18 July, 2012

Review - WHITE COLLAR 4.02: 'Most Wanted'

So, Peter was re-assigned out of the White Collar division. Oh no! The humanity!

This begs the $64,000 question: in which episode will everything be completely back to normal? I'm setting the over/under at Episode 4. I'll take the under.

Heck, it's hard enough to believe that the show got a whole 84 minutes or so out of what last season's finale set up with Neal on the run. This was all so predictable and I called it in last week's review of the season premier. I hate being right. (No I don't)

It only took 13 minutes of 'Most Wanted' to know precisely how this episode would play out. Not only that, but the way it played out was a little ridiculous, wasn't it? I don't think I have the time to get into how many problems I had with that insane plan. Well, I probably do have the time. But you don't need me to tell them to you.

It was fun to see Neal shot, it was fun to see more of Mia Maestro and who doesn't like seeing "The Suit" working in concert with Mozzie, but all that doesn't takeremove my overall annoyance of how quickly everything went back to normal. Live a little, "White Collar"!

Oh well. Still enjoy watching this show and will as always look forward to next week's installment. But I'm not fooled by the teaser of Peter being pulled out of the division at the end of the episode.

Should I even bother reviewing this show at this point? Give me some encouragement and your thoughts on the episode and where things are going, people!


PETER: "The girl always gives you away."

NEAL: "This isn't exactly how we planned our retirement."
MOZZIE: "The law on our tail, an ocean breeze, a precision heist from an island overlord ... it kinda is."


--Unlike Morgan Guillermo Grimes, Neal Caffrey doesn't have to break his thumbs to get out of handcuffs.

--Yes, Agent Collins would have taken his eyes off of Neal and helped put fruit in a box. It's not like he just saw that Neal escaped from handcuffs in the previous scene or anything.

--Hector would be a bad-ass protege to Neal.

--I have no talent and very little redeeming qualities, so I couldn't learn to be a decent bartender even with months of work and preperation.  But that doesn't mean a bad-ass FBI agent could learn how to be one in 30 minutes.

--Tuco! (If you know why I just wrote that, you're good in my book)

--Would Neal really be worth a $500,000 bounty?

--Anyone else get the inkling that Helen is going to die this season?

--If you have any doubt that Mozzie will find his way back to New York ASAP, you don't know this show or TV very well. Speaking of Mozzie, is it possible not to love that guy?

THE SCORE: 63 out of 100


  1. I really like this show I mean at first it was because Bryce Larkin was in it but after watching more then 3 episodes I really like it. I have all 3 seasons on DVD. I can't wait to see more episodes and they way they left it with peter not being in White Collar made it interesting enough for me to watch the next episode and I would hope you would do more review's they are great.

  2. Just watched it. This episode reminded me of PSYCH.

    Minus the jokes.

  3. It always makes me laugh when a show rushes back so desperately at the beginning of a season to reset the cliffhanger they spent 3/4 of a season building too, lol. You can tell the exact moment when the writer is desperate to do that ...in this case when Peter prattled on about how Neil can regain his old deal if he delivers the asswipe who is more of a con man than Bryce. that dialogue was so cringe worthy....and what do you know Bryce is now back in handcuffs and is all like nothing happened. My prediction.is this Peter shit will go to around episode 8- 10. What a piece of shit....

    1. Wait, you think Peter is going to stay transferred for 8 to 10 episodes?

    2. I mean Peter being "officially" out of the White Collar department will end in episode 8. 9 or 10. Whichever episode is the last before the break will be when this arc ends.

    3. I guess that's a reasonable speculation, provided they still work together on the side or some shit.

  4. That doesn't make any sense if they are anything like Chuck then Peter will be back in the white collar unit either next episode or the one after that. But I could be wrong but I doubt it though.

    1. I just don't see them keeping that dynamic apart for more than an episode or two either. TV executives don't like to rock the boat, especially when something is working.