02 July, 2014

The Plopper Reviews COVERT AFFAIRS 5.02: 'False Skorpion'

Uhh holy shit, that just got a LOT more real, a lot more quickly, than I was expecting.  I just finished googling Myocarditis, as I'm sure a lot of you did while watching this ep.  Medical accuracy has never been a strong suit of the Covert writers, especially when it come to Annie, whose recovery from two bullet wounds to the chest in season 3 was approximately as difficult as bouncing back from a sprained ankle.  So I'm already apprehensive on this front.  Partly for that reason but partly just because I'm dying to know where this condition came from.

Let's talk about the rest of this ep first, and then we'll get back to that.  First off, why am I not seeing a writer listed in the credits??  That is very odd, is it not?  I forgot to check when I first watched the ep, so I went back and rewound just now and I can't find it for the life of me.  The reason I'm so curious is that the dialogue in this ep was approximately 8 THOUSAND times better than last week.  As was the ep itself, actually.  I've watched it once through at the time of typing this sentence, but I think I kind of loved this episode overall.  It felt a lot like a ... maybe a Stephen Hootstein or Zak Schwartz ep?  But alas, it is a mystery to me.  EDIT:  HA! I think I just figured this out.  Stephen Hootstein is listed as an Exec Producer twice in the opening credits.  Is the second one just a typo that should have said "written by"?  If so, funny.

Everyone on Twitter seemed to be bracing themselves to hate this episode, as it was known to anyone who pays attention to mild spoilers that Hayley and Auggie were going to jump right into the sack about 5 minutes after being introduced.  That situation aside, I was expecting nothing earth-shattering, considering that it's only ep 2 of the season.  And while the Hayley sex was certainly not my favorite part of this ep, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that this was actually one of the strongest eps I've seen of this show in quite a while.

Reason number one for my declaration: Ryan McQuaid - another character everyone freaked out about over the break when casting news came down the line.  If you've read any of my season 4 reviews from ep 4.07 onwards, you know my very strong opinion of how badly the Covert writers effed up the Annie/Auggie relationship.  They screwed that pooch sideways and then they screwed it a few more times from a few other angles.  But what's done is done, and there's no going back now.  And the Annie and McQuaid dynamic has been pretty goddamn delightful so far.  I laughed, I gasped at several key moments, and I was thoroughly glued to my screen waiting to see what would happen next.

Do I care that much about Borz himself, or whether he's captured and whether we can bring to justice the terrorists behind CIA facility bombing?  Nah, not really.  But I rarely do with these shows; what I care about is what the main characters are going through as they work through it, and more importantly, what they're going through on their longer journeys of the series itself.  And Covert has me very interested right now on that front with Annie as well as several of the main characters.

Which brings me to Auggie, before I get back to the Annie thing.  Fact: I was a huge Felicity fan.  I didn't watch it in its original run, but I watched the whole series a couple years later in reruns on the We channel or some shiz.  I don't know that Julie was ever anyone's favorite character on the show (though I don't blame her for not giving her kidney to her absent father).  So I was kind of bracing myself for Julie part 2 here, since I haven't seen Amy Jo Johnson's work since ... and I'll say this: It was not as bad as I expected.  I mean I gotta hand it to her, at least she shut Auggie down for once in his life after he pulled his typical smart ass act on her in that interview.  She might want to go back and have a chat with his therapist from season 3, who failed miserably on that front.  And clearly that was why he hopped into bed with her ... because she impressed him and Auggie knows no other way.  He uses his peen almost as an extension of shaking hands to greet someone.  He meets and greets and then he needs to feel out the person's pasta box as the very next step.  It's not a characteristic I find particularly charming about him, but it is certainly well-precedented on this show.

And he's certainly getting NO love from Annie these days.  Homegirl was cold as ice to him on that 5am phone call (why the eff is Auggie in the office at 5:15am and why is it already so light outside??)  She's pushing people away with claws out at the moment due to her exploding heart, so I totally get it, but I was still a little like, "Uhh daayumn girl."  I'm kind of completely fine with this right now though, and I'll tell you why: I was SO angry and exasperated with Auggie in the last few eps of season 4 in the wake of the Unholy Helesa Bang that I'm just thrilled to have a reason to feel sympathy for him again, watching mean ol' Annie shut him down at every turn.  The writers are playing this very well though, because they allowed us right back into Annie's motivations and frame of mind towards the end of the ep on that last call with Auggie.  I rarely say "Aaww" out loud at my TV, but I did when she welled up with tears at the end of that phone call.  Poor thang.  I could empathize with exactly what would have been running through her head at that moment.

