17 February, 2013

Review - ARCHER 4.05: 'Viscous Coupling"

Another guest review by Shawn. I mostly agree with his assessment and overall grade. --HGF

The plot in this episode concentrated on serialized storylines ARCHER has been weaving together for 3 seasons. I did not think enough character progression occured and that left me a little disappointed. The earlier episodes explored Ron, Archer's past and resolved Rays paralysis in greater detail and originality. What came before was fresh, funny and had gravitas. This episode was too sparse for my liking and did not hit the right notes I have come to expect from this wonderful show. 

Katya is back to hoodwink Archer into returning Barry to Earth and goes about it by exploiting any unresolved feelings Archer may have had for her in the past. That she pulled this on Valentines day was a little harsh to be honest, but I guess Archer is a dick so I am not too upset.

Since Katya is obviously the new head of the KGB I do not understand her motivations, yet. Does she love Barry? Does she want to run the KGB with him? Maybe these questions will be resolved at a later date, the lack of clarification in this episode hurt her agency and the arc as a whole. Archer gets the awesome Krieger involved in fixing the space ship,  the episode then skips back and forth between Archer helping (or not) Barry (in Krieger's lab) and trying to seduce Katya (in her apartment) by convincing her that Barry is cheating on her. I must admit Krieger certainly does have a good read on Archers psyche, even Archer could not deny what he was saying was not true.

Archer 's recognition and sort of acceptance of Krieger's opinions demonstrate emotional growth for our beloved spy. Maybe Archer does want to change? He felt that it was important Lana knew of his growth in the beginning of the episode.

One storyline that I am not looking forward to is Lana and Cyril's relationship and their issues again. I know in episodes 2, 3, and 4 there were heavy clues dropped in that they would get back together, Cyril's regret and Lana's need for sex, but it is still a boring avenue for the show to explore.

We shall see the consequences of these new developments later in the season, I am hoping that we do get a kick-ass cyborg fight between Barry and Ray.

A good episode.

Grade: B

Stray observations:
- Back in the 80's my parents made the same mistake as Archer, buying a time share. So I do understand his complaints about paying those "god damn maintenance fees". To this day my parents can not for the love that is almighty get rid of that stupid time share.

- Archer stealing that random pussy's flowers and candy was great, as was the call back to "Stage Two" with him using Cyril Figgis name when doing shitty things. I am glad he ran him over too.
- Carol/Cheryl just loves the physical abuse! I am with Archer, it really is creepy.
- Katya likes oil? Good to know for when people in the future date cyborgs.
- Those tapes Pam compiled and edited for Archer were so bad. They were so bad that I could not stop laughing the whole time Archer played them for Katya.

--Shawn Mahone


  1. Remember the days when people watched a tv program just because it was simple pure entertainment? Where we laughed or smiled or cried or just took genuine pleasure in sitting down in front of our tv and relaxing and having a beer after a hard days work.

    Why so much analysis? This was a simply funny to me and for a comedy is that not what matters?

    1. Why so much analysis? Because this a blog where we discuss our opinions in greater detail than when we bullshit with our friends about it.