07 December, 2011

Being a CHUCK Fan: 2007-2012

Today, 7 December, 2011, marks the final day that the show CHUCK will film a new episode. It is over and there is no "saving" it. When the actors leave the set today, they will never return. The sets have either already been broken down or are in the process. Plaques have been made and the deal has been sealed for eternity. It is a sad day for all those involved. Not a dry eye in the house.

But what makes this show special, above all others? What made CHUCK unique other than the obvious story, cast, writing, and setting? That every year, without fail, the cast, crew, and its fans worried from the end of season 1, 2, 3, and 4 whether or not the show would come back. And even going into season 5, would the show get more than 13? Those who have stuck around have struggled to just simply enjoy the show they loved, because that worry was always there.

Will this be the year it all ends? Will this be the final episode or do we get more? Is that how it will all end?

And every year after season 1, the show got more and more and more episodes, even as the ratings dropped. Mostly because NBC itself was in such a rut it didn't have a better option. And WB, the owners of the show, felt CHUCK could make them money in syndication (barely reported fact: CHUCK is a big merchandising seller), so they kept licensing the show for less and less so NBC would keep it. And fans, most certainly through their love and passion for the show, even if delusional, created campaign after campaign, after sometimes insane and totally unrealistic campaign to save the show.

That is something some CHUCK fans never seemed to run out of: unflinching faith in their ability to keep the show around longer. Sure, I could sit here and point out how ridiculous the notion is that fans will ever actually "save" a show, but it doesn't matter. Because they believed it and they attempted it, over and over. So, those fans who participated were in a constant state of grasping at straws, to never let their love die.

Of course it has died, but what a death. Nearly cancelled at 13 episodes. Then 35 episodes. Then 48 episodes. Then 54 episodes. Then 67 episodes. Then 78 episodes. It finally ended at 91, but not before the writers could construct an actual ending, knowing it was all over.

Also, WB made it to the number of episodes required for syndication, thereby some day making the money back it lost on lowering the licensing fee. And fans got to see a real journey for their characters. They also got to create real goodbyes that the cast and crew was able to enjoy, knowing the end was coming.

It is all kinds of beautiful.

All kinds of perfect.

And though it all ends for the cast and crew today, it doesn't end for us fans until 27 January, 2012. So, today we say goodbye to the process. In 7 weeks we say goodbye to everything else.

Tell us your stories of being a CHUCK fan in the comments section below. Where did CHUCK touch you? Anonymous posting is, as always, enabled.


  1. It has been an exhausting ride. I'm glad it is over but sad too. I will miss all of it but it's time to move on. Time for Yvonne and Zac to go become super stars on the big screen. I hated the stress of not knowing but loved everything else. #ThankYouChuck


  2. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I cannot believe it is over. I'm crying. I know we almost got cancelled so many times but there was always hope but now there is none. It will get worse in January but this is the set up. I'm thankful to the cast and crew. I wish we could have got more and done more.

  3. My story of how Chuck has affected me would also take, at minimum, a lengthy blog posting. But to sum it up, it has lead to some amazing friendships, a renewed pride in and expression of my nerdiness, a discovery of some amazing people in Hollywood who never failed to give back and communicate with the fans, and some incredible, priceless memories (SDCC, NerdHQ, set visits and watching filming, etc). But most of all, and as silly as it may sound to people outside the fandom, it has given me an amazing relationship with my daughter. This show has been our weekly ritual and our shared passion, getting to see her discover so much of the things I love (gaming, comic books, 80s pop culture) has been invaluable. The look in her eyes when Zac and Adam picked her up in their arms for photos, the tears when she thought Sarah might die before the wedding, the laughs when Jeffster would sing or screw up simple tasks, the smile on her face when production staff gave her a seat to watch Ellie and Awesome film a scene - these are experiences I can never replace and memories I will never forget, and neither will she. Chuck forever and always. <3

  4. I came to 'Chuck' because I was following Adam Baldwin and his work after 'Firefly'. I met a host of new loveable heroes and able villains, a wonderfully realised retail environment, comedy, spy drama and a love story.

    I followed Zac's Pied Piper with several hundred others out of the world's first ever 'Chuck' convention in the UK to the nearby Subway and helped make convention and fandom history.

    I scraped together what I could and took myself to San Diego comic con for the first time to see the main cast on stage. I hunted fabric and charity shops for materials and second hand clothes to make 'Chuck' costumes.

    I set up a UK 'Chuck' podcast and recorded many convention reports as well as my thoughts on every episode of Season 4.

    It's been a hell of a ride and I've enjoyed every minute of it!

  5. Wait a second? The show is cancelled? I just started watching! Finished season 3 and I'm so in love I took vacation to watch 4 next week so as I could watch season 5 live. I can't believe it is cancelled! That sucks.

