15 May, 2012

REVIEW: How I Met Your Mother 7.22-7.23 (2-part finale)

NOTE: For the purposes of this review, I'm treating 7.22 and 7.23 (The Magician's Code Part I & II) as one hour-long episode. It makes my life easier. I'm selfish like that.

Why can't I quit you, 'How I Met Your Mother'?

I've watched every episode of every season, so at this point I've invested far too much time to not invest far too much time moving forward. Ugh. Funny how that works.

I won't go as far to say that I want the last hour of my life back, but I will say that I'll sleep just fine without HIMYM on TV for the next several months.

The first 30 minutes of the hour-long finale that I watched would have been better spent on THIS, but what are you gonna do?  I'm fine with nothing really happening in that episode other than the birth of Marshall and Lily's baby, but more laughs would have been nice. Of the handful of "stories" that Ted and Robin told Lily, most of them were just a waste of time and plain-old dumb. (Marshall trying to get up the steps and the Marshall cursed pants story were pretty bad. I wish they went further with the "Barney trying to pick up chicks as the Terminator story.")

One of the best moments of the finale was when Robin called out Ted for claiming he wants to start a family but only pursuing women where that really isn't an option. This show works much better when they are friends so we can have scenes like that. I kinda just wish that scene didn't lead to Ted and Victoria in what seems to be a sure-fire disaster. We know she's not the mother*, of course, but hopefully they don't botch that storyline in Season 8 as they seem to do with everything involving Ted Mosby these days.

*(I just had an idea. CBS should have a reality show in determining who should play the role of Ted's future wife. We could have unknown hot chicks from all over the world compete for the hearts of HIMYM fans. Who doesn't love reality TV these days? And plus, this way we get to find out who the mother is before we all die. It's a win-win!)

As far as Barney and Quinn is concerned, that whole scene at the airport was ridiculously over the top, even for this show. I'm all for some craziness and fun, but not when it was so clear from the start this was his elaborate and insane way of proposing to Quinn. Time was running out in the finale and we knew a proposal to Quinn was forthcoming...

...Just like most of us probably realized that it wasn't going to be Quinn at the wedding. I mean, why not squander another season wrapped around Ted's longing/angst/jealousy involving Robin?? We all want more of that, right? Plus, Becki Newton isn't a series regular and her new show was picked up, so who knows much much she will be available for Season 8. No, this was always going to be between two main characters. Because if there's one thing this show hasn't overdone more than Ted/Robin, it's Robin/Barney!

I would say I'm looking forward to seeing how they handle the Barney/Quinn break-up and the  Barney-Robin get-together, but whatever. I'm sure it will be dragged out and painful -- just like Ted and Victoria.

Let me know when you all think in the comments section about Robin and Barney and Ted and Victoria.


OLD PERSON 1: "I'm having a heart attack."
OLD PERSON 2: "I'm having a heart attack."
OLD PERSON 3: "I'm having a heart attack and my doctor is at St. Marcus Hospital."


--Zelda on the ATM machine. Legen-wait for it--Dary!

--Seriously, did anyone care whatsoever about the Robin-as-baby-photograper storyline?

--It really is a wonderful thing when the vending machine malfunctions in your favor.

THE SCORE: 666 out of 1000

Yes, I meant to do that.


  1. HIMYM knows that it is a shit show, one that is sucking up all the cash it can and they have fucked up a show that had potential. I mean since they introduced the wedding scenes like 3 seasons ago everyone knew it was Barney and Robin since Marshal and Lily are married and Ted was identified straight away as the best man, it was a no brained that the two remaining regular cast members not there were the gang members who were going to get married. So we get 3 seasons of dead ends, miss directions, fake outs, contrivances, shitty plots, etc to get to a point everyone knew would happen. What is the point? Even Robin (or maybe it was just Cobie) did not look happy and ecstatic or whatever..she had the most bland face ever when asking Ted how she looked. Compare that to Sarah Walker Bartowski (or he'll looking at the BTS interviews of 4.24 it could have been Yvonne just really happy because she is a known shipper) who was smiling, giggling and just a picture of pure joy throughout the wedding scene. It was so fresh and sweet and so, so, so romantic. Look at these characters and actors.l.they like us look tired and fed up, their interviews are s blasé...Bays and Thomas have sucked the life and love these actors had for this show and so have they sucked our love. Again look at the NBC press day when Zach, Josh and Yvonne talked about the wedding and Yvonne had the biggest smile..,these are actors who love their show and love their characters and as fans we take our cue at times from hem.

    How I Met Your Mother is just floating now like a piece of shit in the toilet that will not tosh because of the high ratings it is getting. I hope Jason Segal uses the 2 remaining slaps Marshal has to slap bays and Thomas into getting us a fucking better story. God help us if they renew HIMYM for another 2 seasons until season 10, I mean there is a huge chance since this last season was their higher rated, god help us!

  2. I was looking forward to this review more than I am looking forward to next season.

  3. I just went back and looked over seasons 1-3 to see if maybe the quality is the same and I grew tired of it, but you know what? The episodes were just so much better and fresher and easier, ugh.

  4. Eli, after some careful consideration, I have determined that after 7 years, I have convinced myself that I liked the season finale. There. I said it. I too wanted more laughs, but I found myself in that boat all season long. The truth is I want Robin and Ted together, so I’m just plain mad. I wasn’t even sure if I would get to see the finale for weeks since I’m so busy. Then I realized that I could watch in the morning while I’m getting ready for work, at Dish. The Auto Hop feature no my Hopper only requires me to press one button for the whole episode when I want to skip commercials, and it is perfect for making and eating my breakfast while I watch. I finished in two days, and, well, at least it’s the last season.

    1. But we've known that Robin and Ted don't end up together. Every sign on the show points to her not being the mother.

    2. The biggest being she cannot have kids and in a flashback Ted.....maybe they adopted, no. Thomas has said that Barney and Robin will get married no matter what so there you go. The mother will be Barney's half sister no doubt, thankfully Barney is a womanising douche and he will not mind ted a douche marrying his sister.

  5. I am kind of surprised that you didn't mention the kids name being Marvin wait for it Eriksen. I thought that was funny