08 May, 2012

CHUCK 91 - 1.02: Chuck Versus the Helicopter

The second episode of the series introduces us to the Chuck and Sarah fauxmance and the dynamics of the Casey and Sarah workmance.

In the article, a "SCENE" number is determined by the writer of the article but should be when a location is changed, or a part of a location is changed, or when the main characters change at a location. Descriptions of the scene will be in italics. Actions by the character within the dialogue will be noted in parentheses. Comments by the article writer will be in brackets (such as when dialogue can't be understood).

And now, presenting episode 2 of 91:


The scene acts as a montage introduction to the story for uninitiated viewers where Chuck Bartowski explains who the characters are and how he acquired the Interesect, all as Casey, Morgan, and Chuck chase down a shoplifter.

Harry Tang: Chuck! Get over here, now! Look at this! What happened?
The camera pans down to reveal that there is a Large Mart cover underneath the Buy More display.
Chuck: Oh, way to go, Jeff. You do realize we don't work for Large Mart. They're our competition.
Harry Tang: Can you imagine the shame if some Large Mart fiend, or Costco stooge put out a display on our Buy More green?

Morgan arrives and decides to remove the offending cover by pulling it out quickly, like a magician, thinking he can do so without disturbing the product on which it sits.
Morgan: I now present to you the magic of Morgan.
He pulls the cover and product comes tumbling down.

We then return to the main scene where Casey finally tackles the shoplifter and is about to thrash him with the full force of his fist.
Chuck: (grabbing Casey by the arm) It's just a video game! Okay?! Lives are not in danger and the country is still safe!
Morgan: (arriving, winded) Wow. Guy's been here 24-hours and takes the job way more seriously than me.
Chuck: That's because he's crazy!
Casey: Tell me something I don't know!

As Casey and Morgan take the shoplifter back into the Buy More, Chuck notices Sarah by the Wienerlicious and follows her inside the eatery.

As Chuck walks into the Wienerlicious, Sarah is busy attending to the fryer and burning food.
Chuck: Sarah, what ahh, what're you doing here?
Sarah: I work here now, Chuck. (Chuck looks around as she drops a fry basket on a counter) Oh damn I, I burnt another batch!
Chuck: Why are you working here?
Sarah: Surveillance. I can monitor the Buy More from here while we work. It's just a cover.
Chuck: Right. Yeah, all part of the plan. 'Cause there's a plan, right? I mean, uhh, you making gourmet wieners isn't exactly the reason why you joined the CIA. And Casey isn't a natural born appliance salesman and the whole kind of government secrets locked in my brain thing, ahh, that's I'm sure not really a boon for national security so I'm hoping, I'm hoping that you'll tell me that there's a plan.
Sarah: (smiling) We have a plan. There is somebody who can help. We can discuss it further tonight. How 'bout another date? I can pick you up at eight.
Chuck: (pause) Yeah. Yeah that sound... I'd like that, that sounds great. I'll ta... I'll see... (Chuck turns around and walks out)

Sarah pulls out a file marked Top Secret on a man named Jonas Zarnow and then makes a call.
Sarah: (on the phone) Chuck is in. Send the doctor.

Back at home in Ellie and Awesome's apartment, Chuck gets ready for his date with Sarah. When Ellie finds out that Morgan has met her, she isn't happy.
Ellie: Wait a minute! Morgan has met her and I haven't?!
Chuck: Well...
Morgan: Yeah he confides in me, Ellie. You know, he tells me his deepest, darkest secrets. Which you could too, by the way.
Ellie: Here's one. I loath you.
Chuck: That's not a secret.
Ellie: I need to meet this girl. Tomorrow night. Dinner. Here.

At the Directorate of National Intelligence, General Beckman and Langston Graham meet.
Beckman: Our most valuable secrets have been sent to an idiot.
Graham: At least they weren't sent to his friend. (they watch a video of Chuck and Morgan acting like idiots) Operation Chuck. I can't believe this. I spoke with Agent Walker. She'll deliver Chuck to the rendezvous tonight.
Beckman: Good. Dr. Zarnow's on his way to LA now. He's our best. NSA's top scientist.
Graham: Well, I hope he can fix this.

Sarah picks Chuck up outside his apartment complex.
Sarah: Get in.
Chuck: (acknowledging her sports car) Wow, Wienerlicious really pays well, huh? Ah, what are we, uh, what are we doing? We're going to like a movie or some dinner...
Sarah: (interrupting) Not exactly.
Chuck: What, what does, what does 'not exactly' mean ex-exactly?

