11 March, 2013

Review - Walking Dead 3.13: "Arrow on the Doorpost"

Everybody gears up for war, but before things get too out of hand- a peace summit...

I actually liked the heads-of-state feel to the scenes between the Governor and Rick, despite being a tad melodramatic (the whistling wind sound effects were a bit much).The conflict presented at the end with the Governor's offer is a tried and true dramatic plot device. But I'm still a little split on whether it was too predictable (didn't Lost revisit this conflict many times?) or whether it was inevitable and I should have seen it coming. Either way I appreciated the Governors brutal honesty about the matter. This was also one of the few episodes this season, due to that scene and others, where I was happy to have this deliberate and more calculating Governor, which differs from the character in the comics.

Glenn stepping in as temp leader, or at least prison manager, was a nice moment; and also another sign of the good things Steve Yeun and the writers have been doing with that character this season. The even better scene later in which he at least attempts to give Merle some pause about questioning him was also great. Even if Glenn doesn't necessarily come out on the winning end of that fight it speaks to how far his character has come and how he might stand out in these last few episodes.

Dallas Roberts got quite a bit of screen time this episode which I enjoyed, but sadly it reminded me how much I miss Rubicon. Nevertheless seeing some of the other characters actually have to pay attention to Milton was a change from the past few episodes. The other B story was the showdown of the lieutenants! Daryl goes up against the Governor's guy in a walker for walker contest while the meeting inside takes place. The scene between these two outside was another highlight for this episode. Like the opening scene it had the feel of two soldiers on the eve of war. And the slightly rye way the show approached it, commenting on the futility of the peace proceedings, was a smart way to go with it consdiering the personalities of both those characters.

Another 75 out of 100. A lot wheels being put in motion for this season's last few chapters, but I also thought this episode covered a lot of ground for the supporting characters in a pretty efficient manner.The set up for next week looks interesting with the both sides seemingly realizing that the other probably isn't going to own up to their terms honestly, and the decision about Michonne's fate. I imagine next week will be more preparation but I'm looking forward to the build-up for WAR!

Quotes and such:

- Andrea's realization is a long time coming and maybe a bit too little, too late.

- I didn't think Beth being allowed near firearms was actually going to come in handy.

-Glenn and Maggie! Back together and ditching watch duty like a couple of horny teenagers.

-"I brought whisky."-The Governor

-"Nah, I prefer menthols." "Douchebag"- Daryl, getting better all the time.

-"I'm not showing you my stump. I just met you, at least buy me a drink first"- Hershel


  1. It's now extremely obvious as to why they axed their show runner this year, the second half of Season 3 has been piss poor compared to the excellent first half.

    Really hope the remaining episodes step it up.

    1. Funnily enough, the new show runner was in charge of last week and this week.

      Mind you, last week's was awesome.

      This week's dragged. Except the sexy sex which wasn't long enough.

    2. Well then I'm not very excited for Season 4 either. Last week's was boring too.

      But I agree, sexy sex was hot.

    3. If you thought a great episode was boring then quit now.

  2. To me and I don't know if anyone else felt this way but this episode was a snoozefest I mean most of the episode was just talking barely any fighting. Right now I am hoping tonights episode is mind blowing.