13 August, 2012

Guest Review - BREAKING BAD 5.05: 'Dead Freight'

Shawn Mahone refuses to stop watching this show and even worse, he won't stop writing about it! I didn't write anything this week but his rating for the episode is one I almost agree with (though, I'd give it 2 points lower). So, enjoy this review. -- HGF

After HGF posted my last review I added some thoughts on how Jesse is no longer the one in this business for the fat stacks and the honey's and that Walt is the one who has become reckless and that it makes me laugh to think how far these two yahoos have come over the course of the series and in the shows time over the course of the year, that is until now.....that last 30 seconds are going to haunt me for a long, long, long time.

We can say that all the people that have died on screen in front of us by either Walt or Jesse pulling the trigger have not been innocent, in some way they have been complicit in their own downfall and we could accept their demise and move on. The plane crash victims we never saw and the show made a point of never detailing exactly who was on board at the time (men ? women? children?) so we could kinda put that aside and move on. We could move on from the drug dealers who killed Thomas because we never saw it or saw Brock ill from being poisoned or being poisoned or any other death like Gale or the drug dealers or the cartel or the cousins, etc....but fuck me if we cannot put aside a kid getting gunned down in the manner it went down. Fuck logic that says if I were a drug kingpin I would do the same because the kid has to go, fuck that it is only a show and reality does not matter, fuck that it allows Walt, Mike and Jesse and more specifically Walt to live and fight another day...fuck all that because that moment or more importantly how the characters respond to that moment will determine just how low Walt and Jesse will go and how much darkness these 2 infuse around the New Mexico area and I am worried that they will forge forward...heartbreaking, just heartbreaking. Walt and Jesse can no longer deny that they are different from Gus if they just put down the loss of a child due to cost of business and I can no longer think back and laugh or smile at any of this series anymore because I can no longer accept the price that people on this show have to pay so that Walt and Jesse can become more and more powerful. Shit! Mother Fucker! shit!!!!!!!

Serial killers who are nuts would be proud to claim the amount of deaths these two proactively or inactively contributed over the year, the amount of death on their shoulders must be running near the 1000 mark when you consider all the gang violence, plane crash, death of the cartel, death by Walt and Jesse, death by product....these two are no longer yahoos but Americas most wanted...they sit at the top of the fictional pile of Breaking Bad world of scumbags!

But putting aside my personal feelings (and my overall love for children and hate to see any pain or misery come to them) maybe that is the point, maybe that has been the whole point throughout the series. Walt has been building to this moment from season 1. He killed bad guys, then got Jesse to do it, then he did it without even flinching, then he poisoned kids, then he watched and said nothing when Todd did it. Breaking Bad has been telling us for 5 seasons now that this moment was going to come and they prepared us and warned us and it is only our own fault if we cannot accept where this series is heading. Walt will survive to the last episode and most likely last scene because Bryan Cranston is the lead and thus it is his show and it is his story. Whatever happens now it is only going to get darker and that has me worried for everyone. I do not think Skyler is going to make it to season 6 or 5.1....she is smoking way too much and Walt oddly ceded to her demands very quickly and that makes me think that he knows he cannot reason with her and that it is time for her to go....Rican cigarette anyone? so I think she is gone. Mike is gonna be gone and I do not think he will make it to the end of the season based on the conversation Walt had with Lydia. Jesse will survive because Aaron Paul is too good an actor to be left out of the series and Hank will survive because he will be the man who ends Walt's crimes and looks after his kids. Even Walt Jr is defying his parents way too much...one wonders if he moves back home and hides and hears the truth? hmmmm.

The train caper was excellently shot, directed, acted and edited. It was tense, intense, suspenseful and brilliantly executed and I enjoyed all involved having fun while doing this great heist. Walt again pushed it to the limit and they eked out every last drop of drama they could get and I loved every moment of that sequence.