Chuck and Sarah arrive at the Buy More late at night.
Chuck: So, here we are on our date at the Buy More. Is this all part of the plan, or a chance for me to clock in some overtime?
Sarah: There's a doctor coming to see you, Chuck. He worked on the encoding process for the Intersect. The computer that Bryce destroyed, the one that's in your head. He's coming to examine you.
Chuck: Uh huh, and, and, and does this examination involve, say, I don't know, needles or perhaps probing of some kind?
Sarah: The doctor is our best shot at helping you. It's what you want, right? To get the secrets out of your head?
Chuck: Yeah, yeah, of course. But you, you're still, you're still being very vague about the probing and I'd like to know the answer to that.

Inside the Buy More home theater room, Chuck is sitting on the couch in front of a TV.
Sarah: We've rewired the home theater room for this test. When the images start, just say what they are.
Chuck: That's it?
Casey: I'm sure you'll find a way to screw it up. (to Sarah) The doctor's here.
Chuck: When do I get to meet him?
Sarah: You don't. It's important that he doesn't see you. You're too valuable.
Chuck: Thanks. I'm flattered and totally freaked out. (Casey and Sarah leave the room)

Casey and Sarah meet with Dr. Zarnow outside of the home theater room.

Zarnow is working on a computer at the Nerd Herd desk with Casey and Sarah watching him.
Zarnow: I don't understand why I can't see my patient.
Sarah: For your safety, we're keeping Patient X's identity a secret.
Zarnow: Does Patient X work here?
Casey: Patient X, who knows all the Intersect's secrets, works at the Buy More?
Zarnow: Ridiculous, of course.

Inside the home theater room, Chuck hears Zarnow's voice on his headset.
Zarnow: (through the headphones) After the tone, the test will begin.
Chuck: Ah, dog. Hippopotamus. Fat guy. Ugly building. Really beautiful woman at the beach. (A flower image is shown and Chuck flashes) Cardinal One is the top Moscow spy in the White House office of... the plot to assassinate President Carter was orchestrated by (unintelligible)Oceanic Flight 815 was shot down by surface-to-air... (very fast dialogue) okay, well, that's just a picture of a turtle.

Zarnow: (to Casey and Sarah) Your patient is phenomenal. We never imagined this.
Sarah: What didn't you imagine?
Zarnow: One person seeing all the Intersect images. All our secrets in one mind.
Casey: Can you remove the secrets, doctor?
Zarnow: Yes. I think I can.

Sarah and Chuck pulls up in front of Chuck's apartment in her car.
Chuck: So, did I pass the test?
Sarah: (smiles) You did great, Chuck.
Chuck: And this doctor guy, he can fix me or...
Sarah: Uh, he's hopeful. Yeah.
Chuck: Okay. (starts to gets out of the car) Oh, oh, uh, I almost forgot. Uh, dinner tomorrow night with my sister and her boyfriend Captain Awesome. She really wanted to meet you so...
Sarah: Oh. Okay. Well, that's a good idea.
Chuck: Ah, meeting the family is kind of a big step, if our relationship were remotely real. (he laughs) So, uh, if this whole examination thing, if it works out, then I guess we're through, huh?
Sarah: Uh, yeah, mhmm.
There is silence.
Chuck: Okay, well goodnight.
Sarah: Goodnight.
Chuck: Oh and, uh, just so you know, um, tonight was probably the best only second date I've been on in years. (they smile) Drive safe.

Zarnow is driving down a road and a cell phone is shown ringing in his back seat. After he rounds a corner, there is a huge explosion.

The next morning, in Chuck's room.
Ellie: Hey.
Chuck: Hey.
Ellie: Did you see this? (hands him a newspaper)
Chuck: What? (article says Bryce died)
Ellie: Did you know that Bryce was dead?
Chuck: No, no, I didn't.
Ellie: Well, are you okay?
Chuck: I don't know. Uh, yeah I don't know, it's crazy. I, uh, I spent so much time hating him for getting me kicked out of Stanford I don't know really how to feel. But it's hard to be mad at him now.
Ellie: I'm really sorry, Chuck.

At the scene of Zarnow's apparent explosive death, Casey is on the phone as investigators comb the scene.
Casey: No sign of Zarnow's body. Probably vaporized. I guess those secrets are staying in Chuck's head.
Sarah finds the destroyed cellphone at the scene and takes it.
Sarah: Well, no sign of anything here.
Casey: Yeah, looks like we're sending the good doctor home in an ashtray.
Sarah: Okay, well, I've got hot dogs to fry.
Casey: And I've got some toasters to sell.
Sarah returns to her car and bags the phone.

Casey: (on the phone) Feels like a CIA job to me.
Beckman: (on the phone) Keep your eye on Agent Walker. And don't let Chuck out of your sight. He could be next.