  6. My Chuck story? I actually only started watching Chuck last May. I was supposed to be studying for my finals and decided to start watching this show during my breaks. It seemed like an ideal show: fun to watch but not really great enough to get addicted. What a fool was I back then... I caught up with the 4 seasons in a 3 weeks time while studying for and actually taking my exams. I couldn't get enough so I actually started it all over again once I got to the S4 finale and had cried my eyes out over Chuck & Sarah's wedding.
    The truth is I haven't been a Chuckster for that long. And despite all the hard times you guys had to go through, I feel a little robbed I didn't get to fight for the show who has, with no doubt, become the best I have ever seen. And yet have to go through its heartbreaking end...
    Still, I would do it all over again. The sleepless nights to be able to both watch 5 episodes a day and still graduate with honors. Ordering the DVDs I never unwrapped because the delivery had taken too long. Yelling at my laptop because it didn't download the episodes fast enough. Meeting awesome Chucksters on Twitter and searching frantically for any of the cast's new tweet. Jumping up and down on my bed because my "Team Bartowski" shirt arrived earlier than expected. I regret nothing. #ThankYouChuck

  7. I am sort of heart broken. I didn't get into the show until the middle of season 3 but have rewatched every episode since a hundred times. It was a show I couldn't imagine liking. It seemed like a guy's show. Something no girl could ever like, but it has become my favorite show of all time and knowing it is over, filming wise, is depressing.

    All good things have to come to an end. Today puts it all into perspective. It doesn't matter when you started watching but that you watched.


  8. My story begins with Comic-con 2007. I had lost my job, but I went anyway--I've been going since 2000. I decided to attend the panel for a new show called "Chuck" and I went to it. The reaction to the pilot was very positive.

    When the show launched in the Fall, I watched it fairly regularly, but I wouldn't have called myself "hardcore". Going into the 2nd season, I was more casual, missing episodes once in a while.

    Then, I had a "light bulb" moment in the back half of the 2nd season and I found myself buying episodes I missed on iTunes.

    When Season 3 started, I was on Twitter and began to interact with other fans. I think it was that interaction that turned me into a "hardcore" fan.

    When SDCC came around that year, I found out about the "Tweet Up", attended, and found Chuck fans were really cool--cooler than a lot of other fandoms I've interacted with.

    It's hard to separate my love for the show from the interaction with fans of the show. They go hand in hand.

    I also think the cast and crew have been very special in their generosity towards their fans and their relationships with each other. This isn't the first time I've been heavily in a fandom and I can compare.

  9. Yeah, having been heavily involved in other fandoms, I have NEVER seen the cast make themselves as available to the fans as this one has... not even close. BSG had a few of the actors and writers show up to fan events, but it was rarely one of the main actors. We got virtually ALL the main actors to show up for four of our events.... out of four.

  10. I'm the rarity around here. I started watching Chuck this season. I saw the first four episodes and went right out and bought the other seasons. Currently finishing season 1. Am kicking myself for not watching sooner.

    My whole family is now watching the show with me and just got my best friend and her family into the first disc of season 1. I'm too late but at least the show gets an ending and I look forward to it.


  11. Even though I wasn't around for the first part of the series, I quickly became a fan and learned why the show is so special. To have campaigns like #NotANielsonFamily and the sandwiches we all bought at Subway keep a show running, it hasn't happened in my memory. All of us fought for the show, tuned in every week, made sure our DVRs were set (just in case we couldn't watch live) and somehow got the show to come back year after year. Sure, I'm sad that it's over. Jan. 27th will be a sad day the world over for friends and fans alike. BUT, I'm also happy that its the fans that have done what we have to keep the show alive. It WILL live on - not just in syndication either - in our hearts and minds. We are the Chuck Bartowski's, John Casey's and Sarah Walker's that are now noticed the world over. I've made many friends from this show who will still be with me long after it's over. Long live Chuck and long live the Fans!!

  12. I Still can't believe it. Why? The show was sooo AWESOME! I watched season 4 over and over and over again and i'm gonna watch the whole series again. I live in The Netherlands so i never watch CHUCK on television it is broadcasted random, not in storyline so every friday, i download the new episode. I'm gonna miss it. Let's all hope that one day, one day they will return, or at least Zachary and Yvonne will return together on the big screen or on television.

  13. He... He... patted my thigh... and, and... touched me in other places too lol. You just felt it necessary to fit in that double entendre?

    It is very sad that the show is coming to the end. There is absolutely no show I'll ever love as much as Chuck because of the characters, story, and overall awesomeness. At least they get the well deserved ending that most shows don't.

  14. Nielsen, people. It's called Nielsen.

    Nielson is some family of Swedes.

  15. I have learned much about myself in the 5 Seasons of Chuck. I learned that true entertainment is not just about telling a story and trying to elicit an emotional response, but has a moral responsibility to society. Chuck grabbed a hold of an entire Sub-Culture and gave it positivity and confidence to be themselves. Nerds and Geeks a like were drawn out of their shell with every episode and relished in their Nerd Hero every week. As someone who grew up in a sports oriented family and been in more Rock bands then I care to count; Chuck gave me the insight to accept my inner Nerd and extrovert it to the world. Now my product is growing fast in this Pop Culture phenomenon and I have traveled the country geeking out at Comic Cons and interviewing some of my favorite celebrities; plus making new friends at every turn. Yesterday I had the honor of visiting the set of Chuck and bask in the joy of all things Chuck. They are indeed a special group of people putting on that show and they know how special this ride has been; and they do credit the fans for all of their success in the last 5 years. Chuck showed me that is was okay to be who ever I wanted to be and not who my friends and family perceived me as. I'm a NERD and proud. Chuck will never die, because we won't let. Chuck has become more than a TV show. It is a way of life, attitude, philosophy, and life changing to your spirit and soul.