Are you kinda pissed at her for busting right out with her big secret to McQuaid in ep TWO of the season though, BEFORE telling Auggie!?  I was SHOCKED about that.  I didn't think it was gonna come out that early, and I absolutely did NOT expect it to be McQuaid who she'd let the cat out of the bag to.  She can't trust this guy as far as she can throw him at the moment, but yet she's telling him her deepest darkest secrets?  Is this another "Sarah Walker tells Shaw her real first name before telling Chuck" moment??  In a sense it is, but to be fair, Annie was put in an extremely compromising position at that point.  Her choices were limited at best.  And my my, McQuaid's reaction certainly sets Annie on a path to be wooed by him this season (professionally, at the very least).

And speaking of Annie's extremely speedy recovery from her gunshot wounds in season 3, what the hell is the cause of her heart problem?  Is it related to that injury?  Is it related to the crazy drugs Eyal gave her to "kill" her in ep 4.10?  Is it both?  Is it some random-ass virus she picked up in stupid Sri Lanka with Ben??  I pray to the TV gods that the explanation makes at least some level of medical sense, but I also really, really pray that it's related to at least something important that we've seen on the show previously.  Because Annie and the concept of consequences are two things that have been ... well they've been a lot MORE acquainted with one another since she went dark, which I'm happy about.  But there have been stretches of this series that have had me screaming at my TV screen for how huge crazy shit just bounces right off of her like it's nothing.  Good ol' Teflon Annie.  To see her finally have to face a real consequence from one of those time periods would be great.  We'll see though, the cause of the issue could really be anything at this point.

O.k. here's my other random thoughts before I summarize and grade this beezy:

  • Arthur lied to Joan.  What a jerk.
  • Annie's "Peace and mercy be upon you" as she put a gun in her purse had me LOLing.
  • Ari's wife as McQuaid's "right hand man" ... I expect that Perrey Reeves will be good in this role.  I always enjoyed her on Entourage.
  • Annie's explanation to the cop about the boob job and the amazing boyfriend who would MAYBE come down for her recovery IF he could get off work haaaahahaha ... loved it.
  • Calder and Joan have been kind of simmering back and forth in the background of these two eps ... I'm sure that rivalry will turn into something more eventuallly.
  • I enjoyed Auggie defending Annie to Hayley ... you know, before he boned her.
  • I think Cartagena was subbed for Venezuela in this ep.
  • I love that as soon as Ryan shot Borz, Borz ran out into a very conveniently timed parade with weird freaky Minnie Mouses ... Minnie Mice?
  • Annie: "My superiors trust the decisions I make in the field."  Only to have Calder rip her a new one later hahaha.
  • Annie ultimately found Borz with her classic people/influencing  skills ... persuading the Imam's daughter to lead her to him.
So yeah dudes, I dunno, this episode was good for me.  It flowed a LOT better than last week.  Logic-wise - at least right now to my fuzzy late-night brain - it seemed reasonably solid, and the dialogue was snappy as a mo fo.  You know what I'm a little scared about though?  That's exactly what happened in season 4, too.  I thought the S4 premiere was pretty o.k., and then I LOVED ep 2 ... and then the rest of the season never quite measured up to that second ep.  They kinda blew their lo... err, they peaked really early on and then spent the rest of the season never quite getting back there again.  Is season 5 gonna break that pattern?  Dear god, I hope so.

GRADE: 92/100

My reviews are never short, but this one is a hell of a lot shorter than last week (pats self on back).  I haven't checked Twitter at all so I'm curious if I'll be all alone on my island of mostly loving this ep.  Tell me.

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  1. Auggie jumping into the sack with ANYONE at this point is a reason to love the episode. If the writers are going to wussie out of keeping him in the warm embrace of his Annie (which they clearly are), then keep those two ninnies apart FOREVER. Let Annie have her random strange, and let Auggie get married to some suit who wants to adopt some starving kids from New Jersey.

