13 February, 2013

Review - CASTLE 5.14: 'Reality Star Struck'

I'm going to take a page out of the great Alan Sepinwall's playbook and do a "quick review" of this week's 'Castle'.

I'm doing this for three reasons: (1) I'm lazy. (2) Alan Sepinwall is the man and if he can do it, so can I. (3) How much is there really to say or analyze about a random episode that is essentially a filler stand-a-lone?

Is it just me or does it seem reality shows aren't just taking over TV, they are taking over our regular TV shows, too?. Seems like every procedural features a reality TV style murder episode. This one wasn't particularly noteworthy, either, featuring the lamest and worst murderer ever. She gets confronted by the cops, threatens to leave the interrogation, fumbles for her keys in her purse and when she can't find them -- she says the hell with it and confesses! What!? Pretty stupid.

It was inevitable that Laney and Esposito would get back together at some point, so I didn't really care about that storyline. Yawn. And holy crap, but they have no idea what to do with Detective Ryan anymore. That was embarrassing. I really used to like his character, but he's useless now. Kind of a shame, really.

The Castle-Beckett stuff was fine, nothing special. No way Gates would be that clueless, though. At least I don't think she would be. You guys agree or no?

One thing I really did enjoy was Beckett going crazy in the interrogation room, knocking over the table and flipping out. That was great.


--MARTHA: "Boy I wish I had these reality shows in my day: no script, over-acting, screaming at everybody -- what a gig."

--CASTLE: "I can't feel my butt."

--CASTLE: "Bob?! And Penelope!? You two are back together?! Spoiler alert."

--CASTLE: "Looks like one of us did our homework."

--BECKETT: "Now take your clothes off, put them in the drawer -- and meet me in the bed."

--CASTLE: "Seriously?"


--I'm not going to quote it, but I enjoyed Captain Gates' rant on the reality show when Beckett and Castle are watching a clip.

--The husband of Gina Torres' character was a sad sack of shit. No way he could have pulled her.

--Sadly, I can relate to how much fun Castle and Gates were having when they were discussing and debating the happenings of the reality show. I may or may not do that with my family and 'The Bachelor'. If anyone wants to talk that show with me, message me on Twitter (EliRosenswaike). I'm not kidding about this.



  1. Hahah wow, you hated (or disliked) this one more than I expected you to. I thought it was better than most filler eps, just because it made me laugh more than it has in a while. It wasn't nearly as funny as the first few of the season like the Comic Con/Trekkie-themed ep, but I thought it was still pretty decent.

    Castle getting sucked into the reality show all night long was amusing to me, and yeah the interrogation scene with Beckett flipping the table over was hilarious. Some of the stuff with the misplaced earrings was aiight too. And Gates' obsession with the reality show.

    The murder of the week was stupid but they always are in the filler eps. That element basically does not even factor into my assessment of the episode most of the time hahah. I mean unless it's an unusually good case, I guess. This one was not. And yeah the Ryan stuff was pretty dumb.

    Oh the Ryan thing actually reminds me, I gotta give props to Jon Huertas for constantly throwing in little ad libs and other unscripted things that make me laugh all the time. In last night's ep it was the random moment when Castle is saying something and Espo shushes him by putting his finger on Rick's lips in a super awkward manner. Beckett stifles a laugh but I'm pretty sure that was actually Stana attempting not to laugh haha.

    Anyway I thought it was decently funny so I'd give it a B.

  2. I think you are being too harsh on the episode.

    I thought it was epic and better than season 4 of the Wire.

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