01 May, 2012

REVIEW: How I Met Your Mother 7.22 -- Good Crazy

It's kinda crazy, because even though 'How I Met Your Mother' was brand new on Monday, I had already seen that episode about five times.

I think you have too. You know, the one where Ted spends the whole episode longing for Robin. Or venting about Robin. Or seeing Robin in other people. Wait, that really was a new episode?? I hadn't seen this before?

Sorry, my mistake.

I should have figured this out on my own, considering Lily is about to go into labor -- and I don't remember that specific moment happening in all those other episodes I was just referring to.

Oy vey.

Somehow after seven seasons, seven million Ted-Robin themed episodes and countless other girlfriends and one-night stands for Ted, I still like the character. I want to see this douche happy, but for god sakes, I want to see him with someone not named Robin and someone without tattoo sleeves. Sorry, Kat Von D.

I understand that with over 20 episodes per season, ideas for episodes are going to start getting a little thin. But this has to stop. And it appeared that it was going to be resolved between Ted and Robin, but OF COURSE that was interrupted at the end of the episode. If it's not wrapped up at the beginning of Episode 7.23, I'm going on strike from writing these reviews.

And while I'm still complaining about repetition, can I mention that the Barney-Quinn storyline involving Barney's love/hate of his girlfriend stripping has already occurred a few times since we met Quinn in the middle of the season? I mean, seriously, they have been dating on the show for only a few weeks -- is there really no other story you can come up with for these two?

Either they are doing this to set up a Barney-Quinn break-up, or to make us think that's what's going to happen. If they do break-up, and it's really Barney and Robin about to get married -- then be prepared to see another full episode of Ted's angst over Robin. Think about it: he's just getting over Robin and has mentally prepared himself to be her friend, and then his best friend gets married to her? Have fun with that, Ted.

I'm sure if you're reading this review, you have already jumped to the comments section to complain about me, but if you haven't, I have one last complaint for you: I don't think any Lily-Marshall storylines have interested me this season.


BARNEY: "And maybe society considers what she does to be disgusting. Or slutty. Or verging on prostitution. Or actual prostitution."

BARNEY:  "My methods get results!"

FAKE ROBIN: "Holy long walk for a short drink of water, Ted!"


--I'm on board with this condolences-high-five thing. Although I fear, like Ted says, this is actually not a thing. And likely never will be.

THE SCORE: 43 out of 100

There's one story left to tell in this show and the writers refuse to tell it. Tell  me I'm wrong.


  1. Yeah this episode wasn't really that good. Just kinda the same old stuff. And yeah after 7 seasons i wanna see this douche happy to. Good review, cant wait till the next episode.

  2. I feel sorry for the woman who has to play the mother. Either she has to be super fucking awesome because for us to believe she is better than all Ted's previous girlfriends she has to be awesome OR she has to be some girl who has low standards that will accept any guy even if he is a douche like Ted or she thinks her bilogical clock is ticking and will marry anyone. I mean really would any of you girls want to marry a douche like Ted?

  3. I see attractive girls with douches all the time. So the answer to that last question is yes for a lot of woman out there haha.

  4. Ted is definitely not a "douche." He's just lame.

  5. There was an episode review over on the av club where the reviewer said he attended a college with a lot of hot girls. The hot girls all had a pledge to stay virgins until marriage and so all a guy would have to do is stay patient and he more than likely got to marry a girl way out of his league. Maybe Ted will meet one of these girls at the college he teaches and voila gets lucky, lol. So maybe Ted just licks out...makes sense.

  6. Lucks our, fucking ipad

    1. Ahhhhh! Lucks out!