17 April, 2012

REVIEW: How I Met Your Mother 7.21 -- Now We're Even

"Now We're Even" was a good-enough episode of 'How I Met Your Mother', but it was more about killing time before the Barney wedding season finale and getting Ted and Robin to a place where they can start talking again and all be a part of the group.

Mission accomplished on those fronts.

In terms of the episode itself, it was OK. The Lily sex dreams storyline didn't work for me. It felt like a typical Marshall-Lily plotline, but it didn't provide many laughs (now that I think about it ... it seems like the writers have run out of good ideas involving those two characters) and took up too much screen time from the best part of the episode: Ted and Barney's night's of shenanigans.

Any time the show puts those two guys together it's usually pretty memorable. Perhaps it wasn't legen-wait for it-DARY! this time around, but it was entertaining watching those two make fools out of themselves and try to top each other.

But it was clear early on that despite all his bragging about dating a stripper, that it really bothered him. And this goes back to my opening paragraph: this episode was about moving the storyline along -- and clearly this sets up Quinn to stop stripping so she can be the one marrying Barney at season's end.

We're only a few episodes away from that now, and at this point, if it's not Quinn he's supposedly getitng married to in that episode I'm going to blow a gasket. Because if it turns out to be Robin, pretty much out of nowhere, it really wouldn't make much sense.

My prediction? It is Quinn that Barney is about to marry, but something happens to stop it. Either one of them gets cold feet, or maybe Robin doesn't hold her peace. I very well might be wrong on this, especially because the show has already done this exact thing with Ted and Stella. I don't want to see that again.

(If you know what happens somehow, refrain from spoiling it in the comments section.But I would love to know what everyone thinks will happen in the Season 7 finale.)

After almost seven full seasons of being an unimportant television reporter/anchor, Robin finally gets her big break and is a minor celebrity. It's nice to see her get the success she's so desperately wanted, it will be interesting to see how this plays out and what the show does now with her personal life.


QUINN: "After the second trimester, he made her stop stripping!"


--I swear, every show at some point has done an episode about someone finally being able to run around the apartment/house naked. Do people actually do this?

--Sitting around, drinking beer, eating chicken, watching tv/playing video games ... reminds me of the 2011 Boston Red Sox!

--Not gonna lie, "The Scherbatsky" looks pretty damn good. I'm going to go make a sandwich now.

THE SCORE: 68 out of 100


  1. From the past seasons of HIMYM they have given the hint that robin and barney are suppose to get together and marry each other. Now I don't know if they are going to get married at the end of the season but from where are they now from 3 years episode they made it look like the show is going to end in 3 seasons. So they are going to have fit 2 weddings and a kid i 3 seasons.

  2. I think this show will go 340 seasons and in season 339, we finally meet the mother. Though, by then, the actors will all be dead.

    1. Sepinwall said that when he talked to Bays and Thomas at the last press tour they said they have no idea how to produce this show with the mother in the picture. So if they get renewed past season 8 (likely because at the same press tour Segal (the most likely to leave) and other actors comitted to stay to the end) they said they would do an entire season that is flashbacks or something else. They are never going to let you meet the mother and spend time with her, that is just a plain fact. To be honest I understand them not spending time with her because the whole strategy of the show via Ted's douchy-ness is to make a woman so so so awesome that even he can find no fault with her. The mother has to be balls out fucking awesome on every level, anything but that and like Lost fans are going to be shitting on HIMYM forever and ever and ever. Also the ratings have been spectacular for so long now due to the fact that they moved away from telling excellent stories in the first 3 seasons, they know that making shit happens to attract the masses and so again I understand them wanting to survive at all costs and take the bucketloads of cash in the process.

      In the end I got to give it to them, like Lindleoff and Cuse...Bays and Thomas are some of the greatest con men to ever exist in the tv industry and you got to give it to them that they can produce a show that still piques your interest, lol.