  16. This show has brought my family together for dinner which is great since my brother is normally gone at dinner time. I am going to miss seeing Chuck and Morgans Bromance and Sarah sexyness and John casey grunting and kicking butt. Also Captain Awesome saying awesome and doing awesome things and Elle hot elle I wish she would wear a sexy outfit like she did in the season 1 halloween episode. It's going to be a sad day in the nerd Kingdom when Chuck is not on the TV. Goodbye my awesome friend

  17. I've been a Chuck fan from the first episode of season 1. Became obsessed with the show after watching Chuck vs the Truth and have been obsessed ever since. I was never an active member of the Chuck online community. I read message boards, listened to podcasts, followed the Chuck cast and crew on twitter but rarely participated. The only thing I did was eat the subway sandwiches and donate to the charities (i.e. Operation Smile, St. Jude, and Ken Mar). Even without my active participation, I will miss all those things. I wish I was able to attend Chuckfest or comic con and be able to meet the stars, all of whom seem like genuinely nice people.

    I live in Hawaii and I always read people’s reactions to each episode hours before I am able to watch it. Whether the reactions were good or bad, I still rushed home so I can watch it live.

    So #ThankyouChuck creators, crew, and cast for creating such an amazing show.
    Thank you Magnus for putting out your podcast and helping to organize such great charitable functions.


  18. Thank you, JT, for your contributions. Even if you weren't actively participating in those things, you gave to the charities and you know that is the most important thing in the grand scheme.

  19. My journey began by catching the last fifteen minutes of Chuck vs. The Suburbs while waiting to watch Heroes. Heroes soon became boring but Chuck caused me to search the NBC website and watch every episode available. From that point on I never missed an episode. I waited until summer 2011 to purchase the DVD set of the first season, and my love of the show became an obsession. Seasons 2 & 3 were quickly purchased and watched in order, several times over without ever becoming boring. I could not wait for season 4 to arrive on DVD and downloaded it as soon as it was available. I have since downloaded every season and continue to watch over and over on my notebook, my droid, online etc., and I still find it to be the most entertaining show available. My obsession, I am sure, has worried my family at times (myself included) as I continuously search the web for news about the show, cast, and writers of Chuck. It is difficult to understand why the show's ratings never seemed to be where I believe they should have been. The cast is incredibly talented, the writing solid (despite the many gaffs that occur with continuity), and the production outstanding. My love for this show, I am certain, will continue and I can only say thank you to the producers, cast, crew and writers and the good fortune we have had to have the show for 5 seasons. I am glad it made it to syndication and hope a movie or two or more comes out of the love the show generates. No show has given me more pleasure in my 55 years of existence, not even Star Trek. THANK YOU CHUCK!

  20. I stumbled across Chuck's first season while having a day off due to 'Man Flu'. After I watched the pilot I was hooked and became an instant fan.

    I told my younger brother about it, rewatched the first episode and he was hooked also. Since then, we have watched every episode religiously and bonded over it's sheer greatness. We have often since squabbled about who is more Chuck and who is more Morgan.

    Every year I buy him (and selfishly thinking of myself in the process) the latest series on DVD and we rewatch them again and again.

    So thank you Chuck. My brother and I now share a unique experience and bond that only we understand. The show has been really special over it's 5 Seasons. It will be missed. But not forgotten.


  21. Vader&#39;s My Little Pony PillowDecember 7, 2011 at 8:09 PM

    I will miss the crazy shipper wars with Magnus. They were so totally nuts as he was aggressive. Saddest day was realizing there would be no more wars.

  22. So Chuck is over because of a family of bloody Swedes??? So sad...

  23. Well it all started with my MOM. She would stay up late to pick my brother up from work (he works in retail). So while she waited she began watching this TV show, Chuck. One monday night my brother didn't have to work and was watching WWE. When 8:00 rolled around she changed the channel to NBC and so started my brothers obsession with Chuck. Unfortunately at this time I was not living at home. It seemed like whenever I talked to mom or brother, they would mention this show. And then when the first season came out on DVD my brother insisted that I watch it. SO I did. OH MAN! When the 2nd Season aired we began watching it as a family. I Mean literally never missing a show together. Since then every Monday night at 7:55 PM we are all sitting in the living room waiting too see what kind of shenanigans Chuck is going to get into and for Team Bartowski to save the day! And when the time came, I helped fight the good fight to save our beloved show. So at least we got 13 more episodes instead of none at all.

    #BecauseOfChuck we found something that we will always have as a family. I realized my bond with my brother is a lot like Chuck and Ellies and nothing is stronger than the bond of family. I have memories that I will keep FOREVER. So For that I am thankful.

    #BecauseOfChuck every time I hear a song that was featured on the show, I will remember the moment, the episode and the feelings it gave me.

    #BecauseOfChuck I was given an opportunity to meet other Chuck fans, who were in a way, just like me. While also showing us that Celebrities are people too. Only they've found a way to share their passion and talent with us.

    #BecauseOfChuck I am not afraid to FIGHT for what I believe in. I am not afraid to be MYSELF and that in some way, EVERYBODY is a nerd about something.

    So, my name is Katie (@ktCaliest84) and I'm a CHUCK fan. And although I am terribly sad I am also Extremely GREATFUL.

    What about you?!

