26 January, 2013

Furycast 64 - Chuck Versus the Colonel Viewing Party

Jess, KJ, Wendy, Bailey, and Magnus all watch Chuck Versus the Colonel and lose their minds along the way. Join them in their madness. THIS IS A TOTALLY UNEDITED PODCAST! BEWARE!

WARNING: Some adult language seeps out, causing us to have to give money to charity.

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  1. I love how I called Tony Hale "Jonathan Hale"... who was a guy I went to college with...

  2. I miss Chuck. Nice to know people out there still remember what an awesome show it was.

  3. A big thanks to you, and the rest of the crew for doing this. A year later and, holy crap its been a year!, Chuck is still on all of our minds. It was just one of those shows that just sticks with you, whether its still on air or not. I'm not gonna lie, i kinda wish you all did podcasts for all of the eps on the list. But i know thats a lot of work and a lot to ask for, and people only have so much time. But you all picked a good one. This episode is so good. I remember when it aired i loved it. And again, me, and others, are very appreciative for this. Long Live Chuck! :)

    Btw. In this episode, you can definitely tell they had a lot more money. lol. And Zac's hair was so long this season! I am a fan of the shorter hair. Also, I too, throughout the 2nd season, and throughout the whole show really, kept commenting on how pretty Yvonne was. I wasn't big on the dark lipstick either, but there were times were i thought it worked.

    Happy Chuckiversary! :)

  4. I have a question.

    You mentioned on the podcast Tony Hale and him being something of a replacement for Harry Tang's character.

    I was wondering why did they bother casting C.S. Lee in the role when he was already a regular on Dexter?

    I remember Chis Fedak saying that Harry Tang would have been a major character if not for C.S. Lee's depature due to Dexter.

    So why didn't they just cast another actor in the first place to play that role?

    1. Wasn't DEXTER new at the time? You never know what is going to happen with a series. It could have flopped and Harry Tang would have stuck around. Plus, they loved Lee. They were hoping to keep him.

  5. Thank you for doing this, I love listening to you guys, and thank you for keeping chuck alive!
    Happy Chuckiversary!

  6. That was great! I loved how much fun you guys had while you were doing this! :)

    Happy Chuckiversary

  7. An excellent episode, so excellent that some say that it was the beginning of the end...it was the moment that the show reached the cliff edge and could not take the leap and go for greatness. If only they could have just said fuck it and kept their foot on the floor and kept going...yikes! What a series we could have had.

    Some excellent stuff here:

    1) Casey with the radiator = AWESOME!
    2) The last passionate scene Chuck and Sarah would ever have = AWESOME!
    3) Car park fight at the motel was awesome.
    4) The moment we realise that the show had no money after season 2....the bombing of the drive in theatre = AWESOME!
    5) The potential end of the WT/WT = AwESOME!
    6) Casey = AWESOME

    So many more areas were fantastic I just wished the show could have had a more faith in itself and the audience and went for it in later seasons.

    Shawn Mahone

  8. The nutty shippers are the ones that say that Shawn.

    Those nutty fans will put down season 3 but they will praise Chuck versus the Baby as being a great episode.

    That tells you all you need to know about that.

    Season 3 was probably my favorite season.

    For some reason i didn't think seasons 4 or 5 were as well written but they were still good.

    The show never had an epic downturn in quality like so many other shows have and that's to it's credit.

    While Chuck versus the Colonel was a great episode i wouldn't say it was favorite.

    Chuck was one of those shows where they only had about five episodes that i didn't enjoy.

    1. Anytime someone tells me Chuck Vs. the Baby was good, my respect for them drops down a few points.

    2. I am not talking about just the Chuck and Sarah relationship. None of the Chuck and Sarah stuff pissed me off in season 3, what did piss me off is how they took the great moment in 2.22 when Chuck had this epiphany and threw it down the toilet and never expanded on it. What kinda pissed me off was at the train station Chuck did not say he was becoming a spy because he felt he owed Bryce something or he grew up and realised that he could not keep blaming people for the way his life turned out (again Bryce died so he never got off easy on screwing Chuck at Stanford or anything else) or he wanted to be a better man or he wanted to make up for the way he has disappointed his sister or whatever but no he said it would BE FUN! WHAT THE FUCK? He said it would be EXCITING AND AWESOME! WHAT THE FUCK?

      Look I know a lot of people who have served in the military and not one of them say they do it for the fun or excitment, that they do it because they believe in something and believe in the people they will serve with. The Chuck writers fucked Chuck there and that was very disappointing.

      Other disappointments was that the show never really bothered to give Sarah and Casey proper arcs with relevant flashbacks and character growth. It was really lazy, I mean anyone will tell you that all it takes is an episode to make a character count if fone right, it is not too difficult. How long did it take me to invest in Desmond and Penny? one episode! the season finale of season 2..that is all it took. How long did it take for me to be invested in Brody from Homeland? 3 minutes at a picnic table at the end of an amazing episode.

      The Chuck writers were just too fucking lazy too many times, do not get me wrong I love the show and accept that Schwartz and Fedak are in their 30's and so they are no really experienced in life yet so they probably did not have what it takes to do more nuanced stuff but man did they just drop the ball one too many times.

      I would have invested in Shaw if they just tried to do something like a flashback episode with him and his wife or just a 3 minute conversation with Chuck in why he did what he did and why he was not a hero but just a man forever damaged by the death of his wife and the fact that he was at fault...or something along those lines.

      So I hope my complaints are just seen as a crazy ass shipper...I know those exist...but seasons 3-5 had some great moments but some shitty ones too that were not Chuck and Sarah related.

    3. Oh and Chuck versus the baby sucked fucking ass...I agree on that...not only was the story about why she never spent time with her mom total ass but it also goes to show how badly they fucked Sarah's character...her last line to mom on how she learned to love or whatever because Chuck showed her was a low point. Characters should not say that ever...Sarah should have been the one who does stuff because Sarah learned herself the importance of love or whatever...whatever.

  9. I wasn't calling you a crazy ass shipper Shawn.

    You were saying that some people say Chuck never reached it's greatness after season 2.

    I hear that a lot from a group of shippers not that you were one.

    Although i don't agree with most of what you said that is your opinion.

    I thought the flashbacks and character arcs for Casey and Sarah were just fine except for Chuck versus the Baby.

    I liked Shaw's storyline etc.