    1. HA! Yeah in the state they're in now, I don't want these two "ninnies" together ... Not until they can learn to communicate with each other and work their shit OUT. With actual words. Which will likely never happen, so Jersey, here we (Auggie & his suit wife, possibly Hayley) come! Rejoice, starving children of this exotic land! Your new parents have arrived.

      (That said, I do hope that Annie's exploding heart does prompt some actual word exchanges between A&A this season, but I'm not holding my breath).

    2. Make sure to shit on the show next week. Apparently if you like an episode too much, no one comments. And we make our big money in the comments section. With all the ads. And malware. Adware? Spam? HOW DO WE MAKE MONEY AROUND HERE?!

      (now if you actually hate next week's episode, someone on some fan site will link to this comment and say "SEE! THEY ARE DOING IT FOR THE HITS!" because most people aren't very bright)

    3. HAHAHA totally. Good is boring on the interwebs. It saw ppl on Twitter shitting all over the Hayley character yesterday but I didn't see any other major complaints about the ep. The Covert writers really screwed this one up for us.

    4. Those writers are such dicks. And the actors too. Same for the director. Constructing something actually enjoyable that people can't bitch about endlessly.... nerve.

    5. It was Cartagena in this ep, they filmed in front of my office :) was really fun to watch

  2. This season is already annoying me. What I liked most about Annie was that balance between her life as a spy and life outside the CIA. Then they ditched the sister and the nieces (who still presumably think she's dead and presumably do not care--I mean, come on, Danielle sent her cookies when she had a bad day, but nothing when she's shot in the chest? FFS, she was shot in Danielle's kitchen. She might at least want to come back and check on the property or whatever. But I digress.) and the apartment and the car and really the charm of non-spy Annie. And IMO, at least, it was non-spy-Annie that made spy-Annie so damn good. I almost feel like the show would be stronger sans-Annie at this point, since having her as a one-dimensional focal character harboring secrets is just infuriating as hell.

    As for Annie/Auggie, whatever. You know, seriously, whatever. They're going to simultaneously ret-con the shit out of and dangle the carrot of Walkerson. So at this point, I feel like an exhausted mother--either play with your toys or put them away, because if I trip over that crap one more time, it's going out with the trash.

    Bonus for reading this far--Christopher Gorham was also on Felicity.

    1. Well, I'm with you 100% on Danielle. I'm fine with the fact that she's not a regular on the show anymore, but we should have at least had a *little* bit of screentime with her since way back in ep 3.04 so that we know what the heck is going on on that front. It drives me absolutely insane that we have zero clue what Danielle knows at this point beyond Annie being "dead".

      Like, does Danielle even know Annie was shot in the first place, along with another dude being killed, in her kitchen?? We have no clue. And as you said, does Danielle even know she's alive right now? No idea. It also annoys the shit out of me that the kitchen and house itself seem to have disappeared into thin air. The only time we've seen Annie re-enter it was briefly when Arthur broke in last season. It would be great to see how everything Annie's gone through at this point might affect the sister dynamic (not to mention we have no clue what Danielle's been doing this whole time). I just wish we could get one damn episode.

      The "one-dimensional focal character" has annoyed the f*ck out of me since the last few eps of S3, but that's the exact reason why I think season 5 has so much more potential. It feels like they are re-focusing on fleshing Annie out again ... the paper thin drawing of her from the past season and a half seems to be showing some signs of turning 3-dimensional again. I hope. I absolutely despise the "main character keeps a secret all season" trope, but I don't think that's going to be the case with Annie. She's already told McQuaid (as well as we the audience now knowing what it is) and it's only ep 2. I'm betting Auggie will find out pretty soon.

      As for A&A, I got sucked into Covert in mid season 3, during the Simon eps (god I loved him), so A&A were never the reason I got into the show. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the hell out of them when they were good, don't get me wrong. I did. And I was pissed that the writers f*cked that up. But I don't need them to be together in order for the show to work for me.

