30 July, 2012

Furycast 34 - Top 20 Sarah Walker Hotness Scenes PART 3 of 5

On Yvonne Strahovski's 26th birthday (give or take), I bring you PART 3 of the podcast TOO HOT FOR YOUTUBE!

Reminder: the more views, the quicker part 4 gets unleashed. So share this with all your friends and families. And anyone with Internet access.

Just one more part to find out what is #1! And then there will be a final part of some scenes I thought should have made it on the list.

Part 1 - Top 20 to 16
Part 2 - Top 15 to 11
Part 3 - Top 10 to 6
Part 4 - Top 5 to 1
Part 5 - Choices that didn't make the list but should have.

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  1. 26! funny stuff...I think if she told Barney Stinson her real age she would get a ....."Ohhhhhh!" :)

    Happy Birthday Yvonne!

    1. Every woman has the right to turn 26 four times in her life.

  2. Yes! more Sarah Walker Hotness!!! I knew you were gonna release it on Yvonne's birthday. :). I love the "First Date" scene. Probably mainly because it was the first episode of Chuck i watched. Sarah nighty was hot. Bummer Chuck didn't get any. He would have to wait until later. Sarah and Bryce dance was great. And yeah. Speaking as a guy there is just something about a girl cooking for you. I can't explain it but there is. Plus that nighty she has on is pretty hot.

    Can't wait til part 4!

    1. In that Suburbs scene, she is the kind of hot guys who propose to girls understand. :)

  3. Nothing says happy birthday like a dose of exploitation for views!

  4. Okay, maybe I'm just stuped, but I never understood what "what i always wanted to say, sarah" really meant. What did he always wanted to say? Can someone please explain to me? If yes, thank you. Oh, and great video.