19 December, 2014

The Plopper Reviews COVERT AFFAIRS 5.16 'Gold Soundz' & Season 5

Christ.  If I could write my season finale review solely in emojis tonight, I would.  It's the only way I can properly express how I'm feeling right now.  It's all over the goddamn place.

"Trust your heart."  -Auggie
"Get it?  She literally cannot trust her heart.  I see what you did there, writers.  You think you're so clever."  -Katie (cousin of The Plopper)

I'm going to have to review this ep quickly, because I need to get to my season 5 review, and I have a LOT to say.  So I'll cover 5.16 quickly:  First off, WTFFFF ANNIE!?  What did you talk about with McQuaid the entire rest of that stroll on the bridge??  Was it, "Oh cool let's just talk about the weather and the Mets now and for the entire 12 hour flight home" ??  (Disclaimer: I do not actually know how long it takes to get from Buenos Aires to D.C.  But I bet there is at least one connector.)  "K bye hon I'm not gonna marry you, instead I'm gonna just go back to my depressing apartment and make a cup of tea on my hot plate!!"  Great call, Annie.

Annie, also, why would you even consider going back to the CIA!?  You have it SO cushy at McQuaid Security right now.  Granted, there is that whole bankruptcy issue I guess, but I'm sure they'll get that sorted.  I can't even properly convey to you how right McQuaid was when he said "You can do this job and die, and you can not do this job and die."  Did you know I took a 4-day Business Analysis class 7 years ago and ALMOST GOT TUBERCULOSIS from it??  That's right, a guy in there had TB the whole time and he was ON MY TEAM!!  WE TOUCHED THE SAME MARKERS.  I had to spend the next 3 months leading into my wedding getting tested repeatedly, and for what!?  Because I was taking such a risk that could have gotten me TB?  A business. fucking. analysis. class.  ON the CAMPUS of my company.  I didn't even drive the fucking hour north to San Francisco for this.  I didn't even trip over a coughing bum in the Tenderloin to contract this shit.  Nope.  My life was so dull that I may as well have already been lying in a goddamn coma that week and I STILL almost got TB.  Annie, DON'T WASTE YOUR LIFE girl, don't do it.  It gets you nothing at all but 3 months of worrying about getting drug-resistant TB right before your wedding!!  I could have been on a hospital gurney at the altar all alone, while all my guests avoided my plague-infested wedding like, well, the plague!!  :deep breath:

Let's take a step back for a sec.  The biggest feeling I'm having right now is that they didn't totally fuck it (the season) all up right at the end.  They didn't drop The Myocarditis storyline like I was afraid they would, they didn't drop the Belenko illness connection, and they managed to tie up a majority of the loose ends, even if it all felt a bit rushed in the process (these things usually do unless it's Game of Thrones).  Auggie's Week From Hell also ended in a way that made sense given what he had gone through.  Joan's Balkans secret, though, like ALL of Joan's mysteries, will remain just that.  So if you're a Joan fan, you may be rightfully pissed as hell right now.  (Counterpoint: Her delivery of "Ah he was being a dick," might be enough to save the entire world).

The problem I have with this ep is that the last 10 minutes were waaaayyyy too confusing.  And I don't think it was just me.  I think a couple of those scenes were poorly written or poorly edited.  In Annie's last convo with Belenko, what in god's name was she talking about - who was getting revenge on the Russians, exactly??  Who is the enemy of what enemy?  Is this Belenko's revenge, Annie's revenge, or both??  I can't figure out why Annie would be so nice to Belenko after he had just tried to kill Auggie.  Did Belenko tip her off on purpose with that phone, or on accident??  Was she just blowing smoke up his ass to prep him for his little "talk" with Joan?  It was overly confusing.

But I dunno.  Despite all this, the episode certainly did its job in leaving me hanging on every second of the ending ... biting my nails and having a myocarditis attack, and then flipping my shit at the cliffhanger.  With this plus the decent job of following up on loose ends, the ep mostly accomplished its goal.  So I'm not gonna complain too much.

Now I gotta get to season 5 as a whole.  This review is gonna be long ... so get ready.  I'm gonna keep it simple by splitting this out into the good stuff and bad stuff.  Here goes.

Season 5.  The Good Stuff.

Annie didn’t go home after Hong Kong.  Some of you know that the ending they filmed for S4 was very different than what actually aired.  The original ending involved Annie coming straight back home, quitting the CIA, and having a beer with Auggie.  Scrapping this ending at the very last minute was one of the best decisions the Covert showrunners have ever made as far as I’m concerned.  They avoided painting themselves into a corner that could’ve been nearly as obnoxious as Henry’s stupid folder at the end of S3.  O.k. not that obnoxious, but still.  When I watched Annie sail away on that boat, all I could think was that the saddest, most boring route they could possibly take her would be straight back home to the shitty lameness that awaited her there.   Praise Teo Campbell that they had mercy on our girl and let her fly the coop for a while for the sake of her own sanity and self-respect.

And then the icing on the cake – Her return home from her time away in the season 5 premiere was deliciously mysterious.  After spending far too much of season 4 running around trying to solve everyone else’s problems for them, the writers finally let Annie be interesting in her own right again (after, to be fair, starting to get back on track with her in the fall of season 4).  Welcome back, Annie.

Covert Affairs regains its logic and sanity.  Season 4 was SO illogical at nearly every major turn that it bordered on SOA-levels of absurdity.  We were consistently expected to believe that these characters would behave in these ridiculous ways, without coming even within the ballpark of explaining WHY they would be doing any of it (read my S4 review for reference).  This show is never perfect when it comes to logic, but thank the Holy Ghost of Puma they took a deep breath and got back to the realm of sanity in season 5.  Other than the premiere, I can't think of one ep this season that had me screaming at my TV for significant logic problems.

Annie and Auggie use their words.  Sort of.  In short, angry bursts.  Other than Helesa herself, nothing was more infuriating to me in S4 than Annie & Auggie’s sedated noodle-slurping and refusal to discuss ANY of the horrible shit they had done to each other in the second half of the season.  But in season 5, the angels sang down from the heavens and the simmering anger fiiiinnally started to boil over.  Annie stealing Tash’s flash drive and using it with Ivan was one of the best sequences I’ve ever seen on this show.  I hadn’t cheered so loudly at my TV screen since, well, one of the crazy twists on GoT S4 I’m sure.  And Auggie’s bottle-smashing anger along with the resulting fight was just as fun.  Better yet, the outbursts between them continued as the season went on.  They were short every time, but I’ll take whatever the hell I can get from these two at this point.  Ya ain’t never gonna work out any of your shit if you keep pretending it ain’t there, sweeties.

