having a mock trial took away from the stakes of a verdict, it not only allowed us to see all those rivalries play out, it advanced the show to focus on a new battle: Pearson vs. Hardman.

(Realistically, we all know what the outcome of a real trial would have been, anyway. Harvey can't get disbarred, the show would end. So the outcome of a settlement, while a bit lame, makes sense in a way.)

But it does raise some questions: What the hell did they dig on Tanner to leverage a settlement? And why does Tanner despise Harvey so much? His hatred is so over-the-top, that only a legitimate reason will suffice. Because it's not like Tanner isn't a smarmy lawyer, too. I need some answers and hope that Tanner comes back at some point this season to resolve these questions.

Now that the lawsuit is taken care of and everyone is safe for now (except maybe Jessica) it clears the way for Donna to potentially come back to the firm. This show could use her comedic-relief in the office. What this show doesn't need, however, is a romantic relationship between her and Harvey. But I fear that will come up again soon, because we're bound to see Harvey trying to convince her come back in next week's episode.

Three quick sidenotes: 1. Not gonna lie, it was nice to have a 42-minute break from the Mike-Rachel drama. You can have a great episode of TV without that crap every once in a while. 2. Does anyone really care who comes out on top between Pearson and Hardman? How much does it really matter who the No. 1 is at the firm? And you know what? Hardman is a much more interesting character than Jessica is. She's boring and practically irrelevant to the firm. 3. I don't think it was an accident that Jessica told Mike he is becoming like Harvey. Mike is starting to become a bit of a dick. I don't want him to be like Harvey.


--LOUIS (to himself): "Someone wants to get Litt up. Someone wants to get Litt up!!" (I included that one just for you, Marie. Thanks to her, I am now addicted to this show. You can follow her incessant 'Suits' tweets @MariL520 ... Have a great trip to China!)

--HARVEY (to secretary): "Then those would all be the same shade of I don't give a shit."

--DONNA (to Harvey): "Really, like you fought for Mike? Because that fight you somehow managed to win."

--MIKE (to Louis): "I'm proud to say I have a degree from Harvard Law."

--LOUIS (to Harvey): "This is all your fault and what just happened to that beautiful woman in there -- that's on you! Not me!"


--The episode might be called 'Sucker Punch', but that punch was well-deserved.
--I love rivalries. Harvey vs. Travis is pretty fun to watch, even though we don't totally know the backstory about why they hate each other so much. What's your favorite TV rivalry?

--The theme song to this show pumps me up. (Greenback Boogie by Ima Robot)

--I love when Mike and Harvey quote lines from movies. But 'The Breakfast Club' AND 'A Few Good Men' in the same episode? Doesn't get much better than that, does it?

--Rachel with glasses? Hot.

--That might have been the first lie detector scene I have watched in a TV show or movie that didn't only have Yes or No answers. Which was good for Mike, because otherwise he couldn't have gotten around the Harvard question.

--If I had a $1 for every time I hear "Men want to be you, women want to sleep with you" line on a TV show or movie, I would be loaded.

--How great was Louis vs. Donna? He even took a sip of water before attacking her like Tom Cruise does in A Few Good Men before going after Jack Nicholson.

--Both Harvey and Travis used abbreviated first names as nicknames (Harv and Trav). Isn't that usually a sign of respect?

--What a complete shock ... a split vote! And the deciding vote goes to Harvey. What a twist!

THE SCORE: 88 out of 100


06 August, 2012

Guest Review - BREAKING BAD 5.04: 'Fifty-One'

Shawn Mahone continues to e-mail me reviews and so I continue to post them. Why? Because anyone who writes this much about a show they claim to love clearly needs exposure! Granted, my write-up was clearly superior. Poignant. --HGF

This episode featured a lot of Skyler and my first instinct was to knock it down to a 90 straight away...just because I hate her that much, but that would not really be giving the episode its proper justice nor the proper respect or proper thought and consideration that it deserves because personal feelings aside this was a very good episode. So I am going to make some allowances for Breaking Bad because they are running out of time and are up against it to finish off their story.

So I am going to ignore that Skyler is happy to be a criminal when their house gets renovated (look at how beautiful it looks especially the back garden and pool), when they can buy a business that she controls in and out, when she decides how the money is spent and when, when she can use the money to bail her fucking cunty ass out because she decided to cook the books badly for Ted Beneke and that overall the majority of online fans hate her fucking guts...I will forgo all of that because I feel generous.

Now this episode was laced with symbolism, to name a few:

1) Skyler giving Walt a short bacon 1 in his bacon 51...I guess she is praying that he does not make it that far into his 51st year...lol.

2) The thread sticking out of his hat, his Heisenberg hat. If he yanks it will he unravel the tapestry of his life? will everything come crashing down? how strong are the lies that he has threaded around his life and his family's life? is the end near?

