03 August, 2012

Review - WILFRED 2.07: 'Avoidance'

FX says: Wilfred and Ryan's friendship is threatened during a sticky encounter.

  • Ryan's former friend, James, reenters his life.
  • Ryan discovers he is not Wilfred's best friend.
  • We discover that Wilfred's first time was with a badly injured accident victim.
  • We get a dance montage with Ryan and Wilfred.
  • Wilfred manipulates Ryan into... manipulating him all over Ryan.
  • There's remnants of Wilfred juice all over Ryan's face.
  • Ryan and Wilfred argue as the doggie tries to get more treats.
  • Eventually Ryan finds out that Wilfred's idea of a treat isn't a hand-job.
  • Apparently Wilfred has been ejaculating all over Ryan's house and in the mayonnaise jar.
  • Ryan and Lando hash things out.

Wilfred: Ryan, where are you going?! Wait, is this because I jizz blasted you?

Wilfred grabs Ryan.
Ryan: What are you doing?!
Wilfred: (forcefully) I'm dancing! And after we dance, I get my treat (makes a jerking off motion with his hand)!

Ryan talking on the phone to Amanda about going to Comic-Con.
Ryan: No, I'd dress up. I could totally pass as Harry Potter.

Ryan: Goddammit, Wilfred! I will not let you ejaculate all over me again! (noticing a neighbor walking by) Hi, Sara.

Wilfred: Wait, that's what's been bothering you this whole time? You thought I wanted you to rip the neck off it?

If I had to rate this episode, and a blast of jizz says I do, then I'd give it:

92 out of 100

Gets an extra 5 points for the Harry Potter joke since Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe have something of a history of being mistaken for the other. An overall funny episode with some grossness tossed in. We also get a bit more of background on Ryan's issues with his dad. And the episode ends on a Ryan/Wilfred dance routine, followed by a blowjob prank. Does it get any better than that?

What did you think?


  1. This is the one they screened at Comic-con. There was a "money shot" in it that they said would be cut when it aired, but would be in the DVD version.

    The reaction from the crowd of about 1000 or more people to that sequence was priceless to experience.

    I thought it was extremely funny.

    I loved the dancing too. They talked a lot about how they had to practice that over several weeks because neither of them are natural dancers.

    1. I figured it had to do with a "money shot" when I saw that scene. Too bad the show isn't on HBO!

    2. Yeah, it's amazing that even FX has standards. The crazy thing is that I'm sure there were kids in the audience. A few days later, Sons of Anarchy showed a portion of their season premiere and had to black out some parts for the reason that there were kids in the audience. I wonder if Comic-con had any idea what Wilfred was going to show.

    3. There should be a law: don't bring your kids to Comic Con or the midnight showing of a movie.

  2. I was born in the 80's so when he heard Dance Hall Days by Wang Chung (I think) I lost my shit and just loved the episode and the dance sequences....fucking awesome...love me some wang and some chung....classic!

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  4. Hilarious dance montage and the doggy rape story was priceless.