Annie’s challenge.  Despite the weird usage of myocarditis as Annie’s heart condition instead of other heart conditions that can realistically be caused by bullet wounds (per research done by fans who are not me haha), I was actually extremely pleasantly shocked to see that the writers included this storyline, primarily because it meant Annie was finally facing some kind of consequence for all that happened to her in season 3.  One doesn’t generally get shot twice in the heart parts and even live to tell the tale, let alone walk away without requiring any physical therapy, with PTSD that magically resolves itself within one television episode, and with zero scar from open-heart surgery.  Even Annie’s devastation over Simon’s death cleared right up the second the next cutie showed her one iota of attention.  The magical Peen of St. Augustine healed all, and the writers washed their hands of it so they could focus on more important things, i.e. ex-dead wives from hell (great choice).  So for Annie to finally have to face a real consequence for all this was a long time coming.

And I found this storyline to be very effective, particularly through ep 5.08.  It forced Annie completely off the tracks and out of her element, and it's in these types of scenarios that a character really becomes interesting.  She had to do some serious self-examination on her obsession with her job and the consequences that can arise from it.  We all know of The Annie Problem, a.k.a. Anndroid, that existed for about a full season starting in fall season 3.  You can read my season 4 review for that issue too.  But season 5 did something I had nearly given up on when I wrote that review - it made Annie human again.  She was once again a fallible, mortal creature just like the rest of us.  We could relate to her again.  She was no longer Teflon.  I am really, really reeaaaally glad they didn't let this storyline drop like I was afraid they would.  Reeeheaheaaaally glad.

McQuaid.  Sorry, Auggie fans.  Read my season 4 reviews and you’ll see that I was just as pissed as you were when the writers took a big fat diarrhea dump all over Walkerson last season.  But what’s done is done, and it was done so severely in S4 that we can't just snap our fingers and fix it.  It'll never be what it was again.  Given that, some upheaval was needed as a next step.

Enter Ryan McQuaid to shake shit up.  He’s brash, cocky, badass, rich as hell, and the foil to many people's "OTP".  This character was bound to be a complete douchebag, right?  In the hands of most actors, he would be.  But in the vein of Captain Awesome on Chuck, they went a different route with McQuaid.  Ryan McPartlin somehow turned his would-be pretentious jerk - an obnoxiously successful doctor with the face and body of a greek god – into the sweetest and most loveable character on the planet.  Nic Bishop, like McPartlin, has somehow been able to turn this should-be prick McQuaid into someone you’d trust with your life if you were thrown into a terrorist hotzone or some other horrible situation.  Is the guy too good to be true?  Maybe, but on top of his borderline douchey qualities, it’s also been made fairly clear that he’s perfectly willing to throw a good chunk of his morals out the window if it’ll get him closer to catching a bad guy.  No wonder he and Annie get along so well (He’s essentially her with a penis, which could certainly get them into trouble in the future, but for now I’m enjoying the hell out of them).

Annie spent almost exactly a full season being celibate post-Auggie, so it was high time the ol’ gal got to have some action again.  And in the wake of the season 4 melodrama, there was nothing she needed more in the romance department than a guy she could count on to stick with her even when the going got tough.  McQuaid knew what he was getting into with her from almost day 1 (ok well, by episode 2, when he picked her up unconscious on that dock in Venezuela).  Let’s be honest, homegirl was a hot mess for the first half of the season, and yet he didn’t flinch.  And I'm gonna just set aside tonight's proposal for a sec (which was certainly a fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants thing) so I can say: Other than that, do NOT try to tell me the writers pushed this relationship too fast.  These two spent 8 full episodes going through all measures of craziness together before they even so much as kissed.  Don’t forget that in season 3, the Simon relationship had run its *entire course* by the end of ep 8.  R.I.P. Simon.  The writers clearly cared about the McWalker relationship, because they really put in the time and effort to build the thing brick by brick.  And it worked so well that a LOT of us were reacting just like I did above to tonight's finale.  A lot of us.

Extra credit: Baby Mack.  I’ll admit that before season 5 started, there was absolutely nothing on this earth that I wanted to watch less than Baby Mack being burped and put into his crib for his afternoon naps.  But the kid was not only used mercifully sparingly, he was (is) also one of the cutest damn things I’ve ever seen.  He charmed me.  Kudos to little Jude Matchett, baby actor of the year.

Season 5.  The Bad Stuff.

The B plots in the summer season.  Season 5 improved on season 4 in nearly every way, except this.  I don't recall S4 having this issue.  Thankfully S5's B plots all finally came together in the fall, but during those first 8 or 9 eps, they were slightly reminiscent of a “Dana Brody Dates a Delinquent Boy” (or let’s be honest, “Dana Brody Does ANY Stupid Obnoxious Thing”) story.  “Dana Brody Avoids Getting Hit By That Truck And You Curse The Driver For His Bad Aim”.  O.k. I’m done now.  After watching Homeland, it’s hard for any B plot to seem that horrible to me as long as it’s not taking up too much screentime.  And these ones didn’t, but if you’re a Calder fan, this was NOT a good season for you. I feel your pain.  At least it got better in the fall?  He looked cool in this ep ...

Like Calder, Auggie’s summer season was also not super great.  It was far better than Calder’s, but it could have been better.  He spent most of the summer running around getting himself into trouble with his peen, and it felt pointless and kinda depressing for him.  But again, I have trouble getting too worked up about his because not only did it come together for him in the fall, but he became the focus of the entire season-long mission.  He had major time in the sun in eps 5.12 & 14; possibly more so (that I can recall?) than in season 3 or any season before that.  So ... frustrating for a while, but it came together for our boy Auggie.

Predictability.  The show has had this problem for a while now.  It was a problem throughout season 4, and it continued in season 5 with the Caitlyn Cook storyline.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a “twist” telegraphed from that far away (probably since “Helesa is alive!!”) haha.  From the second she walked on screen, we ALL knew she was gonna be shady.  Now, I said in S4 that I FAR prefer a good story to just trying to throw in twists everywhere, and I love that S5 shifted its focus to just telling a good story.  But because the Caitlyn thing was posed as a "twist", it didn't work.  If you're gonna focus on simply telling the story, then, awesome, but just do that, rather than trying to make it into something it's not.

Residual incoherence problems.  Covert Affairs very often has problems translating the story they want to tell into what actually plays out on our screens.  In S5, the writers' biggest failure to communicate was in the cause of Annie's heart condition.  And what absolutely kills me about this is that it wouldn’t have even required one second of extra screen time to tell the story properly.  All the writers would’ve had to do would be to ever-so-slightly adjust the wording of the Eyal/Annie flashback convo in 5.04 and it would have been crystal clear.  Instead, half their audience was left wondering if The Myocarditis was just a completely random coincidence.  If you don't know what caused it, it takes away a majority of the story's meaning and significance.  :headdesk:

Not quite enough home runs.  Season 5 was quite consistent with like a solid B to B+ average on episodes.  Unlike S4's wild ride, S5 only dipped below an 80/100 on my reviews once (S4 did it 5 times & 3 of those dipped into the 60's).  They did knock it out of the park quite well with eps 5.02 & 5.07.  5.14 was a fan favorite so I'll give that a shout-out too.  I just wish they'd done a few more eps that jumped into the 90+ grade range.