3) The lighting of the pool when Skyler went under water...is she really the angel in this situation? she looked so angelic like until Walt came in and yanked her out. Is she drowning above water as well as under?

4) Back to the Hat..Walt used to wear it when he switched from Walt to Heisenberg but now he wears it all the time...is Walt White finally dead?

5) The Aztec..so Walter White..his new Chrysler...so Heisenberg.

I am sure there are many other symbols that was stuffed in and please feel free to add them because this week we had the same director that directed the "Fly" episode and the same man who directed the new feature film Looper...Rian Johnson. Rian is a wonderful director who has a great eye for detail and he produced one gorgeous shot after another that was layered in beauty and complexity and everything that a top show like this deserves. so kudos to him for an excellent job, to get a guy of the caliber like Rian Johnson to come and do TV when he normally only does film is a huge boon in the cap of Vince Gilligan and co.

The majority of this episode centered on Walt and Skyler's factitious marriage and the effect that his decisions have had on her mentally and physically. She has physically frozen and she has mentally checked out this season so far due to the fear of Walt blowing up a nursing home and killing people and threatening her and just being a total sociopath who has totally and utterly bought into his own bullshit. When in the last episode he was talking to her going on and on about how what she did and what he did was all good because it was for the family it reminded me of Neil McDonough's performance on Justified at the end of "Guy walks into a bar", he is talking to himself basically and his mind is insane and his mind is going from one extreme to the next it is eerie and unsettling as hell and at the same time it is just fantastic. It is said that a great character good or bad believes totally that they are the hero in their story and Walter White has gone beyond this..he is not just the hero he is everything, everything evolves around him and his reasoning.... he has lost grips with reality.

I want to hate Skyler and I want Walter White to be the man who tells others to "stay out of my territory" and be the" one who knocks" and when up against any foe will always be the man who says "I won" in the end (and come Emmy time he will be saying all those things and more because the rest of the Emmy lead actors are his bitches at this moment in time) but I have a scintilla of sympathy for Skyler because she is not worried about her fate...she has accepted her fate.. but about the fate of her children and one thing Walt cannot guarantee is the safety of their children as much as he may believe so. It is one thing to delude oneself when your life is on the line but quite another when a teenager and a little 7 or 8 months old life is on the line and that is where I start to disagree with Walt seriously even though I know this is all fiction...even in fiction I cannot agree with Walt on his family. I asked earlier in the piece if Walt White is dead? and looking at the fight between the two there was a lot of Heisenberg in there as Walt just kept on hammering her and hammering her and pushing her in a corner and being submissive and doing what he has done to Jesse time and time again in order to get his own way. Where Jesse has no one to pull him out of this toxic relationship Skyler has her kids.

I joked on HGF's review that the Rican cigarette should be used on Skyler but I do not know if Vince Gilligan has the balls to do that. If it is between Walt and Skyler...Walt has to win it is his show...Cranston is an Emmy winning god and the lead...Anna Gunn...Skyler White has to go. The story is there for that to happen. Skyler takes the Rican and has a heart attack, Walt tells the police and Hank that she has been stressed about Ted and about his injuries because she fucked him and she was worried about his tax audit because she loves Ted and she was smoking too much and she died because her heart could not take the pressure....it all fits but Vince Gilligan cannot be a pussy about it. Maybe he is not because this episode showed that Hank and Marie can take over care for the kids, Walt Jr will be at college in a year and baby Holly will be the child Hank and Marie do not have so it could work if Vince Gilligan has the balls...do you hear me Vince! Grow a pair!!!!!!!

Lydia annoyed me and I agree with Mike that she needs to be killed and hopefully Walt will do that when need be to satiate his murdering side. But nothing memorable happened to be honest.

I understand that an episode like this happened because the good stuff (i.e. Walt and Jesse doing their thing)is saved for the final 4 episodes of the season and so like season 1, 2, 3 and 4..the shit is served up first and the best is served up later. Anna Gunn and Skyler is the shit we have to deal with so whatever. Rian Johnson saved a lot of this episode for me...gorgeous just gorgeous.

I am a little concerned that we have waited 4 seasons to see Scarface and we are skipping through a lot of the victory lap due to lack of time and so I feel that maybe we are getting a little short changed. The downfall will come and so be it but I hope they spend the remaining 12 episodes on Walt and Jesse and Mike and Saul and Hank and let the shit fly...no more stalling lets fucking do this already!


Furycast 35 - Top 20 Sarah Walker Hotness Scenes PART 4 of 5

Here is PART 4 of 5 which closes out the top 20 list, revealing the TOP 5 voted scenes!

Part 5 will introduce the choices I think should have made the list but didn't.

Click this link to subscribe to our podcast via iTunes.

Part 1 - Top 20 to 16
Part 2 - Top 15 to 11
Part 3 - Top 10 to 6
Part 4 - Top 5 to 1
Part 5 - Choices that didn't make the list but should have.


