11 June, 2013

Best in TV: 2012-2013 Season

To make this list, a show had to premiere between 1 June, 2012 and 31 May, 2013.

Top 10 Shows
1. "Game of Thrones" - HBO
2. "Orphan Black" – BBC America
3. "The Americans" - FX
4. "Justified" - FX
5. "Mad Men" – AMC
6. "House of Cards" – Netflix
7. "Veep" - HBO
8. "New Girl" - FOX
9. "Parks and Recreation" - NBC
10. "30 Rock" - NBC

I thought about making this a top 20 list because I could have easily picked another 10 shows I loved this season, but I cut myself off at 10 (originally, this was supposed to be a top 5 list). Also, the top 6 are all hour-long dramas while the rest are all half-hour comedies. Coincidence? Or am I saying that dramas are more meaningful?

Top 10 Performances
1. Tatiana Maslany: Sarah, Alison, Cosima, et al. – "Orphan Black"
2. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: Jaime Lannister - "Game of Thrones"
3. Jennifer Carpenter: Debra Morgan - "Dexter"
4. Matthew Rhys: Philip Jennings - "The Americans"
5. Maisie Williams: Arya Stark – "Game of Thrones"
6. Peter Dinklage: Tyrion Lannister – "Game of Thrones"
7. Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Selina Meyer – "Veep"
8. Clarke Peters: Albert Lambreaux - "Treme"
9. Charles Dance: Tywin Lannister – "Game of Thrones"
10. Bryan Cranston: Walter White – "Breaking Bad"

Honorable Mentions
Diana Rigg: Olenna Tyrell – "Game of Thrones"
Keri Russell: Elizabeth Jennings – "The Americans"

I realize there are a lot of GAME OF THRONES actors on this list. What can I say? The show has terrific performances that I consider better than most shows. I did try to not include that many from one show but I couldn't in good conscience do it and keep the list genuine.

Also, before someone asks why I didn't break the list up between men and women, it's because they are all actors. Why separate acting categories by sexes? That's ridiculous. This isn't athletics.

Top 5 New Shows
1. "Orphan Black" – BBC America
2. "The Americans" - FX
3. "House of Cards" - Netflix
4. "Elementary" - CBS
5. "Copper" – BBC America

There weren't that many new shows I thought should be on this list that I actually watched. The CW's ARROW could have made this list but I'm not finished watching it. Consider it an honorable mention.

And the Top Talent Award of the 2012-2013 Season goes to:

Tatiana Maslany – "Orphan Black"
This young Canadian actor bested highly respected veterans in a TV season with many excellent performances. If you aren’t watching her on ORPHAN BLACK, then I cannot emphasize enough that it would benefit your life to do so as soon as possible.

The From Best-to-Worst Award goes to:

"Community" - NBC
Created by Dan Harmon and killed by Dan Harmon’s firing. The new show runners tried very hard to deliver on the fruitful Harmon garden but only managed to peel back some skin without squeezing out an ounce of juice (minus one episode by Oscar winning writer Jim Rash). Thankfully Harmon has been hired back for next season.

*The choices are personal and not meant to be definitive. Make your own and post it in the comments section.


  1. I'm so glad that there was no mention of the critics' darling "Girls" in that entire list.


    1. Because Magnus doesn't pretend to like Girls the way critics do lol. Most overrated shit on television by far.

    2. I've watched every episode of GIRLS.

      It will never make my favorite anything list.

    3. I've only watched one episode. The critical "groupthink" about it just annoys the hell out of me.

      Also, the "voice of a generation" phrase that gets thrown around. "Voice of a narrow demographic within the generation" is more like it.

  2. Only one HBO show on that list? I'm not from the States but I always thought that HBO was the King of Cable. Or have they lost their way?

    1. HBO is twice on the top 10 shows list. Three HBO shows are on the acting list.

    2. lol do people read?

  3. Credibilitty 0 in a top with no Breaking Bad, or Bryan Cranston the last of a top 10 performances, say your favorite thing, but don't say best shows or performances...

    1. This was the weakest BREAKING BAD season yet. Any other season and it would have been near or at the top. Also, this is a top 10 list. Being on the list is a sign of respect to the performer.

    2. Why should he put BB on the list for its worst season? Fact he didn't adds credibility.

    3. My Little Pony BoyJune 11, 2013 at 12:23 PM

      "say your favorite thing, but don't say best shows or performances..."

      His favorite thing would be what he thinks is best. Plus if you hadn't experienced a brain hemorrhage when you didn't see Breaking Bad you would have noticed this

      "*The choices are personal and not meant to be definitive. Make your own and post it in the comments section."

  4. Watching Orphan Black because of you! awesopme show!

  5. I didn't know you liked The Americans.

    All the other shows i've heard you gush about before.

    1. I've been pretty quiet about THE AMERICANS. It took me like 3 episodes to dig it. I had actually skipped a bunch after like episode 2... and then watched a bunch in a row.

  6. No Spartacus :(

  7. Ridiculous. Breaking Bad remains deeper, better written, better directed and ultimately, better than Game of Thrones. Aaron Paul, Jonathan Banks and Anna Gunn should've all been in the performances list, with Bryan Cranston at the top of course. This 8 episodes might not have been better than seasons 3 and 4 or even 2, but they were still fantastic and tighter than Game of Thrones' third season. I also think that with the last 8 episodes (the ones that will complete season 5), the fifth season will be the best one, as the first part of said season was more setup-up than anything.

    1. Talk about ridiculous... but thanks for stopping by to give your opinion.

  8. I gotta give Game of Thrones credit for season 3.

    On any other televsion show they would have had a big battle between The Lannisters and Starks.

    I give them credit for doing something different and we already saw a big battle between Stannis and The Lannisters in season 2.

    It would have gotten repetitive.

    I didn't know that Magnus ranks Jennifer Carpenter's performance in Dexter Season 7 so highly.

    1. Carpenter was amazing. People have just forgotten about her performance because it was months ago.

      I never forget great acting.

  9. There are so many good actors in GoT! Besides the ones you've listed, I'd like to give a shout out to Michelle Fairley for her performance in her last scene. I swear her whole face transformed, when she was begging for Robb's life. Amazing. And also to Jack Gleeson, who makes Joffrey's scenes endlessly entertaining.

    Then there is Orphan Black and the incredibly talented Tatiana Maslany. She has started strong winning a Critic's Choice Award and I hope many more awards are coming her way. By the way, I can't stop laughing at the embarrassing meltdown some fans of Anna Torv are having on Twitter, Tumblr and elsewhere because of this young actress.

    Orphan Black is really good, entertaining and fast-paced. It's not perfect, but I hope the renewal gives the showrunners the confidence they need to tell their story, without rushing it.

    Community... yeah, the less said about it, the better. DH is back for S5, but I'm not sure he can fix it. You consider him a god or, at least, the god of this show, but that's not necessarily always a good thing. After all, he was responsible for the awful Dictator Chang story line. That said, the fact that he's back on board means I'll be watching.

    1. If I had made a top 20 list, more GOT names would have been on it.

      The Dictator Chang story line was definitely not "awful". Uninspired at worst.

  10. Breaking Bad DVD is an amzing show,adventure,crime,black comedy... Bryan Cranston won three consecutive emmy awards for his role as Walt. Aaron Paul (Jesse) has also won an emmy for his performance...You'd better start to watch it from begining and you will find out how Walt got started how he met jesse how they got involved with gus.