Season 5.  The Summary.

Look, nothing this show has done has matched the greatness of eps 3.01-3.11, and it likely never will.  But part of that was the circumstances of the moment - it was coming out of its first 2 decent-but-nothing-super-special seasons, and critics had written it off as nothing more than that.  And then suddenly it popped - out of nowhere, when no one expected it.  They captured lightning in a bottle and it's hard to get back there as expectations rise.  You take risks to keep it up and, well, the way risks work is that they don't always pan out.

Season 4 took a LOT of risks and had some great moments, but stumbled a lot.  But the thing it really did right in its last few eps was to start the show back on a path to re-discovering their lead character.

Season 5 succeeded where season 4 had failed in its logic and focus issues.  It succeeded where fall of S3 & the summer of S4 had failed in bringing us back to Annie.  A huge part of what made 3.01-11 so great was that we were really WITH Annie.  We were in her head.  We related to her.  We understood her motivations and we felt her feels with her.  And then suddenly that all went away post-Russia.  She closed off and we were shut out of her head.  And that sucked.  Season 4 did not convince us why she & Auggie broke up or why they did anything they did with each other past ep 4.06.  It also didn't even come close to convincing us why she went dark.  We spent far too much of that time still shut out and confused and cold and alone.  Shiver.

The biggest success of season 5 was in letting us back in.  I haven't felt this "with" Annie for this long in, maybe ever.  I fully got her every thought and feel and motivation this season.  Every major decision she made was exactly what I would've done (I'm ignoring tonight's last 10 minutes for now haha).  That's right, especially in moments like the end of ep 5.09 when she let McQuaid go and lied to Auggie.  Especially when she was on that mountain in Azerbaijan, tearing her hair out in frustration and hopelessness.  Especially in Paris when she stole that flash drive and took care of business.  Especially in ALL those types of moments.  I, The Plopper, was at one with Annie Walker.

How you prioritize different elements of any TV show has a monumental effect on how much you enjoy each ep and season.  If Walkerson is your #1 concern, then you undoubtedly HATED season 5.  For Covert, I prioritize a) the telling of stories that actually make reasonable sense, and b) the success of their lead character, given their issues with her in the past.  And because of that, I quite enjoyed season 5.  I hope USA Network treats this show better than it did White Collar, because I need more of it.

Ep 5.16 GRADE: 88/100

Season 5 GRADE: 88/100

Blow me to bits with a grenade in the comments.  That sentence could have gone very differently.

The Plopper

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  1. What a wet fart of a finale.

    One word review - bleh.

    1. Awww. Bitter that they didn't kill off McQuaid like you were so sure they were going to?

    2. Extremely! ;-)

  2. Anonymous with a stethescope

    About the Myocarditis, I hate to break this to you. I may get into this more, but I am a member of the medical community, and the thing that audience does not understand, is that Myocarditis, is a lot rarer and more mysterious than you guys are imagining. Further more, in reality, the cause of Myocarditis is not well defined, and not well understood. As in many conditions and myopathies, the etiology is baffling and complex.

    However, the writers should have given her a more definitive condition, like LVH (left ventricular Hypertrophy), because then, there would have been a collective 'ah ha' moment, and everyone would have related that without question. They probably did not think they were creating such a ruckus. Lol

    Young and healthy people may not experience any symptoms at all, or mildly after first exposure to a viral agent, adverse drug reactions, autoimmune reactions to toxins, etc. Basically, anything that causes the myocardium to heal itself and form scar tissue.

    That could have been anytime in her history, including childhood infections, and can recur, though it is rare, and when it does, it can present a chronic problem that can be fatal.

    Treatment is also largely symptomatic control, usually with anti imflammatory agents and more if there are other assosiated heart conditions, like dysrhythmias, and it's likely with a chronic condition.

    I have to give a lot of credit to the writers for the accuracy of the symptoms, and Piper's portrayal of them, is very, very good.

    I don't have much to say about the show, as it feels very much like a series ending. I read the scene at the bridge very differently. It's very Annie, understated, subtle, and telling me she hears him, she wants it, and she's just scared. He's classic Ryan, gently reasuuring. They join hands, and that tells me what she wants, and auggie just just helps her get there at the end. I don't have a problem with that interpretation. Just my 2 cents. And some medicine. If there are typos, apoplogies. My tablet sucks.

    1. Your take of the scene on the bridge is very well said.
      -Another Anonymous ( I read this after I posted my very long 3-parter comments.)

    2. THANKS Anonymous with a stethoscope!! Quite to the contrary, I'm really glad you commented on this, because it's a different and very interesting take from what the other doctor types said about it in commentary on my earlier season 5 reviews. It actually makes me feel a lot better that the not-well-understood nature of MC means the writers may not have been *completely* smoking crack when they chose it as the heart condition. ;-)

      You may have already seen this in a previous review (I think it was ep 5.10), but Piper clarified in an interview during the season that the cause of the MC for Annie is indeed her gunshot wounds from S3. So while the show was not clear on the explanation, what they were actually going for was that it was caused by the GSWs. That's why I mentioned that the story they are trying to tell vs. what actually plays out on our TV screens is often unintentionally different/unclear hahaha.

      As for the bridge scene, I agree 100%. I re-watched it a couple times last night and that was my interpretation as well. I personally would have hesitated the same way about jumping right to marriage, but I'm also not a "jump first" person like Annie is hahha. My "WTF" reaction upon first viewing was mainly because it almost seemed like the "what makes this so hard" line was her being about to totally dump the guy or something hahaha. But what she said after that makes it clear that she does want to be with him, but she's just scared because she's been burned so many times in the past.

    3. Just wanted to shout out to Anon with a Stethoscope that you put months of my obsessing over Annie's condition at ease hahaha. The Plopper and other's will attest to my insanity on this particular topic. So thank you for your insight!! I'm curious (if you see this) where does Annie go from here and just how severe does her condition appear to be??

  3. Just so I don't drive The Plopper crazy, I just want to identify myself as the "Another Anonymous" that made a couple of comments in 5.15 (and another in 5.12 but not signed).

    Straight of, I have to say that I enjoyed last night's ep. The CA writers were right to say that loose ends will be tied up (regarding this storyline) but have a cliffhanger that isn't the usual kind but still left us (the fans) wanting more.

    The enemy (Annie) of my enemy (the Russians) comment was first made by Belenko to explain why he helped Annie. Remember he got the message loud and clear that the Russians wanted him dead when he saw the Argentine elite police executed and lined up. At the end when he was getting patched up, she repeated the line when she wanted to convince him to spill his secrets on the FSB etc by saying that the Russians betrayed him, so the revenge referenced was Belenko's.
    Shawn Doyle as Belenko was excellent. I thought it was a nuanced performance that was convincing. One can see why Caitlin and Britta fell for him as he can be quite charming if he is your type. I loved his "What, no kiss?" line in Istanbul. Hope he has a recurring role next season!