      Lol good point about Chris G on Felic, I'm surprised I forgot about that when I wrote the review because that was actually the only thing I'd seen him in before I started watching CA hahaha. (And I had seen Piper in literally not one thing, not even Coyote Ugly). ;)

  3. The lack of Danielle, IMO, is a symptom of the Bad-Ass Mary Sue Annie syndrome that’s been going on since S3. It isn’t that Danielle is missing, per se; it’s that Annie’s character changed right around the time Danielle left. And I get it. I do. I get that the writers took Danielle out of the picture in part because they wanted to play with what happens to Annie when she doesn’t have an anchor. Not a bad idea, really. But I feel like the writers no longer have a firm idea of who the character is and instead of writing that in and having Annie be floundering with her identity outside of her family, outside of the CIA, outside of her relationship with Auggie, they took a defensive stance. So frustrating, since there’s so much internal conflict to be had there.

    And really, let’s think for a moment: a Communist spy and a CIA agent suspected of treason get shot down in your kitchen, you so get a phone call about that. Probably more than one.

    The Annie/Auggie stuff…you know, it’s a balancing act. I liked them together. I don’t have to have them together, but I like them together. But I don’t want them together too much. I don’t want to watch, like, Macmillan and Wife, or some shit like that. A lot of shows, when they get long in the tooth, get to the point where it’s all about, “Well, when are those two characters going to get together?” and I don’t like that. But it’s just as unfair to open that can of worms and then try to ret-con the hell out of it because it didn’t go how you wanted it to or because you ran out of ideas or because you want to try to build tension and boost ratings in the future. Another relationship that’s rife with conflict that will never be tapped because OMG STATUS QUO.

    It’s too early to crap on any episode or arc. I loathed last season when I watched it week by week, gave up around episode 4, then gorged on the entire season about two months ago and enjoyed the hell out of it. Honestly, I even liked the Auggie sort of cheated on Annie but not really because they had been broken up for months and also she was dead thing. It was awful. It made me want to throw my TV out of a window. But it was so good in how it screwed everyone over and made a bad situation worse. I like that feeling of stress-related despondency you can only get from ruthless TV.

  4. Hey-ohhhh! I'm late commenting.....again. Is this going to be a theme for me this season? Who the hell knows? So far, I've watched 502 only twice which has got to be some sort of world record for me. Normally by this time I've watched an episode at least 4 times, but this one, this one....God....it almost hurts me to type this: I just didn't care. DID I JUST SAY THAT? Errr....I mean...type that? Yep. There, I said it. This episode bored me. I just didn't care and that was one thing that worried me after the first episode. Despite all my excitement about some of the spoiler ideas I was worried that with all the yanking around of my emotions and overall dumbassery that was pulled in S4 that I would just become so overwhelmed by my irritation that the big bad story wouldn't be interesting to me at all. Like if you strip away what I liked about these characters and what initially drew me to these characters and this show for some sort of "reset", will the story the chase the spy game be interesting enough to hold my attention? Well, if it keeps going the way of 502, no. No, it's not. The only part of the episode that I've rewatched multiple times is the part that sent me on a Twitter rant. #RollInTheHayley We all know she's a plot tool and nothing more so I'm not gonna yell and scream about how a blow job is the last thing that screams "in charge" to me. Or how she's supposed to be looking into this terror bombing and 10 hrs later she's twirling around, ripping off Auggie's shirt, and ending the night on her knees. WHY DON'T THEY WANT ME TO LIKE HER? WHYYYY? I don't care that Auggie's banging someone else. That's so not my issue. It's just this story is so infuriating to me that I actually don't want to talk about it anymore. I've moved on to watching the scene multiple times with the volume turned down and my brain turned off. Hayley Crayley is here to stay or at least for 6 more episodes.....


    Let's see if I can think of anything I liked about this episode.....hmmmmm

    McQuaid. God, I can't even imagine if there had been no McQ in this ep. I prob would've fell asleep from the boredom.

    Annie almost fucking almost crying at the end on the phone with Auggie. For a moment there I had really started to believe she was a robot.

    Hayley saying, "You blew me off earlier." #BEST

    Short list. Let's see what 503 brings......

