14 November, 2012

Review - CASTLE 5.07: 'Swan Song'


That's my expert analysis/review of Monday's episode of 'Castle'. They don't pay me for nothing, folks.

I love when shows experiment with different formats/structures/styles and tamper with the norm and try to get away from the mundane each and every week -- but that was lame, tired, unoriginal and simply not a strong effort.

It was funny for a few minutes with Esposito pining for the camera every chance he got, but the same bit with every other character got old. And got old fast.

It was nice to have more Ryan and Esposito in the episode, but there was basically no Castle whatsoever. Yes, he was on the screen a fair amount, but he did essentially nothing in all of his scenes. Nothing particularly memorable or hysterical, at the very least.

And if this whole episode was just about mocking the "mockumentary" style TV shows like 'The Office' and 'Modern Family', it wasn't funny or clever in doing so.

It had a couple moments, but not enough. Kinda disappointing considering how strong this season has been so far -- especially the last two installments.

Oh well, no big deal. Not every episode is going to be good.


--ESPOSITO: "Boom. We got you now, bitch? Can I say that?"

--BECKETT: "That's not the only thing on that video being faked."


--If I got $1 for every time someone awkwardly looked into the camera, I could be able to afford to write these reviews for free.

--No. Way. In. Hell. Would. Cameras. Be. Permitted. In. The. Precinct. For. That. Stupid. Documentary.

--Makes sense Ryan and Esposito were so gung-ho about the cameras and attention, they never get enough screen time in a normal week.

--That was so obviously fake gun fire coming from that apartment. Esposito can't get anything right.

--Enjoyed Beckett's "Thank you" and high five with Castle into the camera at the end. Didn't love her locking the cameraman in the closet, that was obvious.

--Esposito was definitely the episode MVP.

THE SCORE: 47 out of 100


  1. I hate when shows do this mockumentary shit because they almost always make the fatal flaw of continuity that is forgetting the camera people. Would it really cost them THAT MUCH (it wouldn't, maybe a few thousand dollars for the entire episode) to hire two actors to just stand behind the lead actors, or on the side just barely in the shot?

    Because when the camera goes back and forth from behind the characters in the shot and there is no camera guy behind that person when you JUST SHOT OVER THEIR SHOULDER, then it ruins the entire scene for me. It was maddeningly stupid.

    Granted, early on I was laughing because of how everyone kept mugging for the camera. But that wore off quickly.

  2. Hahah yeah this was definitely not one of the better eps of the season, but it did give me a few laughs. The mugging for the camera made me laugh at first too, but it did get old after a while.

    --Esposito was definitely the episode MVP.

    Agree, love Jon Huertas.

    Overall though, I'd say I'm glad that this is what a "meh" season 5 episode looks like, because this is way better than most of the "meh" filler eps in season 4 (like the stupid one with the Elvises uggh). The so-so eps of season 5 at least still give me several decent laughs.