12 February, 2013

Guest Review ARCHER 4.04 - 'Midnight Ron'

Another review by the masked guest reviewer. I didn't read it. Let me know if there is anything wrong with it. Thanks. --HGF

As a huge fan of the 80's film Midnight Run I was always going to be in the can for this episode. Midnight Run was a film about 2 odd balls who traverse the country using different forms of transportation while eluding various criminals, police, bounty hunters, FBI, etc. What makes the film work so well is the amount of emotional truth that was mined from the pressure the 2 men found themselves under. There was comedy sure but there was also this deep psychological game being played throughout and in the end they forged a grudging respect and friendship.

Midnight Ron had a lot of these moments too and I was amazed at just how much the episode allowed to fit into 22 minutes of running time. You have the oddballs in Archer and Ron "Freaking Epic" Cadillac, you had the different forms of transportation from the cars to the Trucks to the train back to the car, you had the same argument as the film about stiffing the working man or woman...whereas in the film it was about the tips in the episode it was about not stealing the beer! You had the moment where Ron called Archer out for his weird relationship with his mother and Archer actually learning something and forging and grudging respect with Ron.

In between there was the great montage of every ISIS refusing to lend Archer money, EVEN WOODHOUSE! Who Archer basically owns! The car chase scene had some fantastic animation and voice work. I really warmed up to Ron in this episode as the car thief who was trying to do right by his old crew.

Finally I just love that there is no bounds to how much he can be an asshole to his servent Woodhouse.

Excellent episode.

Grade: A

Stray observations:

- If I were Archer and had the stunningly drawn woman in my hands I would burn my passport and never go back either!
- "Neup!"
- Archers harassment of the fellow Canadians was just perfect Archer.
- Archers rant on Chaos Theory/The Butterfly Effect had me in tears when he ended that "Supposing Rhinoceros knows English!"
- The only way that Ron and Archer could remain friends is if they piss Mallory off....classic.

--Shawn Mahone

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Some other thoughts:

    - I am no expert with guns but I can assume that a gun can either hold 6 or 8 or 9 or 10 bullets and so when Archer fired 6 and I heard 6...when he said that he ran out of ammo that was excellent continuity, as is the joke that Archer always counts the bullets been shot.
    - The truckers and bikers being weirdos who were shooting a rapey snuff film with CRAFT SERVICES! made me laugh, I just love how Archer takes it all in his stride.
    - Ron learn the parachute fall!