    1. "Despite all my excitement about some of the spoiler ideas I was worried that with all the yanking around of my emotions and overall dumbassery that was pulled in S4 that I would just become so overwhelmed by my irritation that the big bad story wouldn't be interesting to me at all. Like if you strip away what I liked about these characters and what initially drew me to these characters and this show for some sort of "reset", will the story the chase the spy game be interesting enough to hold my attention? Well, if it keeps going the way of 502, no. No, it's not."

      Hahah I'm not sure if I entirely get this statement. Are you saying that everything you liked about the characters has been stripped away? I'm curious where this is coming from at this point vs. last week ... the only thing I can think of is that you're pissed at Auggie about his behavior in this ep hahaha. Am I in the ballpark? Nothing changed about Annie, Annie's actually finally getting fleshed back out again (thank god). Or are you saying that you're still pissed at what they did with the characters last season and now you still feel pissed at them? Or both, maybe?

      As for the "big bad" story, apply that to any show you've ever watched. Even a good season of a good show. Would the storyline at its most basic level, without the affinity you have for the main characters, be enough to keep you watching? I'm thinking right now and I can't think of any situation where it would.

  5. No. It's not the Auggie banging Hayley at all. In fact I was more pissed at Hayley for taking up Auggie on the damn drink which led to the bang. LOL. Can't a woman just tell him "no"? FFS.

    I'm frustrated still from last season. I'm an Annie/Auggie fan and I'm not just speaking about Walkerson here. I guess what I was meaning is this putting them together, breaking them up, fake getting them back together, saying they were still broken up and now this "reset" for the sake of getting them ultimately back together is wearing on me because in the midst of all this they do dumb stuff that makes you forget what you loved about them in the first place. The show is best when Annie and Auggie are working together and playing off each other so this "thing" created last season to keep them apart and restart them + Annie's secret exploding heart is just wearing on my nerves.

    Yeah and I guess that's my point about the big bad story. I feel I'm losing my emotional attachment to these characters and when I get bored, I just move on. I don't wanna move on tho. I want it to be better. These characters and this story and the fans deserve better. I'm just not sure we're gonna get it, but I still hope so.

    P.S. I feel like my comments are flowing as smoothly as 501. LOL. Maybe I should not type without sleep meds.

    1. Hahaha no I think I'm getting you now. While your sharp swings from shitting your pants with excitement one week to total despondency the next week crack me up and slightly bewilder me hahaha, I think I'm now seeing what it was about this week's ep that threw you into this funk:

      * Zero nice or cute A&A interactions (although I actually quite enjoyed watching him try to reassure her in that last phone call, plus his clear concern for her after he hung up. Oh and don't forget how strongly he defended her to Hayley, although maybe the humping canceled that out for you later lmao).

      * Realizing that you hated Hayley as much as you were afraid you were going to.

      * Knowing that you hate Hayley this much AND she's going to be around for the next way too long hahaha. And knowing what that means for A&A (plus Annie and McQuaid may be headed down a romantic path too).

      So now you're afraid we're going to be in for an entire season of exactly what we got in this episode, on those fronts. Am I in the ballpark now?

      Based on the very few spoilers we know from this point forward ... I suspect that if they don't fuck up episode 5.04, which, let's be honest, their track record doesn't fill me with confidence, but IF we get lucky and they don't fuck it up ... that *might* be your episode. NOT for A&A to get back together and live happily ever after obviously, but just to ... talk and stuff. I hope. Fingers crossed.

      This is only ep 2 of the season and it reminded me a lot of the best Eyal episodes (which, let's be honest, is ALL Eyal episodes). None of those eps had much in the way of A&A lovey dovey stuff either if I recall, but you likely still enjoyed them because you watched them already knowing what was coming in the future hahah (since you started the show in S3). Hahaha then again maybe you weren't into those eps, I dunno.

      Also I just wanted to point out that I find it hilarious and confounding that the one scene you've watched over and over again from this ep is the one you *despised* hahahah. You are a masochist of the highest order.

