10 May, 2012

Geek Furious the Podcast Episode 21 - Pulling a Turk

Babydoll and HGF discuss the finer points of politics, television shows, and masturbation. Plus, much more. Includes outtakes at the end. The whole thing should be very offensive to conservatives who are bigots, and people who are easily offended by talk of masturbation... especially when it is voiced as a young English child speaking to its mother before bedtime.

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  1. rotfl! 'mum I'd like some biscuits with my masturbation' laughed so hard it hurt you bastard!

  2. You covered alot and were all over the place. I kinda lost my place a few times probably cause I'm working while listening. I did learn something new. Vocal fry -didn't know it had a name but notice it all the time. Agree with you about the conservatives. I've always been an independent but refuse to side with bigots. Will vote Obama in November.

    Your Princess Bride skit was funny but I had to rewind five times to listen to the masturbation talk. Wish it had gone longer. Brilliant.

  3. When you and Babydoll get together its the funniest stuff ever. You guys talk about the strangest and craziest's things. Btw the little British child was hilarious! Great Podcast:)

  4. Thanks everyone! I'm sure Babydoll will be happy to hear you all liked it. :)

  5. What is the song at the beginning?

  6. HAHA I just listened to this while taking my dog on her very long and boring walk (such torture) and it entertained me the whole way to the park so thank you. Especially the Princess Bride and masturbation/sex/"exes ruining things" topics. Then once I got to the park you moved into the political discussions, and towards the end you moved to Castle when Babydoll brought up watching the finale. I was like oh shit, because you go (something to the effect of), "and I mean these damn Castle fans that comment on Eli's reviews ..." and I got nervous and thought, "OMG what if Magnus specifically talks shit about ME in this podcast!!" Hahahaha especially because I feel like I'm the only person who consistently comments on EVERY single one of Eli's Castle reviews (save for the very prolific Anonymous probably).

    Lol but actually I think you were about to say, "If any of these commenters try to say that Stana is a good actress," or something very specific to that effect. But I have to admit that it did scare me for a second there that I might hear a phrase like "this crazy maryploppins chick," LOL. I was laughing. I actually don't dislike Stana as an actress but I'm not sure that we've talked much about that in the comments of Eli's reviews before.

    Btw even though I do like Castle enough to comment on it every week, I will agree with Babydoll that you absolutely could have skipped this entire season and only watched the finale and not missed a goddamn thing from the S3 finale barely. So that is lame.

    But anyway thanks for making my dog walk much less boring. ;-) The Princess Bride shit had me LOLing by myself while walking, I was afraid someone would see me.

    1. You made me laugh. :)

      Glad you enjoyed it.