14 March, 2012

Review NEW GIRL 1.16: 'Control'

In this episode, Schmidt and Cece's relationship continues its ninja ways. Jess finds furniture. Nick owes Winston money. Winston drinks. Schmidt strikes. More after the next sentence.

After another sexual rendezvous, Cece drops Schmidt off a solar system or two away from his apartment so as to not be seen with him. Schmidt isn't too happy about this.

Schmidt: Okay look, I'm fine with you not telling anybody about us. But you cannot just call me at any time and just summon me for intercourse. I have no control here and I'm stressed out all day long. It's like you're ripping the side-block out of my mental Jenga. I'm totally falling apart.

Back at the apartment, Jess has found a hutch thingy on the street and proudly shows it off to Schmidt, who is not happy about this either.

Schmidt: Get rid of it, Jess. Pine has no place in this loft. It's the wood of poor people and outhouses.

Apparently Schmidt has been given authority over the apartment by the other guys because he does all the cleaning. Jess wants to have more control over what she brings into the place and makes some executive decisions by bringing in more off-the-street gear that drives Schmidt insane. When she further challenges his authority, Schmidt smashes her hutch with a shove.

In an attempt to deprogram Schmidt's mental disorders, Jess tries to change his scenery and introduce him to the world at large. Though he resists at first, eventually he is won over by dancing hippie girls.

Out in the wilderness, Winston confronts Nick about the poker game money he owes him. This eventually turns a bit ugly as the two begin to itemize what the other may owe throughout the entirety of their friendship.

When Jess and Schmidt return from their adventures, and to the horror of Nick and Winston, the Schmidtster has learned to stop himself from cleaning up everyone's mess. The dudes warn Jess that she has messed with the ecosystem and will regret it but she's idiotically happy about her success.

No surprise, having a more enlightened bongo playing Schmidt makes living conditions in the apartment third-world messy. With no one to clean up the place, things have gone to hell. They further go to hell when Nick and Winston get into a slap fight at the super market over their money issues.

In the end, the group talks Schmidt into abandoning his enlightened state because they need the old him.

Nick: Look, Schmidt, if you come back to us, I'll let you clean my room.
Schmidt: (shocked) The white whale?
Nick: Think about how many dust bunnies are in my bed. How many stray socks.

A paid of Calvin Klein's eventually turn him back to the dark side. And as the episode ends, Cece shows up for some sex.

If I had to rate this episode, I'd give it:

70 out of 100

Meh. All the good stuff was right up front and the last scene. Clearly this show just needs to become the Schmidt and Cece half-hour.

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  1. O.k. don't worry, your New Girl commenter is here now. I've had a busy week, uggh. Just finished a meeting with India, and only NOW can I get to my next task of interneting.

    So yeah, this ep was aiight. It was just aiight for me, dog. It feels like they are taking turns each week with the really good ones and the "meh" ones. I wasn't necessarily in love with last week's ep either, but it was better than this one. Schmidt is always funny but I had trouble believing that he'd make such a drastic personality change so easily. I know this show isn't meant to be realistic but that was still too much of stretch for me. :-P

    Even the Schmidt and Cece stuff is starting to get a little old for me; I want them to just finally come out of the damn closet already. Or for someone to discover them by accident, that would be much more entertaining. Though I did laugh at how stressed out Schmidt was getting with the whole thing (having no control over the situation). And I kept thinking, if I were him, I would feel exactly the same way. So I guess I am just as neurotic as Schmidt.