06 February, 2013

Review - WHITE COLLAR 4.13: 'Empire City'

We were all bored by that episode of 'White Collar', so I won't further bore you with an in-depth review of it.

Forget the fact that "Empire City" featured quite possibly the worst case-of-the-week in the show's 59-episode history, the real crime of this episode was that any momentum the show had after last week's installment was taken away just like Baltimore's was after the blackout in the Super Bowl.

I was under the impression that this week would be centered around the mystery surrounding the key, featuring a competition for information between Peter and Neal -- with both of them doing so behind each others backs. Instead, all we got was a crappy case involving cabs and Peter simply tracking Neal's anklet. Boring.

With just a few episodes remaining in the season, 'White Collar' can't afford another boring clunker.

Luckily there was one positive from this episode: Diahann Carroll. It's always nice to see June given more screen time and it was a delight to hear her sing, showing off one of her many talents that has made her a star since she was 18. Amazingly, she's still got it 69 years later!


--NEAL: "Moz, I'm not paying you for the ride."
--MOZZIE: "Oh, you are if we're going to Brooklyn."

--NEAL: "Can you at least turn off the meter?"

--NEAL: "Stop trying to make that a saying."


--OF COURSE Mozzie scams for information as a cabbie.

--Hal Hoover!

--Three in the hand is better than none in the bush.

--DJ Mozzie Jeff?

--Elizabeth Burke looked great in that dress at the club. Peter Burke outkicked his coverage.

--One last Tiffani Thiessen note: C'mon, Tiff, don't be such a party pooper!


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  1. I think I may be grading Archer and Breaking Bad too leniently in my reviews. I keep throwing out A's and A-'s, this show barely breaks the A grade.