  24. Being a CHUCK fan from all the way on the other side of the world (Cebu,Philippines), I had to watch episodes online or once in a while, get to watch reruns on whatever local channels play the show.

    Every year, I'd hope to somehow make it to LA to go on the WB lot tour hoping I'd catch a glimpse of the cast. But that won't happen for me anymore. See, being continents away meant not being able to go to comic-cons and other cast appearances. I've bought merchandise from the online site. Wrote in and sent shirts for the cast all the way from my little hometown. I'm not even sure they got it. Wasn't join the Subway campaign because we don't HAVE Subways in Cebu. Joined the #NotANielsenFamily campaign thru twitter though (that was fun!). Thing about being part of the CHUCK family is everyone tries to contribute even the tiniest thing to help the show. That makes me very proud to have been a part of it in some way.

    Today is a sad day but I'm thankful for every single one of the people that worked on CHUCK. Zach, Yvonne, Josh, Adam... It is and forever will be one of my all-time favorite shows. I just hope the season5 DVD will have a lot of bonus features. Maybe show what happened during the last few days of filming. That'd be real nice.


  25. Love Chuck! Have watched since day one as a family! Luv chuck! Sad it's going away

  26. I've started watching Chuck on Italian TV from S1 (I think it was Sizzling Shrimps), and even if it was late in the evening I liked to watch that show, so different from all I knew. So I watched also S2, then in the middle of it I decided to surf the web and I finally met the Chuck community, and here is when it all happened. Little by little I got hooked by the many forums, blogs, Twitter and found not only some amazing fans, and what they had done for the show, but the insight from the show, the charities, the campaigning, etc...
    So now I am not only a fan of Chuck, the show, but also of Yvonne Strahovski, Zachary Levi and all these amazing actors, but especially amazing people. And I only hope that I will be able to follow them and to hear more of them, so one day I will say "I remember when it all started, with that little show that could..."

  27. I discovered Chuck late, after a couple of seasons. Once I watched one episode, I was hooked. I spent one summer catching up on the old episodes and those episodes made me laugh at a time in my life when I really needed it. Chuck helped me get through that grief. I'm going to miss Chuck.

  28. I've been watching Chuck since it aired in 2007. I actually started watching it with my Dad we are both computer guys and seemed like an interesting show. Man was I right. I don't think we missed a single episode the first 2 season. If we did they were sure to be DVRed. I've been an avid Chuck fan all the way to the end. Currently in college I tend to rewatch episodes in my free time, and have even managed to get my best friend.(Not helping me study for Finals. haha) I've always found Chuck to be a great way to relieve stress and the characters are just fun. I'm really gonna miss it but when 1 door closes many others will open, and Zac and Yvonne are bound to be huge on the big screen. Good luck to all of the cast and was a long, not always easy, but always fun journey.

  29. I'm a foreign fan, so I can't watch it live. That day I saw it in a channel called AXN. My Chuck story begins when I watch Chuck vs. The Truth, I even only watch last half of it!!!
    I remember I was struck when I see Sarah expression looking Chuck and Lou got together at Lou's shop after their "break up". From that day, I start to find out what that show is all about. Then, I find out that the show titled is CHUCK, find out its airing time in AXN, getting know every name and character, got hook every week with the story!!! (kudos writer!)
    .... and after that season end. I watch from the beginning in order. I falling in love with the show all over again.
    Along with that, my love with the show is growing. Before this, I never imagine my self that I would love so much a certain TV show. Chuck is something else, for sure.
    I start to get to know the real person from the character. They all genuinely down to earth, kind and fun in every way. It's great to know them.
    I could say I became knowing the Internet world better because of CHUCK. lol
    I download its music (my taste changing), read the forum, active join youtube (made videos), twitter, tumblr, etc. And the best of all I can get to know another fellow fans, who share the same passion about this show. Dedicated, loyal and supportive fans. I' glad to be part of this fandom. Cheers!!
    I cant tell how much CHUCK has chanced me into a better person in a thousand way.

    I will miss you, :')

  30. Chuck changed my life.
    Yeah, it could seems exaggerated but it's just so!
    I'm italian, so I discovered this series on TV one evening and I fell in love with cast and characters since the first time.
    5 years passed and I feel same emotions of the first time.
    I'm really sad now 'cause I know that everything finished, but I'm happy knowing that Chuck comes to a true end and not to a deletion by NBC.
    I'll miss this lovely nerd, his beautiful wife Sarah, the rude and "sweet" Casey, Awesome and Ellie, Morgan king of Buymoria, fool Jeffster and all people of the cast!
    I'll miss Chuck that teach me how to trust in myself and how important are family and friends.
    I'll miss this show, and all I can say, with a little tear and a small smile, is goodbye and thanks! :,)
    (Sorry for the bad english)

  31. I have worked at Warner Bros. for 7 years and 5 of those years I have been lucky enough to visit the sets and cast of Chuck many times. I went for the last time on Monday and it was very bittersweet to see the sets coming down. Whenever I have taken friends to the lot we always went to the Buy More. It's sad but I know that the show is very lucky to have been on as long as it has. It defied the odds and dodged many near cancellations every season.
    It was a show that celebrated the nerd in us all. It was a show that the cast and crew gave back to the fans as much as the fans gave to the show. Every year at San Diego Comic Con was a gathering of the entire Nerd Herd celebration of the show surviving another season. I will miss Chuck every time I visit the studio lot from now on,but Chuck will never be truly gone. We have merchandise, DVD and Blu-Rays and the other Nerd Herders that we have run into during the years. And for that Chuck's cast and crew I thank you for 5 great years. Chuck will live with us forever and for new generations of Nerd Herders to come.

