19 January, 2013

Hill Billy - A Story of Love

The greatest video ever made? You decide.


  1. You guys are very funny. Tho I was sad at the end. :(

    1. Yeah... I fucked up there at the end. I could have kept the whole ending in there but I was going for a quicker pace to the edit. But I saw the contacts and no one else did so I was moving everyone into position. They were all looking left when I saw the patrol and just had a brain fart.

      As you see, everyone else went prone. I stayed on my knee... PLUS I was using tracer rounds... making me the biggest target. So I ate what sounded like 9 bullets.

      Live and learn.

      Thanks for watching!

  2. turn dem lazers off dis aint no star wars! lulz

  3. My Little Pony BoyJanuary 19, 2013 at 4:57 PM

    "Save me Jesus! Save me Tom Cruze!" Hahahahahaha! That is fucking awesome.

  4. Very funny. "Does he have the Predator in his room?" lol.