Back at the Buy More, Casey warns Chuck about Sarah.
Casey: You can't trust her.
Big Mike: (coming out of his office) Chuck. John.
Chuck and Casey: Big Mike?
Big Mike: How's customer service training?
Chuck: Super.
Big Mike: Glad to hear it. The better my employees, the less I have to work.
Chuck: Very inspiring words, sir.
Casey: Regular call-to-arms.
Big Mike: Well, go make him better. Show me you're assistant manager material. Chop, chop! I got a nap in an hour.

Chuck tries to show Casey how things work at the Buy More.
Chuck: So, uh, this is the handheld scanner. Very expensive piece of equipment.
Casey: So is the stealth fighter, but somehow I managed to fly that.
Chuck: Riiiight, uh, and the gun, you know, kinda works like a...
Casey: Gun?
Chuck: Uh huh. And it beeps when you scan the barcodes.
Casey: Well, if it screamed out-loud, I'd be right at home. (takes the scanner and puts it under Chuck's chin) Listen, I don't want you to have any more private meetings with Sarah. Hmm?
Chuck: Um, is there, is there a problem?
Casey: No problems. Only solutions.
Chuck: Well, that sounds very much like the Buy More customer policy, that I've noticed you have some issue with.
Casey: Huh.
Chuck receives an instant message that says "Chuck, I need to see you. Wienerlicious. ASAP."
Chuck: And you know? Ahh, you know what I think we're gonna do about that? We're gonna do some role-playing and work on that attitude of yours. How about that? Hey, Morgan!
Morgan: Hi-oh!
Chuck: Ah! Hey, there he is. There's my Johnny-on-the-spot. (shot of Casey who is clearly wondering what is going on) Uh, Morgan and Casey, you're gonna do some stuff. (to Morgan) You're gonna be a shopper (to Casey) and you're gonna be the sales rep, like ya are. And I'm gonna go talk to Big Mike and, and work on some stuff 'cause I know he's got other things in store. (leaves)
Morgan: (worried) Alright. Got it from here.

Chuck goes to see Sarah at the Wienerlicious. She is serving some teenage boys who are very entertained by her hotness.
Sarah: (giving the boys their order) Here you go. (as they leave and Chuck walks up to the counter) So, Chuck, no private meetings with Casey today.
Chuck: What? What is up with you guys?
Sarah: Did he tell you the same thing? Right, of course he did.
Chuck: Hold on a second. Is something wrong?
Sarah: The doctor from last night, he was killed in an explosion soon after he left us.
Chuck: What?! What?! The doctor who was supposed to fix me?
Sarah shows him the cell phone she took from the crime scene.
Sarah: Tell me what this is.
Chuck: (takes it) A, a nasty (Chuck flashes) NSA incinerator. Special issue designed to eliminate all biological traces. That's what killed the doctor.
Sarah: And guess who works for the NSA?

They discuss that Casey is a killer.
Chuck: What am I supposed to do?
Sarah: You go back in there and you pretend like you know nothing. Go. You can do that, Chuck.

Back at the Buy More.
Morgan: Alright. So, I'm gonna try that again. Ready? Do you have any Ramones? (Chuck arrives) No, don't say no. It's not gonna, listen, okay. (putting on a surfer-dude affect) Uh, excuse me, John. How you doing? Do you have any Ramones here, dude? But don't tell me you don't have any.
Chuck: Casey, the, the correct response is, "Can we order you the Ramones?"
Morgan: (still in character) Ramones, man, Ramones, okay? Just lookin' for the Ramones, man. Do you have Ramones, 'cause I love Ramones...
Casey grabs Morgan's head and pushes him down to the ground.
Morgan: Oh, that's a no on the Ramones, I guess.
Chuck: Okay, I don't think that's in the Buy More manual. (Casey grabs him by the tie)
Casey: What did Sarah tell you, hm? I know you talked to her. It's what I do for a living. (he lets Chuck go and leaves)
Morgan: (from the floor) Oh wait, no here it is. It's on the bottom shelf. Ramones.

Casey runs to the Wienerlicious where he confronts Sarah and tries to arrest her. The two fight. Casey escapes with his life.

Back the Buy More Nerd Herd desk.
Lester: Ahem! Mr. Bartowski.
Chuck: Hi, Lester.
Lester: Ah, Code zebra. Linux installer, factory off Ventura. 142 Euclid.
Chuck: Uh, uh, I'm sorry, why, why can't you and Jeff go?
Lester: (chuckles) Linux? PCs? We're, uh, we're Mac guys, Chuck. We're, uh, we're IT artists.
Chuck: Okay, yeah, uh, fine, whatever. I'll be back in half an hour and, uh, just tell Casey that I'm on my cell.
Lester: (under his breath, snickering) You tell him that yourself.
Chuck: (coming back) You know what?
Lester: (intimidated) No, no I mean I'm gonna tell him. I just didn't, I mean in general. I don't always (unintelligible). Absolutely. I'm going to, right now should I tell him? (Chuck leaves)

