25 September, 2012

Review - CASTLE 5.01: 'After the Storm'

As a generally negative person, I find myself nitpicking, criticizing and downgrading shows that I enjoy watching when I write my reviews.

And while I could complain about a few tidbits from the 'Castle' Season 5 premiere, 'After the Storm', I'm not going to dwell on the little things when an episode hit this big.

This was an excellent follow-up to last season's finale, which was good enough, but the stakes were lowered in that one because we knew Beckett wasn't going to be shot again (not gonna do that in consecutive finales) and that her resignation wouldn't last long.

I actually think that Monday's premiere was more intense than that finale, because we really had no idea what to expect from it. The scene at the end between Beckett and Senator Bracken was pretty chilling. I knew she wasn't going to kill him, but at one point I had no idea what she would do. The way she took control, fooled him, threatened him and pistol-whipped him was a better and more-earned moment than anything we saw at the end of last season and perhaps any in the series.

After four seasons of dragging it out, we finally have an answer as to who killed Kate's mother. It's nice to finally know and I like where they are going with it, I just hope they don't go too overboard with it. An episode here or there that touches on the Senator Bracken storyline would be good, but if I were him, I'd be scared shitless of Beckett after their encounter.

It was amusing how scared Castle was at the beginning of the episode when his mother almost walked in on him and Beckett. I feel like his mom would have picked up on that something was going on, but nevertheless, that was a fun moment with Kate hiding in the closet and sneaking out of the house. While cliche, it had the fun dialogue and goofiness that we like so much about this show.


--CASTLE (to Beckett): "We shoulda done that four years ago!"

--SMITH (to Beckett): "I owed Rob, not you."

--ESPOSITO (to Ryan): "Put that phone away or I'm going to break your freakin' arm."

--SENATOR BRACKEN (to Beckett): "Who are you? You're a disgraced cop obsessed with her mother's murder."

--BECKETT (to Bracken): "I am done being afraid. It's your turn now. [Pistol-whips him] That's gonna leave a nasty scar, every time you see it -- think of me."


--UGH. If she's such a great cop, how come she didn't realize they were being tracked to the demolished building?

--Is Kate ever going to call Castle by his real name? Now that they are sleeping with each other, one would think she would call him Rick.

--Seriously, how cool are the gadgets that criminals use?

--Poor Castle, always looking for a weapon.

--I totally called that safe being booby trapped ... yet somehow I still jumped a bit in my seat when the bomb went off.

--I know lives are on the line and all, but is it even worth putting that puzzle together? I think I'd rather just die.

--Call me crazy, but NONE of that file would have survived that explosion. It looked like it went through a shredder and not, you know, fire and shit.

--Feisty Beckett, I like it!

THE SCORE: 90 out of 100


  1. The episode was a silly mess... Castle and Bend-it-like-Beckett have no fuckin' chemistry.

    Oh and the show is dumb.

    But I'll keep watching!

  2. I thought the same thing about the file. (confetti & ash, not a 20minute puzzle)
    Also, knew the Senator wouldn't be prosecuted because none of the evidence was admissable (sp?) so I was curious how she would get "justice" & keep her job. Next week should be cute since they established with Lanie & Esposito no one there can keep a relationship secret. My money is on Ryan being the last to know.

  3. I liked the episode.

  4. The episode way awesome and if they are going to do what you just said then it will make sense that they will start focusing on Castle's Father and how he I think used to be some type of cop.

  5. Oh hey look, I guess my Tuesday tradition of commenting on Eli's Castle reviews can now resurrect itself. ;-) O.k. so here's the thing ... it's entirely possible that I could just be insane (I'm really setting myself up for that one), but I was convinced last night that something was off on the sound mixing of this Castle episode, or something was off about the way my local station (KGO SF Bay Area) was broadcasting it. All I know is, all the dialogue sounded super muffled to me, to the point where I had to rewind several parts a bunch of times in order to understand what the hell they were saying. It made me want to go on a rampage and it ruined my ability to just sit and take in the episode and enjoy it. :-P

    I'm gonna watch it online tonight instead so I can take it in properly without having to deal with sound issues. I'm also gonna play a few mins of the DVR recording for my husband so he can tell me if I'm nuts hahaha. But for now here's what I could get out of it last night:

    * I wasn't sure what angle they would take with the Castle/Beckett hook-up storyline, but they clearly decided to go the goofy/funny route. It made me laugh a lot, so they certainly accomplished their goal. Normally I think Magnus (HGF) is totally insane when he says that C&B have no chemistry, because I've always thought they had crazy hot chemistry, and let's be honest, it's 99% of the reason I watch this show. BUT I will say that in last night's ep, all I got was the comedy chemistry angle, rather than the romantic chemistry angle.

    * In terms of the main storyline in this ep, I'm actually surprised that Eli liked this one so much more than the finale, because to me that storyline was basically just a continuation of the finale. BUT I do get the point about the lack of stakes in the finale vs. this episode. I think the writers knew that the only thing 98% of the fanbase gave a shit about in the finale was getting some C&B sex going, so they focused mostly on that goal for that ep.

    * As for the final sequence of the ep with Beckett hunting down Bracken, I'm pretty sure that will be a pretty entertaining sequence once I can watch it again without focusing on all the sound issues hahah. I definitely did like Beckett's quote, "That's gonna leave a nasty scar, every time you see it -- think of me."

    Anyway if I get anything else out of it on second viewing I'll comment again. ;-)

    1. Speaking for myself, I always thought they had more "comedy chemistry" than "romantic chemistry" in the way a good "buddy cop" show or movie works.

  6. I finally saw it last night. As I feared before the season started, I didn't really enjoy seeing them *together*.

    It made me uncomfortable watching it.

    It was no "Chuck vs. the Honeymooners" as "after they get together" episodes go.

    1. Soon I will be rooting for the "Moonlighting curse."