  6. You know all sides of me so well, LOL! I really don't know why I'm so super bummed out by the lack of feels in 502 b/c in all honesty there really shouldn't be any. Like if Annie and Auggie just went back to the way things were pre-Walkerson then I'd be calling bullshit on that too. It's like I just want to stay super emo angsty angry about how fucked up things got in S4 and I'm having a hard time letting it go. One minute I'm ok with the reset and Annie being Super Anndroid Beeyotch 2.0 to keep everyone away from her exploding heart and Auggie banging away his broken heart and the next minute I'm back to being pissed off about everything and shouting to my TV, "THIS IS NOT HOW THINGS GO IN THE REAL WORLD!!" My manic Walkerson depression + the spoilers that I can't unsee are making it incredibly hard for me to let S5 stand on its own (which is what I should be doing). Here's to having a hopeful (non exploding) heart for 503.

    More McQuaid
    More of Calder getting his shit (not) together
    Less Arthur (Can we just fastforward to Joan meeting Caitlyn, please?)
    Dead Borz.
    I'm not bothered by Hayley and Auggie banging since they've already crossed that line but can she please not speak and can they please not drink shots together b/c her going "ahhhhh" after that drink just weirded me the fuck out.
    Can Lisa Morton please hang onto her meds? It makes my heart hurt just watching that shit.

    1. Hahahah the thing I still can't quite wrap my head around is that you keep saying "More McQuaid" but that's exactly what this episode was, and yet it bummed you out. Oh wait no I get it, the full version of what you're saying is, "More McQuaid and LESS Hayley, with better A&A scenes" hahaha.

      HAHA Lisa Morton's heart explosions seriously make me feel like *I* am coming down with myocarditis every time I see them haahhah. It's like the TV version of reading too much WebMD for this hypochondriac. And the "Super Anndroid Beeyotch 2.0" thing is completely fine with me as long as we continue to see that she is FINALLY having real normal human feelings when people aren't looking, which is the first time we've seen this from her (other than the Walkerson breakup) since freaking forEVER. She hasn't been this human or this relatable to me since the first half of season 3 and that will be a huuuge breakthrough if they actually progress this storyline properly (again, I say that under the assumption that they'll probably fuck this up too). But I hope they don't fuck it up. Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaase don't fuck it up, guys.

      But for the record I agree with you 100% on how infuriating it is that they write every single female character on this show in such a way that they are completely POWERLESS to Auggie's charms. It's like they are degrading the entire female gender every time they create a new random character who desperately throws themselves at him (not all of his chicks have been that way, but a lot of them).

      Also if this Hayley shit ends up turning into Helesa 2.0 I'll be eating my words and admitting that you were right all along ... OMG could they be stupid enough to make that mistake TWICE!? The hoooooooooooooorrrrrrrooorrrrrrrrr.

    2. "Hahahah the thing I still can't quite wrap my head around is that you keep saying "More McQuaid" but that's exactly what this episode was, and yet it bummed you out. Oh wait no I get it, the full version of what you're saying is, "More McQuaid and LESS Hayley, with better A&A scenes" hahaha."

      In a nutshell, yes. LOL. Like I said, I don't want them back together yet and I don't even care if they bang others in the process of fumbling their way back to each other. It's just that after last season my guard is completely up and I keep concocting the most fucked up scenarios in my head of how this season is going to play out which in return is sort of "dampening the mood". LOL.

      McQ for now is a bright spot for me just like Calder was last season but even I don't even trust the writers with their stories either. Gah.

      And yes. 100% with you on Annie and her real life genuine tears. Will we see more of that or will this just become another thing that she's been through? Please explore it, writers. Please. Please give us insight. More insight into Annie than we've ever had ever. That'd be swell.

      "But for the record I agree with you 100% on how infuriating it is that they write every single female character on this show in such a way that they are completely POWERLESS to Auggie's charms. It's like they are degrading the entire female gender every time they create a new random character who desperately throws themselves at him (not all of his chicks have been that way, but a lot of them)."

      YES! THIS! That's my problem with it entirely.

      Look it's a million percent accurate for Auggie to go banging his hurt away or to even perhaps think he's banging her to keep her close for intel, I get that. I don't even have a problem with AA sleeping with other folks at this moment. But the way they write these female characters is INFURIATING. Apparently the woman who will actually tell Auggie "no" is hanging out somewhere between here and Venus with Danielle. LOL.