Walt and Hanks conversation was a little weird and odd and I kinda do not buy Walt being that risky but since Jesse has come up with the best ideas this season because Walt has lost his mind I can to a degree buy his recklessness of leaving his finger prints all over Hanks office.

Walt and Skylers conversation.....BORING.....SNOOZEFEST.....Whatever, just kill her already Walt...Hank and Marie can look after your kids and considering how Bitchy and cunty your wife is that maybe the better option! Speaking of which....

The mention of the movie Heat was very apr├Ęs pro for this particular episode...a Heist that went wrong because of the new guy....lol...good stuff and very subtle.

I know I came down hard initially, I really loved this episode once I calmed down and thought more rationally....the shot to the gut at the end of the episode really got to me and it threw me off because of my feelings for children overall...never hurt a child...but this show has earned that moment and it has earned everything that comes its way and so as I watch this unfold I know it is going to be insane. I do not recognize Walt or Jesse anymore, I cannot even believe a single word that is coming out of Walt's mouth, all season he has been mixing truths with lies to everyone....I do not know what to believe...fuck...I do not even know what he fucking believes anymore. Ever since he has taken over from Gus he has not been himself at all, he does not think things out, he is reacting irrationally, he is talking down to people like Mike and Skyler, he is enjoying the thrill of being the man in charge...he has lost his mind....he is now Scarface...

But the sad thing is that Scarface refused to hurt children...Scarface has a way to go to catch Walter White or is it Heisenberg? I just do not know anymore....Brilliant.

Episode Rating 99 out of 100

Rian Johnson saved last episode ass in a big way and so did Cranston....this shitted all over the last one by a country fucking mile! Vince Gilligan brother...fuck the family concentrate on the drug business...come on!


  1. Great episode ......... Long live the king....bitch!

  2. And Jesse has to again deal with the consequences of how his actions motivate psychopathic people.

    They told the dude no one else could know. He figured that's what they would want him to do. He figures they are badass motherfuckers. He had better impress them and be just as hardcore.

    Bring on Jesse losing his shit. This should be awesome!

    1. Well with 11 episodes to go in the series how much can Jesse really lose his shit? Jesse will get all Yo and Bitches and all that but knowing that Walt and Jesse will most likely make it to the end of the series I have no clue how this is going to play out. I mean is it too early for Walt and Jesse to split? or even for Jesse to start threatening to quit? There is so much time left and I do not know if this show has the budget to have Walt on the run or working on his own to make it feasable.

      My best guess is Jesse will throw in a few Yo's and Bitches and then he will wise up and just be a little more circumspect with how all this is being played out. I think that the reason Todd shot the kid and not Walt means that the writers know that they have to stall a little before the end but this is getting interesting.

      I still think that the major cliffhanger at the end of this season is the death of Mike and Skyler. I think Lydia, Saul and Todd (if he makes it that far) could take over Mike's role at a fraction of Mike's cut and the cut to his guys so there is that. Mike also may get indignent and threaten to quit or do something crazy but in the end of the day he still needs to look after his guys and he still has to keep his word and he still has to look after his grand daughter, so for the rest of the season he will be around.

      I am curious to see how this plays out knowing that the 2 most important people on the show cannot be touched. They are moving the story fast...really fast. The King is not getting to be a King for long at all.

    2. You are throwing out a lot of ideas... you are bound to get one or two right eventually.

    3. I know! :) This show is supposed to be simple and predictable and I am not sure in any way or form how any of this season is going to pan out for the most part. Seasons 1 -4 were way more predictable but not this season, plus I just do not know if Vince Gilligan has the guts to do what he has to do in order to move the story forward. We shall see.

    4. The show is predictable because every element is used. Nothing goes to waste.

      You see a kid in the opening of the episode, then something is going to happen to him by the end.

      As soon as he popped up again I thought "Oh shit, someone is going to kill him." Had there been more time, I would have thought about the conversation they had about no one else knowing about this and realized who was going to shoot.

