26 August, 2014

The Plopper Reviews COVERT AFFAIRS 5.10 'Sensitive Euro Man'

Oh this goddamn show.  I just don't even ... I was SO into this ep for the first 40 minutes.  Like fully, 100% on board and having fun.  Well alright fine 100% is an exaggeration.  I was annoyed about Caitlyn being the obvious culprit, but let's say I was still 90% on board.  And then it got ... AGGH.  I need to collect my thoughts for a hot minute so that this doesn't turn into one long rant.

It's the weirdest thing, because I was SO ready to declare this last chunk of season 5 eps (5.07-10) as a major improvement over 4.07-10 ... and I do think it has been, overall.  But it's almost like this show did the complete inverse this season of what they did in S4.  Last season, ep 4.07 was arguably a TV abomination of the highest order, and 4.08, 9 and 10 were largely incoherent mediocre episodes that didn't even really focus on their lead character.  But then in the very last scene, when Annie was jolted back "alive" again in that van with Eyal and then she walked off into the "dark" (cheesy pun not intended but there you go), it suddenly got intriguing again.  Like, practically everything leading up to that point was an illogical garbled mess, but at least they stuck *a* landing that really hooked you in for the back 6.

5.07-10, on the other hand, has taken the exact opposite path - For my money (or lack thereof) 5.07 was one of the best episodes of this series, and then 5.08, 9, and the first 40 mins of ep 10 were, if somewhat predictable, at least they were coherent and engaging and very focused on their lead character.  Annie's mission became personal with McQuaid being framed, which kept us much more engaged in it.  The writers also pulled all the rest of the main characters into the fold, after having spent too many early episodes this season with them doing random annoying and seemingly unrelated things.  It was all coming together quite well.  But then in the last 20 minutes of "Sensitive Euro Man", it felt like it suddenly started to fall apart at the seams.  Which in a sense is almost MORE annoying than what happened in S4, because this time I felt like I was completely built up to a point of high expectations, just to be let down.

What the hell happened??  Let me start with Caitlyn, who we actually knew within the first 20 mins of this ep was indeed the culprit.  Yep, just like I predicted last week, and just like ALL of us predicted since the moment she stepped foot onto our TV screens.  Look, if we're comparing this with season 4, let's first remember that season 4 was just as predictable.  We knew Helesa was gonna be alive the second we heard about her existence, and we knew Annie was gonna go dark the second we found out about Helesa going dark.  I'm trying to sit here and remind myself how much more obnoxious the Helesa stuff was than any of this, but I'm still annoyed.  Because honestly, did Caitlyn ACTUALLY scream  "You'll never stop us!!!" right before she got shot!?  Really??  Seriously.  Really?  Remember last week when I positioned her as a Scooby Doo villain?  Never in my wildest TV nightmares did I expect that to be even close to as true as it was in this moment.  Come ON, guys!!  What ... just what??

Sigh.  If Caitlyn had been the only problem with the way this all turned out, I could still forgive it.  Because ultimately what I always put as a higher priority is the character stories, and if those are humming along, I can forgive other plot issues more easily.  But frustratingly, even the character stories suddenly went a very odd direction tonight by the ep's end.  Let's look at everyone's arcs in this ep as they relate to Annie's actions, since that was kind of the main focus in this ep, character-wise.  There was a moment in McQuaid's safe house: post-sex (may the PUMAS IN HEAVEN REJOICE Sister Annie finally got laid and McWalker happened, this ep does win points for that), right before Caitlyn's baddies were about to break in, and A&M were preparing to fight them off.  Oh and after Auggie had totally defended Annie to Hayley, when we all knew Hayley was 100% spot ON with her Annie assessment.  At that moment, I felt like Annie was in the absolute perfect(ly appropriate) state of being in terms of where she should be in her character arc right now.  She was the embodiment of the Great Honey Badger.  Like, "I know what I gotta be doing right now - Fuck the world, fuck the law, fuck ALL y'alls, cause I'm gettin' my shit handled."  Ever since she went dark last season, they've been evolving her down a path of breaking just a little bit bad, and that scene felt like the perfect culmination of that.