Chuck goes to his call but discovers it was Casey who set it up. Chuck thinks Casey is coming to kill him and drives away. A high-speed chase ensues. Casey eventually stops Chuck.
Chuck: Are you out of your mind?! (noticing Casey has facial wounds) What, what, what, what happened to you?
Casey: Your girlfriend happened.
Chuck: What, who Sarah?
Casey: She's rogue, Chuck. She killed the doctor and then she tried to kill me.
Chuck: Is she okay?
Casey: Yeah, I'm golden. Thanks for asking.
Chuck: No, no! Why should I believe you? She showed me the bomb. She said you did it.
Casey: NSA incinerator, right? It's a nice explosive. Easily purchased on the black market. What do you really know about Sarah, Chuck, huh? Think. She's CIA. She worked with Bryce. He was rogue. Maybe she is, too. She found you in LA, but she couldn't grab you because I was around. So she had to wait her chance. Dr. Zarnow screwed that up. He could pull those secrets out of your head, then she'd lose the Intersect, so she had to act fast.
Chuck's phone rings. Casey sees it is Sarah and turns if off.
Casey: Let's go. Come on.
They get in Casey's car and a phone rings.
Casey: Thought I turned that off.
Chuck: Well, it's not me, is it yours?
Casey: (checks his phone) No.
Chuck looks in the back seat and sees an NSA incinerator.
Chuck: NSA incinerator, run!
They escape the car and it eventually explodes.

Back at Ellie and Awesome's apartment, Ellie prepares for the dinner.
Captain Awesome: You're a nervous pumpkin, babe. Relax.
Ellie: Devon, this dinner has to go out.
Capt. Awesome: It's gonna be awesome.
Ellie: You don't know, Chuck. He freaks out when he likes a girl.
Morgan: (appearing suddenly) Yeah, ain't that the truth, huh? But you know, practice makes perfect.
Ellie: How did you get in here?
Morgan: Uh, Chuck's window, or as I like to call it, the 'Morgan Door'.
Ellie: I gotta lock the window.

At Casey's recently exploded car the two discuss how dangerous Sarah is. Casey tells Chuck he needs to be secured in a safe location but Chuck gets in the Nerd Herd mobile to get home where he knows Sarah will be, afraid she will hurt his family.

Chuck hurries into Ellie and Awesome's apartment.
Morgan: Well, it's about time!
Sarah: (smiling but clearly curious) Chuck, where have you been?
Chuck: Why? You, uh, you surprised to see me?
Sarah: What? (losing the fake smile) Where's Casey?
Chuck: I don't know. Maybe he's having some car trouble. Everyone okay?
Morgan: Yes, just a little hungry, dude. You're late.
Capt. Awesome: And dirty for my taste.
Ellie: And your girlfriend has just been nothing but mean to me.
Chuck: Huh? (Ellie smiles.) Oh. Hah! Look out for her!

Chuck tries to convince everyone to go out somewhere public but Ellie insists they stay at the apartment since she's been cooking all day. At dinner Awesome and Ellie grill Sarah about her personal life.
Sarah: Well, I'm originally from D.C. I just moved here.
Ellie: Oh, Chuck had a friend who lived in D.C.
Morgan: Ah, former friend. Former because a) he was a jerk and b) he's, well he's dead. The girl Chuck was dating before you? He stole her.
Ellie: Ugh! I just don't know how anyone can choose Bryce over Chuck.
Doorbell rings and it is Casey. Chuck pretends he invited him. Sarah is clearly concerned. Casey brings quiche.

Casey: (whispering to Chuck) Pull another stunt like that again, and I'll kill you before she can.
Chuck: (laughing) You, kidder!

Chuck and Casey go into Chuck's room, apparently to get another chair.
Casey: NSA ran a check on Sarah Walker. See what we had? Two years ago, she posed as a French diplomat. Infiltrated the inner circle of an arms deal. Killed the entire circle.
Chuck: With a bomb?
Casey: We don't know. Her alias was Elana Truffaut.
Chuck: (Chuck flashes) They were poisoned. At dinner.
Casey: Wonderful.

Ellie interrupts them and Casey leaves.
Ellie: Wow, Chuck, wow. I mean, I knew you had it in you, but she is, ah, she is well, she's really great.
Chuck: Yeah. She's (pause) unpredictable.
Ellie: Hey, listen to me. You have no reason to be nervous, okay? Now, you have a great girl out there. I mean, she even made dessert.
Chuck: Dessert?
Ellie: Yeah!
Chuck: Oh! Dessert! (Ellie leaves) Dessert. Poison. Don't forget.