  32. I will miss EVERYTHING about Chuck. The fact that it has made my family stare at me for 5 years as if I'm insane for being obsessed with a television show. The quotes, the actors, the countdowns I had to showtime every week, and the amount of people I have made Chuck fans over the years!!! I will not miss the friends I made within the Chuck fandom!!! They will be special to me forever!!! #ThankYouChuck

  33. I was there since the very beginning. It was mine and my wife's escape from our horrible jobs into a very cool world where the Geek was the hero. Every week we sat on the edge of the couch during the will they/won't they story lines of Chuck and Sarah. We got excited with all the cool guest stars and hated every moment that Shaw was on screen. (Credit to Brandon Routh for playing such a hated villain.)There has never been show for me that I was this emotionally involved with. It even inspired me to go into the tech field into a job I love.

    Thank you thank you thank you to Chuck, NBC, and Warner Brothers for such an amazing show!

  34. I didn't begin watching Chuck until February 2010, while the show was on hiatus for the Olympics. I'd heard of it before, and was passingly familiar with what it was about, but I never looked too much into it because I had long since fallen out of the habit of watching TV regularly.

    What brought me into the Chuck fan community was the video game Mass Effect 2, and finding out in a behind-the-scenes featurette for the game that Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin had done voice acting in it. I had been familiar with Adam already, having seen him in quite a few movies over the years, and of course in Firefly and Serenity, but I didn't know offhand who Yvonne was before then.

    Seeing them both in that Mass Effect 2 BTS video, however, jogged my memory of a very brief clip I had seen of them both in a past episode of Chuck (I realized later that it had been from the S1 episode "vs. the Crown Vic"). At that point, I decided, "Well, I've never really seen Chuck before, so I ought to give it a shot." A while later, I got around to purchasing the Pilot episode on my XBox to download and watch. When I was done watching it, I asked myself, "Why in the name of God Almighty haven't I been watching this show all along?!?" The rest, as they say, is history. :-)

    I powered through Season 1 in about a week thanks to www.thewb.com, which at the time had all 13 Season 1 episodes available to watch, bought the Season 2 DVDs and watched them in about a week, and then watched Episodes 1-7 of Season 3 just in time to be caught up when the show came back after the end of the Olympics.

    I didn't get to be a part of the fan community when Chuck first aired, or during the S1 and S2 fights to keep the show on the air, or (perhaps blessedly) during the early Season 3 controversy over the Shaw story arc. But rest assured: Come Hell or high water, I will be present with everyone else to see this show through right up to the end on January 27th.

    And I will also be here in the future to spread the word along with all of you about "The Little Show That Could...And Did." :-)

    Long Live Team Bartowski! Long Live Chuck!

  35. I remember reading good reviews of the pilot and seeing promos. The promos didn't really click with me. I thought that guy who played the jerk from Less Than Perfect is in it (and that didn't appeal to me then, but love him now), but I did see that one of the actors from Firefly was on it too. I am actually not a super fan of Firefly (I did like the movie quite a bit), but did recognize that Baldwin was an interesting actor and Chuck was getting good reviews...so I watched the pilot and thought it was ok. I was not too impressed by the unknown actress who was playing Sarah at first either. I watched the 2nd/3rd episodes and they were ok, but then I really enjoyed the Wookie episode (where Strahovski's work in that + her dinner scene/helicopter scenes in 2nd episode, totally changed my mind about her and made her by far my favorite), but then the subsequent episodes didn't totally hook me. The Chuck/Sarah relationship is what I love about the show, and I saw the potential but figured it was never going to happen - they would never put them together. I didn't watch for a long time but then I saw a promo for vs. Hard Salami and they showed the kiss and I thought, they really are going to put them together...well, we all know that was a bit of a psych for a while but it made me watch it again and the summer before the 2nd season I watched the first season in its entirety and have been hooked ever since. I highly anticipated the 2nd season premiere and loved it. Never have I loved a show so much and am incredibly grateful that it has lasted so long. The fact that the cast and crew have turned out to be so charitable and so accessible and kind is a huge bonus, but really the quality and charm of the TV show has made me a fan for life. Also, I am a fan of the talent of every single actor on the show and that's a rarity. I have no doubt that they are all capable of being terrific in future endeavors if they get the chance. I will be watching for them! And thanks to you Magnus for being such an "interesting" personality yourself ;) You're fun and good luck with the geek furious site.

  36. Lev, funnily enough, it was the Hard Salami promo that kept CHUCK in my mind when season 2 was coming around. I thought as you did... a show where they actually put the two leads together? I had to check it out. But I quickly realized it wasn't happening but I was already totally in love with the show.

    The rest is history.

