25 January, 2013

Review - SUITS 2.12: 'Blood in the Water'

Before I ramble on and on like a mad-man trying to figure out how I felt about this episode, let me begin by talking about something I know for sure: Rachel and Donna are bleeping awesome.

Neither of them get as much screen time as I'd like, but Donna is consistently the most entertaining character with her witty repartee and humor and Rachel has been dynamite these past two weeks in her confrontations with Mike.

But if we're talking 'Suits' and confrontations, we have to begin with Harvey and Louis once again at odds. Both always have valid reasons for being pissed at the other and the argument in Louis' office was great as usual. That rivalry is perhaps my favorite part of this show in general, so I didn't love how just 20 minutes after Harvey explodes on Louis, all is forgiven by the end of the episode. And of course it was inevitable because Louis clearly wasn't going to leave the firm and Harvey had to fix things at the end to make it happen.

I get it. But I just don't like it in this case, because this is the second time now that Louis has essentially gotten another job and threatened to leave and the fight between the two this week was so heated that Harvey made it clear that they were completely done. This time that fight should have stuck. But with Jessica giving Louis the validation he's been searching for since the series began and Harvey ripping up the resignation letter, Louis stays and it's almost as if that fight never happened.

One more quick Louis-related complaint: why does he consistently let EVERYONE push him around? He lets Mike bully him into giving Harold another chance when he very clearly doesn't deserve it. If Harold really had made all those mistakes that Louis talked about, he would have been fired 1,000 times by now. They didn't do a good job of showing why he was any good, does a really good essay mean he's some genius lawyer or something? C'mon, he's terrible. And why do we even care? Was that all just a way to get rid of a character so the show can save some money?

On to more pressing matters ... I was a bit tough on Mike in last week's episode (although not nearly as harsh than Shawn Mahone was haha), but after getting yelled at by Harvey and beat up by Tess' husband, I think he's endured enough. He's gotten rid of the drugs, ended the affair and returned to being the brilliant legal mind and problem solver that he is.

Although that's not nearly enough penance as far as Rachel is concerned, apparently.


--DONNA: "Do you want to talk about it, I have ice cream!"

--DONNA: "OK, you caught me, I don't even eat the bananas."

--HARVEY: "Maybe Hardman wanted me dead, but you're the one who went out, got the gun, aimed it and fired it at my head."

--HARVEY: "You're the guy that nobody wants, but we can't get rid of."

--ALLISON: "You say we, but I don't see your name on the door."

--MIKE: "I want you to know it was after I ended things with Tess."
--RACHEL: "I want you to know that I just don't give a shit."


--The first 10 seconds of the episode was quite the unique endorsement of whatever brand of vacuum cleaner that was!

--"Pearson Paulson" does sound pretty good! I'm with you on that one Donna.

--Can we get Michael Jordan on an upcoming episode, please? (They've mentioned how he's a client of Harvey's like three separate times now) I mean, we all know he can act, he was on 'Space Jam' after all.

--Moral of this episode: Michael Jordan was really good at playing basketball, but not very good at choosing who is good at playing basketball. On a related matter, Jessica knowing his record as an executive makes her instantly more attractive in my mind. One last Jordan note: anyone who says he isn't the best basketball player of all-time is a colossal moron.

--Question: If someone is kicking your ass because you slept with their wife, do you even have the right to fight back?



  1. There was some serious catharsis going on in this episode. Harvey finally, finally, finally! (Can I get a Halleuja!) gives Mike the fucking smack down that he has had coming to him for a long, long, long time. So that just made me happy!

    I think Harvey had to backtrack and quickly since he may think he is the boss and on equal footing with Jessica that is far from true. Harvey has no authority to tell Senior Partners to go and fuck themselves and Jessica telling him that he has no leadership qualities does make sense. Plus having Mike around is not good for the firms best interest and so he had to back down.

    I do wonder if Harvey knows just how cut throat and fickle Jessica is (remember she got her classmate drunk and stipped her to get a job) will Jessica throw Harvey out if it suited her? yes she would.

    A much better episode, lets see how it pans out.

  2. I think I pretty much agree what you and shawn said about this episode I would have at least like this fight to last until the next episode so people would wonder if thing what get back to normal or not but over all it was a great episode and I hope the next episode is even better.