Back at the dinner table the gang is about to enjoy Sarah's dessert.
Chuck: (running in) Stop! We, ah, we didn't do a toast. Yet. Which I, which I'll do. Right now. Yeah. Uh, so I'd like to propose a toast to my sister. To my sister and, and to, to a meal that looks so great. And Devon, you're great. Yeah. And Sarah, and Sarah, for a great dessert. And to John Casey and his, and his, and his many quiches, which are equally as great.
Morgan: And what about me, Chuck?
Ellie: For what?
Chuck: And to Morgan, for his great comic timing.
Morgan: Thank you, sir.
Everyone: Cheers!

Sarah looks suspicious. Casey and Chuck sniff the glass for poison.
Ellie: Well, you know that soufflé does look amazing.
Capt. Awesome: Yeah, you know you're right, honey. I can't even...
Chuck: Wait! Wait, wait, wait! (pause as Sarah looks at Chuck with exhausted wonderment) Who likes magic?
Morgan: I do!
Chuck: I know a trick!
Sarah: (forcing a smile) Chuck...
Ellie: (quick and loud breath as Chuck grabs hold of the tablecloth) Chuck, what are you doing?!
Chuck: (pulls the tablecloth) Voila!
All the contents on the table remain undisturbed.
Chuck: (high pitched and under his breath) How did...
Capt. Awesome: Whoa, Chuck, that was...
Morgan: Man, I knew you could do it!
One candle is wobbling back and forth. Casey hits his knee against the table causing the candle to topple over onto the soufflé, catching it on fire.
Casey: Flambé.

Chuck uses two cloths to grab the dessert and brings it to the bathroom where he puts the fire out with bathtub water. Everyone follows him into the bathroom.
Ellie: Chuck! No matter how stressed out you are it is never okay to murder a woman's soufflé!
Sarah: You know what? Let me talk to him. (everyone leaves)
Chuck: (walking toward the door) Hey. Casey, maybe, uh... (Sarah slams the door, grabs Chuck, slams him up against the door and grabs his face)
Sarah: Okay, tell me exactly what Casey said.

Chuck: Nothing. Everything's okay. (Sarah slams him against the door again)
Capt. Awesome: (hearing the slam) Make-up sex. Nice.

Sarah: (manhandling Chuck) What did he tell you?
Chuck: That you killed Dr. Zarnow and poisoned a bunch of French diplomats.
Sarah: They're blaming me for Zarnow?
Chuck: If you're planning on hurting me, even to prove a point, I think you should know I have a very low threshold for pain.
Sarah: And you believe Casey?
Chuck: Tell me... about... the French diplomats.
Sarah: They were French assassins. And they were after me, but I got to them first. And you know what? I'm kinda glad that I did. Chuck, do you really think that my name is Sarah? I never asked you to believe me; I asked you to trust me! This doesn't make sense. If Casey didn't kill Zarnow, then... (releases Chuck)
Chuck: What're you doing?
Sarah: I have to go. Right now. (leaves)

Sarah excuses herself to the gang, followed by Chuck, and Casey follows.

Morgan: I think that went well. You know, not great, but I think it went well. So, uh, (takes Casey's quiche) I'm gonna make a little doggy bag and, uh, head out my Morgan door. How about that? Sounds good? Super.

Chuck chases after Sarah but she tells him to stay. When Casey comes out of the apartment, Chuck wonders out-loud if they were wrong about Sarah. A car is then heard screeching to a stop followed by Sarah calling out to Casey and then muffled shots. Casey and Chuck run out front and find Zarnow loading an unconscious Sarah into the trunk of his car. He then shoots Casey with a tranquilizer dart and escapes.
Chuck: Oh my God!
Casey: Yep, we were wrong. (falls into Chuck's arms)
Chuck: Casey, he's got Sarah. We've got to save her!
Casey: Brilliant deduction, Nancy Drew. Now pull out the tranq dart! Ah!
Chuck: I have a very strong aversion to needles.
Casey: Do it!
Chuck: Okay. (pulls out the dart) That was the doctor, right? He's probably not dead.
Casey: And the sun sets in the west. Nothing gets by you.

Casey tells Chuck that Zarnow will torture Sarah until she tells him everything he wants to know. They get in the Nerd Herd mobile and Casey reveals he laced the quiche with microbots.
Chuck: You're not kidding, are you?
Casey: I don't kid about quiche. (presses a button on the car stereo) We can trace them using the car's tracker.
Chuck: Yeah, I think, I think that only comes with the sports package.
Casey: We made some enchancements when your car was in the shop. We got a signal. Let's go.

Casey and Chuck follow the signal to the Buy More but find Morgan in the media room eating Casey's quiche. They realize they've been following the wrong signal.