  37. I remember the first time I ever watched Chuck! A girl that I new from swimming kept talking about what a good show it was and told me that I needed to see it. So I went home and watched the pilot and every episode following and I quickly found out she was right! Since she introduced me to this show I have not missed an episode. But Chuck also gave me something else besides entertainment, it gave me my best friend. Without this show she was just my teemate and now we are like sisters who have chuck marathons every chance we get :)

  38. This is a bit personal but I was severely depressed in 2008 when season 2 started. I used to watch Heroes and had seen promos for Chuck and it looked funny. I thought I should watch something that would make me laugh because I was always so sad. And I am getting emotional typing this. Chuck made me happy at a time when I was extremely sad. I had been on medication to help with my depression but within six months of seeing Chuck and going back to catch up I was happy again. Chuck just made me happy. I never got into the shipper wars or such things. I mostly just read chuckgasmic and Magnus kept me from going crazy shipper on the show. Thank you for that. I think Chuck saved my life. And even though I am sad it is going away no one can take away the happiness Chuck gave back to me.


  39. Alright. Where do I even start? I mean, I almost feel ashamed that I started watching (and loving) Chuck just about 4 months ago. Still there has never been another show that made such an enormous impact on me. Especially not in 4 short months.

    Still I can't tell the stories of saving the show year after year. But I wish I'd be there back then - from the bottom of my heart. What this show gave me, I can't even describe. Happiness, laughs, hope, chills, probably even that "Wow, I wish I had my own Sarah Walker"-feeling. On the other hand, there were those times, where everything seemed to fall apart. It was amazing to watch, because, for the first time ever, I REALLY suffered alongside with the protagonists of a TV show. Never before it's been so intense.
    Therefore I definitely want to thank the amazing and outstanding cast. Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Joshua Gomez, Adam Baldwin, Ryan McPartlin, Sarah Lancester, Scott Krinsky, Vik Sahay, Mark Christopher Lawrence. You guys were, are and always will be remembered as the ones, who were truly awesome.

    So, coming to a close here. I hope, we'll see much, much, very much more of the cast in future. And I hope that the Chucksters won't fall apart. This is such an amazing Fanbase. I felt being welcome within seconds and I really do hope that there's gonna be opportunities to meet you guys in person. Even after the greatest show of them all has ended.

    In the end, there is only one thing left to say. Although it could never really describe, how grateful I am for giving us a show like this. Nothing ever could. It's worth the try, though. So:

    ... from Germany

  40. Ever since i watched the first Chuck episode i was hooked. It is and always will be my favourite tv show. it has inspired me and helped me choose which career path i would like to follow. It has helped me smile and move on from a bad day and helped take my mind off things in life that never seemed to go right. Whenever i watch an episode my heart feels uplifted and i feel i can cope with life. No other series will ever touch my heart and soul like chuck has. I think many people agree and feel the same way. It saddens my heart to know that chuck will never have another episode after we view episode 513, and this sad fact does give us a chance to imagine and create our own possible outcome for these characters lives and to come up with our own interpretation of where they will be in the future. In 30 years time, when we look back at chuck, it will be interesting to see where we think those charaters are and what they are doing in their lives. But one thing's for sure; i know that in 30 years time, no matter what trials and tribulations i have gone through, i will never forget chuck, and i will always be able to look back on it's memory and smile at the legacy it leaves behind - goodbye chuck, and thank you.

  41. Chuck has been an amazing show which has brought many hours of fun to the fans. It has brought people together, the cast and crew have interacted with us on Twitter, Zac gave us TNM, what else could we ask for? I'm very sad the show is ending but it must be worse for Adam, Zac, Yvonne and all the others. They have been together for five years, how do they just walk away from that? It has to hurt them too. All I can say is #ThankYouChuck for an amazing show and giving so much to your' loyal fans.

  42. The very 1st epi that I saw Chuck on tv was the Imported Hard Salami episode in s1 (the part when Lou and Chuck were kissing in the Nerd Herd car). I didn't really care about it so I didn't try to understand the story or the plot, I just want to see Rachel Bilson. Then fast forward to s3, I saw Chuck again on tv while I was flipping through the channels. I saw Kristin Kreuk and Brandon Routh so I watched the whole episode. After watching it, I got intrigued by the plot of the story, the will-they-or-won't-they relationship of Sarah and Chuck so I decided to watch the next few episodes. I was eventually hooked by it so I watched the previous seasons, from 1-3, for just a couple of days. The next thing I know, I was starting to buy the Nerd Herd merchandise online and voting for it.
    I really love this show because it is unique in so many ways. But more importantly, I fell in love with the characters of the show. So #ThankYouChuck for the wonderful and amazing 5 seasons that you shared to us.

  43. This show has made me laugh through this hard time in my life as I wait for a kidney/liver transplant & I thank the cast, crew, & everyone who were involved with this show for bringing a little laughter & happiness into my life (especially the beautiful Yvonne) ; ). When the final episode airs on tv it will be bittersweet. It will bad due to the fact that all these wonderful characters will disappear from our tv's....but sweet because Ihave always wondered how they would end the show!! Love all of you for everything you have done for me. I wish everyone the best & best of luck with whatever lies in your futures!! One more shout out the beautiful & breathtaking Yvonne!! Much love from me to you Yvonne!! -Ben C.