    3. I think what's going on is that the episodes individually are failing the sip test. Kind of like how New Coke beat Coke Classic in the sip tests in the 80s, but then totally bombed, because while people liked a sip of it, they didn't like a whole bottle. Or something. My point is, I like McQuaid, too, and want to see more of him, but the episodes, individually, aren't doing much for me. I was truly shocked and confused when I realized 5x02 was over, because it felt like nothing really happened. I watched the episode twice. It happened both times. So I don't know what's going on with that.

      I seriously do not like Hayley. Amy Jo Johnson can be great in some roles. This is not one of those roles. Or maybe I'm having a hard time getting pink power ranger out of my head. I had this same problem with Simon--I kept seeing Jeff from Coupling.

    4. Well, I'm glad we got at least two dissenters on this ep to get the comments crackin' hahaha. I can't say I agree with you guys on a lot of this stuff, but I always enjoy the discussion. The "nothing happened" thing is very confusing to me since three huge things actually happened:

      * Annie & McQuaid captured Borz. So clearly there will be more to that story about who planned the bombing. That is, more than just Borz and his siblings.

      * Annie told us (the audience) and McQuaid what's wrong with her. We still gotta get the "why/how", but at least we got the "what". She also seemed to take a step towards considering the possibility of working for McQuaid's company rather than the CIA, due to how he reacted to her health issue.

      * Auggie officially moved on from Annie romantically. I'm not saying that's not something that will potentially be obnoxious as hell in the future hahaha, but still, it's a big thing.

      Anyway, we all watch any TV show for different reasons. If the storylines you're interested in aren't moving then that'll result in feeling like nothing happened. I'm interested in McQuaid and I'm interested in what the heck is wrong with Annie (and why), so this one moved a lot for me. If you're more interested in other things (A&A, Danielle, Joan, etc.) then it'll feel like a bust. We shall see what happens this coming week, but keep bringing the comments, either way. :)

    5. That's the thing--I know a bunch of stuff went down. And even more stuff was set up. I guess if I had to describe it, it just didn't feel complete. Like the writers are so preoccupied with the season-long arc (not a bad thing; I like the longer arcs) that they forget to screw the lids on the individual episode jars.

      It wasn't a bad episode. I didn't hate it or anything. I liked it OK, I guess. It was just kind of there. And again, I'm sure if I hoard 6-8 episodes up and binge-watch them, I'll see it in the context of the bigger picture and appreciate it for what it is. But while it has its place in the long arc, it lacked inflection. The episode itself didn't seem to have a concrete beginning/middle/end. I'm not saying the show should go back to an episodic, monster of the week formula, because please no. But I do think there's a lot of attention being given to the pacing of the long arc and not so much given to the episode arc, and that's affecting how I watch and enjoy the show on a weekly basis. I went through this with THE KILLING, too.

      I'm interested in McQuaid. I'm curious about Calder. I don't really like Hayley, but I figure she'll probably die horribly, anyway, so that might be worth watching. Plus, the more Auggie sperminates Georgetown, the more we get to see him shirtless, so I can deal.

      Bonus random comment: STOP BREATHIN' should totally be the episode where Annie's heart explodes.

  7. P.S.

    Fuck A&A. They suck.

    That sounds sexy.

    1. LMAO. People on Twitter tend to push me into that zone sometimes. I can only take so much. I don't watch this show for the same reason I watched Chuck or Castle. Well, I should clarify that - I LOVED the humor and spy stuff and geeky stuff on Chuck. But out of all the many many things I loved about it, Chuck & Sarah were probably at the top. Not so for Covert Affairs. It's one of those rare shows where I've equally loved almost every single guy they've thrown Annie's way (only exceptions being Ben and Dr. Scott). If they are going the romance angle with McQuaid, I'm totally down. He's charming and sexxaayy. Bring it.

      I'm not as thrilled about Hayley but whatever, let Auggie have his fun too while Annie's giving him the cold shoulder. So long as they don't turn that shit into a soap opera again like they did last season.

    2. I don't even see how people get that invested in those two. There's a great friendship and loyalty there but romance? Meh. Feels a bit forced to me at this point, especially since the writers forced them apart via silly reasons.

  8. I absolutely agree about the convenient appearance of a parade when Borz needed a quick getaway. I also notice the random festival, carnival or parade that impedes a critical chase scene in a sudden and most random manner.