Casey and Chuck are back on the road but Casey has no signal on Sarah. He is ready to give up but Chuck isn't.
Chuck: Look, if you were a bad guy, what would you do? Fly Sarah out on a plane, would you use a boat, or, uh, uh, uh, what?
Casey: Chopper. There's a small airfield near the water. Closest I could find.
Chuck: Then do, do a satellite search using the touchscreen, and then maybe limit that to airfields that are within a certain range of us, and then maybe limit that by, if there's activity on the ground?
Casey: That's not bad.
Chuck: Thanks. Yeah, I was, just kinda, you know, spitballing, kinda top of my head. I was thinking...
Casey: Found it! Port of Los Angeles. Floor it.

At the port, Casey tells Chuck that he will go save Sarah and kill anyone who gets in his way while Chuck stays in the car.
Chuck: So, in this plan I basically do nothing?
Casey: Yep.
Chuck: (putting on a tough guy voice) Let's do this.

Casey leaves to go save Sarah. Chuck stays in the car until he sees Zarnow leave through a door, and Chuck decides to go in. He finds Sarah chained up and with tape over her mouth. He removes the tape and she tells him to get out of there.
Chuck: No, I'm here to save you!
Sarah: You shouldn't even be here! You're too valuable and besides, I have this well in hand.
Chuck: Ah hah. Yeah, 'cause it looks well in hand.

Chuck finds her a piece of metal to try to pick the lock and then hears someone coming. He puts the tape back over her mouth and hides as Zarnow returns. But when Zarnow pulls out a scary looking needle to administer to Sarah, Chuck's inner voice can't remain silent and Zarnow notices him. When Chuck flashes on him and then declares he knows who he is, the doctor knows he has the Intersect and shoots Chuck with a tranquilizer gun.

As Chuck's seemingly unconscious body is dragged on board a helicopter, Casey finds Sarah who is in the process of escaping. They both run out to see Zarnow's helicopter leaving. We go on board and see Chuck is awake, his pocket protector having apparently stopped the dart from releasing its full dosage. Chuck grabs the tranquilizer gun and tells Zarnow to land the helicopter. They fight. The pilot is shot and knocked out. During their fight, Zarnow is also knocked out. Chuck jumps in the pilot seat. Casey tries to yell him instructions but Chuck only panics. Sarah takes over and calmly talks him down using video game analogies.

Chuck: (as he's landing) It's just a game. A big scary video game.

After happily freaking out inside the helicopter, he leaves and does a nerdy happy dance as Casey goes into secure the enemy agents.
Chuck: And that is how I do that! Hah hah! (running up to Sarah) Okay! Okay. That's how we do that. Go team! Sarah. See Sarah up top on that one (raises his hand). Palms are a little sweaty but...
Sarah: What the hell were you thinking?!
Chuck: Clammy hands. Got it. No good.
Sarah: Chuck, the secrets that you know are incredibly important! You compromised everything when you stopped trusting me!
Casey: (arriving) And when you got out of the car.
Chuck: Listen, I'm, I'm sorry, okay?
Sarah: No! It is not okay! How could you think that I was the double, huh?! You know, I am not Bryce! Bryce betrayed everything that I believe in and if you ever accuse me of that again, then I will walk away, mission over, we all go back to Washington. And you do not want that to happen, Chuck. That you should trust me on. (she leaves)
Casey: Way to go, ace.

At the apartment, Chuck gets dressed for Bryce's funeral. We get a montage of Chuck talking to Ellie about Bryce as Chuck and Sarah are seen at the funeral. Ellie and Chuck also discuss his relationship with Sarah. Ellie suggests he apologize.

Casey is also seen at the funeral. He is on the phone with an irate General Beckman. She tells him Chuck will remain in Burbank until the new Intersect is up and running and then the suggestion is that Casey will kill Chuck.

Chuck goes to see Sarah at the Wienerlicious.
Chuck: (walking in as Sarah has her back to him) Knock knock.
Sarah: Hey, Chuck.
Chuck: How is everything? I saw you at the funeral.
Sarah: Oh, ah, yeah I had to go. After everything Bryce did he was still my partner.
Chuck: Look, I, I'm not accusing you of anything. Today. Ah, yesterday, yes, I may have laid it in a little thick with the accusing. But I'm really sorry about that. Instead of not trusting you I should have been thanking you for saving my life and protecting the country and, and, and making really tasty gourmet wieners.
Sarah: (small smile) I'm sorry I yelled at you.
Chuck: It was our first fight. You know it's a big step if our relationship were remotely real.
Sarah: You know, with Dr. Zarnow gone, Chuck, those Intersect secrets aren't going anywhere. That means more missions, more danger, more secrets that you can't tell your sister or your friends.
Chuck: I know that.
Sarah: Some people wanna be heroes, and others have to be asked. So, Chuck, are you ready?
Chuck: (nodding) Eh.
Sarah: Good.