    1. "The enemy (Annie) of my enemy (the Russians) comment was first made by Belenko to explain why he helped Annie."

      Right yeah I did get that; I think I was unclear with the way I worded that question in my review hahaha. I totally got what Belenko meant and exactly who he was referring to when he said it the *first* time. It was only the second time (when Annie said it) that it threw me off, because I couldn't figure out why Annie would still be so nice to him after he had just tried to kill Auggie. But I think you're right that she was still referring to HIS revenge, and she was likely just buttering him up so that he'd sing like a canary when Joan and the CIA got their hands on him.

      Agreed that Shawn Doyle was excellent. I would like to see him back next season too.

  4. The storylines on CA tend to reference things mentioned casually (to the audience) but meaningfully (to the writers) from previous seasons. This is a little difficult on television, especially the way the shows are broadcast -- 16 episodes interspersed with plentiful ads during the show, weekly episodes, mid-season break of a few weeks, season break of a few months. You either have to have a really good memory or you need to watch the old episodes. To really get the whole story one has to watch the whole thing from S1 to the present (guilty as charged). Then we get to see all those things that Eyal, Auggie, Simon, Joan, even Lena and Henry said to Annie that shaped her thinking and actions. For an example, the Balkans was referenced in 2.8 when Joan and Annie went to Mexico (the only ep they were in the field together) and then now in S5. So maybe the Balkans may be part of a possible S6 since the references were getting louder? Another example is the one you mentioned about the consequences of getting shot in the heart (from S3 and then S5).
    Annie takes a lot of things that people say to her to heart, so why does Annie not hear Eyal, Simon and even Nate Mueller when they told her the spy game is exactly that, a game and that they are just chess pieces being moved around?

    The scene on the bridge with McQ brought flashbacks of Annie and Auggie's break-up. Annie told McQ that the job is dangerous etc and that she did not want to lose him. He responds by stepping up to the plate and reassuring her. She was giving McQ the same arguments that she gave Auggie with a totally different response. If McQ agreed with her, then that would have been another break-up. When Annie and Auggie had the talk in the break-up scene (4.7), she tells him "This is the part where you are supposed to refute that (her misgivings about personal life and being a spy)." This misgivings were not just because of Helesa. I think Helesa just confirmed the conclusions that she had reached independently (the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back) that the people she cares about are placed in danger (Ben, Jai, Simon, Auggie, even Danielle -- Simon's handler let Annie know that he knew where Danielle lived); so cutting ties made sense in her mind. Helesa just enforced this. Auggie did the most damage by telling Annie that she was right. So even when Auggie took back what he said, Annie was not convinced. When she went dark, there was a lot of time for this to fester. The threat to Sana and her new husband by Henry also showed Annie the extent of danger to all those connected to people in the spy game. By the time they all got to Hong Kong, she was already convinced that cutting off relationships was the only way to go in order to protect those around her. Auggie made a comment that he did not want to make small talk with Calder when they were in the safe house (5.15) and Annie asks what about with her? Auggie agrees and they go out although he seemed to enjoy slurping his noodles more. He acted like eating was the main reason for the outing. For someone who previously kept saying he understood her he was pretty oblivious. But when it came to talking, it appeared that she really did not have anything to say after all -- there was nothing to say.


    1. Auggie and Calder in the safe house, that was 4.15, not 5.15. Sorry.

    2. OMG did they say Balkans in ep 2.08 too!? That line Joan said in that ep is one of the things I'm referring to when I say that they always leave Joan's story threads hanging!! I always remember what she said to her friend in that ep about "You were the only one there for me when I woke up in the hospital" or whatever it was, but I didn't remember a Balkans reference! Now I need to go watch it again lol.

      "Annie told McQ that the job is dangerous etc and that she did not want to lose him. He responds by stepping up to the plate and reassuring her. She was giving McQ the same arguments that she gave Auggie with a totally different response."

      Holy SHIT that's a GREAT point!! I didn't even connect it but you're totally right. I was SOOOO disappointed in Auggie's response to her at the end of 4.07. I think that was bad writing more than anything, because up until that point, it just never seemed like Auggie to puss out like that. That was one of the things I felt was illogical in S4. I sat there watching it like, WHAT!!?? That whole storyline drove me so insane that I made a comic strip about it (http://sillyfangirl.blogspot.com/2014/02/covert-affairs-comic-strip-walkerson.html). Lol. I don't think links work in these comments but you can copy/paste the URL.

      But anywho. They wrote Auggie like that, for whatever strange reasoning they had, and from that point forward his behavior seemed to be consistently like that (i.e. like kind of a weak-ass). He peaced out on Annie romantically by screwing Helesa while Annie was away, and then behaved like SUUUCCHH a pathetic baby about it when Annie returned (asking Annie to help clean out Helesa's apartment while it was still fully in sex den mode!? REALLY?? And he didn't even apologize to her ONCE!! What a punk-ass.)

      "He acted like eating was the main reason for the outing." HAHAHA so true. While Annie fretted on the side and couldn't even eat. I despise that scene hahaaha it's the worst. I wanted to punch both of them in their faces so hard.

      Anywho. Your connection of Auggie's reaction vs. McQuaid's reaction to Annie's "maybe we should break up but I don't want to" thing pretty much *perfectly* sums up why McWalker is so great. Good one lol.

  5. With regards to your comment about your not being able to get into Annie's head post-Russia: upon analysis, that shows that the writers were effective in what they wanted to accomplish. Pre-Russia we WERE in Annie's head, she was a more open person. Post-Russia, she clammed up, and shut herself away, so how can we be in her head? Until she opens up again, which she did, then we were able to be in her head again. While I understand what the writers wanted to do and did, I did not necessarily enjoy it as much.

    A comment made under 5.15 said that Auggie was shown special treatment by Joan and Calder. I do agree with that. Mandating therapy for Auggie after he got into a fight (although this may be for public/external appearances since the fight was with a civilian) but not after Annie was imprisoned and interrogated in a Russian high-security prison, got shot and almost died, or even earlier when she had her first kill seems ridiculous. Talking about her first kill (2.16), Annie wanted to talk with Auggie about that. He tells her that she doesn't have to go through that by herself -- that there are professionals she can talk to. She tells him that he's the one she wants to talk to. His response to that is to give her his car and say that he's off to see Parker. So what message did he just give her? She was hurt. He assumed she was smiling broadly about the car but up to that point in the series, I had not seen her look quite as sad/disappointed as that moment. That, to me, was the start of her closing up. She drives off still looking sad but eventually the car and the open road make her smile.