I watched that scene thinking, YES.  THIS is where we should be right now.  Some viewers are gonna be pissed as hell at Annie for letting Auggie down, but that's what makes it all the more interesting.  Hayley was absolutely on point with her observation that Auggie kinda doesn't know Annie like he used to.  And this all resulted in Auggie bitching Annie out and telling her he was finally done putting himself on the line for her.  Again, the right progression for this story.  Good stuff.  So then what did the writers do with all this?  Oh, they reversed ALL of it by the end of the episode.  I didn't have any problem at all with Hayley helping Annie out when Annie gave her the terrorist plot intel, because she couldn't risk the possibility of letting a potential bombing happen.  It's that last scene with Auggie and Hayley that was the issue - Hayley tells Auggie "Oh I'm so sorry Auggie you were right all along about Annie!!"  And Auggie, "Oh I know Hayley thanks, Annie is so perfect!!"  WTF!?  They just effectively erased everything they just had just built up!!  Why in god's name would you do that, especially going into the back 6 when we're supposed to want to see how this all plays out?  What a weird, confusing move here.  Like they want to challenge their characters, but in the end, they don't have the balls to really go through with it.  Kid gloves.

And then we have the final scene of the episode ... which, I just feel like it's never a good idea to devote the final frame of a season finale, even a mid-season finale, to a brand new character that no one gives a shit about yet.  You didn't build the character up that impressively in this ep, and then you left the entire thing hanging on him, and you're expecting that to totally pump us up for the back 6?  At the very least, they could have ended it on Annie's angry "I will get my revenge" face a la Katniss in the hovercraft in ... o.k. I won't spoil that for any last schmucks ... err ... stragglers who haven't seen it.  Just watch Catching Fire if you want to know how to end a goddamn episode.

And this brings me to one last rant about the odd choices made in the last 20 minutes of this ep - the whole thing with McQuaid getting shot.  It's not that I don't understand why they did it; obviously they want to give Annie a reason to be extra pissed off and revenge-motivated in the back 6.  I get it.  But they devoted such a short amount of time to the fact that his life was in danger at all that we're left not even knowing what the hell kind of injury he had.  Like, at least TELL us how badly hurt the guy was!  I'm left being not even the least bit worried about him because it was barely even a plot point at all.  And plus, hasn't this shit been done before??  Umm yep, it has, actually, to a T, in the season 1 finale with Ben.  It's stale and was so glossed over (just like w/Ben) that it felt like nothing more than a cheap ploy to hook us into the back 6.

I'm bummed out right now because the absolute last thing I planned for this review was to spend the entire thing ranting about the last 20 mins of the episode.  My plan was to talk about season 5 as a whole so far.  Because up until now, I had really thoroughly been enjoying it.  Like, shockingly so.  Significantly more than summer season 4.  In season 4, the writers seemed to completely forget that they needed to give their lead character both focus and depth.  I saw zero sign of any focus at all in that direction until Annie went dark, and then season 5 not only continued that path, but stepped it up substantially by giving her personal struggles she's never had to deal with before.  It yielded impressive results at several points this season.  There have been other major improvements too, like Annie & Auggie finally starting to argue their shit out rather than walking around in a maybe-Prozac-induced daze in the latter half of season 4.  The show has also seemed to get its feet back on the ground in terms of a reasonable level of coherence and logic in their storytelling ... most of the time.

This is all stuff that has made me very, very happy this season, and I expected it all to come together in this episode in a more substantial way than it did.  Case in point: A&A started to suddenly feel like they're not necessarily making any progress at all in dealing with their issues, but instead are simply on a continuous loop of Annie going rogue, Auggie getting pissed, and then Auggie forgiving Annie, and then rinsing and repeating.  I hope this progresses in the back 6, but for the first time this season, I'm starting to wonder if the loop will just continue on repeat into eternity.

And then we have Annie's S5 story arc, which, as it pertains to McQuaid, yes, thankfully, it culminated.  It culminated exactly how I was hoping there and I don't want to gloss over the fact that I am ecstatic about that.  But what the frak of the goddamn heart condition??  What the hell was the point of all that?  Are we just done with that now?  Was it simply an excuse to get her canned from the CIA and working with McQuaid, and to build her relationship with him?  And now we just change the channel to catching this new bad guy in the back 6 and Annie's heart just keeps chugging along?  I just, I don't even know anymore.  But what these guys do with this storyline will have a monumental impact on how I view this season as a whole, because this will either end up being legitimate character development (my hope), or just another cheap plot device (extremely disappointing).