Ellie, Awesome, and Morgan show up.
Ellie: Hi, I hope we're not interrupting anything.
Chuck: Uhhh, by the way I, I thought we'd give that dinner another shot. Maybe here.
Morgan: We knew you'd forgive him!
Sarah: (amused) Right, and you realize that you all have to eat my cooking.
Capt. Awesome: Give me the 411 on those corn-dogs.

And Chuck enjoys Sarah's burnt food.


Not as good as the first episode but it does set up the whole Chuck and Sarah being seen by everyone else as boyfriend and girlfriend, and puts Sarah into the lives of Chuck's family. This will last for the entire series and become more important as it goes on. This is also one of the few episodes where Sarah yells at Chuck and essentially threatens to give him to the government for safe keeping. It is also the only time, that I can remember, that she seems to know anything about video games. In future episodes, Sarah seems about as aware of video games as a desert is of water.

Overall, still a very good episode.

What say you?


  1. I liked the episode but kind of felt a little sorry for Chuck. I mean casey and Sarah were doing some wired shit and they supposed to work for the same government and to a layman like Chuck who does not know about the complexities of how governmental agencies work (I,e. The CIA, NSA, dea, FBI, etc do not trust each other) how was chuck supposed to trust them? Especially with all the explosions and chuck flashing on Sarah killing a bunch of people. I get the point is that Sarah (3.13) has fallen in love with the loverable doughs but still. Maybe she was hurt and upset because again she had fallen for him and this was smart on the writers part but I still felt sorry for him. I loved Ellie telling Chuck that he should not be nervous and he can totally date a hot chick like Sarah, very excellent stuff from Lancaster and it made me invest in their relationship. The dinner scenes were funny and there was a decimate ease beginning to show between the characters and actors hat would start to payoff in the next episod. Loved captain awesome assumng that chuck was getting lucky in the bathroom. Man did his whole family support and believe in him, that was fantastic.

    Great episode thinking about it.

  2. Come on shippers! is no one going to comment on here! How about the first time Sarah ran her hands through Chuck's hair? I know you guys notice every kiss and tie pull and all that, lol, come on? lol.

  3. i luved the episode,thot it was really funny at dinner,and i wish they had more of those fight scenes between casey n sarah :D

  4. Thanks for doing this.

    I know how much time it takes.

    1. And based on the number of comments, hits, and overall interest... I will never, ever, never ever, ever, neverevernever do it again.

    2. Awww. Well i guess we'll enjoy it while it lasts.

  5. What is wrong with people? Is it because fans think that everything that happened in the series means nothing because Sarah does not remember it in the end and if one of your 3 main characters (to some the most important character) does not remember than it is futile to reminise? Man did Schartz and Fedak and Schwartz fuck up by doing the whole ammnesia storyline!

    1. For some (read: me) that is in fact the case.


  6. I remember Chris Fedak giving one of his last interviews before the finale and he mentioned this episode.

    It sounded like he regretted doing this episode and didn't like it.

    I liked it though especially the part where Casey is peaking through the window at the end.
    That cracked me up.

    It's good that they did an episode especially this early on where they addressed that Chuck didn't know if he could trust Casey or Sarah.

    Having just met them and all.

    In the pilot and in this episode both Casey and Sarah were portrayed differently than the rest of series.

    I thought Casey might of end up trying to kill Chuck in the pilot judging from his attitude.

    He softened a little bit in the rest of the first season after this episode.

  7. Anonymous, I think you must have gave a poorly constructed sentence because no one was mentioning the finale or the amnesia storyline.

    So it's just you that thinks the series or this episode means nothing rather than ''the fans.''.

    Speak for youself.


  8. Well George where are "the fans"? Not many people are commentating and as I said I hope it is not due to knowledge of the end. So! All fans have faith that she remembered and post a comment here, I heard on one of the podcasts here that Yvonne has said that she believed Sarah remembered and Sarah and chuck lived happily ever after so please comment and read an amazing series and recap/review bu HGF.

  9. You are jumping to conclusions.

    I think the reason that not many people are commenting is because Chuck is over and there isn't as many fans checking out this site anymore.

    Fuhermore when Head Geek furious would post a review of the show the bad episodes tended to get discussed and debated a lot more than the good ones.

    Helicopter was a good episode and there isn't a whole lot to say about it other than it was enjoyable.

    Drunken ramblings from this site about Castle, Big Bang theory and How i met your mother aren't going to have Chuck fans flocking back.

