19 January, 2012

21-Days of CHUCK! Day 14: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Skirts

What's the word for a female version of the bromance? What? It doesn't exist?! Not cool. Not cool at all. But on CHUCK we have several budding sismances... galmances? Chickmances? What the hell is it called? Meowmances?

Unfortunately, there aren't too many actual meowmances on this show. Thankfully, we did get to see several interactions by female characters that had history together or the potential to grow into full friendships.

Sarah and Carina
Yes! Total meowmance! These two kittens may scratch each other but they always end up snuggling together late at night. If there was ever a meowmance, these two Cat Squad members have it.

Sarah and Zondra
Friends? Yes. Meowmance? Well, technically yes. But only because they are Cat Squad members. However, on an emotional level, I don't think so. We would probably need a few more episodes with these ladies to know for sure. Though, I could see someone arguing that one exists.

Sarah and Amy
Hell no! Shoot that little tiger!

Sarah and Alex
Have they even spoken?

Ellie and Sarah
There is potential there but they are sister-in-laws and seem to act like it. Nothing happening in the meowmance yet.

Ellie and Alex
Hell yes! I'm just kidding. Does Ellie even know Alex's name?

Gertrude and Sarah
Man, if only we had another 9-episodes... these girls seem like they are made to be great friends.

Yeah, this one sucked. Maybe it is time to pack it in and end at 14!


  1. No keep going please! I love reading these! :) You've put a lot of great effort in to writing these up- thank you! :)

  2. Come on, you can't stop at this point!

    Unfortunately there aren't too many strong female friendships on the show.

    I've always liked Sarah & Ellie, they've come a long way from their awkward "Chuck's like a duck" talk. I can only imagine they will get closer and closer.

    Not sure what to think of Sarah and Carina, they like each other sure, but there are some trust issues. Also Carina was ready to leave Sarah in trouble in "Chuck vs the Wookie" before Chuck guilt tripped her into helping.

    I enjoyed the Sarah / Gertrude scenes too, they really highlighted how much Sarah has opened up thanks to Chuck.

  3. Keep going.

    You've hit on a particular part of the show that isn't very prominent. And maybe that's because in the real world, female friend relationships have a different tone than male ones. Hence, the lack of an equivalent female word for "bromance."

    I think the closest word/phrase for female friendships is "BFF". That gets used a lot. at least among teenagers. But, "best friends forever" isn't the same. It's more ironic because it's rarely true.

    1. Remember. Women dress for other women. Not men. The kitten got claws if you know what I mean. (Meow).

  4. The Ellie/Sarah relationship is definitely not a "meowance" but for me is the female equivalent of a bromance: Ellie accepted Sarah from the beginning and contributed more than others to her growth as a person. She is the one that accepted Sarah in the Bartowski family from the beginning (ignoring the spy side), is the one that saw first that Sarah's feelings for Chuck were real, is the one that confronted her harshly ("Is my husband safe with you?" in Ring II) and the one who unleashes the bridezilla. It is a pity, IMO, that we did not have more Sarah/Ellie time in the show.
    Also, I loved the two episodes with Carina (Wookie and Three words) and I still think that Cat Squad (the episode) was a great missed opportunity.
    And Verbanski had a great potential with Sarah, the little scenes that they had together were great, for me.
    In general, I think that the female characters in the show had all a great potential, unfortunately not completely exploited, that is...

    P.S. Keep going! Seriously, are you going to give up now??? Come on...


      Ellie and Sarah the equivalent of a bromance? Where have you seen this? A bromance is when two guys are practically dating, they are so close.

    2. By that definition I'd say there hasn't been a female equivalent of a bromance on the show. Sarah & Carina were friends but I can't imagine pre-Chuck Sarah ever being too close with anyone. She really didn't start to open up until after the Honeymooners.

    3. Henry, are there any women in your life?

    4. OK, I totally misunderstood the meaning of "bromance" (me no speek yoor lenguage, etc...).
      In the terms given by HGK I agree, the Ellie/Sarah relationship is not a "female bromance" (or however you want to call it) and is totally different from the meowance between Sarah and Carina.
      But my point was that Ellie had a strong influence on the development of Sarah. Now I know that this was totally off-topic, anyway.