And a related note on this: For those of you who missed it, Piper clarified in an interview last Thursday that Annie’s heart condition IS indeed caused by scar tissue from her GSWs in season 3.  The interview confirms exactly what I had feared: The writers actually thought that one quick confusing vague mumbly comment by Eyal in ep 5.04 was a sufficient level of explanation and focus on this crucial S5 plot point.  Which is utterly baffling to me, because shouldn’t the fact that this heart condition was caused by Annie’s job be a huge part of this story?  Isn’t that story a HELL of a lot more compelling than the alternative scenario where she got the myocarditis from a dirty hot tub in Orlando a la Bennett on OITNB?  There is SO much material they could mine from this, especially since so many major related threads were left hanging in fall of S3, post-Russia.  But … nope.  I don’t get it.  So much potential, just left dangling out there, untapped.  Why, Covert writers, why??  Do you not want to tell a meaningful story from this?  The story of the threat it puts on Annie’s career and her all-consuming compulsion to be in the field was outstanding in the first 8 eps, which is why I hadn't harped much on the other bit.  But this summer finale leaves me wondering if this thing was never meant to be a meaningful story to begin with.

This review is already crazy long so lemme just throw out my last few points and then summarize:
  • Barber & Annie's relationship just gets cuter and cuter this season.
  • Sydney ... of course, has finally tied into the Chicago bombing storyline.  It's about damn time.
  • Is it just me or have the fight scenes all been very weirdly choreographed and filmed this season??  What is going on here ... Annie barely touches people and they get knocked out, and I come out of most of the scenes wondering what the hell just happened.
  • Do you think McQuaid's dearly departed wife is a zombie too?
  • Why the hell was Annie dumb enough to bring her cell phone into the National Arboretum to meet McQuaid?
  • Holy shit!!  Tamara Becher, the writer of this ep, who is kinda sorta the Ali Adler of Covert Affairs (not entirely but sorta) put none other than the oft-mentioned-in-these-reviews Shelby's name in this ep as an easter egg!!  Should I add an extra point to the grade just for that?
Man, this ep threw me the hell off.  I don't even know what to think anymore about what this season is or where it's going.  I gave 4.10 a 75 and I still think this is a better ep, but I'm feeling hard pressed to go into the 80 range at this point.  I'll revisit that at the end of the season, because my speculations (based on what I saw here) about where the rest of the season is headed are somewhat clouding my judgement at this point.

GRADE: 78/100

I have no clue right now what everyone else thinks of this one; I haven't even looked at Twitter.  I'm going to just try to remember the McWalker hookup and then pretend the show ended at like minute 42 or whatever it was.  Try to selectively erase my memory in the comments.

The Plopper

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  1. The kidney stones I passed yesterday were more enjoyable than this episode.

    (not really but it sounded so good I couldn't resist)

    1. LMAO. Were your kidney stones worth it just to set you up for this joke? Hmm o.k. probably not. ;-) Glad you have recovered though. Just in time for the "ba-dump, ching!!"

  2. "Annie going rogue, Auggie getting pissed, and then Auggie forgiving Annie, and then rinsing and repeating. I hope this progresses in the back 6, but for the first time this season, I'm starting to wonder if the loop will just continue on repeat into eternity."

    This was my biggest pet peeve. See, I'm no longer invested in their relationship, because it turns out I'm indifferent to Annie and would just like a romance arc for Auggie. A good, happy sendoff with whoever. Given latest comments by writers, now, however corny and waaaay to predictable, I'm kind of expecting she'll go all Ross on him and declare undying love just as his plane is taking off. Insert eye roll. I honestly hope beyond hope I'm wrong, but unfortunately, if the show doesn't get renewed, there's no chance for a proper love interest for him (it's either Annie or we meet someone in the very last moment).

    Anyway, I'm at the point of whatever because I got the same impression as you (constant dancing, no real development), but during last few eps, he wasn’t so forgiving. So they’s some hope.

    You forgot a few stuff/ didn't mention - the only thing that really bugged me was Barber. He's such a great character, such a great actor, just wish they'd use him for something else than eating donuts.

    Annie should just stop having sex for the rest of her life. It never ends good for the guy. Never. Hm. Maybe she should sleep with Eyal, there are some shippers that need that lovely rollercoaster…and btw, her face totally screamed ‚I got laaaaid…tralalalala’. LOL.