  10. This is actually one of my favourite episodes precisely because of Sarah telling Chuck that if he mistrusts her again, she is walking away. I thought the way that scene was written was what you would expect someone in her position to say. I always found the writing hit or miss in this series; some excellent, some not so much. The cast, concept, relationships and humour were what kept me faithfully watching the show for five years. The one thing that these writers did better than anyone else I can think of (in the series that I watch) was writing relationships. Now I must go off and begin watching a 5 season Chuck marathon!
    P.S. Thank you head Geekfurious writer for posting this article. Much appreciated.

    1. Losing Matt Miller, Ali Adler, Scott Rosenboum, etc after season 3 definately cost the series some quality for sure. If only we could have kept all of them the show would have been stronger in seasons 4 and 5. But from what I can tell all shows lose some writers at some point. Mad Men, breaking bad and even Homeland (after one season) have lost writers so you do what you can do....ve la vie. But losing miller and Adler was a critical loss.

    2. They could have kept Ali on... had NBC not dragged their feet on renewing (even after they were pretty sure they were going to). The producers reached out to NBC to give them an early renewal to keep Ali around because she was of course getting offers to move to other shows (with guarantees). From what I've heard, Ali really didn't want to leave but also wanted to secure work.

      NBC waited an extra week or so... and... the rest is history.

    3. Such a shame to lose Ali because she knew how to write romance so well (cougars, best friend, broken heart, ring part 1, three words, honeymooners, subway, etc) and that was sorely missed. She bombed fake name and the name reveal but that might have been fedak and Schwartz fault, I remember the DVD extras interview she did and she was so in love with love and more specifically Chuck and Sarah love. No one could capture a moment like her and that was such a shame. Fucking NBC! For that moment only...they did keep the show on the air for 4 more seasons then they had to and if the WB were not assholes we could have got 22 episodes in season 5 but the WB also lost money for some time so I can forgive themm as well. I loved Ali.

    4. Upon reflection, I think Fake Name is a very good episode. But the name reveal... yeah, total bomb.

    5. Oh I forgot! The actors played a part in all those moments too! Lol, kudos to Zach and Yvonne and their natural chemistry...never faded. Yep...name reveal...what were they thinking? I just never understood how they could fuck that up, they fucked up a lot with Yvonne's Sarah over the years (including the amnesia shit) but that name thing stung a lot.

    6. The only thing I can imagine with that is the writers thought "How do we pay off that name reveal but make it so it won't become important enough where anyone will ever call her it, other than as a taunt?"

      That way, she would always remain Sarah and there would be no "Sam" talk between the fandom.

    7. I can see that logic but Sam was a kid who ran cons on the salvation army and did a lot of shitty things like joining the CIA and doing more shitty things. Sarah decided from the pilot on to protect Chick and love him and embrace his friends and family and try and change and be a better person. I mean been hypothetically does it not make sense that As Sarah she did far more noble things with Chuck than she ever did as Sam so why not have the writers write that...a line of dialogue where Sarah says I want to be Sarah not Sam? Duh! The name reveal reasoning is cynical...but josh Schwartz comes across as an asshole at times (ahem comic con 2009) so I get that can happen.

    8. Ali Adler has a new show coming on in the Fall and is now part of the Ryan Murphy crew.

      Though she may not have wanted to leave Chuck and Chuck probably suffered by her absence, her career trajectory since then has been pretty positive.

      Had she stayed on with Chuck until the very end, one would have to wonder what her alternate timeline would have been.

    9. Well as a Chuck fan..l.with her leaving we were in the darkest timeline (I am wearing my goatee right now)!

  11. I know this is off topic but is anybody going to make a thread about the final season DVD/Blu-ray?

  12. found this on youtube Zac and Joshua giving a tour back I think is season 1 or beginning of season 2

    1. It is definitely during shooting of season 1. They are talking about the strike. So, those people had NO CLUE who they were.

      Funnily enough, I had thought about posting that video as part of a collection of videos.

  13. I remember the crew signs for staging Chuck on street corners. Boy was that a long time ago. Goodbye Chuck until the movie.....

  14. Love it! love it! love it!
    I don't have much to say, but i will say that i highly enjoyed reading this!! It was like watching the episode in my head. I was right there with the scene sets - laughing at the brilliant one liners - hearing their voices - & just loving being taken along for the ride.
    Thank You for taking the time to do this. I know it takes a lo-oooot of time & effort & i wanted you to know, I appreciate it :)

    Viva La Chuck...

  15. I enjoy reading these so I hope you keep it up! I have the all the discs so could just rewatch anytime. But there's something about reading it that is new. Really emphasizes the quality of the writing (good or bad) because, other than my memory of what I watched, the writing has to carry the scenes, rather than relying on the actors to make it work. I find that I catch things that I missed when watching, but will watch for next time I rewatch. Thanks!