      And yes, there are women in my life, even if I still think that they have little in common with the girls of Chuck... :)

    5. The fact that Ellie is Chuck's sister is a barrier to a true female friendship between Sarah and Ellie. Woman actually do, for instance, talk about sex with their friends. Could you imagine Sarah talking about that subject with Chuck's sister?

    6. TBH, I find easier to imagine Sarah talking about sex with Ellie (and even more the opposite) than Chuck doing the same talk with, let's say, Devon, and probably with Morgan, too (not to mention Casey, of course!).
      But probably this is just how I see the characters, after all...
      All the rest, for me, is in the realm of bad fanfiction :)

    7. Henry, if you aren't American, we may be detecting a difference in culture.

      If you go back to Chuck vs. The Truth, which I watched just 2 days ago, it is Devon who gets into Chuck and Sarah's business about whether they had sex or not. Ellie looks uncomfortable and is trying to get him to shut up.

      After Chuck and Sarah got together, Morgan even made the comment that they were having "tons of sex" while he wasn't. I also notice that the fact that Morgan and Carina slept together was no secret from Chuck.

    8. You're obviously right about the difference in culture, and also about the moments that you quote.
      But probably I did not make myself clear: I think that Chuck would be uncomfortable talking about his sex life (in general, and especially with his wife), even with his friends. I think that this is a universal "male thing", so Devon talking about it makes sense for me and even more Morgan, without being offensive to the "leggy valkyrie" (and even Casey, whit his jokes about peanut butter and chocolate...): but Chuck would be uncomfortable talking about it in general, and especially in front of his sister, and she would be uncomfortable for herself and for him, too...
      But you know better than I do than women (with their friends) talk about sex in a way that would make most men run. So for me, for the character's development that we can see (and mostly, for what I like to imagine BTS), Ellie and Sarah talking of private things, including sex, even being in-laws, is a possibility.
      Then of course, I would find difficult to talk about sex things with my brother-in-law, and extremely awkward, too. But as an older brother, for me my nieces are technically a kind of miracle, but this is another story... :)

  5. New favorite word: meowmance.

  6. ZAYASOFOAMCST (Gina)January 19, 2012 at 9:55 AM

    Yeah the sisterhood is not something that is prominant in a show like this, I guess it can all be set in the premise of an average nerd/geek trying to get the hot chick. The show becomes mostly about the guy trying to get the chick.

    One thing that Todd Van De Werffe did say that I remember from his LA Times reviews is that he kind of wished that they did make Chuck so not in Sarah's league. He thought it kind of shallowed her character at first a little and made it difficult to smooth out some of the depth her character obviously had (or something to that effect). Sarah does have friends or a friend and there were ample opportunities over the seasons for Sarah to get her girlmance on with Ellie if as Todd says Sarah was on a similar plane to Chuck.

  7. The show's greatest meowmance: General Beckman and a TV monitor

  8. Remember the show is called Chuck. Not Sarah and her BFF's. Sarah and Carina possibly with the CAT squad. Zondra they didn't elaborate when they met. (CAT squad) ?. Ellie became her sister-in-law through Chuck. They became sisters(family). Verbanski ? Maybe good friends at the start. Who knows. The show was always on the bubble so the writers kept it strictly Chuck,Sarah Heart of the show. Casey, Mentor (tormentor) Morgan,Ellie,Devon, Family ties. Big Mike,Jeff,Lester The normal life. (job,work). General Beckman (colleage,mentor). Just my two cents.

  9. You CAN'T stop, HGF!! I need my daily Chuck fix and only you have IT. :P :D

    Ok, ok I'm gonna calm down, lol. Like others said, this show is so much geared toward men (nerds) that it's no wonder why the female demo has never been strong. I guess many male really identify with Chuck, his struggles and his love for the hot blond.


  10. I'll keep going, especially since the easiest ones to write are coming up. I will be happy when this 21-days thing is over, though. ;)

    1. I understand, HGF, thanks, I like your writing, your insights, and your honesty.


  11. "Sarah and Alex:
    Have they even spoken?"
    now i know, after watching chuck vs the bullet train, thats why sarah didnt know alex...sarah barely talked to alex, or maybe they've never talked to each other..lol