    The Hayley/Auggie truce fell flat. She was in a major bitch mode before, now she’s just kissing him on the cheek like they’ve been buds all along? Guess the writers just wanted to get over this arc.

    Does McQ really have a dead wife? Like, are you kidding me? How dead, exactly? Maybe it's Helesa, who knows what she's been up to while she was dark.

    Oh well, on with the hiatus.

    1. It would be nice if they did more with Barber. He's one of these fan favorite supporting characters that winds up with a "shtick" by the time of the later seasons, because the writers think "Oh the audience loves Barber eating donuts so let's keep doing that." They need to do a Barber spinoff, but the show will be a comedy instead of a drama.

      "...and btw, her face totally screamed ‚I got laaaaid…tralalalala’." LOL totally.

  3. First off: Where was Shelby's name???? I missed it!!

    Second and less importantly: I enjoy Wednesday mornings immensely, because I get to read these reviews. And on most points I heartily agree. The Caitlyn thing was ridiculous, and as an aspiring filmmaker/screenwriter I hardcore cringed when she said "you'll never stop us!" Like maybe if she had Annie on the ground and was choking her and like hissed it in her ear, that would have been at least acceptable, if still not great. But yelling it as your last words while running at someone with a tire iron was the height of corny.

    Also, oooooooh Caitlyn's a traitor? Yawn. Also, evil Eastern European guy? Double yawn. Are there no interesting villains anymore? Come back, Lena..... come back.

    I have to disagree with you about McWalker. Sorry, I'm glad they finally did the deed, but I think that the timing was stupid. Like, "hey, we're running for our lives here and Annie, you probably shouldn't be seen with me, and pretty soon the CIA is going to find the list of property I own and figure out where we are, but by all means let's take a sex break." Nope. That felt very forced.

    Also, I think the jury's still out on Annie/Auggie. I think he's still pissed, but he's not going to admit that to Hayley, who's been trying to oust Annie from the get-go. Auggie may still have some loyalty to Annie in that he's not going to start talking shit on her to his ex, but that doesn't mean he's not totally fed up with Annie's Honey Badger bullshit, as you put it so wonderfully. Like Hayley's all, "I was wrong about Annie" and Auggie obviously wouldn't say "No, actually, you were right, she's the worst". I'm fully willing to admit that I could be wrong, but only 5.11 will tell.

    The only lines I remember of Calder's were "you need a ride back to the agency?" and "I need your help." Could you people please, for the love of all that is holy, give The Sheriff something to DO?? He's so underused as a character it's criminal. I half expected him to die in this episode, honestly. While I would have cried buckets of tears, that would have been a serious motivator for the back 6, no?

    Ah, McQuaid's dead wife. How many times has this been used as a plot point in other shows to explain the tortured, tough exterior with a heart that's just yearning to open up? Off the top of my head..... Without a Trace, Criminal Minds, NCIS (to a ridiculous degree), Chicago P.D., and..... Oh yeah, Covert Affairs, when Arthur's wife/Baby Puma's mom died. Sigh. I was hoping McQuaid would admit to something like massive drug addiction or "I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die".... not the old dead wife standby. Such a cop out.

    Above all, I am still not feeling the urgency. So many red herrings, so many angry European villains, so much angst, and I still don't care. This Belenko guy isn't doing it for me. I need to have my mind blown, Covert Affairs, and you're not really doing anything more than tickling it. You're on a life raft floundering about when you could be commanding the ship.

    1. I almost wonder if the "You'll never stop us!!" line was meant to be kinda funny/ironic because she said it right as her partner in crime capped her. But even if that's the case, it's a super weird scene to put something goofy into. The tone had been dead serious all the way up to that point, and continued to be serious afterward. And it was supposed to be the climactic moment of the entire Chicago bombing thread for the whole summer season. So no matter which way I look at this, their big climactic scene was thoroughly bungled.

      "Also, I think the jury's still out on Annie/Auggie." I think it is too, and I think he's probably still kinda pissed, but I just wish they had played that last scene differently. I get why Hayley thought "Oh I guess I was wrong," but I wish Auggie had responded with something a little more moderate than a "Yep see toldja" type of response.

      "Like Hayley's all, 'I was wrong about Annie' and Auggie obviously wouldn't say 'No, actually, you were right, she's the worst.'"