  44. what the bloody hell!
    i knew it was gonna happen,but didn`t know that it will be sooo soon.

    i gonna miss u chuck!
    very much

  45. For me Chuck is the first show that got me really hooked up as in waiting eagerly for a new episode to air,searching the web for spoilers,interviews,bts footage etc and most likely the last

    First thank you to the lovely cast,crew,producers and everyone else involved with making the show i wish them all the best
    Special thanks to Zachary Levi in a place like Hollywood where people are doing everything to get popularity somehow he managed to stay true to himself,help others,focus on things he is passionate about #Nerd : ) and still be successful

    Second Thanks Magnus i know you life banned me for like 50 times now but you really made the Chuck experience interesting for me
    you helped fill the off time with your creative ways of posting spoilers(sometimes just to freak shippers : "Sarah leaves Chuck for another man" when she went undercover at Volkoff Ind:D) and your nice reviews,asterix games,inside info

    Chuck has really been a unique experience for me and i am sad to see it go away unfortunately all good things come to an end

  46. I started watching Chuck after I saw it advertised in a bus stop and I am so glad I did. It is a show full fun and a lot of heard and it is impossible not too fall in love with the characters and the cast for that matter.

    I went through the panic of the show almost getting canceled every year and when I eventually joined twitter - just before season 3 - I started joining in on the campaigns to save it.

    I could not of asked for anything better, before the writers ran out of ideas or before a major cast member decided it was time to move on. We get an ending and can now stop worrying and just enjoy it.

    For years to come I will be able to go back and watch a complete story. Its been on hell of an experience and I have loved every minuite.

    Thank You to the Cast and Crew for all your hard work, it has really mant a lot and i can't wait too see how it ends.

  47. It started just about more then a year ago for me.
    Living in the Netherlands kinda sucks cuz we always get amazing shows after ages of waiting.

    There were a lot of lame shows on TV then and i first thought CHUCK would be the same, once i came home from a rough work day i decided to watch some TV and it happened to be episode 2 of season 1 so i didn't know what it was all about yet, but just after a few seconds i fell in love with the show. I mean how can you not love how nerdy gurdy funny Zach is as Chuck, and Yvonne did an amazing job as Sarah, + Adam will always have a special place in my heart, his grunt is magical xD, Joshua and his beard, nothong but love, just LOVE for the whole cast!!

    But to get back to me following the show, Holland was soooo slow so about a month later i was doing some browsing while on my trip to London and came across some great bargains on the first and 2nd season of Chuck, once i went trough them i ordered season 3, and since early october i obv. Own season4 :)

    This show is just amazing, it makes me laugh so hard, it makes me cry, it's a show i consider my buddy.
    It's sad the cast has wrapped it up already, we still got 9 episodes to go, i already pre ordered kleenex boxes for the last episode cuz ivknow i'll cry..

    Just wanted to thank fellow nerders, and all the amazin people that made CHUCK happen!! <333

    Hugggeee nerdy hug!!
    Xx Shelley

  48. I have been a Chuck follower since the pilot aired in 2007. I remember it was on my TO-WATCH list for that season of TV. I watched it along side my sisters and my aunt. My mom and dad picked up after the second episode. This show brought our family back together.

    But Chuck hasn't just affected my relationship with my family, it has affected me as a person.

    I floated the first two season as just a viewer. Then I went to Comic-Con in 2010 and everything literally changed for me. During the Chuck panel at SDCC, the cast was throwing out NERD shirts to people in the front of the ballroom. The shirt looked so cool. I wanted one. I NEEDED one.

    So in the coming months, I followed Zachary Levi's twitter and he mentioned that the shirts would eventually go on sale on this website he was starting up called The Nerd Machine. I was solely in it for the awesome shirt. But when the site went up in November of last year, I got my shirt on order. Everything stayed quiet on the TNM front until around May when I was confired to attend Comic-Con 2011. I joined the forums and started posting in the SDCC thread.

    My activity in the forums gave me the opportunity to see a posting about volunteering at Nerd HQ. Needless to say, I was surprisingly chosen to be one of around 30 people to volunteer for a fun even (and an awesome charity). So for 4 days in July, I was exposed to the craziness involved in Zachary Levi's life. I was introduced to people who are liked minded. I was a NERD and I was proud.

    When I returned home to Hawaii, not much people shared my sentiment of being passionate about certain things. So I did something about it.

    First, I made the decision to return to college I'm currently 28 years old) so and take up courses in Social Media Marketing. Zachary Levi's publicist has my dream job. I also am in the process of starting a group here in Hawaii which would have all it's proceeds go towards charity. It may not be the same charity that Zachary Levi campaigned for during NERD HQ, but it's still a charity.

    So the tv show Chuck not only provided with entertainment, it provided me with a goal in life.

    I'm just rambling now, but my big "thank you" for this show is in the making.

