25 September, 2012

Furycast 42 - Carrie Underwood Mouth Rapist

In this episode, VladyGG and HGF talk Carrie Underwood's sex kiss of a young boy; NBC's REVOLUTION; my severe back pain; and other stuff.

Consider EVERY discussion a potential SPOILER discussion.

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  1. There is definitely a double standard when it comes to things like the Carrie Underwood thing. I had a friend who was dating a girl who was a few years older. He was underage, at the time. She wasn't. And nobody gave a crap. Now had it been the opposite, everyone would be up in arms.

    Revolution is cool. I'm enjoying it so far. Non of the characters have really... affected me, i cant really think of better word right now, thus far. But i'll give it more time. Though i am liking Giancarlo Esposito. I'll say that.

    I thought the same thing when C. Thomas Howell showed up too. I was like "Oh. He's gonna be a recurring character or something." Then he gets killed. Lol!

    And as far as the guest star for Revolution next week. I know who you're talking about Magnus. And i cant wait either. :)

    Thanks for the shout out Vlad! And you're welcome. :)

    I've finally been mentioned on the podcast, wow. Well, looks like all my work has paid off. Guess i should leave then, and never come back.

    Goodbye Everybody. *Waves*

  2. I think Revolution has lots of potential. One advantage with this kind of show is that if an actor or character isn't quite working, you can kill them off and reinforce the danger of the world they are creating.

    While the ratings are healthy now, I hope it stabilizes rather than declining every week like other shows of this ilk have.

    1. With a strong lead-in, I think it will at least survive well enough to get a second season.

    2. Agreed. Questions are how soon will it get a back nine pick up and will it be moved once Smash comes back at mid season?

      Smash seems to go hand in hand with The Voice.

      Let's see if the ratings stabilize.

    3. One thing I've noticed is that the first quarter hour is much higher rated than the rest of the episode. That's people hanging on from the last part of The Voice and staying only a few minutes. So, without the lead-in, Revolution's numbers would be lower.

  3. I agree with you Magnus when you said the second episode wasn't as good as the first.

    I thought the second episode was okay i just wasn't crazy about it.

    I have high hopes for this series so i'm hoping the third episode is really good.

    This show having a similar feel to Lost is okay but when that woman in the first episode was on the computer and someone responded to her i started having flashbacks to that same scene from Lost.

    This show can have a similar vibe to other shows but they shouldn't take similar scenes from past Lost episodes and put them in this show.

    One last thing did anyone catch NBC's promo for Revolution next week?

    They revealed something in that promo that i don't think they should have revealed.

    They should have just waited to reveal it during the course of the episode next week.

    I was disappointed in NBC when they chose to do that because they take away the surprise element in watching television.

    They did that a couple of times with Chuck.

    1. That's why I don't watch promos.

      And sometimes shows do similar scenes from other shows because they are paying homage to them. TV writers love doing that.

    2. I think reveals like this do more good than harm. I'm sure a lot of viewers are still on the fence about this show. The promos need to give them a reason to get off the fence by enticing them with interesting upcoming storylines.

      People who don't like this should skip watching them.

    3. I want people to keep watching even if they don't like it. :)

  4. I couldn't help seeing it because it came on right after the show went off.

  5. One thing i don't understand about Revolution is the premise is a world without electricity at all.

    Okay if that's the case then why do they have a woman using a computer in these episodes.

    Maybe i'm stupid or i am missing something.

    Everytime the electricity has gone off in my neighborhood or house the computer goes off.

    1. I explained it in the podcast. The device turns things on. The power outage was man-made. Someone or something created this somehow. It will be explained some day if people keep watching... but those necklace thingies are the key.