11 December, 2013

GeekFurious the Podcast - Episode 203

 Vlad and Magnus discuss topics that are noted below. Listen and enjoy.

01:30 - Star Wars news
09:50 - Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special
14:50 - Metallica works hard to delay the next album and Euro tour discussion (voting on setlists fail)
18:50 - Walking Dead and killing main characters
22:05 - Boardwalk Empire brought up
23:00 - Favorite new shows of the fall season and we talk about future podcast episodes

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  1. Cool podcast guys. And by the way, hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

    I watched the Doctor Who 50th as well and i really enjoyed it. Thought it was fantastic. As long as the new Star Wars turns out okay, then they can take the extra time.

    I watch the Walking Dead too, though I'm a bit behind. But i already kind of knew who it was who died anyway, so. And i agree that the deaths on the show aren't too shocking. Honestly I've come to expect a major character death in every Finale. Or in this case Mid-season finale.

    I haven't really checked out any new shows this fall season. But, i do have my eyes on, Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow. So I'll probably get to those at some point.

    Thanks guys and i look forward to listening to the future Podcasts you have in mind.

    1. Thanksgiving was great. Hope yours was as well.

      Thanks for listening, as always!

    2. It's all for you Jimmy. You know that.

      Happy Holidays!

  2. Had to skip the Walking Dead discussion because I haven't finished the season, but I enjoyed the podcast. You guys are always fun to listen to. Happy Holidays.

  3. Special request: Would you two publish your Metallica wish lists so that we can check those songs out?

    1. 1. Metal Militia - Kill 'Em All (1983)
      2. Leper Messiah - Master of Puppets (1986)
      3. Eye of the Beholder - And Justice for All (1988)
      4. New Song - N/A
      5. Frayed Ends of Sanity - And Justice for All (1988)
      6. My Friend of Misery - Metallica, aka the black album (1991)
      7. Rebel of Babylon - Beyond Magnetic (2011)
      8. Where the Wild Things Are - Reload (1997)
      9. To Live is to Die - And Justice for All (1988)
      10. Escape - Ride the Lightning (1984)
      11. Invisible Kid - St. Anger (2003)
      12. The Outlaw Torn - Load (1996)
      13. Just A Bullet Away - Beyond Magnetic (2011)
      14. All Nightmare Long - Death Magnetic (2008)
      15. Fixxxer - Reload (1997)
      16. That Was Just Your Life - Death Magnetic (2008)
      17. The Prince - Garage Inc. (1998)
      18. Some Kind of Monster - St. Anger (2003)

    2. 1. Eye of the Beholder - And Justice for All (1988)
      2. The Frayed Ends of Sanity - And Justice for All (1988)
      3. Rebel of Babylon - Beyond Magnetic (2011)
      4. Die, Die My Darling - Garage, Inc. (1998)
      5. Mercyful Fate - Garage, Inc. (1998)
      6. Astronomy - Garage, Inc. (1998)
      7. New Song - N/A
      8. The Small Hours - Garage, Inc. (1998)
      9. Bleeding Me - Load (1996)
      10. The Outlaw Torn - Load (1996)
      11. Remember Tomorrow - Maiden Heaven: A Tribute to Iron Maiden (2008)
      12. Leper Messiah - Master of Puppets (1986)
      13. When A Blind Man Cries - Remachined: A Tribute to Deep Purple's Machine Head (2012)
      14. Where The Wild Things Are - Reload (1997)
      15. Trapped Under Ice - Ride The Lightning (1984)
      16. The Call of Ktulu - Ride The Lightning (1984)
      17. Holy In The Sky - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Black Sabbath induction (2006)
      18.The Ecstasy of Gold - We All Love Ennio Morricone (2007)

  4. Hi GeekFurious,

    A lot of my friends who missed Chuck when it was airing live are now attempting to catch up. They are close to season 3 and I recommended your Chuck you Tuesday podcasts for them to listen to after each episode. They went to ITunes and could not download any episodes, your old site said bliptv took all the old episodes down and they cannot seem to find any archive that would have them.

    If you could, is it possible to put all of them on this site?



    1. Yeah, Blip, for some reason, closed both accounts. No clue why. They never said. They apparently closed down a ton of accounts that didn't "meet new standards" or something.

      Anyway, I have been thinking about uploading the podcasts to the free site I upload the podcasts now but it would be A LOT OF EFFORT. I will probably try doing it before the next anniversary date in January.

    2. Edit... I am uploading all of them (minus two episodes, never included in the set). I won't be adding descriptions or anything like that, other than noting, in some places, where the episode is "Family Friendly). I will work on a page for that stuff later. I will likely put links to it in the top bar of this blog or something, or under CHUCK tab.

    3. Uploaded. I will eventually created context and blahblahblah and link and stuff but for now... it is raw.


    4. Cheers, I will let my mates know.

  5. Sleepy Hollow to me is ok, but i am not really connected to it. I can see its appeal but end up not paying attention and it is background viewing. I gave up on Marvel SHIELD after about 3 or 4 episodes. I can't believe they blew such a huge blockbuster hit show for them by producing boring agent work with shoddy action and characters that I don't care for.

    The Goldbergs have me laughing, Trophy Wife is pretty good, not hilarious, but good. I am watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but not loving it yet. I guess that's it! Never watched Blacklist, but probably won't. I hear lots of complaining about the actress being not so great.

    1. IMO--the actress is fine. For some reason, the "echo chamber" critics have fixated on the fact that she is wearing a wig. So is James Spader, but no one fixates on that.

    2. The wig looks ridiculous but my problem with her is that her performance is dwarfed by almost every actor around her. She's supposed to be the co-lead on the show. She doesn't pull her weight.

    3. It's hard for anyone to match Spader. I remember how Boston Legal had a revolving door of co-stars and supporting actors over its many seasons, but the only ones anyone remembered were Spader and Shatner.

  6. I feel what might help Marvel Agents of Shield become a better show would be a big bad.

    Every spy/espionage type show from the last 10-15 years seems to have had one.

    It's still early on in the show but I feel a powerful common enemy for the Agents to fight would help the show become more focused.

    As for my favorite new show of 2013 that would be Masters of Sex.

    It was a lot more interesting and it held me interest more than I thought it would.

    1. In regard to Agents of Shield, I watch infrequently and with little sense of urgency, but I would like to mention to Chuck fans that the 7th episode "The Hub" was written by Rafe Judkins & Lauren LeFranc. It wasn't a particularly memorable episode, but it did have a agent character named "Agent Shaw" in it.

    2. I've seen every episode... and I can't remember what happened in any of them.