19 February, 2013

Review - CASTLE 5.15: 'Target'

These past few weeks I've come up with a ton of different (pathetic) excuses as to why my reviews of 'Castle', 'Suits' and 'White Collar' were so brief and not as in-depth as I'm accustomed to doing.

Well, don't fret, my 'Castle' fans, because this week is going to be different.

No, this week that supreme laziness won't suffice. So this week, I actually have a good excuse for my forthcoming quick review. It's a two-parter, dammit, and the quality of it is mostly dependent on next week's conclusion. So until then, I'll give you some of my quick and initial thoughts on Part 1.

If you're the type of person that's going to complain about what Castle did to that suspect behind closed doors, stop reading immediately. And never read my reviews again. Because you are a little baby. First of all, it's a TV show. So shut up. Second, if you're child was kidnapped and their life was on the line, don't act like you wouldn't inflict a little pain on the CRIMINAL who was responsible to try to save your child's life.

For you normal people who read this, I'm sorry you had to read that last paragraph. But it's necessary, because there's always a dummy or two out there. 

OK, back to the episode itself. Two things that I really liked to see, that we really don't get to see much of: (1) Nathan Fillion getting to play a more emotional and serious side. He was great in this episode, and it was hard not to feel what his character was feeling. (2) It was also nice to see Molly C. Quinn actually get to do something. Alexis hasn't been on much this season and when she is on the show, she doesn't get anything good to play. I'm sure they'll be a lot more of her next week, which will be fun to watch. (Nice job picking that lock, Alexis. We got a Neal Caffrey protege on our hands here)

Although it was a bit predictable that Sara would be the one that made it out and Alexis would still be held hostage, it was a solid episode. I thought the ending was good (with Alexis shocked where she was and screaming on the roof) and it leaves me really pumped to see next week's episode. That's the mark of a good-two parter. Let's hope they finish strong.


--CASTLE: "Kate, they'll see."
--BECKETT: "I don't care."

--RYAN: "He's gotta be wrecked -- hell, I'm wrecked."

--CASTLE: Don't. Don't promise me you can find or unless you can do it. Because I'd never forgive you, anymore than I would forgive myself."

--BECKETT: "Do you want a coffee?"
--CASTLE: "No, thanks, my adrenaline will suffice."


--I don't care if I'm getting paid $25,000 per month to be someone's body guard ... I'm not standing in front of a speeding van any longer than I have to. What good is all that money if you're not alive to enjoy it? This is all moot, though, because at 5'11" and 140 pounds, I doubt I will be hired as a body guard anytime soon.

--I'm surprised Castle didn't IMMEDIATELY fear the worst when he first learned that Alexis was with the Sara on the night of the abduction.



  1. I don't know if you knew this or not but during this episode Molly C Quinn was tweet during the episode and somewhat answering questions which in my mind is awesome. Over all I think this is one of the best episode Castle has ever done to date but that said we will have to see next's week episode to confirm how awesome it's as a whole.

  2. Yeah as Castle eps go this was the best one in quite a while IMO. And definitely better than last season's 2-parter (at least so far). I liked that not only did Nathan get a rare chance (on this show) to flex his dramatic acting chops, but that Castle and Beckett finally got a chance to switch roles, in a sense. They've spent 4 1/2 seasons with Beckett always being the one with the personal issues and Castle being the supportive friend/boyfriend. Now finally they get a chance to switch roles and it's fun to watch.

    The scene with Rick and the injured driver guy in the bedroom was the BEST hahah I loved it, mainly because they don't usually do scenes like that on this show. And I think it was also just a fun change of pace from Rick's usual jovial demeanor.

    Agree with you on the ending too ... I'm pretty sure they shot on location for it and it makes all the difference in the world, visually. I have to admit it's one of the reasons I fell in love with Covert Affairs last season too haha ... it just looks SO much better than using shitty greenscreen effects and trying to sub L.A. for Paris or something. :-P

    --CASTLE: Don't. Don't promise me you can find or unless you can do it. Because I'd never forgive you, anymore than I would forgive myself."

    HA I loved that line! Again just cause it was ... darker than I expected.

    "... because at 5'11" and 140 pounds" - Damn you are SKINNY!! ;-)

  3. just to let you know Maryploppins Covert Affairs was mostly filmed in the Toronto area for at least the first and maybe second season.

    1. Canadian Greg -

      Yeah I know, I had a feeling someone was going to say that. ;-) When I used the example of subbing L.A. (and surrounding areas) for other foreign locales I was thinking of broadcast network spy shows like Chuck and Alias, both of which filmed in L.A. Chuck didn't do nearly as much traveling as Sydney did on Alias, but neither of those shows ever actually shot on location when the characters did travel to far off places. And it never looked very good, visually. And none of that is even to mention Castle subbing L.A. for NYC in every single episode haha. It never looks quite right.

      Cover Affairs films mainly in Toronto but they did a ton of overseas shoots in seasons 2 and 3 - Venice, Istanbul, Stockholm, Paris, Marrakech, Barcelona, Amsterdam, etc. I can't imagine the show has much of a budget but somehow they manage to pull this off. And it's amazing how much better it looks onscreen. I'll be curious to see how much of Paris they show in the 2nd part of Castle next Monday. Hopefully they take advantage of the location.

  4. The episode was very good.

    I'll be surprised if the next episode doesn't suck.