05 February, 2013

Guest Review - ARCHER 4.03: 'Legs'

Shawn returns with another guest review of an ARCHER episode. I don't know what he's trying to say but then he's writing for free and not complaining too much when I charge him for it. --HGF

As I mentioned last week or maybe it was the premiere review...do not remember...not important...a show will at some point work its way to undo some of its previous season finale work. But as I said before most shows fuck you off when they do it because it is lazy ass fucking shit writing that pisses most of us off but with Archer it is so much fun. We knew that Ray would walk again at some point, that was a given, but the writers used what we know about Krieger and his experiments with Katya and the work they did with Barry and they made an incredibly awesome episode that allowed Ray to walk again and let the show do what it does best and that is being totally kick ass with Kenny Logans apparently coming to sing Danger Zone!

So we start off with Ray waking up and finding it incredibly difficult to get himself to work. The day to day routine of getting out of bed or making breakfast or even moving around gets to Ray as well as the mounting medical costs and all the physical shit that goes along with it. Archer parking in the disabled spot payed off the series premiere where he did the exact same thing, citing that he is a secret agent and more important (great call back show!) so that was funning.

Everything from Krieger's mouth on how he was going to allow Ray to walk again was just so hilarious. The whole scene just had me in tears and I could not stop wiping the tears of laughter from my face quick enough to keep watching. The operation itself was a mixture of disgusting and disgustingly funny (" shall I wash my hands?", "I did not?", "Where are my bears cans?", "blood pressure!", "not good!", "I am talking about his!", "so was I!") Nice touch with the classical music.

The things with Rodney were funny because he just does not shit about anything that the ISIS crew are whining about and Archer giving the guy so much shit while also blowing him and Carol/Cheryl up was pretty awesome. The call back to Archer almost blowing his ear drums again was great, Brett getting shot again! Carol/Cheryl getting turned on by physical/emotional violence was awesome too. So many awesome things going on.

The Mallory and Ron stuff was great too while also filling in on what attracts them to each other...money, racism, success, assholery, etc.

Archer asking for Cyril's clothes terminator style was awesome too.

So great episode all around, I know I maybe missed a shit load but I will commentate later this week when I have more time to fill in the gaps or you lazy bitches could make an effort!

Grade: A

Stray observations:

-"Oh Blow Me,""Why? you couldn't feel it"
- "A bag, I piss and shit in a bag too"
-"Me too!"
- "I do not mean robotics but bionics from the greek work meaning kick ass!" (Awesome)
- Krieger doing some necrophilia with Katya is so disturbing yet so funny
- Krieger not knowing the actual words of the bones
- Krieger drugging Ray before he actually agreed to do the operation
- "Like give you an erection!"
- "I am assuming you mean give me the ability to have an errection?", "That too"
- Ray acknowledging that the deep south bible bashers are anti gay and that he has his limits.

- Krieger selling the guns or fixing Conway ( he has no fucking morals )
- Krieger ready to just dump Ray in a dumpster if he kills him.
- The Warren Commission! great reference, it is the report that President Johnson commissioned to find out who assignated President Kennedy. This is apt because they had to trace the bullet trajectory like Archer does in this episode.
- Ron taking the piss out of Archer and Archer letting him get away with it.....such a mamas boy!

--Shawn Mahone

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  1. If anyone can find the Blade Runner reference then they may get a lolipop!