18 January, 2013

Review - SUITS 2.11: 'Blind-Sided'

I have way too many thoughts running through my mind about Thursday's return of 'Suits' to put them coherently into sentences that form paragraphs.

So I will stray a bit from my usual form of review and make this a bit easier for myself...


--Harvey going off on Mike, demanding that he get his shit together. (It's about damn time this happened.)

--Louis getting bullied by both Sheila (sexually) and the young Harvard law candidate (professionally).

--Delving into Harvey's personal life, which doesn't happen often. Will be interesting to see how he reacts to kinda/sorta getting heartbroken by Zoe. (Although in real life he's doing just fine, considering he's married to the actress that plays Zoe -- Jacinda Barrett.)

--The drama that is about to start between Harvey and Louis, considering Louis was prohibited from hiring a first-year and Harvey just hired someone. Anytime those two are at odds, it makes for fun television.

 --Cute scene between Harvey and the little girl. (It's cliche that being good around children will result in the guy getting the woman, but still fun dialogue regardless)

 --The case-of-the-week was good, provided some drama and was a nice change-of-pace from the usual corporate crap. I've always wished that they would delve into criminal cases more often.


--Getting sick of Mike doing stupid shit and getting away with it time and time again. He's a good lawyer sometimes and helps Harvey out sometimes, but not good enough that he wouldn't have been fired about 20 times by now.

-- So done with the Rachel-Mike will-they/won't-they relationship. It's on. It's off. They kiss. It's off. It's about to be back on, but she sees him with another woman. ENOUGH. And by the looks of that scene in the file room, these two are more fun when they are at odds and fighting. THAT was entertaining. If they go back to him trying to win her back in the next episode or so, I am not going to be too happy.

--I've seen the 'leveraging a better job with a plea deal' from a smarmy lawyer storyline in countless TV shows already. Didn't need to see it again here.

--Mike flipping on the kid, saying: "You've been given a gift you don't deserve."  Oh, really, Mike, and you deserve to be a fake lawyer?

--Tess leaving. Not only am I bummed to see her go (because she's hot), but also nervous this is going to lead us back into the Mike-Rachel crap.


--The young Harvard lawyer that Louis tries to hire could stir up trouble -- potentially exposing Mike's secret. We've seen this storyline already with Trevor telling Jessica. Not sure we need to see it again. This might already be the end of it (with Jessica squashing the hire), but we shall see.

 --I'm so done with the Fifty Shades of Grey shit. It's been done by every show in the world already, so it's beyond played out at this point. I did enjoy the banter at the lunch table between the Louis and Sheila, but I didn't need to hear: "I'm gonna close the shit out of her, and then you're gonna close the shit out of me." GROSS.

--Mike confronting the lawyer, regarding the accident that killed his parents. I enjoyed the emotion of that scene, but just something about that scene didn't really sit well with me. I really don't know what it was.


--DONNA (to Harvey): "I wanted to be in a position of power when I toyed with you."

--RACHEL (to Mike): "Let me ask you this: did she know that six hours before you screwed her, you tried to screw me?"

--HARVEY (to Mike): "I think you missed your calling as a fake cop."

--RACHEL (to Mike): "I am not the goodie-goodie that you think I am, you have no idea what you passed on."

--LOUIS (to Sheila): "Punctuality is the best aphrodisiac."

--SHEILA (to Louis): "Your sexual prowess isn't gonna get you out of this."


--When Mike said: "You're gonna be home in time for dinner", that's a guarantee that the case would take a turn for the worse.

THE SCORE: 64 out of 100

Would love to know what you all thought about the episode. What specific parts about my review did you agree and/or disagree with?


  1. I want to smash Mike in the face so badly. What an arrogant fucking cunt! Harvey is taking huge risks and has everything to lose and Mike just keeps going on about right and wrong and choosing his criminal friends over listening to Harvey or doing drugs when Harvey told him not too and the worst is his fucking hollier then now attitude where he does not listen to what clients want but fucking what he thinks they should have. It is their life you wanker! It is their money! It is their choice and they have to live with the consequences just shut up and do your job or fucking leave!


    1. Patrick J Adams, @halfadams (the guy who plays mike) made fun of you on twitter lol. Go look.

    2. Why post my comment on his twitter feed? whatever.

    3. I meant if I wanted to tell the actor something I would tell the actor myself. I would not use someone elses critique to same something I am too much of a pussy to say myself. If you do not like something...say it...do not use someone elses comments.

      I hate West Wing seasons 5-7. I love seasons 1-4. Sawn Mahone said this!

    4. Huh? You seem confused about what happened...

  2. agree with shawn mahone

  3. This episode annoyed the shit out of me. You're dislikes portion of the review was spot-on. Mike is a fucking idiot and the show is being weighed down by his rediculous, shit head antics. It's becoming a typical show where they have to pull wildly illogicall stunts to give the show drama. Now the show is going to live on stupid and unnecessary self-inflicted drama that could have been easily avoided. They tried to leverage Mike's stupidy with the whole "this case is represents exactly how your parents died" bulllcrap, but that was just a random exuse for creating bogus drama. This show is going to suck now, I don't see where they can possibly go from here. Nothing looks promising. They didn't establish anything compelling.