    The relationship between Auggie and Tash -- how long is that going to last? Auggie is quite controlling, Tash has said that she hates being told what to do. After the shine of the new relationship wears of, what then? Not being with the CIA should help Auggie somewhat with his control issues, but if he were to go back, then what? Like I said previously, I see Auggie with Hayley more. She calls him out for his sh*t unlike everybody else and we all need one person like that in our lives.

    With regards to Annie-Auggie relationship, at this time in their lives I do not see them as more than friends. I never really saw them as lovers. Annie was always a bit of flirt to all the men around her. So to say that there was this banter with undercurrents between them isn't really saying much. There was a lot more sexual tension between her and Eyal (although some people are not willing to see this). [Remember that ep when Eyal wanted to kill the man responsible for his sister's death (2.13)? And at the end Annie went to the hotel where she had sort of hooked up with Eyal and was waiting for him to walk through the door but he was a no show.] I can see an Annie-Auggie relationship when they are much older, like in their 70s, when they meet again after both have lived their lives, reconnect, and then maybe then. (We all hear stories about how people in their 70's or 80's meet their old high school sweethearts after 50 or 60 years and end up marrying.) That's more the scenario I see for them if at all.

    Sorry if it's very long. I really hope they renew.
    -Another Anonymous

    1. Some serious hotness between Eyal and Annie - and he really does love her. He went on a one-man suicide mission to rescue her. what more does she need?

  6. I would like to think she picked McQuaid. I think them holding hands walking off into the sunset was let's be together and when ready we will get married. I like to think a lot of the band wagon walkersons started watching in season 3 or 4 and did not see the Auggie Tash thing. Its kind of full circle that Auggie is going off with Tash.

  7. Part 1:

    I feel like I needed to get all my thoughts down here. I think what's most awing is that here we sit, five years later, and look at how far everything in Covert Affairs has come.

    Season 5 was good to me. It was a step above the chaos of Season 4, and rang true in some moments to the greatness the writers have achieved in the past with Season 3, which I still love. Like you said, overall, it was great to finally get back inside Annie's head, to really feel her struggle this season with an inevitability she couldn't just run from. We got to see her be human for the first time in a long time, and I loved every minute of it. This season reminded me why I fell in love with this show to begin with; Annie, strong, fierce, selfless. It was so good to see her overcome and conquer, and I applaud the writers for giving us that. At the end of all things when they cut to black in Gold Soundz, despite my complete despair that this season is over, I can now say that I feel like Covert Affairs and all the characters I have loved from day 1 are finally in a place of peace after all the insanity. I can breathe knowing that S5 was a happy ending, as happy as it can be for a spy - Annie deserved that.

    This episode in general, there were things I adored and several questions I still have. Like you said Annie and Belenko's discussion at the end was a little confusing, I understand that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", but I wasn't really sure of Annie's revenge comment. I wish that the B plots had either been stronger, or less focused on, because I do feel it took away overall. I will admit that I'm hoping Syphanie pulls through, she won me over in the end, but also I mourn the lack of really utilizing a strong secondary character opportunity (as you've said before CA sometimes struggles in this area). My only other main gripe was the lack of clarity on the medical condition from the get go (I obsessed over this, as you know), and the continuity in general for the characters and hitting on key emotional moments for them.

  8. Part 2:

    Things I loved are endless haha. First of all the moments where they did hit the emotional highs, were nails hit on the head. The music was AMAZING all season, but especially in 515 with the Fink and Daughter songs at the end that ripped my heart out. The S5 premiere was awesome was Annie's mysterious return, her struggle with her heart condition and her obvious moments of desperation when she would have episodes (Shady Lane, False Skorpion, Brink Of The Clouds) were heart wrenching to watch. Piper was fucking on point the entire season and it was incredible to watch. There were so many struggles, between her condition, and the relationships in her life, and the CIA, I felt like we got so much more than we've gotten before from her and her tendencies to be closed off and compartmentalized 24/7. McQuaid was a surprising breath of fresh air. I wasn't excited when I heard about Annie's "new love interest" initially. I dreaded it, to be honest, because she's been strung through SO much. But he won me over with his charm, and his character, and those two are definitely wove from the same cloth. He is exactly what she needed. In the finale the impromptu proposal was so very them, if unexpected haha. Then on the bridge, we got to see Annie be Annie, and we got to watch McQuaid meet her step for step without conditions, and instead with affirmations, something that she hasn't ever had before. Now she knows that it's not impossible to live in the moment, because Ryan has opened her eyes and her heart to the idea that she can have it all.

    I was a mess after they cut to black last night. My heart hurts thinking that this was our ending if we don't get a renewal, but at the same time it was soaring because, as I said, everything was finally right again at the end. I love these characters so much, I love this cast SO much!! Did we resolve everything? No, but it would take years to put all the pieces straight for Annie. I can rest assured knowing that she's finally on the right path to having her happy ending if she'll just be brave enough to jump! She has always been the leap first type... :)

  9. Part 3:

    Other small thoughts from 515.

    *Annie's callback to the pilot "Always the first one out of the plane" gave me lots of feels.
    *Lena's ghost lives in that fucking teapot I SWEAR.
    *The impromptu proposal. We'd joked it might happen, never thought they'd be gutsy enough to go through with it.
    *Kinda excited for Joan to have her own BAMF team. She was BAMF before BAMF was cool. ;)
    *Auggie and Annie finally, FINALLY being ok again at the end. That end scene killed me, and P and CG nailed it, it was too perfect.
    *I was kinda digging Belenko, I kinda hope maybe we see more from him. I also liked James, Kenny Johnson did a good job. ALSO, I'm glad Tash didn't end up being a bad guy like some people were predicting.
    *The Dog Walker finally died the death he deserved, nice job, Sheriff.
    *I'm sure I'll think of other things, but I'll stop here LMAO.



  10. A couple other random things I just remembered - I couldn't get to the details of ep 5.16 in my review otherwise this thing would've been long enough to break Blogger, but something reminded me of the grenade scene today. I thought the scene looked cool, but that was one weak-ass grenade, eh? I know nothing about grenades, but I feel pretty sure the shrapnel would've gone through both of the guys' bodies pretty easily in real life. It could be plausible that the Russian dude was wearing a bulletproof vest though, which probably could've stopped that from happening. Even the stuff that flew sideways would've been dangerous though, I would think.

    Also that car Annie blew up, blew up pretty damn easily. Both of those things seem ripe for a Mythbusters ep, but I wouldn't be surprised if they've already done eps on both of these scenarios before.

