18 October, 2011

Geek Furious The Poopcast #4 - Four Decades of Metal: Top 5 Albums Per Decade

We list our top 5 METAL albums per decade, starting with the 70s and ending it all in 2011 (yes, we cheat a bit there).

If you are not interested in metal, then don't fuckin' listen!

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Note: The song used to open the episode is Asphyxiated Time by Revenant.


  1. Agree with some disagree with most but these are your personal lists so I can't be too critical.

  2. Good podcast. Being an 11/12 year old girl in the late 80's, I had terrible taste in music during the time when a lot of good metal albums were being released, hahah. I was too busy listening to New Kids on the Block. And once I did get introduced to the concept of GOOD music (heheh) in the early 90's, I went straight to punk, hardcore, indie rock, and that type of stuff and kinda skipped metal. So in the past several years, I have been going back and trying to stock up on those good metal albums that I should have paid attention to back in the day. ;-) I have several of the ones that you guys talked about, but not all of them, so this was definitely helpful for some recommendations.

    The funny thing about Metallica is that I was that typical 14/15 year old girl in 1991 who never paid one bit of attention to metal in her life, who was busy listening to top 40, anything and everything from En Vogue to Chili Peppers to like, freaking, Jodeci and Boyz II Men ha ha ... and I was like, "OH this Black Album is really cool!!" Hahaha because it was like so ... catchy and poppy (for that genre at least). And then all the "true" metal fans were just groaning at people like me, because Metallica had kinda "sold out" in the sense that they went "mainstream". Then only a couple years later after I started paying attention to "good" music, I was doing that same groaning when the bands I was into would go mainstream. ;-) Ahh ... the circle of life.

  3. I dunno if it's just my browser, but none of the commas I used in my earlier comment are showing up at all hahah ... so ... hmm. Sorry if my comment is hard to read, but I did use commas!! ;-)

  4. I see your commas. :)

    I didn't get into metal until around 1990. Before that I thought metal was hard rock and Metallica was the DEVIL! But once I got into metal, and specifically thrash, I jumped in pretty hardcore. The first Metallica album I bought the day of release was the black album. So, I definitely have an appreciation for it.

  5. Hahah oh good you can see the commas... I dunno what the heck is up with my browser!

    So you didn't get into metal till 1990, cool now I don't feel like I was TOO far behind the ball. ;-)

  6. @Maryploppins Glad you enjoyed the poopcast. It was fun compiling the list of albums for it.

    And you are never too old to get into METAL. \m/

  7. You guys missed out so much good shit in the 2000s like Mastodon, Kreator, and Tool which you said you were thinking about and should have included. Of course that shit is metal! I do love the new Anthrax but wouldn't put it on my top 5. Good podcast overall though. Keep them coming.

  8. Good shit. I had to revisit a lot of old metal to try to come up with my favorites. Geek on!

  9. Way to suck Metallica's dick.

    1. You are clearly either a Megadeth or Slayer fanboy.

      You sound angry so I'll go with Megadeth.