18 February, 2013

Review - Walking Dead 3.10: 'Home'

Things are tense following last week's events, but this episode redeems last week's slow start with some powerful character confrontations. In short, not much more happened this week; but at least I was reminded why the evolution of these characters has been worth following the past two seasons.

First off, a slight editorial note: Next week's review might be a bit shorter due to real life obligations.  I know the five of you who consistently read this are very upset.

The first confrontation is the scene between Glenn and Maggie, which was a pretty phenomenal follow up to the events of last week. It was obvious why Glenn was treating Maggie the way he was in the last episode and his reaction when he found out what had really happened was both sad and powerfully realistic. I also loved Maggie retaliating at him in a very physical way, especially since Glenn was still wearing the riot armor at the time. Overall the scene was a nice balance of imagery and impact, and it's one of those small yet powerful moments that seem to remind you why the more character-heavy episodes of this series can be worth it.

The showdown on the overpass was a pretty impressive action sequence that showed off the abilities of the Brothers Dixon when they work together, however Merle doesn't seem to have changed enough to impress Daryl. I like that Daryl's not giving in on his principles now that he's been reunited with Merle, and I liked that he was brave enough to call Merle on all his shit.  Season 2's "Chupacabra"- when Daryl hallucinated Merle after being injured in the woods- was one of my favorite episodes because it hinted at the back story of Daryl's youth and the confrontation between him and Merle was the perfect conclusion to that. Daryl comes to the realization in that moment that Merle will always look out for Merle, no matter what.

Meanwhile, Rick is on a spirit walkabout outside the prison looking for GHOST LORI! I can't even enumerate the ways in which this should have resulted in Rick being demoted as leader of the group. However, once again, in opposition to all forms of common sense no one is concerned about this. Not even Hereshel seems nearly as concerned as he should be after Rick reveals he's been wandering around the prison grounds looking for his dead wife.

The show continues to give Carol more screen time and depth which has been surprisingly nice, although sad that in this instance it had to come at the expense of Axel, who just seemed to be getting interesting. Things end on a pretty exciting note with the shootout with the Governor and the group being reunited (or newly united?) against a common enemy.

I give this one a 75 out of 100 - I may have been wooed by some of the great character moments that went down but that ending left me pretty freaking excited for next week's installment. And that's a lot more than could be said of how I felt last week.

Stuff... and quotes:

-Seeing Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori) all cleaned up, was weird. It feels like no one on this show has taken a shower since the end of season 1.

- Andrea:"Milton, I want you to give me a specific answer to a specific question: Where is the Governor?"
  Milton:"On a run?"

-"You lost your hand because you're a simple-minded piece-a shit!"-Daryl

-"He's Korean!"-Daryl

-Carl has his own little kid-sized riot vest! Did I miss this at an earlier point?

-In case you somehow missed the ad AMC is now airing previous episodes of the series in black and white on Thursday nights at 8pm EST.


  1. When did Rick and the group get the assault rifles and infinite ammo?
    How come they can ALL get a one hit headshot on any walker by themselves but they can't hit a lone human standing still in a watchtower?
    Why are the characters all becoming brainless this season, first it was Andrea (And still is) but now the rest are turning.
    Just some of the things that are bringing my enjoyment of this show down :(

    1. 1) They got those rifles from the weapons facility near the jail, obviously.

      2) Walkers don't shoot back. Suppressive fire is EXTREMELY effective. It is why the troops in Afghanistan probably expend 99% of their ammo never hitting anything but dirt. Though, constantly hitting zombies with headshots is fuckin' ridiculous. It is why they teach the professionals to shoot center-mass. It is difficult to hit someone in the head WHILE STANDING STILL, much less while moving.

      3) Bad writing.

  2. I'd give this episode a solid 88. 10 points just for making the death of Axel ACTUALLY surprising. So many movies and TV shows telegraph deaths of that type from miles away. That one I did not see coming. Bravo!

    I also liked seeing Rick's mental breakdown make more sense. She is his guide, he just hasn't figured out what it means.

    Panda says no one is concerned about this... but EVERYONE is concerned about it. The problem is, how do you demote a crazy man with an assault rifle who won't listen to you and killed his best friend for speaking out against him and trying to take over?

    1. I guess my issue is just that they don't seem to be expressing that concern in a way that is appropriate for the level crazy that Rick is operating at. Although I understand your point that it might be more dangerous to contradict his leadership at this point. Plus, I think there would be a manpower problem if they tried to sort of forcefully overthrow him- it would have to be some combo of Maggie, Glenn and Carol (I'm not doubting Carl's bad-assery, just that he'd go against his own Dad).

    2. Glenn essentially claimed the leadership position in Rick's absence. He was planning a potential attack without talking to Rick about it. But these people are loyal to Rick. They are not just going to overthrow him without first seeing if he returns to his senses. It would be less believable if that happened. They aren't a clinical military operation.

      I also think Carl would go against his dad if he thought it necessary to the safety of the group. Carl killed his own mother because it had to be done. I could see him side with another leader if it had to be done.

  3. I like how they are writing Rick's character it makes me wonder how is going to be later on in the season. Glenn I hope smartens up so maggie doesn't dump his ass for doing stupid things. I am also glad they gave more backstory with Daryl and Merie it helps better understand them.

    1. Glenn and Maggie will be fine in the next episode, guaranteed.

  4. Rick is seriously loosing his sh*t. Michonne was looking at him like, WTF. I was very surprised when Axel was killed. Did not see that coming at all. I agree that most Shows, Movies etc. telegraph the hell out of that. This did not. Well done.

    And Glenn and Maggie are gonna be fine.

  5. For those of you that don't know Walking Dead season 4 will be starting production May 6 so lets hope that means that season 4 will air sometime between late July early August.