      See? NOTHING EVER GOES TO WASTE ON THIS SHOW. Sure it makes for very smooth story telling, but if the audience is paying attention, then it also makes for predictable story telling.

      The only time they have ever been surprising is when they had a character do something that made no sense based on what had happened before. You know, like Skyler going from hardcore gangster's wife to suddenly freaking out. Yes, I get why she is doing it, but that total shift has no legitimate setup. They just needed her to get flaky so she did.

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    6. Please don't post spoilers in here. Thanks.


    7. They did go too far with Skyler shutting down and being so utterly powerless. That goes against her past proactive characterization. I would have understood it if she had just freaked out and tried to get as far away from Walter as possible. She never thought of Walter as a hardcore gangster, to her he was just a meth cook, which is what he led her to believe, in spite of his "I am the one who knocks" speech. That's completely different from being a murderer. She had every reason to freak out, but going catatonic? No way!

      But there is another character I'm having more trouble with lately. Jesse. I find his recent displays of genius as out of character as Skyler not being proactive. Suddenly he's the one with the big ideas and plans, while the others bicker like an unhappy married couple. I buy that he can cook almost as well as Walter, because Walter trained him well. I'm even willing to buy his suggestion about the magnets, because he could have seen it in a movie, but they pushed it too far with his latest brilliant idea. I like Jesse, I think Mike's trust in him made him more responsible and focused, but I don't buy his sudden amazing intelligence.

      I also wanted to say: HANK, WAKE UP, MAN!

  3. This show has done that several times as i recall.

    Where they'll show someone at the beginning of the episode and then by the end they are dead.

    I don't think the show should do that because not only is it predictable it's not necessary.

    I wouldn't have shown the kid at the beginning so when the kid shows up his death is a lot more suprising.

    You get the same result and the same problems set up for next week but less predictable.

    Vince Gilligan just loves to do foreshadowing i guess.

    oh well i love the show despite that.

    1. They do it because they think it is crafty.

      And it was... the first time they did it.

    2. Having listened most of the Breaking Bad Insider Podcasts and reading a lot of Vince Gilligan interviews, I think the formula he uses is down to him being Anal. He has said himself that he thinks he is "Anal" and a "Control Freak" and he said that unlike Matt Wiener he has to detail everything in every scene in every script. So if a scene is Walt by his pool he has to have all the colours and details and textures and clothes and weather and whatever you can think of thought of when concieving the scene.

      So that probably explains how everything must be used I suppose...he sweats every fucking detail to the millionth degree and so it is in the episode it has to have a value or it would probably keep him up at night having a loose thread or something he does not understand.

      Chill out Vince...chill out Brother.

    3. I can appreciate that but it makes for predictable story telling once someone figures out your style. Whereas MAD MEN far more often than not will give you natural actions/reactions.

      People don't always do what you mapped out for them. The best current example of that is GAME OF THRONES. Just because you mapped it out, doesn't mean it ends up that way. And Martin has said that about how he writes. No matter what he wants to happen to these characters, it wouldn't happen because there are always opposing forces working just as hard (or harder) to screw up your plans.

      And in season 3, if they map it out like the book, you will see grand plans simply washed away by the plans of other people.

      That shit is so rare on BREAKING BAD. It does happen, but usually it has already been foreshadowed so it isn't as shocking as it could be.

    4. It might be predictable, but I didn't find it any less shocking. Of course, I thought something was going to happen to that kid, but I had already forgotten about him, when he appeared in the final scene, so I was completely stunned, when Todd murdered him.

      Another thought, perhaps the intention wasn't to be unpredictable, but for the audience to have some connection to the victim. The kid wasn't a stranger anymore, when he was killed. We already knew him, even if it was for a short time. We knew what he was doing out there in the desert and we knew he wasn't a completely random victim just because.

      I just hope somebody thinks about that poor tarantula and frees it :(