12 November, 2012

Furycast 55 - Greatest Podcast Ever Part VII


Jess and Magnus talk BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: BLOOD & CHROME, WALKING DEAD, PARKS AND RECREATION, REVOLUTION, STAR WARS, ELEMENTARY blahblahblah stuff stuff, Yvonne Strahovski crying and sex scenes, and so on and therefor plus HOMELAND, MY SO-CALLED LIFE, STAR TREK, CHUCK yaddayaddapoopmonster there and back again, and Brad Pitt's sucking of Billy Bob Thorton's blood vile around Angelina Jolie's neck, runonsentences plus more. AND A FUCKIN' OUTTAKE THAT WILL FLIP YOUR TITS OFF!

This is the greatest podcast in the history of womankind! If you don't listen to it, your dick will become a pooh-C.... and just think, I edited out 15 minutes for being too hardcore.


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  1. I don't know what you've heard about me but its not true! She was drunk when i got there! :p

    But anyway, great Podcast. :)

    Yvonne crying was great. She really sold it. And the blooper at the end about her was funny.

    I wonder if you'll ever release the cut 15 minutes? Can you tells us what was cut at least?

    Btw, get on that double XP! :)

    1. The cut 15 minutes could have ruined lives... careers... taken down the planet...

    2. Okay. When you put it that way then it was probably for the best. lol :)

    3. Btw, i forgot to say this earlier, but now whenever i see Revolution, all im gonna see is her "Brain Forehead". Thanks! :p

    4. Im watching it right now! And i cant look at a scene without seeing it! lol

  2. Both of you are talking about Revolution being up and down with some of the episode being good while other parts being bad.

    This is an Eric Kripke show so that's to be expected.

    I thought Supernatural had one of the best pilot episodes i've seen and then the rest of the fist season was up and down.

    It got a little better in season 2.

    My favorite episodes of Supernatural were the ones where they go back in time or go to alternative realities.

    So it's no surprise the flashbacks are the best.

    To me Supernatural was always an up and down show and that appears to be what we are getting with Revolution.

    I liked the previous episode with the fat beared guy as the main character.

    I think they could make Billy Burke's character more likable if they focused on his character more.

    His character seems interesting so far but we haven't got a lot of him yet.

    In the present all Billy Burke's character does is bark orders and then kick 20 people's asses.

    Maybe they will make him more like John Casey as the show moves foward.

    1. Except you like the leads on SUPERNATURAL...

    2. i always liked Sam and Dean.

      My two favorite characters on Revolution could be the fat guy and Billy Burke if they'd focus more on them.

      I also want to learn more about Monroe and his backstory.

      He could be very interesting.

      I'm not sure what they are doing with Elizabeth Mitchell or where they are going to go with her.

      They are focusing more on her than anyone at this time.

  3. It has been fun watching Yvonne on Dexter, loved her crying scene. Hannah probably ends up being killed sooner or later, but I hope it will take a while.

    Most Dexter fans doesn't seem to agree though, finding her boring and just want her to be dead.

    Have seen a couple calling Yvonne wooden or talentless. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised about peoples craziness seeing the response to your Fringe reviews.

    1. You have to understand something about DEXTER fans, they have built up this hatred for any romantic interest of his. It is just part of their makeup now. Instantly they react negatively to them. I have read non-DEXTER fan sites where they are far more complimentary of Yvonne.

      Fan sites suck. Period.

    2. Absolutely true. Go to non-Dexter fan sites to get better all around reviews. Fan sites can be crazy sometimes. As i think we all know from our Chuck experience. lol.

    3. Yeah, I know, being a Dexter fan myself. Or at least I used to be, the last couple of seasons haven't been much. I might have stopped watching if it were not for Yvonne.

      Probably would have finished the series one time in the future though anyway. I usually finish shows I have really liked even if it take me a while. Finally watched the rest of Lost after 6 years, and I'm glad I did.

  4. My So-Called Life was on ABC just sayin' not that I watched it ... but my mom loved that shit. ;-) This is an actual text message from a friend of mine about Homeland from a few weeks ago: "When she was up in Brody's face saying you are a traitor and you will pay, it toooootally reminded me of this one episode of My So-Called Life when she yells at Jordan in a dream." Hahah. Apparently MSCL gave Claire a lot of good practice for Homeland.

    "The first 10 eps of Caprica was like a slow burn that made The Wire seem like a fast burn," Oh damn I haven't seen Caprica but we just got through season 1 of The Wire and it took foreeeever. I mean it was worth it in the end but slow. Only 4 more seasons left.

    Yvonne cried more on Dexter last night than all the tears she shed on Chuck the entire series (other than the last full month of behind the scenes sobbing that she did when the series was ending). In my mind, the emotional event that she used to conjure up all those tears on Dexter last night was just to remember the last month of filming Chuck, heheh.

    The Dave Matthews Band line on Parks and Rec last week made me laugh SO HARD and SO loud, and my husband was dead silent. Whoops. And Magnus how did you not know that Brooklyn is the mecca of all hipsters!? It is the hipster motherland (at least these days). But then again, I'm sure the "real" hipsters have already abandoned Brooklyn for a different borough by now. If something has been cool long enough for people to know it's cool, then by definition it is already lame.

    1. Yes, you looked it up on the Internet, congratulations!

      We also looked it up on the show... but it got edited out.

    2. Hahah which, the Brooklyn thing? Oh no I am just that cool (but not cool enough to know wherever the next hidden hipster paradise may be springing up). ;-) And not that I really find hipsters to be cool, as many of them give me the gut reaction of wanting to kick them in the nuts.

      Anyway my sis in law lives in Queens and she tried to convince me a couple years ago that the next up-and-coming hipster mecca was Astoria, but she was probably just partial since she used to live there hahaha. She lives in Jackson Heights now - NOT a hipster mecca. But good Indian food. ;-)

  5. Hahaha ohh gotcha, no I just have a good memory for certain types of totally useless facts haha. BUT I did double check it on the interwebs before hitting "publish" on the comment just to be safe hahah.

    I actually love every bit of NYC even the "lame" boroughs (every part of them I've been to anyway), because I grew up in the cookie-cutter suburbs of the Silicon Valley. No matter how gross or freaky or ghetto or "lame" any of NYC is, it WAAYY more interesting than it is where I live hahaha.

    Meanwhile, I totally take SF for granted cause it's in my backyard. And I have hang-ups and things I hate about it. ;-)

    1. I fucked that up by not hitting the "reply" button. Goddammit oh well.

    2. I have no idea what is going on here...

    3. Hahaha I knew it. What a disaster I give up on life.