      HAHAH yeah like that!! ;-)

      "Could you people please, for the love of all that is holy, give The Sheriff something to DO?"

      I'm assuming the Sydney connection will pull him more back into the fold in the back 6. But yeah overall his arc this season is lacking.

      "Ah, McQuaid's dead wife. How many times has this been used as a plot point in other shows to explain the tortured, tough exterior with a heart that's just yearning to open up?"

      HAHAH totally ... I didn't even have time to be annoyed at this because I was too annoyed at so many other things. A massive drug addiction would have been a THOUSAND times more interesting. Plus the dead wife stuff just still sends shivers down my spine now after the Helesa debacle.

      "I have to disagree with you about McWalker. Sorry, I'm glad they finally did the deed, but I think that the timing was stupid."

      I have thoughts on this but I'll maybe put it in my response to Shelby's comment haahh.

    2. I'd love to hear them too, because I agree with Katressa. It would've made a lot more sense if they would've done it during that sleep over, whatever it was. This fell like "so...we're here, we're waiting for some bad guys, you horny? Cause me - totes horny". But although logic-wise it didn't really make sense, I think they used it here because grand finale and all that.

      But I just wish they'd stop exaggerating McQ's features. They're doing it with everyone, cause TV, but he's just too over the top sometimes. Of course he HAS to have a dark, tormented past, it's from the MartySue handbook. However, I'm willing to give the writers the benefit of the doubt and hold on this thought until the finale. I have to think it's deliberate and it has a point, especially after choosing the RIP SO route. Let that please be deliberateeeee.

    3. I've decided that I wish Hayley had told Auggie: "You were right about Annie, but I was right about you, so ummm....I guess we're even. Shake on it?"

    4. Agree! I think Hayley should've been a lot...meaner/ firmer. I do think he got away easily. I have no idea who was more 'right or wrong', but she was way too nice. In that final last scene.

  4. Welcome to my world, You Guys! I've been living annoyed like this for months....err weeks now. I agree so hard with your review and I'm so happy that we're back on the same page....dare I say, same paragraph even?

    I remember the exact moment I got bored/annoyed in this episode: The moment when Annie had McQ in her backseat and carted him back to his supah fly safehouse undetected. I WAS SCREAMING (internally). "THIS IS NOT REAL FAKE SPY LIFE!" Was Hayley the only person bothered to do her goddamn job? Why was nobody keeping an eye on Annie? I even let the fact that nobody could get their hands on that slippery McQ guy go b/c hey it's for dramatic purposes. But the fact that nobody even bothered to wonder WTF she was off doing was ridiculous to me.

    And Kate, I'm with you on the banging. Like couldn't they have just banged 2 weeks ago at Ryan's other supah fly real house? You know when they were having a slumber party. That would've been better than this b/c I'm sorry I just don't buy that you're gonna have a Mr. and Mrs Smith bangout session at this err ummm particular time. It looked cool tho. Fuzzy, but cool. And I really enjoyed the song.

    The fight in the Fly House was so crazy dumb that my friend B and I watched it 3 times and it still didn't make any sense.

    They make Barber into more of a joke every time he's on screen.

    Oh God, I almost forgot about Caitlyn. LOL. They didn't even bother to try and make it look like it could've been anyone else this season.

    Funny story: This morning when I got to work B was waiting on me with a scowl on her face. She normally doesn't watch CA live so I had no idea why she looked like she wanted to burn the planet. I opened the door and she said, "That fucking finale. Can we talk about that fucking finale?" I think that explains it all. LOL. She said she kept trying to make it be someone other than Caitlyn just b/c she wanted it to be deeper than that.

    Belenko. Meh. I don't care.

    And yeah McQ got shot, but WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY? Annie has risked everything for far fucking less. They really didn't have to go that route.

    It was super kewl at the end when Hayley and Annie teamed up and became besties to stop the car bomb. Also I was happy Hayley didn't die in all the gunfire, but then she went and sucked Auggie off again in his office (metaphorically speaking of course) and then I wanted to shoot her the face. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, Hayleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey? WHY? "Oh shucks, Auggie, you were right all along. I'm sorry. I've just been off my antipsychotic meds for a month. It's kind of like with The Myocarditis. It's totally manageable with drugs." FML.

    Hey at least we got to see Cait get capped in the gut and head. And I love that Annie is back to her old tricks of snatching necklaces off folks. YAY! Consistency.

