06 April, 2012

Review FRINGE 4.17: 'Everything in Its Right Place'

So we finally know the most burning question in the show's history!


Lincoln's middle name is Tyrone.

This episode focused heavily on Lincoln and his clone from another universe, the man I call Flee. Flee, mind you, is ten times cooler than Lincoln. So, whenever the show goes to the other universe, I am actually excited (unlike some of you who seem to think only the stupidity of the other universe matters).

First, let me quote my favorite moment in the episode, as Flee and Fauxlivia describe a series of killings in their world.

Flee: She reports that during the attack someone saved her.
Fauxlivia: You think this may have something to do with the vigilante cases PD's been working?
Flee: My thoughts exactly. Local police received a dozen similar reports in the last few months. Criminals going missing. Junkies mysteriously vanishing. Victims calling in claiming that their assailants were attacked mid-crime.
Lincoln: Maybe Batman's moved to The Bronx.
Fauxlivia: What's a Batman?
Lincoln: The Caped Crusader. The Dark Knight. (Seeing that they are still confused) Billionaire playboy puts on a cape to clean up the streets of Gotham.
Flee: Oh, you mean Mantis!
Lincoln: Seriously? Your hero is an insect?
Fauxlivia: Oh, 'cause nothing says 'badass' like a flying rat?

So Lincoln, trying to avoid the mental stress of seeing Olivia happy with Peter while having totally forgotten him, decides to stick around in the alternate universe and help solve Flee and Fauxlivia's case. As they work, Flee questions Lincoln's reason for volunteering to stay. Lincoln takes this opportunity to note the differences between the two.

Lincoln: Yeah, I noticed that about you. Your unwavering confidence.
Flee: Thanks.
Lincoln: Bordering on self-aggrandising narcissism.

The two discuss their differences and begin to compare life experiences as a way to define the point of divergence, where one became different from the other, but find nothing.

Anyway, so on Lincoln's hunch the investigation leads them to believe that the bad guy is a shape-shifter. That's really convenient since Lincoln is hell-bent on finding them since one killed his partner. And the colonel, who we know is a corrupted douchebag working for the bad guys, punts his theories and knees him in the groin for good measure.

Stuff happens and the shape-shifter is found. But when he has the opportunity to kill the massive pussy Lincoln, he doesn't. He is then captured and the evil Colonel Broyles calls on the evil Nina, aka Fina.

It is really impressive how expensive this show can look.. a show that's getting lower ratings in season 4 than CHUCK was... but looks like it is made for ten times as much. What the fuck kind of shitty deal did NBC make with WB? Or is it really just about Torv being the niece of the dude who owns FOX? If so, then bring on season 5 and an increased budget!

So, Lincoln convinces Fauxlivia to let him interrogate the captured shape-shifter as the evil dudes send their assassin to take him out. Through his questioning, Lincoln learns virtually nothing. Yay.

As the prisoner is transported out of the jail, the sniper assassin fires and misses his target but hits Flee. Oh no! Not the cool one, dicks!

Pussy Lincoln goes all badass on the shape-shifter dude and gives him an inspirational speech about defining his place in the world or some crap that is meant as a juxtaposition of their respective lives. Meh. What happened to these writers? These can't be the same cats who wrote the second half of season 2, or season 3. Did they really get this lazy?

Anyway, still in the alternate universe, Fina is betrayed by her assassin, who is actually just the shape-shifter who Lincoln speechified, and captured by Fauxlivia.

Sadly, Flee dies from his wound, even though he once survived being burned to a crisp. What's the point of living anymore in a world where he doesn't exist but pussy-boy does?

Lincoln brings the shape-shifter over to the other side to be studied by Walter.

Then, as Fauxlivia cries over Flee, Lincoln returns to give her moral support. And by moral support I mean that he's totally going to bang her.

If I had to rate this episode, and there's really no reason why I should, I'd give it:

65 out of 100

Maybe the death of Flee will have greater meaning down the road, and maybe the shape-shifter thingy will play itself out over the next few episodes, but this was mostly a dud outside of the couple of moments of dialogue I quoted.


  1. This season has been kind of dud-ish to be honest. What is to stop them from resetting thr show again and flee is back? Answer = nothing. There is no faith left for a show that has no respect for continuity or integrity with it's narrative.

