16 April, 2012

Geek Furious the Podcast Episode 17 - Game of Thrones 2.03 and the Observant Whore

In this episode, Jess and Magnus discuss GAME OF THRONES episode 2.03 and how to be cool like Tyrion. Also, how SNL owes us money and how Magnus can't seem to remember any character's name.... and much, much more.

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  1. I've been slacking on the podcasts and I forgot how much I enjoy you and Jess as a podcasting duo. I agree with Jess's commentary about the scene between Sansa and Tyrion's lady, something about it seemed off and it bugged me. Also, having watched The Tudors I had the same feeling that Natalie Dormer is just playing a GOT Anne Boleyn. One thing I'm curious about is how things are going to go down for Rob, now that Theon seems to have gone over (or back) to the dark side with his dad.

    1. Well, I didn't see that so I'm going to be fine for the rest of the series. ;)

      Thanks for listening and for saying how awesome I am... I mean, how good Jess and I are as a duo. :)