  11. I like this season and agree with everything you said to some point, but as I was reading everything I saw eye to eye with you. The thing I think made the two seasons so similar is the way they spilt season 3 & 5 up. In season 1 and 2 annie was on different missions in every rp. In season 3 there was a variety of missions, her main one being Simon, but annie still had other problems and things in her life and that made her realtable because we all have Soo many aspect to our life. In seasons 4 there was a henry rampage and Walkerson drama, but that was basically it. Season 5 brought back different mission and different aspects to annie similar to season 3. I still think the best thing they could have done with the Caitlyn thing is make the culprit Ryan or someone unpredictable, makeup everyone think it was ryan and Caitlyn, but then throw the bomshell that someone had framed them. Next season with Joan as head of her own task force I would be thrilled if the seasons was about the Balkans. Or if annie ran into Auggie or desperately needed him on a mission. If maybe they went back to something similar to season 1 and 2 where annie had missions every ep but they focused on her really putting her life back together. All the little details they leave out seem important to me. Just taking a few seconds out of "B plots" to give to small annie things could make a big difference.

  12. Just watched... and man, so many things I could say that I won't because I've already written 25,000 fuckin' words this week about something I actually love.

    So, to sum up... there was no reason to pull the pin on that grenade, since it's idiotic and he could have just picked up a weapon, or rolled away and let Annie kill the guy... AND, the spoon on the grenade was up against the guy's stomach so it shouldn't have flipped anyway.... NOT TO MENTION... why did this guy have no sense of self-preservation and pull the grenade out of his waistband and toss it away, or at Annie? THIS IS STUPID FUCKIN' WRITING!

    And why I'm off to make my own show. Bye!

    1. HAHAH I was just waiting for you to rip that scene. It really doesn't make any sense why McQuaid would have pulled it in the first place considering that he and Annie had guns last I checked. Yep once it was pulled I dunno why the Russian dude wouldn't have just tried to grab it and toss it away from him. I didn't sit and think about that scene real hard when I saw it, but I didn't really have to, in order to wonder why McQ would've pulled the pin in the first place. Seems overly dangerous ("Hey that'd be cool if we had a scene where the grenade blows up here cause it'd look super cool and dramatic!"). :-P

    2. Not to mention that if he didn't just happen to smother the guy so that he absorbs the explosion, the grenade would have gone off within its kill radius and KILLED ALL FOUR OF THEM.

    3. Lmao I watched the scene again after I saw your comment last night and the guy's gun was right by his head, so McQuaid should have just grabbed that and shot him. Or maybe it was McQuaid's gun I don't even know, but it was someone's gun. Clearly they a) just wanted something more dramatic than McQ shooting the guy and b) wanted a scene where McQ almost died to fuel Annie's freaked out reaction to his proposal on that bridge. As if both of them haven't almost died enough damn times this season to fuel that lol.

      I'll be honest that my requirements for this episode were very low - The only thing I needed it to do was NOT fuck up or completely fumble the entire season 5 overarching story (particularly the character arcs). And that includes following up on hanging threads. They managed to hold that stuff together and follow up on most major threads, so I was just relieved at that. After how crazy up and down S4 was, I've just been thrilled that S5 held its shit together better without completely going off the rails several times throughout the season hahah.

      If this was any ep other than the finale, I would include detailed stuff like the dumbness of the grenade scene in my grade and probably dock a couple points for it.

  13. For me, I thought the season's writing was erratic at best. It's like the front end of season 5 and the back end were completely different stories, as if the big white board fell on the writers head and they all suffered collective amnesia and had to start all over again.

    Claiming that Belenko was after this guy we've never heard of and so could give a shit about, was particularly insulting to the front end of Season 5, which made me feel the Nation was in danger, and everything that led up to the Motorcade had this feel of danger to the Homeland, and I really liked it.

    First of all, Chicago was a National event. The attack on Chicago has all the makings of a National crisis and worthy of National importance. It was a big Terrorist attack. Same as the Motocade attack.

    So Belenko goes to extremes to to kill people in a larger than life message of explosions. THEN, we're told that. Oh WAIT, it was all a personal vendetta? WTF? So Belenko continues on a personal vendetta by QUIETLY and efficiently and effectively poisoning that Tony? guy (someone else we rarely saw and could give a shit about) and then STEALTHILY kidnaps Auggie (The only one we are actually care about of the group) ?!?

    So why the hell didn't Belenko QUIETLY and efficiently kill everyone in that group in the first place..It makes ZERO sense that Belenko would kill the first target in Chicago by staging such a huge attack on American soil, and attempt an elaborate attack on the Tony guy, only to kill him with drink later? I'm betting the Chicago-Motorcade story had a much more Geo-Political interest then Belenko wanting simple revenge. If that was it, he'd have popped them off from behind like turkeys in the first place.

    I hate this disconnect the way head geek guy hates that ridiculous grenade. At least that was cool looking!

    I do agree with your last paragraph. The emotional Plot of the season was interesting, compelling even, unlike the idiocy of Plot A. But even then, that had everything to do with the Actors and little to do with the actual writing. Kudos to Piper for a great job as she often had very little dialogue for the most emotional scenes that really made you feel the character. If it wasn't for this arc with Annie and McQuaid coming together so well, the whole season would have been a waste of my time.

    What I dislike about this season and the last one, is making BOTH the season long Villains' purpose, a personal one. We already did that with Wilcox personal vendetta against Arthur, then Annie. Now, Belenko, another personal vendetta against Auggie's group. And this is a show about protecting the Homeland? When was the last time they actually protected the interest of the homeland instead of the interest of the personnel.

    I really miss the Covert portion of show, where not everything was not about blowing up shit.

    1. You've got a good point about how Belenko did his kills ... one being huge and news-catching with all the others being on the DL. But in thinking about it, his strategy could have been to start it with something huge so he could publicly embarrass the CIA with the fact that they let themselves get bombed PLUS the idea that the bombing was supposedly by one of their main private military contracting firms (McQuaid Security i.e. the framing of McQ in the first half of the season). And then while the CIA was in chaos trying to figure out who did it, he could pick off the rest of the guys more easily. It would have been a way to cause maximum damage.

      That piece of it is I guess pretty convoluted, but for a spy TV plot, it isn't a problem for me so much as the fact that they suddenly made Belenko almost too sympathetic in the end, considering all the horrible stuff he'd done all season. I didn't think about that when I was writing my review, but I thought about it a couple days later. It's not that they were trying to make him seem like a decent guy by any means, as I know Annie was just manipulating him so he would talk once Joan had her hands on him, but still, the confusing way they portrayed it in the last 10 minutes of the finale made the tone with him a little ... weird.

      I also totally get what you're saying about the personal vendettas of the "Big Bads" of the past 2 seasons. However again I have more of a problem with it on the Henry side than the Belenko side. With Henry, after Lena Smith in S3, a lot of us started to get sick of the big bad being all about an "inside job" - i.e. the CIA fucking up the CIA; no outside force at all like a terrorist or anything. But with Belenko, on the other hand, this actually WAS legitimately an outside force. And with any terrorist or any bad guy of any kind, isn't the motivation ALWAYS personal? If you look at ISIS and Al Qaeda and the current major terrorist groups ... it's both religious and personal. Most of the people who join tend to be motivated by a friend or family member or neighbor being killed by like, Israel or the U.S. or some other ally of those countries. Like "They are killing and/or oppressing our friends and family so we are going to kill them all" type thing. Right? I'm certainly no expert, but I was just watching a recent Frontline special on how ISIS came to be, and the reason they grew so fast was precisely because of stuff like this. I'm too lazy to look up the details again now haha.

