17 February, 2013

Review - SUITS 2.15: 'Normandy'

Even though you're reading this, I still don't think you really care what I have to say about the penultimate episode of 'Suits' Season 2.

All you likely care about regarding this show is next week's finale and I don't blame you. And it better be good, because "Normandy" was a bit of a let-down and too anti-climactic for my taste.

I was pumped for an epic battle against Hardman, and for a second week in a row I was disappointed with the outcome. Hopefully next week provides the fireworks on that front, as Hardman had little up his sleeves this week to counter Jessica and Company.

I did like and appreciate Louis going to bat for Rachel, but the outcome seemed entirely too predictable to me. If she goes to Harvard, she's off the show. That wasn't going to happen. And I didn't buy that she wouldn't get in to begin with. I understand it's essentially impossible to get into Harvard, but her father is a famous lawyer and alum and we all know connections are everything. And even if she had gotten rejected, wouldn't her father have remedied that situation?

It was also a nice change-of-pace to see Jessica pull off a brilliant maneuver to screw over Hardman -- after all, her name is on the door and it was about damn time this show proved her worth. Too often it's Harvey saving the day, while Jessica watches from the sidelines. I wish they gave her more to do than just bark out orders and scold Harvey.

Jessica out-doing Harvey and Louis acting admirably on behalf of Rachel (not once, but twice) -- too different sides of those characters that were nice to see.

No new side to Mike this week, however, as once again he's at odds with a co-worker. Is there a clause in his contract with the show that he MUST be feuding with someone in every episode? If it's not Rachel, it's Harvey. If it's not them, it's Jessica. Or Louis. Or Donna. And now Katrina. I loved his character in Season 1, but feel like his storylines have taken a step back this year.

Last week I asked for a merger and it looks like I may get my wish, just not with the firm I was expecting. But if this results in Abigail Spencer becoming more of a regular character, I'm all for that.

Things I want to see in the finale next week: (1) Rachel finds out Mike's secret, slaps him and disowns him. (2) Mike gets a new love interest (Let's go with Katrina, because I want Amanda Schull to stick around and a love-hate between those two could be fun) and Rachel gets jealous. Then Mike tells her to shove it. (3) More Hardman, with a more exciting confrontation. Would love to see him win a round. (4) Harvey and Jessica have a major blow-up. (5) Louis resorts back to doing something sleazy. (6) More Donna.

What do you guys want to see?


--DONNA: "A woman who wants nothing -- I distrust that."

--RACHEL "Mike, I am a sure thing."
--MIKE: "Yeah, you can give it a shot -- but it probably won't work." (How great was his facial reaction there?)

--JESSICA: "That reminds me, how are things going with Pussy Galore?"

--HARVEY: "I call Curley."


--Apparently Mike has a weak stomach ... I would have finished that, dammit.

--Loved how Harvey was at first reluctant to let Donna fix his hair, but then said the hell with it and let her do it.

--Hardman looked surprised/offended that his name was off the door. Did he really expect that to stay up?


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  1. The plot on this show is really loose and the character work has been some what disappointing.

    So a random past character comes back to steal clients because apparently Pearson (Sans Hardman) is now for the taking....sure...but now they are broke due to settling with Monica Eaton? really? A huge firm that has about 30 senior partners and has multiple flaws of Lawyers can suddenly be broke because they lose a few senior associates and a few clients go out the door.

    The problem is that we never see this firm as a firm that is supposed to be awesome (with everyone from the awesome Harvard!). The only other guy we saw was this season was this idiot Porter dude and he was half assing his job in the first place in episode 2 (even Mike figured that out in 1 day).

    Harvey only just recently because Senior Partner and we are now to believe that he can skip past all the older Senior Partners and have his name on the door?

    Jessica made a few good moves this episode but man has she been passive in these last 2 seasons. Harvey did the dirty work to get rid of Hardman the first time and then did most of the work with Mike to get rid of him the second time and third time.

    Mike is just a disaster of a character as is Rachael. I thought he was finally getting a bit more maturer and better with his advice in the last few episodes but in this episode he is back to bitching to the 5th year about getting her job by being under the table? er? Mike are you not lying your ass of about being a lawyer who graduated from Harvard? did you not sell drugs and do drugs? are you not an acomplis to hacking into Harvards database to get a law degree? are you not a douchebag who would not give up your douchebag friends who would see you out in a moments notice? are you really the person to call out a person who did this one thing because she handed in her notice and had to have a job in a tough economy?

    Louis is actually the only character who seems to be growing and the show does well by.

    Harvey...dude you need to chill out. Even if I may not buy the circumstances to which we find ourselves in, do you not feel that the firm needs cash inflow? Why throw a tantrum and try and stop a merger with a firm that has magical reserves of needed cash?

    Hardman, dude? can you not do better?

    I hope next week Harvey, Mike, Donna and Louis just break off and open a new firm. I cannot stand the rest of the characters to be honest. This at least allows Mike to practice Law and not always have to worry about being caught. That brings me to a good point, if that girl from season 1 hacked Harvard to get Mike a law degree, why not hack Harvard undergrad and give mike a bachalors too, lol. I mean Jessica did say that there are records of Mike going to Harvard but not undergrad, lol. I mean when Harvard resent a new certificate to replace his old one that went missing did they not check his records and see what college he came from? did they not wonder? Also how come that Harvard woman that Louis is banging not interview Mike when the associates were being interview when Pearson Hardman tanked a magazine whatever? I mean she does do all the interviews for admissions? they have conviently managed to avoid these two meeting. Ugh.