04 June, 2013

CFBWMR 5 - GAME OF THRONES 3.09 or RW means "Robb Wins"

In this live-recorded episode (meaning no edits), VladyGG and HGF discuss GAME OF THRONES episode 3.09; plus fan, actor, and critic reactions, YouTube, death, and even comparisons to WALKING DEAD. This is obviously a spoiler filled podcast, if you haven't watched the show DO NOT LISTEN! There are also theories tossed about related to the book material. While this could be spoilery, it is ONLY THEORIES that have never been confirmed by anyone, therefor they are not actual spoilers.

We also discuss the future of the show and hint at some things to come (but again, we do our best to avoid any spoilers).

No times noted because it is all about the show.

Press play below:

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"Red Wedding" reactions article.

Maisie reacts as Arya.

Compilation of fans reacting to the "Red Wedding".


  1. I haven't listened to a HGF podcast in forever and I very much enjoyed hearing Magnus again. I've def missed the "Magnus View" on things I like...

    I am watching the series and reading the books after the conclusion of each season. Unfortunately, that means I have to wait until after the end of next season to read this one. It's the deal I had to make with my hubby since I suck at keeping things unspoilery when watching any show with him :)

    I think that the series works well by itself and I also enjoy learning the extra added stuff I get from the books. I understand that they deviate from the books though. For example, introduction of Jojen and Meera to this season, leaving Shireen out until this season. Even with this stuff being introduced later, it still all seems to work out in the end though.

    Magnus, don't be so hard on VladyGG's "A Song of Ice & Fire" "spoiler"...Having not read the whole series, I even put the "Ice" & "Fire" together in my speculations for the future, and believe me, I know nothing. I'd hope I'm off base on my predictions, but that does seem pretty obvious ;-)

    Thanks for a great listen!!

    1. First, thanks for listening!

      Second, the "ice and fire" spoiler isn't really a spoiler since it hasn't been confirmed. But once people hear it, they instantly start seeing the broader strokes of what GRRM is doing. Some people don't want to "know" that much.

      I didn't end up going back and censoring or editing it out because, when all is said and done, no matter how accurate that theory may be, it still hasn't been covered in the books.

  2. I like it when you don't go and edit your podcasts. Those are always my faves (thinking back to unedited Chuck Me Tuesdays)

    I do agree, or at least since I haven't read books, it is really a theory for me. (You could be misdirecting me and I won't know for awhile) HONESTLY tho, how silly dumb would one have to be to NOT put Fire with Dragons and Ice with the Starks. And why would GRRM even put that in the title of the series if he didn't plan to do something grand with it in the end?? Or maybe HE IS just super devious like that :D

    I wouldn't put anything past him though. He did kill Ned right off, so I've always figured he would do things unconventionally. While I went into Red Wedding totally unspoiled & Robb & Catelyn were also two characters that I was 'meh' about, I was totally dumbstruck. I'm not mad he killed them off though & like you said, the signs were there. It's a gutsy move and GREAT storytelling IMHO. I hate to watch things where the obvious happens, but maybe that's just me.

    I'll check back next week and see if you do a season wrap up after the finale. I honestly don't know how they are going to top this past week though. Episode 9, penultimate episode infamy lives on!!!

  3. I would have liked to hear what Vlads buddy had to say. He sounds like a very nice fellow.

  4. This episode was awesome but if they stick with the book then next season will be a mind fucked depending on how you look at it if you have read the book you will know what I mean and I will not say why for those that have not. PS for those that care this coming up season of Burn Notice is the final one. So first it's Dexter ending then Burn Notice and then How I Met Your Mother which is 3 awesome shows ending in 1 year what are these networks thinking. At least wait until next year to end Burn Notice and How I Met your Mother for at least fans sake so people can stop crying over Dexter ending.

    1. I spit on BURN NOTICE.

      But yeah, season 4 of GAME OF THRONES could possibly be better than season 3... it really depends on whether they are actually going to do a couple of those big battle sequences.

      Blackwater was a big battle but at least one of the battles in the third book could be filmed bigger. So we could get something big or they could do what they did with the opening battle of the book and NOT SHOW IT.