21 July, 2011

Best and Worst Harry Potter Movie Spells

Writer: Multipass


10. “Riddikulus” (HP3) Fun to say and can do some cool shizz if you've got the imagination for it. The downside is you almost never need to use it.

9. “Lumos/Nox” (HP3) Essential spell. Especially when sneaking around to do awesome and/or illegal activities.

8. “Alohamora” (HP1) Another essential spell. Outside of Adventures with Voldy it's probably very useful, again, especially when making mischief. It also makes me nostalgic for the first movie when those kids were so frakking adorable.

7. “Expecto Patronum” (HP3) Originally invented as the wizard alternative to a petting zoo, later discovered to be the defense against dementors, because they are evil and obviously hate children and pets.

6. "Piertotum locomotor” (HP7II) A badass spell for a very specific purpose, bringing to life Hogwarts' knight statues...spoiler? It makes the list because McGonagall thinks its coolio and shame on you if you don't agree with her.

5. “Accio” (HP 4 onwards) An important spell for lazy people, forgetful people, and hoarders.

4. “Episkey” (HP 6) Sounds like whiskey, and who doesn't like drinking?

3. “Confundus” (HP6) I would use this all the time just to entertain myself...I'd use it on people in the middle of sentences. This is probably why I didn't get those magic genes and am just a muggle.

2. “Imperio” (HP 4) One of the three 'Unforgivable Curses', which aren't that unforgivable since by the end of the series they've been used by people on both sides of the Battle of Hogwarts. It's beats the other two because it forms a rainbow cloud of happy fuzziness around the head of your victim, which is much more creative than a flash of green. (I'm looking at you Avada Kedavra). It's also the most sneaky of the three, obviously.

1. “ARRESTO MOMENTUM” (HP 3) My favorite spell! It's basically an excuse to do all kinds of death-defying crap without hurting yourself. You only need to use it when you are falling so fast you will die (fun). Whenever it's used the wizard/witch is shouting it really loud. It's really fun to say.


3. “Wingardium LeviOOOOOsar” not LevioSAR (HP1) Apparently a kiddie spell, except that the right pronunciation and wand movement are required to make it work...which makes it harder to cast than stupefy, which makes it dumb.

2. “Expelliarmus” (HP I forget) Harry's favorite fighting spell, and one that has worked well for him for wand ownership technicalities (see: Elder Wand) but it's mostly idiotic. It seems to be only really effective when sneaking up on someone, like a magical sucker-punch (see: Hermione in HP7II vs. Draco). Highly overrated spell.

1. “Bombarda” (HP3) A dumb spell that apparently Hermione invented since no one else uses it. It's not dumb in what it does, it's dumb because you have to shout BOMBARDA to use it, and it does the same thing as a bunch of other spells...destroys stuff. The invention of Bombarda represents everything that is wrong with the third movie as a book adaptation. Namely, all the new stuff they added to that movie or changed from the book was ASSHATTERY!


  1. Way to do your research, specify movie or book spell, and spell the names of the spells correctly...

  2. All the spells are movie spells in that I'm only judging them based on how they are used in the films.

  3. My favorite is EXPELLIARMUS! Because when Cho (or whatever her name is) says it, it is cute.

  4. bombarda was from HP2, she used it to blow up the bludger after it broke Harry's arm

  5. "bombarda was from HP2"

    I stand by my writer.

  6. Yeah, the spell for HP2 and the bludger was Finite Incantatem...which technically shouldn't blow it up because that spell is to end any enchantments. Bombarda was invented just for the movie HP3.

  7. Good list but I disagree with your #2 worst. That's a great spell.

  8. FYI: It's "Imperio" and "Wingardium Leviosa."

  9. Expelliarmus is for wimpy wimp wimps. Like Harry Potter!

  10. I fixed Imperio, but Leviosar stays because that's how they sound when they were trying it out in charms class.

  11. It's not in here but CRUCIO is my favorite - I can't remember right now if it's in the movies or not BUT it's the one me and my friends always yell after one too many gin-tonics ;)

  12. Babydoll likes torture...interesting...Crucio is in HP7I

  13. two of the most ridiculous spells in harry potter movies r
    1.sonorous frm hp 4


    2.engorgeo{whatever the spelling} frm hp 4

  14. I don't check this post for 24 hours and I find myself being called "naughty" ... fair enough.

  15. Yes, they sound like they're saying "leviosar" because of their ACCENTS. Not because of how it's spelled.

  16. It will always be Leviosarrrrrrr to me. I don't care what JK intended.

  17. That is ridiculous.