    Calder and Sydney. Or is it Stephanie? GOD! DO SOMETHING! Please, CA, for the love of Baby Puma, please give Calder something to do. I miss My Sheriff!

    Fave part:

    Auggie calling out Annie even though we all know he's full of shit. It was a good speech tho and totes left Annie like, "OMGWTFJUSTHAPPENEDOHWELLS!"

    Why did McQ and Annie leave that cellphone?
    What happened to Cait's gun? Did she run outta bullets or does she just like pipe to face combat?
    Why did the CIA not know about the Supah Fly Safehouse?

    That's all for now. For the record, I'm writing this comment half asleep.


    1. "Oh shucks, Auggie, you were right all along. I'm sorry. I've just been off my antipsychotic meds for a month. It's kind of like with The Myocarditis. It's totally manageable with drugs." FML.


    2. "But the fact that nobody even bothered to wonder WTF [Annie] was off doing was ridiculous to me."

      I didn't even get to the point of thinking about Annie because the fact that HE was able to jaunt all around town undetected is crazy. Wouldn't they have some sort of major manhunt going for him and it would be all over the news?? I guess they kept it under wraps from the public for some reason? I don't remember if they said anything about this. But if his face was on the news he'd be found in 2 seconds flat. And he even went by his office!! The people there would be able to recognize him SO easily even from behind.

      "And Kate, I'm with you on the banging." O.k. I know I'm biased as a McWalker fan but I had no problem at all with the timing. The problem I had was the fact that McQuaid was able to walk around undetected at all. But if I make an assumption that for whatever reason, they kept his "wanted" status out of the public eye, then the idea that they'd bang at this time works for me. Let's be honest, they both had maj blueballs ever since getting cock blocked by the dogwalker in 5.08 ... they were just chomping at the bit for the chance to jump each other's bones ever since then hahaha. The second they had even a tiny window of opportunity they went for it. Frankly it's a wonder they didn't do it while she was pointing the gun at him in her apartment last week. ;-)

      "And yeah McQ got shot, but WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY? Annie has risked everything for far fucking less. They really didn't have to go that route." Totally unnecessary ... it's almost like they just wanted an excuse to get him out of the picture next episode while she goes on a jolly romp with Eyal!! I mean it's just SOO been done before, in literally the EXACT same way with Ben. Yawn.

      Hahaha anyway I have more but I'll come back and type it later.

  5. Just wanted to come back and say that I know I give this show a hard time sometimes and poke fun but it's only because I still love it so and love what it means to me (friendship and good good times). It pleases me to know that I still care enough to get incredibly worked up and ranty about it bc the alternative is me not giving a shit. So....they must still be doing something right. Lol

    Also, Auggie saying my name was pretty much one of the coolest damn things EVER! I'm still smiling!

  6. Honestly I agree with some parts of this. I think the end was good, like Annie in mcquaid a hospital, Arthur coming home to Joan, and Hayley and auggies goodbye, but they could have cut the other guys part, yet I see where they were trying to go

    McQuaid and Annie in the future??maybe,?? I really wanna see if Annie tried to fix her relationship with auggie though... Without auggie it wouldn't be covert affairs...

    And Joan and Annie!! I wanted to see more if where that went!! I know argue trusts Annie probably the most, but would have loved more of Annie and Joan....

    As for Caitlyn..... Just a bit to obvious and the take down if them and mcquaids house was stupid... You'd think Caitlyn's might be smart enough to send more than 2 in... Abd u would think Caitlin would at least think "hmmm maybe McQuiad might not trust me THAT much?? Maybe I should find a different way to get him gone?"" With the gps in the computer...

    I did like how Annie saved the guys... It shows to everyone that's she not the bad guy and clears that up. Probably would be given this a 82 or 80 just because I wanted to be left hanging a little bit more.... I can already picture what's happening next...

  7. My favorite moment in any show is when the antagonist suddenly changes their mind and agrees to join the hero. Because that happens all the time in real life...

    Yes, that was sarcasm. In the real world, people are fuckin' morons and dig a deep hole behind the line in the sand they built with the bricks of stupidity that is their everyday thought process.

  8. On my 3rd watch of this ep, I just have to say that Caitlyn's death scene just might be funnier than Helesa's. It's pretty awesome.