25 September, 2012

Review - HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER 8.01: 'Farhampton'

Robin: "Just one small issue ... I can't go through with this wedding."

Me: "Just one small issue ... I can't go through with this show, anymore."

Alright, I'm being a little over-dramatic, and clearly after watching all 162 episodes over seven seasons, I'm not going to stop now. But man, I want to. I want something new, but unfortunately for me, the new crop of shows this season looks to be bleak.

I think at this point, the actors on the show want something new, too. How much more of this crap can they seriously take? The same shit over and over. They've all done some pretty cool things in their careers since this show started and could all easily move on. But for some reason they can't and I can't -- but at least for them, they are getting paid to do so.

This episode was fine enough, but that's not my point. The Season 7 finale was brutal but I can't exactly say I'm confident this will be turned around in Season 8. This was once a fun show. I laughed frequently, loved the style of the show, the characters and enjoyed seeing Ted's process of meeting his future wife.

But I don't laugh much anymore. And instead of enjoying following Ted's life journey, I feel just like his kids -- insanely annoyed at the story and wanting it to end. I'm not really going out on a limb here by saying the show would be properly served by meeting the mother and spending a season with her hanging out with Ted and the group. But that's not going to happen. And if it isn't, making me laugh every once in a while would be swell. Watching Marshall and Lily act like idiots all the time is starting to get tired, and I envision that their new baby is only going to exacerbate this problem. Seriously, who cares about those two characters anymore?

A silver lining: it looks like we won't waste several episodes with Ted and Victoria. Not sure how much more of that I can take, even though I like her as an actress. It does seem like Quinn will be sticking around for a while, which is also cool with me. What won't be cool with me, however? Robin and Barney. Not sure why people want to see them together. Never bought it. And now we are going to get ANOTHER annoying love triangle because of it. SWELL.

How can a woman, WHO KEEPS A BOX OF THINGS FROM A RELATIONSHIP IN A STORAGE FACILITY, not go through with the wedding? That seems like a woman who is in love (obsessed, even) and not a woman who has ridiculous doubts minutes before the wedding. Even I'm not that pathetic, Robin. Get it together.


--BARNEY (to Quinn): "No, no, we are. I already took off your bra."

--QUINN (to Barney): "Barney's on board!"


--That was a pretty impressive 52 seconds from Barney.

--Band of Horses!

--Damn yellow umbrella. Every time we get teased with that, I want to punch a baby. Preferably Marshall and Lily's.

THE SCORE: 54 out of 100

Points for ditching Victoria. ...That's about it.


  1. I thought the box was Barney's - he gave Robin the key to the storage unit so she could see he was still a fluffy kitten full of love and sunshine and a bunch of other gross stuff you probably need a haz-mat suit for...no?