20 August, 2012

Guest Review - BREAKING BAD 5.06: 'Buyout'

Shawn Mahone writes about some dudes who make drugs and kill kids. His views are his own and do not represent the opinion of anyone associated with this blog, nor anyone with taste for that matter. That's not to say he has bad taste. It's just to say I don't proofread his work so I have no idea what he may be writing. --HGF

At Comic Con Aaron Paul said that the best way to describe this season would be that it is eerie and by eerie he means the fans would feel the same feelings they endured at the end of Crawl Space. There have been some minor eerie moments throughout the season mostly whenever Walt is holding baby Holy like a bond villain such as Bloefeld holds his white cat and cackles, lol. But tonight during that intense, comic, devastating dinner scene I finally understood what he meant. This is the first time that Jesse has been in met Skyler since the second episode of the series and it is fucked up, back in that previous episode she was the wife who was worried about her husband, she was the wife that Walt took all these risks to provide for after his death and now Jesse knows that she is the wife who wants Walt dead and hates him with a passion. Jesse always thought that Walt was in this for the family and now realizes that he is in this for himself and that just ratchets the tension up ten fold! That dinner scene was funny as fuck and Aaron Paul was amazing (truth in advertising yo! lol) but he must know that the shit has hit the fucking fan!

We open this episode with the quiet and wordless music that played over the team ripping the bike apart and then shoving it along with the poor 14 year old into barrels ready to pour acid over and dispose of, just heartbreaking. We finally get to see Walt opening up and exposing how low he has sunk in this Endeavour to be Heisenberg the drug kingpin, telling Mike and Jesse that this killing was justified and that Todd's life should be spared....Wanker. The seeds have been sewn a long time ago that Mike and Jesse know that Walt is a nut job who has lost his morals but man was this painful to watch.

This whole episode was about Mike and Jesse trying to get out and Walt through his own prideful bullshit refusing to accept that the best thing is for him to get out too, he just will not let it go and we see just how resentful he has become. Grey Matter, he checks every week the stock price, he tortures himself and in turn he tortures everyone around him because he hates that a long time ago he fucked up and cashed out, he should blame himself but he blames Elliott and Gretchen for his failures and now Jesse and Mike are paying the price because this man will not let go.

Mike is being tracked by the DEA constantly and knows it is only a matter of time, Jesse cannot stand the death of another child and wants out and the potential buyers of the precursor will only buy the whole batch if the blue is off the street and so we come to the point where Walt gets what he wants and the episode ends. Walt was great as MaGyver thought, no?

My prediction is that Walt will try and get into business with the potential buyers but that is pure speculation on my part, I have no fucking idea though. We shall see what happens but right now we may have wondered how Walt ended up on his 52 birthday on the run with a huge gun....not anymore...the picture has become so much more clearer...sadly. Everyone is going to die! Well maybe not everyone but enough people if no one kills this man right now.

Episode Rating 92 out of 100

I waxed and waned on the rating...I said earlier that I am a little concerned with the season pacing and this episode had a bunch of pacing issues...Jesse's transition from one emotional level to another was a gut punch to me. Mike being all pissed after a weak of DEA tailing? really? Whatever. But I learned to get over it especially when my favorite comic character Saul turned up...man was he funny. These last 2 episodes are going to be fucking insane and I look forward to every minute of them, let's hope the body count is not too high (Sklyer please die!) but I do not expect too much problems, remember we have 8 full episodes after this and I have a feeling that the remainder of the series will be Walt making Jesse and his family's life a living hell....oh Walt you magnificent bastard! Never have I wanted a character to die so bad! Bitch!


  1. This was another good episode season 5 has been great.

    I think DEA has been trailing Mike for more than a week.

    He's old with a granddaughter and he knows that he is close to being caught so he decides to finally cash out.

    To me season 5 is better paced than season 3 was.

  2. It still makes me laugh that a degenerate like Saul is actually scared shitless and cannot wait for his association with Walt to end. I mean Saul gets a lot of money from them and I mean every cook he gets cash and yet he just want out quickly....lol. I hope he survives to the end he is too awesome.

    1. We are apparently supposed to believe that he considers Walt an unprofessional loose cannon who will murder him if he has to. I imagine in the real world, Saul would have had dealings with far worse in 19-year old drug block-kingpins willing to murder anyone at any time.

    2. To be fair Saul knows fully well that it was Walt and Jesse who indirectly caused the plane crash and mike knows too. Saul knows about all the deaths these two yahoos have caused and he knows Walt will do anything because he is living on borrowed time and has nothing to lose and he knows about Walt poisoning the kid......all this in a year....yeah...even the biggest psycho would have trouble killing hundreds of people in a year....but Saul should be used to some of this by now.