28 January, 2013

Guest Review - ARCHER 4.02: 'The Wind Cries Mary'

Shawn Mahone guest writers another review of ARCHER! Tell him what you thought! -- HGF

You know the exact moment this episode had me? the moment when I realized that this show does not simply lazily get in a guest star and riff the easiest thing in the world to riff on? the moment where you know this series even in its low moments is going to be great no matter what in the end!

The answer is when Archer asked Luke how he was passing out and Luke was ok and Luke replied that the reason was because he coated the glass....the smile on my face was huge and then suddenly I shed a tear (RIP Maggs Bennett, RIP indeed). You see it would have been so easy to get Tim Olyphant in last years Bloody Harlan and use him there, it would be so easy to have this episode about two of the manliest men alive going around blowing shit up and banging women because Olyphant has to be Raylan Givens right? no! and this show is the better for it.

What makes this episode more and more funny is the fact that Luke is gay and he is especially gay for Archer and he basically has the biggest hard on for him. It is funny because Archer seems to be the only one who does not realise this and Lana's "Called it" was superb comic timing and delivery. This episode had some other great moments too while expanding the shows universe but also clueing in potential new fans. Krieger gets to do the great ant experiments while also being a total weirdo, Pam is the HR director who gets no respect (and in a great line delivery by Amber Nash works in a chicken shit outfit), Cyrill is the weasily accountant, Cheryll/Carol is just a bitch that I love, Lana is the hot headed babe with big hands, Mallory the self obsessed narcissist who has this controlling unhealthy relationship with Archer and then this is Archer himself. The episode is a check, check, check, check....check episode in a way but it is still funny and seamingsly done so that not to annoy returning fans.

Well done show, well done.

So we have the HR evaluations being done all episode long and the banter between Lana and Cyril was expertly done and enjoyable. If I had to mark this episode down slightly it would be killing off of Luke, his death bed confession was fantastic...just popped in an Al Green CD and some hand lotion and...... So to not see him again kinda irks me a little. Him and Archer just riffing with each other and getting along really well made me want to see more of Luke because we know Archer has no other friends and opening up Archer has made him a better character. Archer lets him tease him about his mom and he lets him out Archer him and so it is good to see someone who can do these things, but all in all.....

Great Stuff, just.... GREAT STUFF ALL AROUND!.

There was a ton of other stuff in there but this week I want you guys to fill in some of the blanks and let me know what you think! You bitches need to work a little!

I am going to try and do the grading system this week, I saw it on another blog and thought why the fuck not!

-- Shawn Mahone


  1. Ok lazy fucks I will start...When Archer says to Luke he is coming (Cumming!) luke shudders......PHRASING!!!!!!!!