  2. What happened to these writers? Come on! It's the best show on TV! :D

    1. Sadly, you will find sites where they say just that.

    2. I know! And I just have to laugh. You know it's sad, when a comedy made a better job of showing alternate timelines/universes in a single episode, than Fringe has done in its entire run.

      I'm not one of those people, who root for canceling a show, because they stop liking it or because it hurt their ~feelings~, but I just have to ask out of curiosity: Why do they need a 5th season for? Is it just to reach the magical number of episodes for syndication? It can't be for creative reasons, since this season has moved at snail pace, only to give obvious resolutions through cop-outs too late.

      I think the show has gone stale creatively, so while I wouldn't mind a 5th season, I have to wonder what for. I don't know if FOX has better options, either. If Fringe gets renewed, could it be out of necessity?

    3. Are you kidding me? Are you saying Community did a better job of showing alternate timelines/universes than Fringe? That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard. Fringe developed fully interesting alternate characters. We have the same actor on screen, but we easily think of it as two different persons. It created a story of love and second chance, as a father tries to save it's son from death.

      I don't really think this blog "Geek Furious" gets Fringe. Lots of TV critics and fans, said this was one of the best episodes this season and overall. Poignant, sad and interesting. And you just described as a "dud". LOL

    4. LOL! I don't get the show?

      That's the usual fan dismissal of any review that doesn't agree with them. Funnily enough, and Newton can tell you, I've defended the show many times when those who love to attack it have come here to do just that.

      And I would agree that it was sad and interesting. That doesn't make it GOOD.

    5. I am not kidding you. That's why that single episode of Community has been nominated for a Hugo Award, while a whole sci-fi show dedicated to that stuff isn't worthy of being in its company (and Doctor Who's).

      As for actors playing dual roles, Fringe is not the first or the last or or the best or currently the only one.

    6. I actually think the actors pull off their alternate universe characters better because they are having more fun with them... except for John Noble, who plays both brilliantly but Walter is clearly the best of the two.

  3. I don't feel like attacking the writers every episode but some of these are dead weight. Most of the season boils down to maybe enough scenes to make 5 good episodes. Makes me worry about what we get in the final handful. Chuck writers worried me in season 5 and they dropped the ball in the finale. I know you love Lost finale but I saw the disappointing ending coming for several episodes and I feel the same right now for Fringe.

    1. Chuck was living on borrowed time since the end of season 2. They had to create 5 satisfying series finales in that time but at least 4 of those were good to excellent. Fringe on the other hand? Suckish! I know it is easy to Sit back now or at the time and say hey it is easy but Fringe are just some lazy ass bullshitters!

  4. Woah Woah Woah!!! You forgot the most important part of the episode!

    Gene has official FBI gear! A fucking FBI jacket and hat!

    If Gene isn't out in the field next episode putting the bovine beat down on a shapeshifter, I am done! Done I tell you!

    Okay, not really done.

    Got to agree. This episode was a bit ... dull. As has been season four as a whole. I'm not 100% sure what Wyman and Pinkner were thinking about when they came up with this idea, and I don't think they know either. They're on borderline Schwedak territory in the dropped plot lines.

    For example, what the fuck happened to The Pattern? Is that the organization DRJ and Fina currently run?

    So much of season two and three were spent on showcasing a coming war against the two universes. Was it all just a set up to get both sides to join forces to fight against a man we haven't seen since season one?

    I just don't fucking understand what they're trying to do!

    Also, Lincoln is in no way cool enough or bad ass enough to be banging Fauxlivia. She'd break his poor innocent mind in the first go around.

    1. Alright, so Lincoln isn't cool enough to bang her but will that matter? They are just going to make it happen.

      What they SHOULD do is have both Fauxlivia and Olivia in love with Peter and Lincoln goes fuckin' psycho about it and tries to kill Peter. YEAH!

    2. Of course, Lincoln is not cool enough, but the writers are ramping up Lincoln's only remarkable characteristic, self-pity, to get sex. Lincoln's constant whining and sadness has won the hearts of part of the teenage females, who are rooting now for Fauxlivia to fall for him. The writers seem to be of the same mind, because that wouldn't be creepy AT ALL.