      But I see what you're saying that this was even MORE personal, as it was targeted at Auggie and his former unit specifically. Yeah that was definitely one of those ridiculous TV coincidences that the people who are assigned to the case are the same ones personally targeted. It happens a lot on spy and detective shows and it's always annoying.

      Anywho, if it's not obvious from my review, I'm grading S5 slightly on a curve, as I felt that S4 was so disappointing that it didn't necessarily take that much for S5 to make me happier by comparison. But even without the curve I think I would have still given it a B (I'll look at that again a year from now and see if I still agree with myself lol). But for now, the curve is what brought me to the B+. ;-)

      And I should also be clear that the grades I give are always relative to what I think *Covert Affairs* is capable of, not relative to what I think a show like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones or True Detective S1 or Homeland in its season 1 heyday are/were capable of. These reviews would be a fairly pointless and painful exercise if I tried to do it that way hahah.

    2. BTW, I think you're grading very fairly and all the emotional aspects should be counted, and not just the spy plots. In fact, it's often the emotional aspect of the show that makes or breaks it, so overall, you're probably right on the grade. I'm complaining about the obvious plot contrivances that shouldn't be used half way through the year when you build up audience expectations. I don't mean predictability.

      I still don't see the sense in Belenko objectives. It's just too night and day. He's too cool and objective and nothing suggests that he wanted such attention. It's very too personal to him according to Plot 3.263 version b, as compared to the highly impersonal nature of Version 1.1a.

      But what annoys me, is that it could have been a great season had they not completely ignored the strings being pulled in the front half of season 5.

      I actually had less problem with season 4. I actually thought the best scenes were between Henry and Annie, and for me, their cat and mouse dynamic made it interesting, especially as the expectation of Annie taking down Annie satisfied and then some. I got Jessica Mathews out of it. Now wouldn't it be cool if Verson 3 of Annie was a fully synthesized Annie Walker and Jessica Mathews, taking names and taking down.Now that's a season 6 I would watch for sure.

      Thanks for taking the time to write the reviews and listen to grievances. It's interesting to see other people's points of views.

    3. I meant Annie taking down Henry in that last paragraph. lol

    4. "I got Jessica Mathews out of it."

      The fall of season 4 was WAYY better to me than the summer, especially the second half of the summer eps. The first 6 eps of the summer of S4 were fun and cute with Annie & Auggie together, but even during those eps, the spy plot, i.e. "Annie runs around trying to fix Arthur's problems" theme was annoying me. Then eps 4.07-10 were a complete mess, with all of 10 seconds spent on Annie's decision to give up her entire life to take down Henry. It simply didn't make sense to me and was far too focused on Arthur & Baby Teo daddy issues and Henry blowing up helicopters and taunting Arthur through the TV. No focus at all on why or how their lead character was deciding to *throw her entire life away* to fix Arthur and Teo's problems for them.

      However, when fall started, I simply pretended that the "going dark" thing made sense, even though it didn't, because I really liked the concept of it. I just wished they had told the story well in the eps leading into it. So I went into it from that frame of mind, and found those eps to be FAR better. Jessica Matthews was fun and the story was told MUCH more coherently in those eps. And Annie finally taking down Henry was very satisfying. I still absolutely despised the soapy Helesa bullshit, but if they could have gotten rid of that storyline, then the fall of S4 would have been all-around pretty enjoyable for me.

      "Thanks for taking the time to write the reviews and listen to grievances. It's interesting to see other people's points of views."

      Thanks for reading and commenting. :)

  14. And here's an idea for season six, and I would still like one. How about have Annie and her Clan save the country from terrorist threats, instead of Annie running around saving people everyone person who works for or are associated with the CIA.

    I hope the writers go to a winter workshop and figure out what the fuck this show is actually about, maybe take it seriously and drop all the Days of our LIves crap. Or we're going to see Annie searching for Joan and baby Mac while saving Natasha and her Mother next season. Can you tell I'm really annoyed. lol.

    1. "How about have Annie and her Clan save the country from terrorist threats, instead of Annie running around saving people everyone person who works for or are associated with the CIA."

      Lol yeah but I think the summer season was that (Annie saving the country from terrorist threats) ... it only switched in the fall season when we realized it was all about Auggie. In season 4, the *entirety* of the season was like that and it was super obnoxious to me. S3 was more enjoyable because at least Annie's vendetta against Lena was personal to her. And we didn't get to that point until ep 8 anyway. Prior to that it was just regular spy work.

      That said, the fact that the Belenko stuff in S5 was all targeted at Auggie & his unit WAS most certainly a contrivance to give Auggie something to do besides go around boning chicks all the time. No doubt about that.

      "Or we're going to see Annie searching for Joan and baby Mac while saving Natasha and her Mother next season."

      HAHAH I hear ya, no one wants that!!

  15. It's 'on purpose' and 'by accident!' NOT ON ACCIDENT! Good grief, my kindergarteners say 'on accident,' but I hope that someday they realize that it's 'by accident!' Come on, people! I'm a grammar policewoman, yes, I am, and proud of it!

    1. You must be a joy to be around. Please forgive me for talking like a normal person.

  16. Another Anonymous Fan. . . in SoCal.
    Love your assessment and analysis.
    As someone who just started watching CA, (S5 was the first broadcast I watched live, all others I watched June of this year while bored) I thought it was an AWESOME season and I really sat around each ep wondering why this show is so undervalued. Never even heard of it prior to June of this year. So glad I happened upon it by accident.

    If you watch all the seasons and then watch S5 live, you really get to see Annie's evolution as an agent. I got why she returned in S5 and wanted to define her relationship with Auggie as operative and handler. She was protecting herself and also protecting him. She had nothing left as she stated to Eyal, being a spy was all that mattered because she gave up so much. She gave up her family, she gave up love/relationships, and essentially she gave up herself, her health, so she had to have some purpose that purpose became the missions. She became somewhat a machine, task/job oriented. She had to believe she was good at "getting the job done". The job gave her value and a sense of self, she had to forget connections and relationships and focus on the missions, but then along came this dude who challenged her thinking. McQuaid was what she needed. I love how they started out as competitors and not seeing eye to eye, danced around each other suspiciously, then at the end, they made their mission decisions together. Many times you saw how they each thought the other was craycray, but supported them anyway. That takes a level of trust that isn't easy to achieve. Ryan and Annie got there fast b/c of the numerous dire situations they were in together from the start (Maracaibo to Paris to Azerbaijan to Ryan being hunted). Viewers saw how they backed each other when Annie shot Omar and freaked Ryan out he still played along, when Ryan wanted to get arrested to break Deckard out Annie thought it was a bad idea but agreed, and when Annie wanted to hold on to Belenko b/c of the intelligence angle and Ryan wanted to barter him. I can see them clashing in the future b/c of their different backgrounds, but I also see them supporting each other because they met at equals and Annie impressed Ryan from the beginning.
    Really hope there is a S6 so we can get real closure which puts a lot of pressure on the writers, but I have faith in them!!! Hope Ryan and Annie end up together b/c they are made for each other. Auggie can end up working as a hacker/cyber security expert for McQuaid. Maybe Tash too. Maybe they can work on this whole North Korea thing happening right now. Annie goes back to the CIA and will clash with McQuaid. So many possibilities!!!!

