06 April, 2012

The Big bang Theory 5.21 -- The Hawking Excitation

Channeling my inner Alan Sepinwall, this review will start as soon as I learn how to speak in binary code ...

I've been ripped on this Web site numerous times for being critical of certain shows -- Big Bang Theory being chief among them. So with that said, I will begin by saying all the positive things I can think of regarding this episode ...


OK, I'm done.

But hey, on the bright side, they didn't spend half of the episode talking about whether or not Raj is gay when there are over 100 previous episodes firmly establishing that he is not.

So there's that.

It was a fair episode, I guess, but kind of strange in that almost the entire episode consisted of just Sheldon and Howard. There was about 30 seconds of Penny, and only a few scenes that really involved Leonard and Raj. Heck, Howard's mom's disembodied voice got more screen time than Penny. 

I liked the concept of Sheldon being Howard's slave and they got a few good laughs out of it, but that's all that happened in the episode. There was no "B" story to speak of, just 20 minutes of Sheldon sucking up to Howard.


--BERNADETTE: "Sheldon doesn't know when he's being mean, because the part of his brain that should know is getting a wedgie from the rest of his brain."


--Any excuse to see Howard do his Hawking expression works for me.

--Didn't think I'd ever feel sorry for Sheldon. But hot damn! I did a little bit in that episode.

THE SCORE: 68 out of 100


  1. And the lack of some of the other characters made me like the episode a lot more.

    Then I watched COMMUNITY and forgot all about this show until you wrote the review.

    It's like listening to Justin Bieber and then to Bon Iver. Big Bang is Bieber in that scenario, in case anyone is confused.

  2. Why would anyone rip you?

    You are doing a public service, Eli. Space will now be freed on my DVR. I think I'll watch Community again.