05 August, 2012

Rating BREAKING BAD 5.04: 'Fifty-One'

AMC says: Walt celebrates a birthday; Skyler contemplates her options; Walt and Jesse's plan is complicated by an associate.

HGF says: This new Frappe from McDonalds is fuckin' awesome.

95 out of 100

What did you think?

(*burp* that was yummy... why haven't I tried this before?)


04 August, 2012

The "HGF is a Money Hungry Douche" Donation Drive!

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My best-case-scenario is to raise $350, which would pretty much take care of all my needs for the next few years (since I tend to survive on the same hardware for 3-years).

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Bear McCreary Remix Part 2: 'Roslin and Adama'

Last time I remixed the master playing the brilliant composition Prelude to War from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA season 2. This time, I tackle one of the last tracks to play in the series.

Roslin and Adama



03 August, 2012

Review - WILFRED 2.07: 'Avoidance'

FX says: Wilfred and Ryan's friendship is threatened during a sticky encounter.

  • Ryan's former friend, James, reenters his life.
  • Ryan discovers he is not Wilfred's best friend.
  • We discover that Wilfred's first time was with a badly injured accident victim.
  • We get a dance montage with Ryan and Wilfred.
  • Wilfred manipulates Ryan into... manipulating him all over Ryan.
  • There's remnants of Wilfred juice all over Ryan's face.
  • Ryan and Wilfred argue as the doggie tries to get more treats.
  • Eventually Ryan finds out that Wilfred's idea of a treat isn't a hand-job.
  • Apparently Wilfred has been ejaculating all over Ryan's house and in the mayonnaise jar.
  • Ryan and Lando hash things out.

Wilfred: Ryan, where are you going?! Wait, is this because I jizz blasted you?

Wilfred grabs Ryan.
Ryan: What are you doing?!
Wilfred: (forcefully) I'm dancing! And after we dance, I get my treat (makes a jerking off motion with his hand)!

Ryan talking on the phone to Amanda about going to Comic-Con.
Ryan: No, I'd dress up. I could totally pass as Harry Potter.

Ryan: Goddammit, Wilfred! I will not let you ejaculate all over me again! (noticing a neighbor walking by) Hi, Sara.

Wilfred: Wait, that's what's been bothering you this whole time? You thought I wanted you to rip the neck off it?

If I had to rate this episode, and a blast of jizz says I do, then I'd give it:

92 out of 100

Gets an extra 5 points for the Harry Potter joke since Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe have something of a history of being mistaken for the other. An overall funny episode with some grossness tossed in. We also get a bit more of background on Ryan's issues with his dad. And the episode ends on a Ryan/Wilfred dance routine, followed by a blowjob prank. Does it get any better than that?

What did you think?


01 August, 2012

Review -- WHITE COLLAR 4.04: 'Parting Shots'

Before we get into Tuesday's episode, I would like to take a brief moment to brag about being right regarding what was going to happen to Helen. AND about how long it would take Peter to get his job back. (check the evidence if you don't believe me).

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

With that bragging out of the way, there's no need for me to once again complain about the show being a tad predictable. At the very least, 'Parting Shots' was a massive improvement over last-week's episode that was a complete snooze-fest.

It had some of the things we love most about this show: Neal at his charming, con-manning best. We got to see the hat trick. We got to see a beautiful woman. We got to see a beautiful woman doing the hat trick! And anytime Neal is fully involved in the action by utilizing his skill sets to help solve a crime is fine by me.

As for the season-arc involving Neal's (possibly) corrupt police officer of a father, that storyline moves forward with the possible murder of Helen. If someone wants her dead, obviously she knew too much already or was on the path of doing so. I hope this story turns out to be more interesting than a simple: he wasn't really a crooked cop, he was just framed! We've all seen that one on a million different shows already.

If the show ends up misfiring on that arc, that will be a problem. Hopefully they continue to give us fun cases with hot guest stars. It would also be nice if Mozzie were to get more involved. I need him scheming with Neal on some big score or something.


NEAL: "Well, you can add theft to that list -- she stole my hat!"

MOZZIE: "You came in with a suit-induced frown -- can I help?"

PETER: "I think we found our widow of opportunity. Get it? Without the 'N'"

AGENT HUGHES: "So your plan is to put $50 million into the personal bank account of a con-man who recently fled to a remote island with no extradition?"


--One week off of the White Collar Division and Peter is rusty. Neal Armstrong!?

--I'm sorry, Neal, but: When Sophie does the hat trick > When Neal does the hat trick

--Prediction: Neal tracks down Sarah's lost sister to get back into her good graces. 

--I petition the Screen Actors Guild, showrunners, writers and anyone else that will listen to ban the phrase: "Was any of it real?" So cliche. So lame. So god damn unoriginal.

THE SCORE: 79 out of 100