06 August, 2012

Furycast 35 - Top 20 Sarah Walker Hotness Scenes PART 4 of 5

Here is PART 4 of 5 which closes out the top 20 list, revealing the TOP 5 voted scenes!

Part 5 will introduce the choices I think should have made the list but didn't.

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Part 1 - Top 20 to 16
Part 2 - Top 15 to 11
Part 3 - Top 10 to 6
Part 4 - Top 5 to 1
Part 5 - Choices that didn't make the list but should have.


  1. Nice! Great choices. I love the Belly Dance. Cant wait for the ones that didn't make the list. :)

    1. Part 5 is three scenes.

      One is a scene that is a makeup for one that made the list but may not have been the scene people actually wanted from that episode.

      The other is a personal choice because I just think Yvonne looks INCREDIBLE in it.

      And the last is the biggest no-brainer scene ever and yet very few people even mentioned it... which is shocking to me.

    2. Thanks for the preview Magnus. I haven't been disappointed so far and i dont think i will be with part 5. Its SW Hotness how could i.

    3. I will probably post it this week. And then I will try to upload the full 20+ minute thing on YouTube but most people won't be able to view it since there will be 10 music claims for all the tracks in the video.

  2. I bet one of the scenes that wasn't picked out that you're talking about belongs to the first episode from the 3rd season? It involves a pool...

    1. You'd be wrong. :)

      You can find out what the scenes are by subscribing to the podcast since it has been out for over a day now.