04 August, 2012

The "HGF is a Money Hungry Douche" Donation Drive!

I could spin this any which way to make it sound desperate or manipulate you into wanting to help but that's not how I roll. So I will make it plain and simple.

I need your help!

I need to upgrade some hardware in my computer that I didn't when I built this "new" one. I put it off figuring I'd get to it eventually... and now is that time.

My best-case-scenario is to raise $350, which would pretty much take care of all my needs for the next few years (since I tend to survive on the same hardware for 3-years).

And to the people who will cry about me crying about donations... I don't run ads. I don't make any money other than the couple of donations I get. So, if you can see it in your heart to help out, please contribute via the PayPal link. If the link doesn't work for some reason, let me know.

350 $1 donations would work. But PayPal takes a cut so I would suggest a minimum of $2 per donation.

Oh and when you donate, feel free to include a message that suggest something I should cover. I like to serve the needs of those who donate to the site. Though, I don't promise I will like what you suggest! Be careful! Don't suggest I review some twinky vampire movie.


DONATIONS: 109% of the way there!
Daniel C (what would I do without you?! thank you!)
Jennifer S (thank you, madame awesome!)
Vladdy GG (my main man!)
Justin P (Australia rules and so do you!)
Alonso (thank you very much)
Amanda P (thank you kindly)


  1. Heh... based on the massive reaction this has received, I am beginning to see what I should do with this site.

  2. Always enjoy(ed) your Chuck articles, and you do a damn good job on Game of Thrones too! Glad to have helped.