    1. HA awesome I'm glad you found these reviews, Anonymous in SoCal! And so glad you discovered the show. I had known about it in the first couple seasons but I never watched until season 3 (then went back and caught up). Other than that, well, I pretty much agree with everything you said hahaha. I really hope they get a season 6 and one that is longer than White Collar's wimpy 6 episode final season. They need way more than that to wrap up these stories properly.

      For now we'll pray to the Holy Puma that we get another season and if so, then I'll be back with more reviews in season 6.

      - Mary Ploppins a.k.a. The Plopper from NorCal

  17. I have a bad case of CA withdrawal. Aaaaaagh. Does anybody know when USA network is gonna make the announcement on CA's renewal?

    "http://sillyfangirl.blogspot.com/2014/02/covert-affairs-comic-strip-walkerson.html" I was reading this while waiting for the subway and was laughing so hard I was getting looks from others. They probably thought I was crazy. Could we have more comic strips?

    There was something I failed to mention when I wrote my long comments above. I thought it was odd when Joan was trying to convince Annie to join her new task force: when Annie asks, "Why me?" Joan's answer is to say that Annie is "dyed-in-the wool CIA". What kind of a response is that? Instead of saying that she believed in Annie's abilities etc etc, she brings up Annie's loyalty to the CIA? Wouldn't this bring back memories of how the CIA treated her in return for her loyalty?

    The other comment is in regards to that last scene between Auggie and Annie. I thought it was very well acted out; the friendship and bond between these two was apparent. But there was contradictory advice. Instinct helps with survival and self-preservation, the heart does not necessarily and is based on emotions. Sometimes, even quite frequently, the two are contradictory. So Auggie was right to tell Annie to trust her instincts, but not necessarily right in saying to trust her heart. Annie has gotten into trouble when she relies on her heart more than her instincts. (Your) Cousin Katie said it well in that comment of hers that you posted at the start of your review: Annie cannot trust her heart. The other thing is that while Annie still trusts her gut, she has also started to use her head. The decision to bring Belenko in alive, in spite of what he did to Auggie was a strategic intelligence decision. So, for dramatic purposes, "trust your instincts, trust your heart" in this case sounds great but is not necessarily good advice.
    -Another Anonymous

    1. HAHA awesome glad you liked the comic strip! I've got a couple other really short ones:

      (This is the first one I ever did): http://maryploppins-brainpoops.blogspot.com/2013/11/covert-affairs-414-river-euphrates.html
      (This is just a one-slider): https://twitter.com/maryploppins613/status/474252371711647744
      And then this one from S5 ep 9: http://sillyfangirl.blogspot.com/2014/08/covert-affairs-509-spit-on-stranger.html

      "Joan's answer is to say that Annie is 'dyed-in-the wool CIA.' What kind of a response is that? Instead of saying that she believed in Annie's abilities etc etc, she brings up Annie's loyalty to the CIA?"

      Yeah agreed, I think that scene/dialogue was worded with the intention of succinctly closing out the season's storylines a lot more than it was worded as a convo that two people would *really* have with each other, in a private non-TV-show setting hahaha. But I also think "dyed in the wool CIA" is probably supposed to imply that she was born to do the job, i.e. natural ability.

      "Wouldn't this bring back memories of how the CIA treated her in return for her loyalty?"

      Yeah and it does still annoy me that Annie never pointed out in ep 5.08 that the CIA gave her the damn heart condition to begin with. I don't know why they have to be so gatdamn vague with their dialogue sometimes, when there's no need at all to be vague. There's no reason at all that Annie shouldn't have wanted to throw that back in their faces when they demoted her in that scene. And in a broader storytelling sense, it would have helped to clear up the audience's confusion around the cause of the MC too. So annoying the way they often write this stuff.

  18. "Season 4 was SO illogical at nearly every major turn that it bordered on SOA-levels of absurdity. We were consistently expected to believe that these characters would behave in these ridiculous ways, without coming even within the ballpark of explaining WHY they would be doing any of it."

    Hells, yeah! Well, for me, parts of S5 were the same. It's just feels like it's a whole different show. Not better or worse, just different.

    What S5 brought was unnecessary crap Auggie & Calder's way (think they really have no clue about what fans of those two want. REALLY. People don't want Shirtless Anyone and that's that. Substance would be nice and these storylines definitely lacked it).

    Auggie looked like the ultimate teen girl whose feels are directed to whoever gives her the tiniest amount of attention & Calder was just plain bad. His tagline in the summer season was "I'm a powerful guy in a powerful job so I can't have time for a real relationship, but dayum, I got needs, ya know?!" Whatever.

    RoboAnnie and her megaCliche boyfriend could do whatever they want, I find her more than unlikeable. I really hoped I'd feel differently by the end of the season, but her smugness is just too unappealing to me.

    On another note, huge kudos to NicBish. Have a lot of respect for the guy after that "You can feel your eyeball?", or something like that, that cringe-worthy line from 515. Guy can act.

    All in all, I'm extremely happy with how the season ended. I do hope for a S6, cause Auggie, but if not, I'm cool with it.

    Also, did we find out about the Balkans thing? Did I blink and miss it?!

    1. "Auggie looked like the ultimate teen girl whose feels are directed to whoever gives her the tiniest amount of attention ..."

      HAHAH something about this sentence cracked me up. I believe it's the usage of "her" in the second half of the sentence. IMO, they've been taking Auggie in this direction ever since Helesa strolled her skanky ass back into town, and it was during that time that I was super shocked and unnerved by how they were writing him. It definitely continued in the first half of season 5 as well. And it's the exact reason that I haven't shipped Walkerson since mid-season-4.

      There's also NO DOUBT that they had no clue what to do with poor Calder this season. He had a very specific role in S4, which was of course why they hired Hill Harper, but then with the direction they took S5, that role just wasn't the same anymore. And it became ... err ok we gotta figure out what to do with this dude now. It is a bummer for Calder/Hill fans. If there's any silver lining, I'd say that at least Sydney became a better character as the season went on, and at the very least, they gave Calder a personal storyline there. But they've still got work to do on making that story more compelling for the audience (either that or give Calder something more exciting to do).

      And no we never got any answer on the Balkans thing. ;-)