  49. Remember CHUCK. Wear you nerd herd shirt proudly every friday in public until the show ends Jan 27. Let NBC and Warner Brothers know you want a CHUCK movie made. These actors and crew need jobs. Let the world know we need CHUCK. That is All. Chuck fan for life. :-)

  50. I started watching for Brandon Routh, but I really loved the show. It only took the pilot to get me hooked. I felt the characters were really funny, charming and the show as a whole was so cool and refreshing. I'm gonna miss it, but I'm glad we got lots of good episodes to watch. It was a good run. #thankyouchuck for bringing lots of joy and fine entertainment to my life. And I hope more people get to discover how awesome this little show can really be. At least I'm doing my part; my 12-year-old niece is watching it for the first time and she really likes it. Her fav character is Casey. :)


  51. Chuck appealed to my family from the first promos we saw and never lost its appeal. I really felt a connection to Chuck and Sarah's plight. Chuck was thrust into a world he didn't understand and she walked a tight rope to keep him safe. The world is full of asset handler situations, it can be very stressful to handle people for years on end. Chuck managed to show that struggle very eloquently. It is very freeing to know others see and are appreciative for the caregivers of the world. Thanks Chuck

  52. I love being a Chuckster, I love the show, the comedy, the romance, the action, the cast, the guest stars, the music.. Everything! But all good things must come to an end- I'm glad we're getting a proper ending :)

  53. I loved the show from the beginning. I was in college when it came out and even when the next season was questionable I would schedule my classes so as to not have a night class on the Monday nights Chuck was on. Even when I was so busy with class work or had a morning exam the next day I never missed an episode. Every roommate I had knew that when Chuck was on it was time to be quite. Thank you Chuck and everyone else who loves this show as much as I do, together we accomplished something amazing

  54. I've been with Chuck since the beginning. I remember thinking it was going to be great when we were in the middle of Season 1 and the writers finally figured out that combining Chuck's spy world with Buy More and family life was the secret sauce to an amazing episode. I became further convinced of its greatness when my son started watching the show with me and each new episode quickly became a bonding ritual for us both. Here was a show that could entertain us, make us both laugh, and I got to pass on some valuable geek culture to my child. I was already a huge fan, but I think the Season 2 finale is really what made me a die-hard fan. It was such an amazing season ending, hitting all the right notes. I mean, who can forget Jeffster's Mr. Roboto? And since that amazing high, I've been continually impressed with the writers' dedication toward developing the characters rather than falling into the typical formulaic trap that so often awaits a show like this: of course Chuck couldn't keep his secret from his closest loved ones forever, of course he had to eventually step up and become a real spy. And even though he's the show's name-bearer, Chuck is not the real focus. It seems to me that family is the focus: Chuck's missing father and mother, his relationship with his sister and his best friend, the camaraderie of the Buy More staff, the emerging sense of family among the spy team, and then later, how all of these groups meld into one big happy family. I can't think of a better underlying emotional core for an action packed romantic comedy. So even though it has to end, I genuinely hope that everyone involved in making this show knows how much gratitude exists out here for their efforts. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for such a wonderful experience.

  55. Love U Chuck Forever!

  56. It's ironic that the first show I ever got into like Chuck was The O.C. (besides LOST which was the first show to which I ever became addicted).

    And throughout the years ever since I've become quite the connoisseur of TV dramas. And, to this day, I have never found a show quite like Chuck.

    It just has it all! Everything good you could ever ask for in a show is there with surplus. I can't believe it's over. The O.C. is gone, Lost is gone, House fell off (and incidentally will be ending soon anyway), Terminator: SCC is done for... all the best shows are goners now! Talk about a world class bummer, seriously.

    Why can't any of these shows make it to, say, season NINE or TEN like all that other garbage!? Complete doodied-up, egg-suckin' gutter trash like Friends and Grey's Anatomy somehow always manage to make to into the double digits for seasons, yet when a REAL show with an original idea comes along, all the boobs out there in TV land just let it wither and die without so much as a second glance..

    Personally, I blame all the non-thinkers out there. Ehem, like 95% of the population. Let them have their NCIS and their E.R. and their Friends. At least WE have BRAINS!

    Chuck for life!!

  57. I started watching Chuck in January of 2010. I had been dumped a month before and was really feeling down. Hulu happened to have the pilot available, so I took chance and watched it. I immediately connected with Chuck and his hard luck story. Right away I ordered the season 1 DVD off of Amazon and also bought some eps off of iTunes to fill in until the DVDs showed up. By the end of the week, I had season 1 finished and had already ordered season 2. After blazing through season 2, I learned that new episodes were airing on NBC.

    I introduced my friend to it, and he in turn watched most of season 1 in a single sitting. Eventually all of my immediate friends were brought into our Chuck fan club and were watching episodes almost every night. Many friends I have on Twitter are because of Chuck. My fearlessness of my inner nerd is because of Chuck. And I eat a lot of Subway subs because of Chuck.

    Also important to note: the music used in Chuck was in line with my music taste. That's a big factor.

  58. I am from Australia so Chuck isn't too big down here what a shame! But i heard about Chuck from a friend and decided that i should watch it. I went and bought the first season of Chuck just after the 2nd season started airing in the US. I watched it on New Years Eve i was going to go to a party but the weather was shockingly bad so i decided that i will watch the first season of Chuck. I never looked back, it actually was the best new years eve for me in a while just me watching Chuck. That's when i knew this show was going to be great and its great cast, i just fell in love with it. After finishing the first season i couldn't wait for the 2nd it was just so good. I told my friends about it how great the show is, encouraged them to watch it. Soon Chuck became my favorite TV show it felt right. With such great scenes like Chuck Versus the Sandworm and Chuck Versus The Hard Salami and Chuck Versus the Ring part II with such great music in the scenes made it the best and so touching. I can't think of any better show than Chuck. I loved the finale it was great such a beautiful ending to a amazing show. Goodbye Chuck nerd herd for life!